Aviation Essay Examples and Topics

Singapore Airline

Introduction Overview of the Company Singapore Airline (SIA) is a widely recognized and celebrated brand name in the air transport industry for over 50 years. This is attributable to its route network that covers over 90 cities in more than forty countries and up to date air transport system. In addition, SIA is a member […]

Aircraft Inspections for Safety and Reliability

Information pertaining to Pre/Post Flight Inspections Inspections are made to enhance aircraft reliability. Reliability refers to quality service and quality means safety for people. Inspections for aircraft safety and reliability are significant for survival of people and equipment. Since this is an integral part of aircraft operations, we have to conduct aircraft inspections systematically and […]

Ethical Reasoning to Determine the Course of Action

Developing software that controls the autopilot system on a prototype of a commercial airplane is highly recommendable for safety reasons. Testing the system suitably is equally imperative. Hurrying up the testing to meet the publicly announced testing deadline may lead to compromising the reliability and safety of the entire aircraft system. Various theories recommend different […]

Safety Culture in Aviation

Introduction Safety in the aviation industry is of utmost importance. Mistakes arising from human error or technical problems can lead to loss of lives. Aviation is a high-risk sector that needs stringent measures to improve safety and prevent accidents. In this regard, safety culture is important for aviation maintenance organizations, as it promotes their public […]

Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Introduction Incidences of disasters in organisations have tremendously increased across the world. Thus, risks, which compromise organisations’ financial position, are becoming part of business (Raghavan 2005). In fact, organisations do not have control over their internal and external business environments (Smith 2003, p.27; Smith & Elliot 2006). The biggest challenge for an organisation operating in […]

The aircraft maintenance industry (Technology analysis)

The aircraft maintenance is about the desires and fulfillment in the industry when there are no errors being reported or realized. The industry always strives at excellence and accuracy technologically to provide safe air transport. This is seen through the ever-improving aircraft technology and the innovations made are better today than the yesterdays. Any mistake […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of PMA

Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) is an approval for manufacturing aircraft replacement parts and products which is granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to those companies which are not the Type Certificate holders. PMA can be licensed and independent, and the peculiar advantages or disadvantages of PMA are often associated with its type. HEICO Corporation […]

Global Issues in Aviation

Introduction Aviation industry is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. It connects the whole world and augments numerous businesses globally. The air transportation results in economic and social benefits both of which contribute to economic growth of countries. Tourism and international trade sectors benefit enormously from the aviation industry. The rapid […]

Project Life Cycle of V-22 Osprey

Abstract With its ability to fly faster than normal aircrafts and to access inaccessible hiding locations by the enemy, V-22 Osprey epitomizes a powerful transformational air-craft. The super craft is characterized with unique features that make it stand out from other helicopters due to its ability to swoop into an enemy’s hiding location, with deadly […]

Aircraft maintenance

Aircraft is a name commonly used to refer to an airplane, helicopter or any other machine capable of flight. When carrying out aircraft maintenance, the main factor that is put into consideration is its evaluation. Effective aircraft evaluation results in the determination of its existing state and the probability of the failure of its body […]

Importance of Airport Runway and Taxiway Markings and Landing Aids

Introduction In order to ensure safe landing and taking off of aircrafts, airports provide visual aids. These aids provide guidance to the pilot on the runway or taxiway. Airport aids include runway and taxiway markings and signs, navigation aids, edge lighting and runway light landing aids. Runway markings, signs and lighting are important in enabling […]

Threat to Civil Aviation-Hijacking

Introduction In every nation, civil aviation sector is a significant part of the national critical infrastructure. As a means of transportation, this sector is always at risk from the terrorists and extremists. The 9/11 attacks on the United States’ civil aviation industry demonstrated the extent to which terrorism can cause damage to the economy of […]

Cost saving approach of budget airlines and its impact

Introduction In the contemporary era, the access of Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) has completely transformed the airline sector. Ryanair, like several other Low Cost Carriers, could be termed as employing reduced costs to be desirable to a great number of passengers that could not have been thought of being possible before (Malighetti, Paleari & Redondi […]

Aviation Safety

Introduction Carelessness can be defined as ignorance or incorrectly assessing a risk. According to NTSB (2003), it is important to carefully follow maintenance and inspection procedures in order to avert aircraft related accidents, safeguard company property, and save life. By and large, most aircraft emergencies and fatal accidents are as a result of mistakes that […]

Aircraft Conceptual Design

Introduction “Design for the next Generation “superjumbo A380” ultra-high capacity commercial transport airliner” A close observation of an aircraft reveals a number of visible features from a facial appearance. The observable features include wings, the propeller engine and the tail. A more detailed observation beyond the visible details exposes hidden and very intriguing features. All […]

History of Aviation

When speaking about the history of aviation in the USA, one is to keep in mind that aviation plays an important role in the development of the country, as it is considered to be a critical element of the US national economy. Moreover, it is also necessary to point out that “in the last 35 […]

The aviation industry

Introduction The aviation industry is approximately two thousand years old. Developments in aviation have been out of human need to excel in both the civilian and military sectors. Kites, gliders, balloons, and advanced aircraft have characterized the development of the aviation industry. The US has been a global leader in aviation development for a long […]

Impact of Boeing 707, the Bell X-1 and the NASA Mercury Capsule on Modern Aviation

Introduction Just like any other industry or field, space travel and exploration has overtime undergone a revolution with major names making the revolution history of this particular history. Such names like Boeing 707, the Bell X-1 and the NASA Mercury capsule remain in history as the triggers of the revolution and as a result, these […]

