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AI Essay Examples and Topics

Technology: Will Robots Ever Replace Humans?

According to the author, one's intelligence is not being solely concerned with the processing of data in the algorithmic manner, as it happened to be the case with AI it reflects the varying ability of [...]

Turing Test: Real and Artificial Intelligence

The answers provided by the computer is consistent with that of human and the assessor can hardly guess whether the answer is from the machine or human.

Machine Learning in Complex Networks

The primary and secondary data both demonstrate the importance of machine learning and big data in enhancing the role of managers in the modern business environment.

Saudi Arabian Companies: Business Intelligence System

These people must be able to make recommendations about the functionality of the BI system and its design. They can rely on the experience of other companies, which tried to implement BI system, and avoid [...]

Artificial Intelligence and Video Games Development

Therefore, in contrast to settings that have been designed for agents only, StarCraft and Blizzard can offer DeepMind an enormous amount of data gathered from playing time which teaches the AI to perform a set [...]

Artificial Intelligence System for Smart Energy Consumption

The proposed energy consumption saver is an innovative technology that aims to increase the efficiency of energy consumption in residential buildings, production and commercial facilities, and other types of structures.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Delivery

This report presents the status of AI in healthcare delivery and the motivations of deploying the technology in human services, information types analysed by AI frameworks, components that empower clinical outcomes and disease types.

Embedded Intelligence: Evolution and Future

The importance of mobility in the current business context has motivated the use of embedded technology to design systems. It is used in the management of energy systems such as production, distribution, and optimization.

Artificial Intelligence and Future of Sales

It is assumed that one of the major factors that currently affect and will be affecting sales in the future is the artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and Humans Co-Existence

Some strategies to address these challenges exist; however, the strict maintenance of key areas under human control is the only valid solution to ensure people's safety.

Apple’s Company Announcement on Artificial Intelligence

This development in Apple's software is a reflection of the social construction of technology theory based on how the needs of the user impact how technological development is oriented.

Artificial Intelligence Threat to Human Activities

Despite the fictional and speculative nature of the majority of implications connected to the supposed threat that the artificial intelligence poses to mankind and the resulting low credibility ascribed to all such suggestions, at least [...]

Artificial Intelligence and the Associated Threats

Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI refers to a branch of computer science that deals with the establishment of computer software and programs aimed at the change of the way many people carry out [...]

Technologies: Microsoft’s Cortana vs. Apple’s Siri

According to Rigby, upon the next roll out of the project, users will be in a position to communicate with a lot of ease bearing in mind that the device will be able to read [...]

Technology Siri for Submission

Voice recognition and generation, whether in the form of Siri or some other software, is a welcome and useful part of users' lives now.

Non Experts: Artificial Intelligence

Regardless of speed and the complexity of mathematical problems that they can solve, all that they do is to accept some input and generate desired output. This system is akin to that found in a [...]

AI Development Progress Report Evaluation

The sidebar implicitly explains to the reader the relevance of conducting research in the field of Artificial Intelligence by quoting John smith.