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100 Elections Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Elections of 1912
    In fact, the outcome of the elections indicated that, the Progressive Party garnered an outstanding percentage of both popular and electoral votes.
  2. Presidential Elections of 1804
    The election was notable because of the extremely partisan nature of the election and the vitriolic attacks on former Revolution War friends and colleagues” As Dunn observed “It was particularly important as it resulted in […]
  3. USA Presidential Election
    The candidates wishing to contest for any post in the government are required to be certified by the Congress as early as in the month of January in the Election year.
  4. Discreditation of Michele Bachmann Actions During the Election
    In this move, the writer points to the audience, as the readers, that politicians like Michele Bachmann are appealing to the voters who are racists.
  5. The influence of news media on the outcome of the 2008 US presidential elections
    The media has become one of the most used tools of influence in many democratic processes to inspire the public and dictate the behavior of candidates and voters.
  6. Robocalls in Canada Elections
    The announcement was made on2nd May, 2011 by the election agency which went further to inform the public that the automated calls were not made by the agency.
  7. Citizens United v.s Federal Election Commission
    The decision is premised on the idea that the Constitution and especially the First Amendment give equal protection to individual citizens and to groups of citizens who can form unions, lobbies, or corporations.
  8. Elections in post USSR countries
    In most of the nations that have an undemocratic system, manipulation of the constitution is a common practice. A number of the presidents in these nations exploit their powers in order to secure their positions.
  9. Problems Facing the Electoral College in Presidential Elections
    The Electoral College is an electoral system in the United States that was established through the Constitution of the United States; this was subsequently amended through the establishment of the 12th Amendment of the year […]
  10. Failure in the Sarah Palin Election in US 2008
    It has been argued that the media coverage she received in the run up to that election was biased and led McCain to lose to President Barack Obama.
  11. Citizens Protests and Elections Outcomes
    The protestors accused the government of threatening and bribing opposition deputies and other officials to change their political affiliation and join Fujimori’s Peru 2000 party, the fact that the armed forces recognized Fujimori as president […]
  12. Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller Candidacy and Election Campaign
    As she was born in Texas and lived all her life there, she is very well aware of the matter of things and political atmosphere that is present in Texas.
  13. Psychology in Nursing and Elections
    The safety needs in the education and nursing are the health security of patients, the safety of the nursing profession and the job security.
  14. Campaigns and Elections
    America is a democratic country; the constitution is the huddle on the way to force people to register as voters and vote.
  15. How the Internet Affects Politics and Elections?
    The speedy expansion of the internet has stimulated claims that huge revolutions in the formation of political power in Egypt and other countries in the Middle east are in the process: the populist assert that […]
  16. Of Matrilocality and the Role of Women in a Village Election in Northern Thailand
    It highlights the intertwining of the domain of women in the village cultures of matrilocal and matrilineal kinship. In describing the nature of matrilocal residency and the household’s kin the matrilineal villages, the author cites […]
  17. The US Midterm Elections in the Light of the Tea Party
    Regarding the growing influence of the Tea Party movement in the United States, the results of the Midterm elections which have been recently held could be predicted with considerable certainty, since the moods in the […]
  18. The Influence of Twitter as a Social Perception Driver in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election Campaigns
    This research therefore seeks to quantify the influence of Twitter as a perception driver by evaluating the use of Twitter as a source of information and sentiment.
  19. Voter Turnout: An Analysis of Three Election Years
    Voter turnout statistics Voter turnout in the US in the 1988 presidential elections was one of the lowest in the American voting history.
  20. Voting Participation in the U.S. Presidential Elections
    In his seminal work on religious identity and the U.S.presidency, Gonzalez found that “the relationship between religion and the presidency impacts both the viability of candidates and the manner in which decisions are made in […]
  21. How Obama’s First Election Has Been Affected by Racism?
    The election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America heralded the beginning of a new chapter in the country.
  22. Ethics in Reporting Political Issues and Elections
    Significance and Implication to Ethics in Reporting The implications of ethical reporting in the nation were the development of cohesion in the society by using the media as a tool for preaching peace and love […]
  23. Obama’s First Election and Racism
    For African Americans, the march of Barack Obama towards the American presidency was the culmination of a long journey that started in the farmlands of the South during times of slavery.
  24. Gender’s Role in the Outcome of Elections 2008 in the America
    Analysts observe that the media brainwashed the electorate to believe that gender affects the performance of an individual in executing his or her duties as the head of state. Anita evaluated the role of the […]
  25. George Bush Election Campaign
    Thus, the economic boom of the 1990s was about to end and several signs of the future recession appeared in 2000.

