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Computer Security Essay Examples and Topics

Product Safety and Information Assurance

In addition to that, I find it critical that both a producer of products and their distributor is expected to assess goods and make sure that they are not dangerous and that all necessary instructions [...]

Lockheed Martin Corporation’s Information Security Checklist

The main idea of this paper is to create a check list devoted to the problem of the information security in Lockheed Martin with referencing to the following problems, identifying risks and vulnerability places with [...]

Windows Live Family Safety Tool for Home Protection

Having considered the system cost, it is important to mention that Windows Live Family Safety is a free tool which may be downloaded from the site as the addition to the Windows Live Essentials Suite.

Critical Success Factors in Data Breach Case

The paper at hand is aimed to analyze how the Critical Success Factors can be applied to the case study "Boss, I Think Someone Stole Our Data" to understand the level of organizational readiness, benefits [...]

Data Security and Preserving for Large Enterprises

The responsibility for the removal of personal data that ceases to be necessary for a particular goal is vested in a cloud computing provider.

Securing Software for New Technologies

It is important to remember that the IBM Company's profits rise significantly after its presentation due to the popularization of their products introduced to the mass media. Therefore, it is essential to implement new security [...]

The Evolution of Software Attacks

In the last decade, with the growing penetration of Wi-Fi and the Internet into every facet of our lives, software vulnerabilities have increased tenfold.

Hacker Ethos as a Framework Protecting Freedom

In the case of the hacker ethos, this takes the form of hackers attempting to convince other people of the righteousness of their cause based on the image that they are portraying, namely, as individuals [...]

Software Security Capability

The SIDD is helpful for organizations that arrive at such decisions and appropriate conclusions after evaluating, comparing, and assessing multiple candidate security investments that are usually built according to certain business requirements and criteria.

Secure Information Systems Design

OpenSAMM and BSIMM are two open-source software security maturity models that allow for conducting a detailed, in-depth assessment of the integration of security measures into the process of software development with the purpose of determining [...]

Building Security: Software Assurance Maturity Model

The primary resources offered by OpenSAMM aim at the points listed below: Evaluation of existing software security processes used by an organization The building of properly balanced and optimized security assistance programs Demonstrating significant improvements [...]

Information Security Management: Legal Regulations

Considering this, the present paper aims to evaluate the significance of the regulatory aspect of organizational information protection endeavors and identify the extent to which they may facilitate or hinder the work of security managers.

Wireless Sensor Network, Its Topology and Threats

Wireless sensor Network consists of independent sensors, which are dispersed to examine physical and environmental conditions such as temperature, pulsation, pressure and movement; in fact, they collect data and transmit to the main location through [...]

Public Key Infrastructure and Certification Authority

Digital certificates, on the other hand, can be considered the core of a PKI because they are used to create a linkage between the public key and the subject of a given certificate.

Woltech Company’s Information Security Risk Assessment

Considering that the organisation uses various sources of the remote access and communication between the offices, it is necessary to ensure the high-quality protection of employees' and Woltech's data.

Physical and Logical Information Systems Security

The concept of a physical threat is usually described as an incident that can end up in the loss of sensitive data or serious damage to the company's information system.

Access Control System for a College Dormitory

The camera scans the face and if the scan is registered in the database, then the door lock opens and the person can enter the dorm.

Internet of Things Security in Smart Cities

Among the goals of hackers in attacks on the critical IoT of smart cities, there is the intentional organization of accidents or power outages, theft of personal information of users, interception of control of devices [...]

Malicious Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

The organization has to have an eye for the presence of null bytes and the location of shellcode to counterattack the exploiters of this type of malicious attack.

Privacy Policies in Information Technology Firms

In addition to the protection of the firms' network, the IT firms must maintain the physical security of the computers. Physical security is important since it helps to protect the privacy of the data stored [...]

Unauthorized Intrusion in TJX Companies

The paper will include a description of the event and provide recommendations for strengthening the security of the company's IT assets.

