Computer Security Essay Examples and Topics

Computer-Based Technologies That Assist People with Disabilities

Introduction The disabled persons may feel isolated and excluded because of the inability to lead their lives normally. They are unable to do the simple things that a normal person does such as using the phone or moving around. In order to enable the disabled to manage their daily lives, a range of devices has […]

Security Control in Organization

Security controls are the requirements and standard guidelines required for a standard organizational security. These requirements can be divided into security, interoperability and operations. Security requirement An efficient system event listing: The system processing unit would automatically generate the total logs executed on a daily transaction. This is a standard requirement that must be utilized by […]

Cloud Computing Advantages and Challenges

Introduction Cloud computing can be described as a system that enables users to work on their computers, process data, and store information using remote servers, which are hosted on the internet rather than using local servers. Cloud computing is a very recent phenomenon that is coming out as the next big thing due to the […]

Important Problem of Cybersecurity Simulations

Introduction Cybersecurity has become an important problem in today’s Internet networked world because of the increasing range of attacks perpetrated on the networks, making organizations such as DTL Power Corporation to develop countermeasures by training technical people with the skills necessary to respond to such threats effectively. One training approach was through simulations that were […]

Attribute Based Encryption

Attribute-based encryption and other encryption techniques Attribute-based approach is an encryption technique that secures data security in the cloud environment. The features of attribute-based encryption include user key, cipher-text encryption, and user credentials. However, attribute-based encryption is derived for the traditional public-key encryption. Unlike other traditional encryption techniques, attribute-based encryption has a collusion resistance property. […]

Sharing Students’ Records in Cloud Computing

Introduction Cloud computing is generally perceived as the next generation computing structure for hosting and delivering economical services such as platform, software, and infrastructure. Notwithstanding the various advantages and facilities of cloud computing, privacy and security issues remain a basic concern and impair the growth of this technology. Consequently, this research proposal discusses the possibility […]

The Impact of Mobile Devices on Cybersecurity

Introduction Computing devices and the internet are two of the most important inventions of the 21st century. These technological breakthroughs have had a great impact on the personal and professional lives of people all over the world. Mobile devices are some of the equipments that utilize computing technology and the internet to provide communication services. […]

Mobile Security

Introduction In the modern world, mobile devices are an important part of people’s lives. They include laptops, Personal Digit Assistants (PDAs), and smart phones. They offer a communication opportunity both in personal life and in business transactions (Furnell, 2009). In the recent past, there has been a notable growth in sales of smart phones due […]

Cloud Computing Security Issues in Enterprise Organizations

Introduction Cloud computing has started to move beyond hype and into the fabric of businesses today. Small and Medium Businesses have discovered by utilizing cloud services, they can gain significant benefits including access to novel business application and state of the art infrastructure resources. Although Enterprise Organizations are gaining valuable insight into the potential benefits […]

Security as a technology issue in the classroom

Security has always been an issue of great concern for both individuals and organizations. Even before the advent of computer technology, people were highly concerned about their security, and the security of their assets and information related to them. Due to this fact security measures were established to ensure that people, properties and sensitive information […]

Computer Security and Its Main Goals

Computer security has three main goals; to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability. Confidentiality is an aspect of security that ensures that access to data and other computer assets is limited to the authorized parties. To achieve confidentiality, access to computer resources should be controlled. Use of smart cards and passwords help control unauthorized access. Encryption […]

Functions of Information Technology security Community In Responding to Security Incidents

Introduction One of the insidious features of Information Technology is diagnostic work. Diagnostic work can be said to be the process involving identifying and categorizing problems associated with Information Technology Security Management. In addition, diagnostic work involves defining the scope of the remedies that an organization should put in place to correct any problems and […]

IT security and Control

According to Hawker (151), IT Security and Control include physical, logical, and administrative measures organizations put in place to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability to authorized users. Information systems avail data to authorized users through validation and verification procedures. In addition, data integrity standards should be enforced when data is being transmitted to prevent […]

IT Security and Control

According to Hawker (151), IT Security and Control include physical, logical, and administrative measures organizations put in place to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability to authorized users. Information system avail data to authorized users through validation and verification procedures. These procedures are defined an organization’s information system policies. In addition, data integrity standards should […]

Constructive threat examination techniques to enhance data security

Introduction The duties of intelligence technologist are becoming more complicated as the field of science technology introduces new products and ideas even before applying proper security measures to avert threats that may crop up along the way. The ability to understand the technological modifications calls for contemporary and prospective threats, as well as data overload […]