⭐ Interesting Topics to Write about Elections

  1. Corporations should participate in Elections
    In addition, the right to support a particular political party is extended to corporations, and thus private corporations have the freedom to help any aspiring politician in the campaigns.
  2. Kenyan Presidential Elections
    The final results of the exercise were never released after the transparency of the tallying process was compromised. Kibaki and Raila agreed to share power on a 50-50 basis, with the former retaining the post […]
  3. Government Elections: Marihelen Wheeler and Ted Yoho
    In the 3rd District of Florida, Marihelen Wheeler, the Democratic candidate is the rival of the Republican candidate, Ted Yoho. In conclusion, I would like to note that Yoho and Wheeler have quite opposing views […]
  4. Primary Elections’ Importance for the Americans
    The current paper aims at discussing the peculiarities of the American presidential primary election process and its importance for the American citizens and the whole world, analyzing the coming elections, comparing the past and the […]
  5. Election Campaign Financing Comparison
    However, while one article articulates the disadvantages of private campaign financing, the other one downplays the relevance of financing in election outcomes.
  6. Problems in Kenya’s Election Process
    Given the fact that the country had gone into the election on the back of political tension, any lapse in the system was viewed as an attempt by one of the competing candidates to rig […]
  7. Historical Event: Barack Obama’s Election
    The United States of America has had a shameful racial history characterized by the discrimination of the non-white citizens in the country.
  8. Who Will Win the 2015 Canadian Federal Election?
    Those who seek to rise to the top of government are those men and women who appear to have the willingness to break the moral obligations that the majority of the people are determined to […]
  9. The US and Canada Elections Comparison
    The Court of Florida orders a recount of the votes, and the Supreme Court also upholds a win for Al Gore in the elections.
  10. Agenda-Setting and the Presidential Election
    The accentuation of the certain issues in the candidates’ campaigns with the help of the mass media can affect the voters’ attitude to the definite problems significantly.
  11. The US Presidential Elections: Candidates in 2016
    In his quest to become the US president, Sheffler has positioned himself as the best candidate for the American people, as evidenced by his allegiance to the American people and not the ideals upheld by […]
  12. Canada Federal Elections: Marketing Campaigns
    Political marketing may be defined as the application of marketing concepts to political campaigns so as to package political activities and messages in a way that appeals to voters.
  13. US Presidential Election 2016: Hot Button Issues
    The anticipation of a female president is gradually arising among the electorate, and many people feel that it is time to allow a female to be the president of the United States.
  14. Presidential Elections Analysis: Clinton vs Cruz
    Resting on these facts, it is possible to say that the issue of international relations will become one of the most discussed by different candidates.
  15. Electoral College Versus Direct Election
    Due to the problems the Electoral College system created during the 2000 presidential elections, people are clamoring to abolish or reform the said system.
  16. Latino Participation in American Presidential Elections
    The election of Barack Obama marked a milestone in the political reality of minorities in the US. During the 2012 election, the voices of the minority groups were heard clearly in the American political landscape.
  17. Ghana’s Political Leadership and General Elections
    In the movie there is a clear picture of the political leadership in Ghana and the views that people have concerning the political leadership of the country.
  18. Hindsight Bias for US Political Elections in 2016
    Objective: The study aimed to establish the existence of hindsight bias in elections by analyzing pre and post-election responses from students regarding the 2016 election. The study was carried out in the form of […]
  19. The US Presidential Elections of 2016
    The evaluation of the current political situation and the peculiar features of the current elections should be identified and explained to comprehend the worth of the elections in 2016.
  20. 2012 Presidential Elections: Republicans vs. Democrats
    The majority of American citizens is not satisfied with the work of President Obama and wishes to have a change in the presidency.
  21. Running Mates in Presidential Elections
    This essay will analyze the factors considered in the selection of a running mate by a presidential candidate, as examined in the article, and will try to make a case for why Paul Ryan was […]
  22. Brexit and Trump’s Election in Online News Media
    The former British prime minister once stated that the internet had the power to ‘excite the attention of hundreds, thousands, millions of people and stirs them to action’. In the end, the side that understood […]
  23. Presidential Election Campaign Advertisement “Doing Fine”
    The questions that arise from the above discussion of the prevalence of negative campaign is, if the degree of incivility in election campaigns in America has reached a new low or were the foundation of […]
  24. Alternative Facts in 2016 US Presidential Election
    While the majority of politicians usually stretch the truth, giving momentum to the practice of political fact-checking long before the 2016 election, the current President of the United States went much farther than the usual […]
  25. Ethnic and Political Affiliation in Ghana’s Elections
    From a critical point of view, it is evident that the main purpose of the early political parties was first to ensure that Ghana is an independent and sovereign state in addition to achieving political, […]