Technical Safeguards for a Small College

The next type of measure should include standards for the appropriate use of computers and other electronic devices that provide access to protected information.

Evaluating Access Control Methods

This classification is grounded in a collection of rules that designate the relations between subjects and objects due to the fact that the former can obtain access to the latter.

The OPM Security Service

The further investigation likewise revealed that the attack was conducted by the so-called "outsider" an illegitimate user that accessed the system due to the flaws in the information security system.

Information Security and Potential Risks

Meanwhile, it is necessary to admit that the implementation of the new IS strategy implies a series of risks. Lastly, a pilot test is likely to be useful in terms of the expenses' assessment.

Information Security Management System: ISO 27001

According to the existing description of the standard, the process of facilitating a control over the data management processes in a company is crucial to the security of its members.

Computer Viruses, Their Types and Prevention

A memory-resident virus is one of the most resilient types of viruses out there since it resides in the RAM of the computer and comes out of stasis every time the computer's OS is activated.

Security Management: Addressing Challenges and Losses

Indeed, designing the strategy that would allow introducing people quickly and efficiently to the essentials of security in the workplace, as well as in their private use of the Internet and the related resources is [...]

SQL Injection Attacks and Database Architecture

The proximity of SQL infusion weakness enables an assailant to issue command prompts specifically for a web application's database and to subvert the planned use of the application.

Bring Your Device Policy and Security in Business

Bring your device refers to the organizational policy of allowing employees to bring their technological devices to the workplace and use them to carry out organizational duties.

Information Technology Department Security Measures

For the majority of modern companies, the process of data destruction is one of the essential procedures allowing the organization to run smoothly and manage their data efficiently while staying protected.

Information Security Implementation in Healthcare

Consequently, if the policy is endorsed, it means that the administration fully supports it; if the policy is relevant, it means that the policy can be applied at an organizational level; if the policy is [...]

Open Source Security Testing Methodology

The benefits of the Penetration Testing Framework 0. The Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual and Penetration Testing Framework 0.

Cash Withdrawal, Deposit, and Bank Transfer Security

The system discharges the customer's card, and when the customer collects the bank card, the system then hands out the requested amount of cash to the customer.

Information Technology Equipment Replacement Policy

The IT department is responsible for the production, review, and maintenance of IT equipment inventory, formulation of requests for replacement and disposal, and management of the equipment throughout its lifecycle.

The Importance of Strong Password

A password is what confirms to the computer or any other digital device that is protected by a secret code that the person accessing the information is who he/she claims to be. One of the [...]

Information Security: Evaluation and Recommendation

Generally, when a case involving loss of data through leakage or any other way, security firms entrusted with the responsibility of handling confidential information of clients stand to face serious challenges directly associated with loss [...]

Fertil Company’s Computer and Information Security

The rapid growths of technologies and the rise of digital devices that impact the functioning of various establishments and organizations introduce numerous changes to the way the modern world functions.

Business Information Security and File Permissions

When working with the information, it is also of the essence to remember about the notion of permissions as this is the basic means of protecting the data from the unsanctioned access.

UBS-Painewebber: the Weakest Link

The defense could have used this information to prove that Duronio was not the only suspect, and further investigation was needed.

Vology Inc.’s Information Security and Assurance

This paper is to assess the vulnerabilities of different areas of the information technologies services security and assurance, to provide possible methods of testing and defining the flaws in the existing infrastructure, and to identify [...]

System Vulnerability Points During Spooling

The connection to the port of the printer may also give the person access to data that was printed earlier by this printer.

Software Status Quo Workshop for an Organization

Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that the members of the organization are aware of the challenges that the operations with Big Data in the environment of the global economy may trigger.

Corporate Computing Function and Its Requirements

Typically, meeting the information needs of the organization is of paramount importance in the development of the network architecture of the organization that enables internal and external communication and sharing of information on the LAN [...]

