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Cyber Security Essay Examples and Topics

Information Security Gap in Business

Many players in this industry are forced to identify new software applications that have the potential to improve the level of data security and privacy. The "technologies also limit the targeted information to the receiver [...]

Cybercrime, Digital Evidence, Computer Forensics

The website "howstuffworks" carries an article discussing the basics of computer forensics, this is a good example of a website that is useful in explaining or understanding the reality of cybercrime and digital evidence. Not [...]

Sony Corporation Hacking and Security System

The organization had to stop the hackers and ensure information did not flow freely but it was unfortunate, as the company sought the services of the California court because it had no capacity to deal [...]

Penetration Test, Its Methodology and Process

In this regard, the team tasked to carry out the penetration test must ensure that the company's chief information security officer recognizes that any figures or data acquired in the analysis will be deemed private [...]

How to Curb Cyber Threat to the US?

According to the Council of Europe, cyber terrorism is the use of the internet for terrorist purposes. The best option is to be on the offensive that is, to identify and cripple potential sources of [...]

Cyber Threat to the United States

In the current international system, the United States of America is the only super power. The incident clearly demonstrated to the world that the United States is vulnerable to cyber crime.

Cybersecurity: Stuxnet Virus

Cyber security is one of the major concerns of governments in the contemporary world. It is important to note that in case of Stuxnet the three aspects prove to be vulnerable.

Media Law and “The Interview” Film

From this point, it is important to discuss the cases of The Interview and Sony Pictures hackers' attacks in the context of the U.S.media law and compare the main aspects of the U.S.laws with the [...]

Reducing Cyber Bullying

Table of Activities Activity Significance Assembling parents/guardians, students and teachers to announce and explain the program in the institution To enlighten parents/guardians, students and teachers about the rules and regulation enacted due to the threat [...]

Fighting Cyber Bullying

Resources Role of the resource/input Statement forms To facilitate information transfer to the staff Counseling Personnel To arm students against the problem Bullying report system To create efficient internet enhance report system Regulation implementation documents [...]

Stratified Custom Manufacturing

Therefore, George, the senior manager of information security management reported the incident to the chief security officer of the company; Mr.Tom.

DATA and Information Security

According to Smyth, the consequences related to the loss of data that was in the custody of the organization demonstrate the vulnerability of the organization's information systems.

Cyber Security Threat Posed by a Terrorist Group

These among other features of the internet have been identified to form the basis of the cyber terrorism attacks. A comprehensive international collaboration among investigators and prosecution teams in cases of cyber attacks have also [...]

Cyber theft

This research paper will address the usage of internet and how internet theft has continued to thrive as the technology advances and how users of the internet can be made safer.

Concept and Problem of Cyber Domain in US

For instance, U.S.power grid is one of the most vulnerable spheres for cyber attacks since it belongs to a private sector and it is not governed by the government. Unfortunately, major part of cyberspace belongs [...]

The Curious Case of Gary McKinnon

In this case, the author uses the alleged computer hacker who was identified as Gary McKinnon from the United Kingdom in the case study to address the complex types of criminal activities that do take [...]

Global Finance Inc.

In addition, the report also addresses the CEO's concerns about the mobility security and design for secure mobile computing for portable devices with regard to authentication technologies and protection of data.

Normative Ethics and the Right to Privacy

Recent advances in technologies have prompted a new consideration of e-mail, use of e-mail, and its relation to ethics. From the deontological perspective, the court's decision to give Ellsworth's parents legal access to his e-mail [...]

Computer fraud and contracting

The law does not provide the consumers with measures to enforcing the online contracts because the argument is that, it is impossible to tell the intention and the consent of the consumer when they signed [...]

Digital Crime Scenario

This rogue security software can appear on a website in the form of an advertisement which in most of the time informs that internet user of their win for being a visitor to the website [...]

Organizational Vulnerability

The man-in-the-middle attack is also known as integrity attack since the actions of the system operators are based on the integrity of the data.