Control over Personal Information

Description In his book Joseph Turow (2006) discusses the strategies used by marketers in effort to promote products and services via the Internet. One of the issues he focuses on is the way in which they try to obtain personal information of customers. For example, they can do it with the help of cookies or […]

Ethics and Computer Security

Abstract The world we live in today is very different compared to the one our fore fathers lived many years ago. It is clear that tremendous change has taken place over the last ten decades, and whose impacts has been felt in all the facets of human existence such as social, political and economic. Over […]

Information Security: The Physical Security Factor

Today, more than ever before, healthcare organizations are increasingly becoming dependent on computer-based systems to access critical patient data and provide treatment solutions remotely via virtual private networks (VPNs). Consequently, any kind of disruption targeting these information systems may occasion consequences ranging from inconvenience to catastrophe (Loch, Carr & Warkentin, 2002). But while research in […]

Key Issues Concerning Computer Security, Ethics, and Privacy

Introduction Computer networks that enhance communication crossways the globe have created a world that never existed before. It is tricky to describe the experience since it merely exists in the minds of users referring to them as cyberspace. Computers have also made daily tasks uncomplicated as most information is exchanged from one region to the […]

Security of Your Computer

Introduction A computer is an electronic machine that is vulnerable to many risks. The computer ought to be protected from risks such as viruses that may affect their normal functioning. In dealing with computer security, many scientists have come up with different ways of protecting a computer from unauthorized parties. There are many technical areas […]

Reflections and Evaluations on Key Issues Concerning Computer

Security, Ethics, and Privacy Introduction Computer networks enable people to communicate and this has created some places that never existed before as this is just a place created in the mind. It is popularly called cyberspace (Mather et al., 2001, p. 55). Ethics is a very philosophical subject where people can determine right or wrong […]

Cyber security in the Energy Sector

It is obvious that whenever cyber crimes are talked about, people immediately direct their minds to the financial sector of the economy. However, it is important to note that almost each sector uses computerized systems in its operations. Consequently, every sector of the economy is exposed to cyber criminals. In recent times, the energy sector […]

Strong Password’s Creating

Strong passwords are essential in preventing illegal entry to the electronic accounts and systems, and should contain shorthand, symbols, letters, and numbers. If a person has certain troubles recalling cryptic passwords, he can choose character replacements to create a stronger password from the previous insecure password. Weak password is discouraged since the way it is […]

Computer Security: Safeguard Private and Confidential Information

Computer security refers to systems effected to safeguard private and confidential information and services from access by unscrupulous persons. The four critical aspects of computer security are confidentiality, integrity and authentication or availability abbreviated CIA. Confidentiality entails privacy, integrity; protection from unauthorized, authentication; verification of the user and availability accessibility to authorized parties. Computer security […]

Cyber Security

Introduction Société Générale Bank was established in 1864 in France by a caucus of moguls and investors with the aim of improving and bolstering their commercial ventures. Over the years, the bank has tremendously improved its financial outlay. This has enabled it to extend its presence in many nations. Today, the bank is among the […]

Introduction to Computers Malicious Software (Trojan horses)

Abstract The Trojan horse term emanates from some story in Homer’s Iliad, where the Greeks gave their foes a huge horse made of wood, apparently, as a symbol of offering. But, immediately after the Trojans draw the horse into the walls of the city, the solders in Greek creep out of the horse’s bellies which […]

Computer Viruses

A computer virus is a software program designed to interfere with the normal computer functioning by infecting the computer operating system (Szor, 2005). These viruses have the capability of spreading from one computer to another. They are also capable of multiplying. Viruses cause myriads of working challenges to computers ranging from destruction of files, slowing […]

Solutions to Computer Viruses

Introduction As much as technology is useful to human beings, it comes with its challenges. One of such challenge that has troubled technology users for a long period of time is computer viruses. They refer to computer programs that are created by malicious software developers or computer programmers to harm other people’s computers. Computer viruses […]

Case Project Information Security

Virus Attacks While computer viruses are not as formidable as they were in the past decade mostly as a result of strong antivirus software, they still pose significant threat to users. In the near past, there have been a number of viruses that have posed a significant threat to computer users all over the world. […]

Security Threats in Social Sites

There are quite a couple of benefits for a firm that invests in information security. The ability to cope effectively with today’s security threats in social sites such as web hacking to steal consumer identity, and other internet disruptions is at the verge. Insecurity has caused complexity and slow progression in delivery of products and […]