Resilience in Cyber-Ecology and Information Security

In a broader sense, resilience is one of the essential elements that determine the healthiness of a system. While trying to understand the meaning of resilience in the framework of cyber-ecology, it is critical to [...]

Information Security Department Employees’ Skills

It is within this context that the paper assesses the sample activities performed by functions of the information security and assurance department, highlights the skills required, and explains the benefits of diversifying roles in the [...]

Traditional and Changing Information Security

The traditional approach distinguishes the concepts of security and safety whereas both communities focus on preventing losses, the former deal with intentional activity and the latter focuses on the unintentional activities.

Trustworthy and Trusted Computing Differences

The issue is that they are vulnerable to physical attacks, and authors suggest that such changes may be considered if it is necessary.

Systems Thinking, Risks and Interdependencies

It is beneficial for the enterprise to treat it as a system because information security architecture is a complex notion that considers the harmonious interaction of information assurance services and mechanisms.

Secure Software Development Life Cycle

Then there was a challenge response model according to which the system sent the user a challenge in the form of randomized character string, and the user responded with a computational value based on the [...]

Information Support Importance in the National Strategy

On the other hand, Information assurance deals with the creation of the policies, the procedures and the systems that assure people that the information they are using is valid, reliable, available, accessible, confidential and trustworthy.

Computer and Digital Forensics and Cybercrimes

This has greatly affected the success of computer forensics and it is the main drawback in this area. The world is now safer due to the increasing usage of computer forensics in court cases.

Internet Media Safety Application and Administration

The development of internet media has eased the burden of communication and it has increased the number of people using the internet all over the world.

Unified Messaging System and Communication Security

Moreover, the system in question may be accessed from a phone; in the case in point, the text messages received are converted to audio and then played to the user as the latter dials the [...]

Virtualization Security Issues

The implementation of the virtualization provides the certain advantages to the environment from the point of view of the security. In case of the theft or the loss of the device, the risk of the [...]

Virtual Communication Under Surveillance

Therefore, it is crucial to test whether communication within the environment of virtual reality is possible once its participants are aware of being watched by the corresponding public service authorities and whether the specified strategy [...]

Encryption, Information Security, and Assurance

Information security is "a complex process that focuses on the best approaches to ensure transmitted information and data is secure". This argument shows that encryption is one of the vital processes used to support information [...]

Vology Company’s Information Risk

The purpose of the memo is to identify the risks that Vology is facing at present as well as to locate the steps that can be viewed as the solution to the current issues.

Target Stores’ Information Technology Failures

In the Target security breach, the hackers focused on the crucial information that is stored in the magnetic strip of the credit cards.

Defense Measures for Receiving Electronic Data

The biggest motivation for protecting electronic information is to prevent the exposure of an individual or a business to harm that can arise when other people know personal and business secrets that can allow them [...]

The New York Times Website: Hacked Database Analysis

They broke into the website on a Sunday morning to prove to a woman, who was about to publish a book on hacking, that they could gain access to any website.

Strong Encryption as a Social Convention

The governments of many countries and the representatives of several American states admit that strong encryption is a serious threat to people and their security.

E-Governments and the Environment of Anonymity

The invention of the Internet and the following increase in the online communication process has posed a range of questions to the people engaging in these new activities, the principles of communication, and the effects [...]

Small Business Security

Both the physical security- in terms of physical structures- and the security on the computers data is fairly strong because as at current, only the owner of the business and the permanent employees can access [...]

Information Technologies: Secure Password’ Creation

Some users have overstated the demise of the use of passwords. Although technologies have introduced new security measures such as biometric controls, the use of passwords will persist for several decades.

Amazon.com: Customers’ Information Security

The fourth step is to develop the new system. The last step is to evaluate the new system after observing how it operates.

Web Privacy: What’s Happening Now?

In addition, he has noted that the government and other stakeholders are not in a position to control or regulate the use of the internet in their area.

