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  1. Elections of 1912
    In fact, the outcome of the elections indicated that, the Progressive Party garnered an outstanding percentage of both popular and electoral votes.
  2. Presidential Elections of 1804
    The election was notable because of the extremely partisan nature of the election and the vitriolic attacks on former Revolution War friends and colleagues” As Dunn observed “It was particularly important as it resulted in […]
  3. The influence of news media on the outcome of the 2008 US presidential elections
    The media has become one of the most used tools of influence in many democratic processes to inspire the public and dictate the behavior of candidates and voters.
  4. Robocalls in Canada Elections
    The announcement was made on2nd May, 2011 by the election agency which went further to inform the public that the automated calls were not made by the agency.
  5. Elections in post USSR countries
    In most of the nations that have an undemocratic system, manipulation of the constitution is a common practice. A number of the presidents in these nations exploit their powers in order to secure their positions.
  6. Problems Facing the Electoral College in Presidential Elections
    The Electoral College is an electoral system in the United States that was established through the Constitution of the United States; this was subsequently amended through the establishment of the 12th Amendment of the year […]
  7. Citizens Protests and Elections Outcomes
    The protestors accused the government of threatening and bribing opposition deputies and other officials to change their political affiliation and join Fujimori’s Peru 2000 party, the fact that the armed forces recognized Fujimori as president […]
  8. Psychology in Nursing and Elections
    The safety needs in the education and nursing are the health security of patients, the safety of the nursing profession and the job security.
  9. Campaigns and Elections
    America is a democratic country; the constitution is the huddle on the way to force people to register as voters and vote.
  10. How the Internet Affects Politics and Elections?
    The speedy expansion of the internet has stimulated claims that huge revolutions in the formation of political power in Egypt and other countries in the Middle east are in the process: the populist assert that […]
  11. The US Midterm Elections in the Light of the Tea Party
    Regarding the growing influence of the Tea Party movement in the United States, the results of the Midterm elections which have been recently held could be predicted with considerable certainty, since the moods in the […]
  12. Voting Participation in the U.S. Presidential Elections
    In his seminal work on religious identity and the U.S.presidency, Gonzalez found that “the relationship between religion and the presidency impacts both the viability of candidates and the manner in which decisions are made in […]
  13. Ethics in Reporting Political Issues and Elections
    Significance and Implication to Ethics in Reporting The implications of ethical reporting in the nation were the development of cohesion in the society by using the media as a tool for preaching peace and love […]
  14. Gender’s Role in the Outcome of Elections 2008 in the America
    Analysts observe that the media brainwashed the electorate to believe that gender affects the performance of an individual in executing his or her duties as the head of state. Anita evaluated the role of the […]
  15. Corporations should participate in Elections
    In addition, the right to support a particular political party is extended to corporations, and thus private corporations have the freedom to help any aspiring politician in the campaigns.
  16. Kenya’s President Elections
    The final results of the exercise were never released after the transparency of the tallying process was compromised. Kibaki and Raila agreed to share power on a 50-50 basis, with the former retaining the post […]
  17. Government Elections: Marihelen Wheeler and Ted Yoho
    In the 3rd District of Florida, Marihelen Wheeler, the Democratic candidate is the rival of the Republican candidate, Ted Yoho. In conclusion, I would like to note that Yoho and Wheeler have quite opposing views […]
  18. Primary Elections’ Importance for the Americans
    The current paper aims at discussing the peculiarities of the American presidential primary election process and its importance for the American citizens and the whole world, analyzing the coming elections, comparing the past and the […]
  19. The US and Canada Elections Comparison
    The Court of Florida orders a recount of the votes, and the Supreme Court also upholds a win for Al Gore in the elections.
  20. The US Presidential Elections: Candidates in 2016
    In his quest to become the US president, Sheffler has positioned himself as the best candidate for the American people, as evidenced by his allegiance to the American people and not the ideals upheld by […]
  21. Canada Federal Elections: Marketing Campaigns
    Political marketing may be defined as the application of marketing concepts to political campaigns so as to package political activities and messages in a way that appeals to voters.
  22. Presidential Elections Analysis: Clinton vs Cruz
    Resting on these facts, it is possible to say that the issue of international relations will become one of the most discussed by different candidates.
  23. Latino Participation in American Presidential Elections
    The election of Barack Obama marked a milestone in the political reality of minorities in the US. During the 2012 election, the voices of the minority groups were heard clearly in the American political landscape.
  24. Ghana’s Political Leadership and General Elections
    In the movie there is a clear picture of the political leadership in Ghana and the views that people have concerning the political leadership of the country.
  25. Hindsight Bias for US Political Elections in 2016
    Objective: The study aimed to establish the existence of hindsight bias in elections by analyzing pre and post-election responses from students regarding the 2016 election. The study was carried out in the form of […]
  26. The US Presidential Elections of 2016
    The evaluation of the current political situation and the peculiar features of the current elections should be identified and explained to comprehend the worth of the elections in 2016.
  27. 2012 Presidential Elections: Republicans vs. Democrats
    The majority of American citizens is not satisfied with the work of President Obama and wishes to have a change in the presidency.
  28. Running Mates in Presidential Elections
    This essay will analyze the factors considered in the selection of a running mate by a presidential candidate, as examined in the article, and will try to make a case for why Paul Ryan was […]
  29. Ethnic and Political Affiliation in Ghana’s Elections
    From a critical point of view, it is evident that the main purpose of the early political parties was first to ensure that Ghana is an independent and sovereign state in addition to achieving political, […]
  30. 2010 US Midterm Elections and Goals in Afghanistan
    The result now means that the Republicans now control the majority of the representation in the House. Coming to the midterm elections, the focus had been on the state of the economy with much pressure […]
  31. Campaigns Process and Elections
    It is the democratic right of citizens above the age of 18 years to take part in elections and elect their preferred leaders. It is the democratic right of people to take part in elections.
  32. Canadian Elections in 2012 and Need for Changes
    The article reports on the investigations currently underway concerning the suspicious election calls that were received in the riding of West Nova.
  33. Canadian Elections: Stephen Harper vs. David Emerson
    In this case, the power issue is the ability of the winning party in an election to appoint his opponent during the election to serve in the same cabinet after losing the election.
  34. Sexism and Presidential Elections in the USA
    Both in the runners up to Democratic Party nomination of the presidential candidate, a woman was in the ticket, Hillary Clinton.
  35. Elections and Political Agenda in Argentina
    Argentina is going to be the center of the discussion and the area which is going to be the focus of our proposal about elections and political process program.
  36. 2016 Presidential Elections: Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio
    It is paramount to understand that it is a topic that splits voters, and candidates should be careful with the strategies that are chosen, and the opinions of some politicians have been controversial.
  37. Social Institutions and Race in American Elections
    With the 2020 elections approaching, the subject of race in the US is very important in the context of political debate.

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