UK Airports in Bad Weather

It is obvious that winter is one of the most problematic seasons for different companies connected with transport. Transportation is one of the parts most interested in the absence of snow and ice. Looking at the situation in the airports it should be stated that there are many cases when the flights are cancelled because […]

Hypoxia and Aviation

Introduction The paper presents a review, analysis and a study on hypoxia faced by pilots at higher altitudes. The problems faced by pilots of commercial flights and the ways and means of dealing with them with the use of technology used in military planes will be the point of discussion and focus. The usage of […]

Positive and Negative Aspects of Aviation Have Been Observed In America in the Past 75 Years

The aviation industry has witnessed a significant growth in the last few decades following the advancement of technology. According to Hansen (2004), the aviation industry has seen airplane development as one of the most sophisticated technologies of the twentieth century, affecting the lives of American society and international community significantly. Although the development has been […]

A History of Aircraft

Introduction The book is a true story of the reason behind the success of the Wright brothers in inventing an aircraft. Just as the title suggests, the book is a detailed history of the invention of the aircraft by the Orville and Wilbur Wright. The book also presents a step by step outlook on how […]

The Airbus Fly-By-Wire Control System

Introduction Before the introduction of the fly-by-wire system in civil aviation, pilots had to rely only on manual controls during flight. Fly-by-wire is an innovation that replaces an aircraft’s manual controls with an electronic interface. Fly-by-wire is a digital flight control system that enables signals from manual controls to be converted into electrical signals after […]

Analysis of Dubai’s Aviation Model

Introduction Dubai’s aviation sector is one of the most successful in the world and the most important in Dubai’s economy. The sector is made up of the fast-growing Emirates Airline and other foreign carriers, Dubai Airports Company and the Ground Handling Company. Currently, the sector supports 125,000 jobs which are related to the aviation industry. […]

Airports Electronic gate (e-gate)

Abstract Developments of computer software and hardware have resulted in e-gate; these gates have been adopted in some airports. E-gates are program-regulated gates used to clear passengers getting in or out of an airport. The system has numerous securities, efficiency, and revenue benefits to airports using them; however, the innovation is still young and requires […]

Relaxing Travel

Introduction Industry attractiveness and profitability depends on many varied factors. Change in the business environment or industry trends necessarily affect a company’s profitability and consequently the future of the company (Macclintock, 2010, p. 48). This report looks into changes that have been happening in the airline industry and how the same are likely to affect […]

Drone Technology and the Future

The book, “Outliers”, discusses a variety of factors that influence unimaginable success in various fields by incorporating evidence of the achievements of individuals such as Bill Gates and Joseph Flom, and groups like the Beatles. The author, Malcolm Gladwell, examines the influence of different backgrounds on an individual’s intelligence and the ability to arrive at […]

Aeronautics industry of Canada

Introduction Canada possesses one of the best aeronautics industries in the world, which ahs been very active in the national arena, thereby reflecting its rise in the international scene. Among the western, nations Canada is ranked second based on its private aircraft fleet and its commercial size. It is estimated that Canada’s aeronautics industry has […]

Meteorological Hazards in Aviation

Introduction Throughout its history, the aviation industry has had a close but unpleasant relationship with the vagrancies of weather (Vickers et al., 2001). Indeed, it has been proved that weather is the single largest contributor to delays and a foremost factor in aircraft disasters and incidents, implying that real-time weather information is substantially critical for […]

Aviation Fire Risks and Safety

Introduction Aviation is an operation that entails travelling in space. Largely, aviation involves planes and either cargo or passenger planes. It is important to have a high level of safety in aviation because the occurrence of accidents could be highly disastrous as witnessed in several plane accidents. When looking at aviation risks, we find that, […]

History of Aviation

Aviation refers to the design, manufacture, operation or use of aircraft or vehicles capable of flight. Aircrafts can be lighter than air like balloons and airships, or heavier than air, which include autogiros, airplanes, helicopters, gliders and ornithopters (Global Aircraft para. 1). Famous inventors of aviation include Leonardo da Vinci, Lawrence Hargrave, John String fellow […]

Managing Pilot Fatigue

Introduction Most of the aviation accidents have been greatly attributed to pilot fatigue (Mohler, 1998, p. 1). This is because a pilot’s input into the aircraft is majorly dependent on his consciousness on the job. Therefore, in case one is fatigued, then this provides room for error in inputs (Smith, 2008, p. 1). Even though […]

Subsidies in the Airline

Introduction Air travel has undergone dramatic changes since its humble beginning at the Wright Brothers’ garage. Today, air travel is the most fast and effective form of travelling and many nations boast of having an operational airline with commercial flights being prevalent. These commercial flights are encouraged by governments all over the world since it […]

Aviation/ Skywest Airlines

Introduction Regional airlines are airlines that conduct regional operations by either contracting with major airlines and acting as a feeder airline for them and using the major airline’s brand name, or providing a means of transport to isolated and small communities under their own brand name. The airlines can also operate under their brand name […]

Analysis of Boeing and Airbus

Thinking globally, Act locally – Globalization & the Global Markets Boeing , a multinational defense and aerospace corporation in America has numerous business units that offers products and services based on five principle segments namely Boeing Capital corporation (BCC), Global Service and Support (GSS), Network and Space systems (NSS) and Boeing Military Aircraft (BMA) all […]

Analysis of the article “Emergency Response Framework for Aviation XML Services on MANET”

The article addresses a technological framework that enables to respond to an aviation disaster. Emergency response in aviation has continued to be a major concern in the modern aviation. In the recent years, this has been facilitated but communication infrastructure and advances in information technology. As a result, to attain interoperable and efficient information network, […]