The Intranet’ Role in an Organization

In this case, the company will use the intranet to enhance information access, create, share, and use information across business units.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

The First is the network-based IDPS, which monitors and analyses the packets in a particular segment of the network to identify incidents.

Content from the Web – Copyright Issues

Indeed, the ample influence that modern media has on the people using it can be abused to promote a certain idea or concept to the target audience for the reasons of a personal gain.

Smart Home Making

Specifically, Smartphone, a desktop computer, cable, home theater, whole home audio, and phone intercom system will be considered for use in the button key fob and Smartphone based network. The use of Smartphone and proximity [...]

VPN Security Vulnerabilities

The functionality, security protocols, and management policies of the network facilitate the safe and secure dissemination of information among users. It facilitates the creation of a virtual dialup private network that connects users to other [...]

Cryptographic Tools for Secure Web Communication

Thus, in this paper I investigate the basics of cryptographic writing as well as evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of three working tools that are used by the experts in order to secure the information.

Computer-Based Technologies That Assist People with Disabilities

The visually impaired To assist the visually impaired to use computers, there are Braille computer keyboards and Braille display to enable them to enter information and read it. Most of these devices are very expensive [...]

Security Control in Organization

The security of the organization and the entire database depends on the quality of security each staff of the company enjoys.

Cloud Computing Advantages and Challenges

The mere fact that users are not aware of the security strength of the facility can make the facility vulnerable to misuse by users who might install malicious data that can affect the usability of [...]

Important Problem of Cybersecurity Simulations

The information stored in the company's database was encrypted to create confidence in the customers on the security of the data.

Attribute Based Encryption

The features of the public-key encryption include cryptography, public, and private key. As a result, the user can secure and authenticate data integrity using the private key.

Sharing Students’ Records in Cloud Computing

As a result, the importance of using attribute-based encryption to eliminate the security and privacy issues of cloud based systems is highlighted.

The Impact of Mobile Devices on Cybersecurity

The very popularity and extent of the use of mobile computing devices and the internet creates a special vulnerability to businesses.

Mobile Security

Security of mobile devices encompasses security of all information and data saved and stored in the tablets, smart phones, laptops, and PDAs.

Cloud Computing Security Issues in Enterprise Organizations

This paper will set out to show that while there are significant security threats that an enterprise faces when it migrates to the cloud, there are solutions that can be implemented to mitigate these threats [...]

Security as a technology issue in the classroom

This paper is an exploration of the relationship between technology and security, which also seeks to establish why it is important for a classroom teacher to know about the security issues that are associable with [...]

Computer Security and Its Main Goals

Confidentiality is an aspect of security that ensures that access to data and other computer assets is limited to the authorized parties.

IT security and Control

According to Hawker, IT Security and Control include physical, logical, and administrative measures organizations put in place to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability to authorized users.

IT Security and Control

According to Hawker, IT Security and Control include physical, logical, and administrative measures organizations put in place to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability to authorized users.

Constructive threat examination techniques to enhance data security

Insiders A group of researchers recently observed that in comparison to past years, the rate of insider threats are decreasing, but this should not be construed to mean that the measures used to hamper insider [...]

Control over Personal Information

In this section I would like to speak about the policies of such a company as Twitter since I often use their services. Admittedly, I may not contact the management of Twitter and ask these [...]

Ethics and Computer Security

The introduction of computers and the internet in the 1970s marked the end and the beginning of a new era where human labour was no longer required in the production of goods and services.

Information Security: The Physical Security Factor

This paper is devoted to outlining some of the fundamental steps that need to be considered for the physical security of computers used in an urgent care center to access patient data and their email [...]

Security of Your Computer

Authentication is used to mean that the information in the computer is only available and accessible to the authorized parties. This method is more effective as it can include hardware using multiple versions of software [...]

Cyber security in the Energy Sector

In this regard, in the event that a cyber attack is launched against the energy sector, it is bound to have far reaching consequences.

Strong Password’s Creating

Users should create a password that contains secure relations to certain applications or tasks so that it will be easy to remember.