💡 Most Interesting Elections Topics to Write about

  1. The 2011 Canadian Federal Election
    The NDP ranked second for the first time in Canadian history, the Greens party got the first parliamentary seat, more women were elected into parliament, and the Quebec Bloc and Liberal party landed humiliating defeats […]
  2. 2010 US Midterm Elections and Goals in Afghanistan
    The result now means that the Republicans now control the majority of the representation in the House. Coming to the midterm elections, the focus had been on the state of the economy with much pressure […]
  3. Campaigns Process and Elections
    It is the democratic right of citizens above the age of 18 years to take part in elections and elect their preferred leaders. It is the democratic right of people to take part in elections.
  4. Canadian Elections in 2012 and Need for Changes
    The article reports on the investigations currently underway concerning the suspicious election calls that were received in the riding of West Nova.
  5. Canadian Elections: Stephen Harper vs. David Emerson
    In this case, the power issue is the ability of the winning party in an election to appoint his opponent during the election to serve in the same cabinet after losing the election.
  6. Election Campaign Promises and Population Benefits
    While it may be true that political and economic realities often hinder such promises from being carried out, it is rather interesting to realize that a vast majority of people that have been elected into […]
  7. Sexism and Presidential Elections in the USA
    Both in the runners up to Democratic Party nomination of the presidential candidate, a woman was in the ticket, Hillary Clinton.
  8. Elections and Political Agenda in Argentina
    Argentina is going to be the center of the discussion and the area which is going to be the focus of our proposal about elections and political process program.
  9. 2016 Presidential Elections: Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio
    It is paramount to understand that it is a topic that splits voters, and candidates should be careful with the strategies that are chosen, and the opinions of some politicians have been controversial.
  10. Social Institutions and Race in American Elections
    With the 2020 elections approaching, the subject of race in the US is very important in the context of political debate.
  11. Political and Election Trends of Texas in 2018
    Therefore, according to some views, Republicans usually win elections referring to the tradition of citizens in Texas to vote in the context of the “red” framework.
  12. Election Plan for the Governor of Texas
    Henceforth, the candidate’s message must include his political achievements and motivation to carry on reforming the state in favor of Texas residents.
  13. Judges in Nevada: Election or Appointment
    The fact that elections for judges are popular with the public suggests that the public will not vote to change this.
  14. 2008 US Elections: Barrack Obama and John McCain
    The war in Iraq is one issue that will determine the outcome of the 2008 presidential elections. Barrack Obama was opposed to the Iraq war right from the begging, He had to put his political […]
  15. Presidential Election in the USA: Africans’ Rights
    This is because there has been a gap between the Africans and the whites from the beginning where by the Africans are seem to do nothing on their own and therefore these people even if […]
  16. Media Coverage of Elections
    This example shows that the role of Media in elections is increasingly important, and it can considerably affect electorate inclinations to vote for a particular candidate.
  17. United States Elections 2008 Analysis
    At the same time, new senators will be voted in, there will also be a couple of state and local elections without forgetting the election of new members of the House of Representatives.
  18. Canada Elections: Layton Out to Save Canada
    Although the race has attracted a number of contestants, there is a fierce battle between the three main parties which includes; the Conservative party of the sitting prime minister Harper, the New Democratic Party lead […]
  19. Irish General Elections: Low Voter Turnout Reasons
    There is a marked pattern of unions and labor parties decline, which has traditionally been connected with the real increases in the cost of mobilization and the mobilization of peripheral voters on one hand and […]
  20. Racial Prejudice in Urban Elections
    The controversy of Cory Booker and Sharpe James mayoral race of 2002 illustrates the actual position of political life of the African-American population.
  21. Presidential Election in USA: Barack Obama
    For many people, the choice of who to support for leadership in positions as important as the Presidency of the United States of America falls to one issue.
  22. North Carolina’s Election: Elizabeth Dole vs. Kay Hagan
    With a population of 9,061,032, the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State declares, the North Carolina to be ranked as 10th largest population in the US.
  23. Persuading Young Voters to Participate in Elections
    Contrary to this, in Kenya and many other African countries, only the citizens that live within the borders of the country and have obtained the national identification card are allowed to register.
  24. US Presidential Election: Sociological Reasoning
    There is a need to change the understating of the presidential elections and concentrate on a personality and leadership skills of a candidate rather his party policies and promises. Of the various influences on the […]
  25. Primary Elections Found In the States
    The types of partisan primaries are: Closed: In the Closed type of primary elections, only the voters who are registered as members of that particular party, and have hence declared which party they are affiliated […]

