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Cyber Security Essay Examples and Topics

Cybersecurity and Encryption Analysis

The end-to-end encryption is the more complex process that can be discussed as the data encryption between the client application and the server provided with the help of additional technologies.

Risk Incidence Occurrence Solution

However, when providing the specified opportunity to the target audience, one must bear in mind that the technology under analysis needs the application of certain skills and the knowledge of the basics of information security.

The Encryption Forensics Trail

As a result, the professional can define when it was used and if it was used by the same person to whom the certificate was issued.

Cyber Attacks on Companies and Their Security Measures

The problem with the existing phishing and spamming techniques is that the scammers come up with new ways to spread their malicious messages under the guise of emails from respected companies such as Google, Amazon, [...]

Aviation Security: Cyber Threats

The rapid development of technologies along with the reconsideration of traditional methods cultivates a new way of thinking that includes the extensive use of digital devices to attain improved outcomes and facilitate the shift of [...]

Contemporary Cyberwarfare and Countermeasures

The issue of cybercrimes and cyberattacks is more consequential today in relation to the threats caused by malware and viruses that were common during the early years of the growth and development of computing.

Aviation Security Legislation: Cyber Attacks

The first step in improving the level of protection against cyber attacks in the aviation industry is related to developing a clear understanding of the potential threats that the aviation is faced with and that [...]

Cyber Attack on Sony Company

The main goal of this paper is to analyze the case of cyberattacks on Sony, discussing the existing evidence and alternative decisions that could have alleviated the negative impact of the incident on customers.

Concept of the Denial-of-Service Attacks

Therefore, it is important to understand the concept and classifications of DoS attacks. Notwithstanding the reason, the inability of individuals to access services they are qualified for is called a DoS attack.

Aviation and Aerospace Issues of Information Security

Information Sharing and Analysis Centers are a significant part of the information sharing strategy in the U. There is such a center responsible for the aerospace industry, and its goals are the sharing of threat [...]

Issues of Information Security in Aviation

Various rules and regulations established by agencies such as the FAA support the adoption of best practices that foster the implementation of data communications in the aviation sector.

Denial-of-Service Attacks: Defense Mechanisms

Such features address the problem of network attacks and support the goals of programmers, organizations, and institutions. The first one is "A Survey of Denial-of-Service and Distributed Denial of Service Attacks and Defenses in Cloud [...]

Secure Cyberspace: Potential Approaches

With the promotion and expansion of the Internet of Things technology, the amount of labor required to conduct and perform updates is much greater than the amount of labor required to devise a new way [...]

Cybersecurity as a Leadership Challenge

Cybercrime can lead to the leakage of important data, system interference, and the delivery of unsatisfactory services to consumers. This sophistication has amplified the insecurity of information systems to the extent of creating more threats [...]

Computer Emergency Readiness Team

The purpose of this case study is to discuss the role of the US-CERT in disaster and recovery management, the importance of the ICS-CERT for addressing the Stuxnet problem, the role of alternate sites in [...]

Cyber Threats: Incident Response Revamp

It is crucial for the team to be provided with instrumental and technical resources to react to the threats effectively. It is advisable to measure the effectiveness of the team in handling the incidents.

Cyber Law: Legal Environment of Business

Because internet and cyberspace are fast becoming a fundamental part of the society, all people should have knowledge about the dangers and damages of cyber tort.

Hackers Types

The article "They are attacking you: learn the three types of hackers' was written by Jonathan Nichols and explores the three main types of hackers that attack organizations and their clients, and the factors that [...]

Deutsche Telecom Company’s Cyber Security

The present work deals with the issue of DDoS attacks and builds a case on one of the well-known IT companies to single out the problem, the immediate solutions and preventive practices, and the lessons [...]

Cyberbullying and Suicide

In other countries where religion plays a key role in the values and norms of the people, suicide is a topic that is rarely discussed.

Cyber Risks in Emerging Markets

The article includes a description of major threats and concerns, as well as particular recommendations as to companies' further development in the area of cyber security.

Cybersecurity Risks Affecting Enterprises

From a national security standpoint, it is crucial to know and understand the nature of the enemy and be prepared for an increase in cyberterrorism attempts.

Emerging Risks in Cyberspace Security

Therefore, the security requirements of cyberspace infrastructure and flow of information coincide with some of the national security imperatives and have to be protected by government actors.

