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Nathaniel Thomas Johnson (born May 11, 1970) is a candidate from a Democratic party who was born and raised in Texas. Johnson is an entrepreneur who owns a media company named NJ for the Future. The candidate has a long history of political involvement and experience in the field. He has always been interested in politics and, during his teenage years, he was a member of the local Youth Parliament. Johnson owns a Master’s degree in Political Sciences from the University of Texas-Austin. After his graduation, he started working as a political journalist, writing about political campaigns, elections, and political parties. Notably, Johnson’s works were recognized by the Washington Post and the New York times; the latter organization offered him a job but he had to refuse, as he did not want to relocate. Instead, Johnson started his own media company, as he wanted to help the public in getting into politics and learning more about this field. The candidate’s aim has always been to improve people’s lives by providing them with an excellent living and working environment through local and national policies.

Johnson’s colleagues have noted his accountability, tolerant attitudes, organized nature, outspokenness, and innovativeness. They report that Johnson is a person that values honesty and people’s feedback on his actions; he expresses his opinions freely and expects others to do so, too. The candidate’s coworkers also say that he is good at communicating with others and considering their needs, setting long-term goals, and fulfilling his promises. They note that he is trustworthy, credible, and dependable.

Campaign Message

Nathaniel T. Johnson is running in the 2022 general election for the Governor of Texas. As mentioned above, he has always tried to improve the lives and well-being of the state’s population. His primary campaign message is that all Texans should have access to high-standard education and quality jobs. One of the most significant missions Johnson has is to improve Texans’ access to the labor market. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2019) reports that the unemployment rate in Texas is around 3,4%, which is higher than in some other states, such as Virginia, Colorado, or Iowa. It means that the campaign’s message is effective in Texas. In addition, Johnson wants to focus on the needs of the diverse communities and minority groups living in the state of Texas specifically. He wants to ensure that all individuals have access to quality jobs regardless of their ethnic and cultural background, as well as their beliefs.

Another focus of Johnson’s campaign is providing Texans coming from various social and economic backgrounds with access to quality education. Today’s world requires specialists to have a high level of knowledge, skills, and proficiency, and it is vital to ensure that the people living in Texas can satisfy these requirements. As a former member of the Youth Parliament, Johnson is aware of the issues young people encounter when choosing their educational and career paths. The candidate wants to inspire individuals to explore the world around them by offering them opportunities for learning and educating themselves. To do so, Johnson works on developing loan programs that would not leave students in debt for the rest of their lives, as well as secured scholarships for those showing excellent academic performance. He believes that improved access to education will enhance the quality of Texans’ lives significantly.

Campaign Strategy

Johnson aims at coordinating local and national authorities and collaborating with them to achieve improvements in the state’s labor market and the level of the population’s education. The groups of individuals that are likely to vote for the candidates include both young people and adults. College students and their parents represent one of the most significant groups of Johnson’s supporters. For them, enhanced access to education is crucial, as they may have a limited ability to afford college and want to avoid the burden of student loans. Students’ parents may also want to ensure that their children receive a degree at a high-ranked university, which can be potentially valuable for young people’s future careers.

The second group of individuals that is likely to vote for the candidate is the representatives of minority groups and people coming from low social and economic backgrounds. For these communities, increased access to the labor market is crucial because they may want to improve their position in society along with the quality of their lives. Moreover, these groups are likely to experience workplace discrimination, which means that they are in need of the candidate’s support (Triana, Jayasinghe, & Pieper, 2015). Finally, due to the problem of underemployment, the third target group is individuals having a high degree of education but being unable to get a quality job. Thus, it is possible to say that Johnson’s campaign will appeal to all groups of society but especially lower and middle-class voters, young people, college students, and their parents.

Campaign Resources

Several types of people and organizations are likely to donate money to and work in Johnson’s campaign. First, local and state organizations working with underserved groups of the population are expected to support the candidate, as his future work aims at improving minorities’ living conditions. Second, companies organizing support, shelter, and other activities for people coming from lower social and economic backgrounds can also donate money or put effort into the candidate’s campaign. Johnson’s desire to enhance the population’s quality of life can lead to granting financial aid to such organizations, which means that it is beneficial for them to support him. Third, college students can volunteer for the campaign, too, as they know that Johnson’s work can improve their access to education significantly.

The local Youth Parliament is also one of the groups that can align with Johnson. Volunteers from the organization can help the candidate to share the information about his campaign with the public and discuss the challenges that it will address. The local Youth Parliament can be supportive because Johnson was its member for many years and contributed to its development. His work made the local Youth Parliament one of the most recognizable youth organizations in Texas. It is evident that the employees of NJ for the Future represent another group of supporters for the campaign. They are likely to align with Johnson because they show a high degree of loyalty to the candidate due to his attitude towards him and the personal qualities he has. They can publish materials about Johnson’s campaign, discuss its potential benefits for the population, and motivate the public to vote for the candidate. Thus, it is possible to conclude that Johnson has at least five types of potential donors and voters.


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