✅ Simple & Easy Elections Essay Titles

  1. Libertarians in the US Presidential Election of 2008
    The end of the Gold Standard and the implementation of price controls by President Nixon stimulated the formation of the Libertarian Party.
  2. How Conservatives Lost the 1974 General Elections
    However, it is important to note some of these ideas were the same as those of other parties including the Labour Party as the major threat to the Conservative Party.
  3. United States National Presidential Elections
    The voters also choose the electors who will vote in the Electoral College on the day of the presidential general election.
  4. 2008 U.S. Election History Review: The First African American Elected President
    The election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States was a historic event in the life of the American republic.
  5. Obama’s and McCain’s Election Campaigns
    McCain wants to place the school at the center of the education system and believes that the parents, children and teachers have a major role to play in determining the success of the education system.
  6. How the Election of Barack Obama as the U.S. President Will Affect America’s Racial Issues
    The election of Barack Obama, an African-American to the highest seat in the nation is one big leap of a lifetime, an advancement that has not been even in the wildest dream of the world.
  7. Steps in the Presidential Campaign and the Election Day
    Once at the national party conventions, the delegates from the states cast votes for the person who will represent the political party in the November general election.
  8. 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections
    Born Barrack Hussein Obama Jr, the Democrat candidate was the first child of a white mother, Ann Dunham, and a Kenyan father, Barrack Obama Sr, by his conception; both his parents were young students at […]
  9. Elections, Parties, and Interests: Rational Choice
    The discussion of the election system of the United Kingdom should be started by the statement that elections in the UK are carried not because it is demanded by law, but because both politicians and […]
  10. Race and Politics at the 2008 Elections
    It is obvious that the rise of the diversity of the population was due to the recent elections, as well. Owing to that, the problem of racism is on the agenda.
  11. The Incumbency Advantage in Congressional Elections
    The United State of America consists of a senate and the House of Representatives. The foreign investors may fear the state of a government in maintaining peace, tranquility and the taxes.
  12. Democratic Empowerment via Village Elections During Imperial China
    The villager assembly oversees the progress of the VCs and ensures that the decisions they make are for the common good of the rest of the villagers.
  13. President Griswold and the Elections of 2008
    From the excerpt it appears that President Griswold is not able to conceptualize America’s national interest and requires the services of an able advisor.
  14. Labour Party’s Failure Since 1997: 2001 & 2005 General Elections
    The Labour party outperformed the Liberal Party as the most significant opponent to the Conservative party during the start of the 1920s.
  15. The Voters and Election in US
    The German government parties choose the person to run for a parliamentary seat, while in the United States it is the congress that chooses the person to run for the seat.
  16. 2006 Federal Election in Canada
    Liberals currently have a long way to go, and this gives conservatives the advantage to advance their numbers to the majority in the House of Commons.
  17. Mid-Term Election: Timothy Bishop and Randy Altschuler
    In the voting process, the candidate with the highest number of votes assumes the post and the whole of this process must be eligible and transparent.
  18. The Election of Federal Judges
    All the citizens of the concerned country will hence be part of the legalized judicial system.”The election of judges also serves as an assurance to all the citizens that all the duties undertaken in their […]
  19. Elections and Political Processes
    Argentine legal arrangements governing the organization and control of the electoral process rely on the active participation of political parties at all stages of the process.
  20. The 2008 Presidential Elections Results
    As much as the 1965 Voting Rights Act, appeared to have put the minority in the mainstream political landscape of the United States of America, It also seemed to be a tool to check the […]
  21. Elections in the USA: Plunkitt’s Method of Wooing the Electorate
    An election in the United States is essentially a contest between the republicans and the democrats. The paper also seeks to explain the difference between open and closed primary elections.
  22. States Should Adopt E-elections
    Critics to this new method of elections have maintained that the system is prone to fraud and unfair election results. In addition, the software and hardware engineers involved in the design of e-voting systems may […]
  23. United States Presidential Election 2008
    This became a great victory in the fight of the black population of the United States for the vindication of their rights and freedoms.
  24. Elections in Japan and China
    Both houses must vote in two-round elections to elect the office bearer; however, the votes of members of the House of Representatives are very influential, and even if there is a tie the prime minister-designate […]
  25. Ethnicity Role in Florida’s 18th Congressional District Elections
    Probably, the most interesting manifestation of ethnic voting in the 1980s was the Cuban community’s overwhelming support for the Republican party.

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