Cyber Security and Employees

The major factors that define the thriving of cyber ganging are the insufficient level of employees' competence, the lack of knowledge about the technical side of information protection, and non-compliance with safety standards.

Cybercrime and Digital Money Laundering

The result of the investigation was the indictment of Western Express and a number of the company's clients for several charges including stolen credit card data trafficking and money laundering.

Cybersecurity and Vital Elements

The focus of any risk management effort is a standard system or a framework that help organizations and individuals to manage integrity, confidentiality, and data and ensure critical resources availability.

Network Security for Mobile Devices

The main concerns of security are maintaining the functionality of the network environment, securing privacy, and providing the integrity of confidential information.

Cyber Attack: “Guardians of Peace”

In the next month, GOP threatened the company and urged it to cancel the release of the film "The Interview". Sony accepted the demand and did not let the film run on the cinema screens [...]

The US National Cyber-Security Initiative

The first initiative of the national cyber-security program is to integrate the functions of the Federal Enterprise into one unit using Trusted Internet Connections.

The National Cyber-Security Legislation

In regards to the receipt of threats related to cyber, policies and procedures should be created by the President according to the proposals of the House.

Hacking: White, Black and Gray Hats

Living in the era of the Internet and online technology increases the vulnerability of the information stored online and on electronic devices.

Web Application Attack Scenario

The simplest example of the application of SQL injections is a situation when the query asks the database to pull the username and password from the database rows.

Internet Security: Trust or Control?

The authors note that people are deprived of the possibility to use the products to the fullest due to the existing techno-regulations.

Information Technology’s Role in Homeland Security

This report informs the CEO of the targeted organization within the communications critical infrastructure sector about its role in securing the homeland and the major challenges facing the private sector.

Computer Crimes and Internet Security

After the synthesis of this information, the researcher will obtain the necessary background to evaluate the current state of affairs in the area of computer crimes and Internet security.

Cybercrime Dilemma and International Cyberwar

This paper studies the issue of cybercrime in relation to ethical concerns, the cybercrime dilemma, and the international involvement in the fight against cybercrime with a special focus on global interconnectedness.

2016 Dyn Cyberattack and Countermeasures

The case of Dyn attack presents powerful insights that should be taken seriously in order to minimize the chances of being attacked by cybercriminals. The hackers are believed to have targeted thousands of internet-of-things in [...]

Cyber Law Policy and Standards

Meanwhile, the policies and standards could be considered of a higher power, as they identify the issue and determine the necessity to comply with the law regarding the particular issues. In turn, the continuous enforcement [...]

Sound Cyber Training Program’ Development

Developing a company training program to educate employees on cybersecurity policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines to ensure state and federal cyber law compliance is a difficult and a meticulous task, which needs to take into [...]

Setting Sound Cyber Policies, Procedures and Standards

Corporate policies for the use of email to support sound cybersecurity include the following: Remote Access Policy The mode in which company employees access the internal network of an organization should be guarded by certain [...]

Economics of Cyber Insurance

This led to the need of protecting the Internet users standing through other means, the foremost among them being the cyber insurance policies.

A Duty of Care for Cyber Security

Hence, the sensitive data can be easily accessed by cyber criminals in the event that the cloud service is breached by users.

Cyber Control and Compliance: Models and Systems

The seven elements of the brewer Security Matrix are as follows: organizational cyber compliance can be enhanced through the following elements Identification-assist in detecting the compliance level of an organization Authentication-refers to the process of [...]

Automotive Industry’s Cybersecurity and Threats

It is significant to ensure the security of this system because it focuses not only on the audio and video entertainment but also allows to control navigation system and manipulate the behavior of the car.

UAE Cybercrime Laws and Statistics in Dubai

According to the chart provided above, the introduction of the new legislation has contributed to a minor drop in cybercrimes. In addition, it can be suggested that programs should be created to educate people on [...]

Online Predators and Childrens’ Cybersecurity

To win the battle against online predators it is important to craft laws that were created by people with a thorough understanding of how perpetrators utilize information systems and the Internet to commit sexually-related cyber [...]

Blue Moon Financial Company’s Incident Response

The senior security analyst will develop a specific remediation response for the attack. The senior security analyst will have to determine the most appropriate containment strategy for the active attack.

Information Security Gap in Business

Many players in this industry are forced to identify new software applications that have the potential to improve the level of data security and privacy. The "technologies also limit the targeted information to the receiver [...]

Cybercrime, Digital Evidence, Computer Forensics

The website "howstuffworks" carries an article discussing the basics of computer forensics, this is a good example of a website that is useful in explaining or understanding the reality of cybercrime and digital evidence. Not [...]

Sony Corporation Hacking and Security System

The organization had to stop the hackers and ensure information did not flow freely but it was unfortunate, as the company sought the services of the California court because it had no capacity to deal [...]

US Office of Personnel Management Data Breach

Therefore, to guarantee the security of data, there is the need for the initiation of change process to ensure the adoption of up-to-date information technology approaches and best practices.

Penetration Test, Its Methodology and Process

In this regard, the team tasked to carry out the penetration test must ensure that the company's chief information security officer recognizes that any figures or data acquired in the analysis will be deemed private [...]

How to Curb Cyber Threat to the US?

According to the Council of Europe, cyber terrorism is the use of the internet for terrorist purposes. The best option is to be on the offensive that is, to identify and cripple potential sources of [...]

Cyber Threat to the United States

In the current international system, the United States of America is the only super power. The incident clearly demonstrated to the world that the United States is vulnerable to cyber crime.

Cybersecurity: Stuxnet Virus

Cyber security is one of the major concerns of governments in the contemporary world. It is important to note that in case of Stuxnet the three aspects prove to be vulnerable.

The US Central Command Network Breach of 2008

This is considered to be one of the deadliest soft attacks on the security systems of the United States and it reflects the wider issue of cyber security in the United States.

Media Law and “The Interview” Film

From this point, it is important to discuss the cases of The Interview and Sony Pictures hackers' attacks in the context of the U.S.media law and compare the main aspects of the U.S.laws with the [...]

Reducing Cyber Bullying

Table of Activities Activity Significance Assembling parents/guardians, students and teachers to announce and explain the program in the institution To enlighten parents/guardians, students and teachers about the rules and regulation enacted due to the threat [...]

Fighting Cyber Bullying

Resources Role of the resource/input Statement forms To facilitate information transfer to the staff Counseling Personnel To arm students against the problem Bullying report system To create efficient internet enhance report system Regulation implementation documents [...]

Stratified Custom Manufacturing

Therefore, George, the senior manager of information security management reported the incident to the chief security officer of the company; Mr.Tom.

Stratified Custom Manufacturing

However, the fact that the attack was launched by the security system belonging to the company makes the company a direct party.

DATA and Information Security

According to Smyth, the consequences related to the loss of data that was in the custody of the organization demonstrate the vulnerability of the organization's information systems.

Cyber Security Threat Posed by a Terrorist Group

These among other features of the internet have been identified to form the basis of the cyber terrorism attacks. A comprehensive international collaboration among investigators and prosecution teams in cases of cyber attacks have also [...]

Cyber theft

This research paper will address the usage of internet and how internet theft has continued to thrive as the technology advances and how users of the internet can be made safer.

Concept and Problem of Cyber Domain in US

For instance, U.S.power grid is one of the most vulnerable spheres for cyber attacks since it belongs to a private sector and it is not governed by the government. Unfortunately, major part of cyberspace belongs [...]

The Curious Case of Gary McKinnon

In this case, the author uses the alleged computer hacker who was identified as Gary McKinnon from the United Kingdom in the case study to address the complex types of criminal activities that do take [...]

Global Finance Inc.

In addition, the report also addresses the CEO's concerns about the mobility security and design for secure mobile computing for portable devices with regard to authentication technologies and protection of data.

Ethics in Computer Technology: Cybercrimes

The first one is the category of crimes that are executed using a computer as a weapon. The second type of crime is the one that uses a computer as an accessory to the crime.

Normative Ethics and the Right to Privacy

Recent advances in technologies have prompted a new consideration of e-mail, use of e-mail, and its relation to ethics. From the deontological perspective, the court's decision to give Ellsworth's parents legal access to his e-mail [...]

Computer fraud and contracting

The law does not provide the consumers with measures to enforcing the online contracts because the argument is that, it is impossible to tell the intention and the consent of the consumer when they signed [...]

Digital Crime Scenario

This rogue security software can appear on a website in the form of an advertisement which in most of the time informs that internet user of their win for being a visitor to the website [...]

Organizational Vulnerability

The man-in-the-middle attack is also known as integrity attack since the actions of the system operators are based on the integrity of the data.

Computer Crimes Defense and Prevention

Naval Academy and he said that the security of the United States is threatened by a new breed of adversaries that has found a way to harass and terrorize America.
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