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Elections Essay Examples and Topics

The 2008 Presidential Elections Results

As much as the 1965 Voting Rights Act, appeared to have put the minority in the mainstream political landscape of the United States of America, It also seemed to be a tool to check the [...]
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Elections and Political Processes

Argentine legal arrangements governing the organization and control of the electoral process rely on the active participation of political parties at all stages of the process.
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The Election of Federal Judges

All the citizens of the concerned country will hence be part of the legalized judicial system."The election of judges also serves as an assurance to all the citizens that all the duties undertaken in their [...]
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2006 Federal Election in Canada

Liberals currently have a long way to go, and this gives conservatives the advantage to advance their numbers to the majority in the House of Commons.
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House of Representatives, Florida 2008

The success of a new Democratic candidate in the 2008 Florida District 8 was highly attributed to the Democratic wave. According to the chairman of the Florida Republican Party, Jim Greer, the party intends to [...]
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The Voters and Election in US

The German government parties choose the person to run for a parliamentary seat, while in the United States it is the congress that chooses the person to run for the seat.
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Political Parties in California

The state had the most number of representatives in the year 2000 with 52 of them and also in 2004 when it had 54 members.
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Approaches in Analyzing Voting Patterns

In order to come up with these two methods, the variance of the results has to be checked which will affect the analysis of data and the inference of data.
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Voting as a Method of Political Choice

The individual act in voting is called Vote, by which a person expresses his support to a particular resolution or motion, a candidate, or a political party.
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What Are the Labor’s Best Strategies and Tactics?

In the survey, the groups under consideration expressed their attitude to the elections, the extent of their interest in the voting campaigns presented by the candidates of the midterm elections in November, 2008.
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Legislative Priorities

Another thing that I would ensure is the passing of legislation to ensure that there is a sound and reasonable law on the safety of guns.
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The Upcoming 2010 U.S. Senatorial Campaign

She expects to continue fighting for the rights of Arkansas' farmers and that is the reason why she will be running for the Arkansas seat in the upcoming senatorial elections.
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Electoral Pamphlet of Colombia

Implemented by the Electoral Commission of Colombia and Colombia Institute of Democracy, the Colombia Democratic Party aims to introduce a democratic environment in the country.
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The Importance Of Voting In America

Vote because of the freedom we all experience, all the benefits we enjoy from the government, all stemmed from the fact we, as a collective group, exercise the right to have our voices heard through [...]
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“Renegade” by Richard Wolfe

The book is based on the close access that the author had with Obama and uncovers how a president was made, in terms of the track followed by his campaign as also his life before [...]
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Race and Politics at the 2008 Elections

It is obvious that the rise of the diversity of the population was due to the recent elections, as well. Owing to that, the problem of racism is on the agenda.
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2008 U.S. Presidential Elections

Born Barrack Hussein Obama Jr, the Democrat candidate was the first child of a white mother, Ann Dunham, and a Kenyan father, Barrack Obama Sr, by his conception; both his parents were young students at [...]
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How Does Obama Embody Zeitgeist of 2008?

Many theorists consider it to be the fight of an old and a new order and the representatives of the parties to be the representatives of an order which is to be set within America. [...]
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Obama’s and McCain’s Election Campaigns

McCain wants to place the school at the center of the education system and believes that the parents, children and teachers have a major role to play in determining the success of the education system.
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2008 U.S. Election History Review

The election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States was a historic event in the life of the American republic.
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Democrats and Rebuplicans Political Campaigns

However, due to the fact that the American economy was at a dying point, Barrack Obama promised that if he was elected the president, he would consider various factors in the matter of taxation.
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Political Campaigns Finance Reform in USA

Right from winning the primaries to winning the nomination of the party members, candidates have to spend a lot of money so that they remain in the public memory, appear as worthy candidates and hope [...]
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Primary Elections Found In the States

The types of partisan primaries are: Closed: In the Closed type of primary elections, only the voters who are registered as members of that particular party, and have hence declared which party they are affiliated [...]
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Persuading Young Voters to Participate in Elections

Contrary to this, in Kenya and many other African countries, only the citizens that live within the borders of the country and have obtained the national identification card are allowed to register.
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The Next President of the United States

I feel that in view of the present circumstances in which the USA is going through in terms of the high incidence of terrorism, education needs, the delicate economic situation, social security, and healthcare needs, [...]
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Romantic Presidential Candidates to Revive America

Romanticism and Enlightenment, as artistic and philosophical directions and styles in the history of the world's thought, turned out to be the breaking points in the development of human society because they changed the attitudes [...]
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American Politics: Judges Selection and Appointment

The elected judiciary leads to an out-of-control judicial system and unfair results while in the appointment the public has no power in the process which makes them not to be transparent because it does not [...]
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The Electoral Reform in the Canadian Government

The three houses are the Queen as the Head of state, the senate, and the elected House of Commons. The real power of the House of Parliament is held by the members of the House [...]
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Barack Obama as the Next President of the USA

The real estate foreclosures, affected by the current crisis of the banking system, make way for imminent trouble in the 2008 Election as the conflict between the homeowners and foreclosed properties takes a clash.
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The 2008 United States Presidential Candidates

The 2008 United States Presidential election will be historical in a sense not because of the issues involved, but because of the possibility of a colored person becoming the president of the United States.
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Irish General Elections: Low Voter Turnout Reasons

There is a marked pattern of unions and labor parties decline, which has traditionally been connected with the real increases in the cost of mobilization and the mobilization of peripheral voters on one hand and [...]
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Canada Elections: Layton Out to Save Canada

Although the race has attracted a number of contestants, there is a fierce battle between the three main parties which includes; the Conservative party of the sitting prime minister Harper, the New Democratic Party lead [...]
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Media Coverage of Politicians

The media plays an important role in the lives of politicians and in the way we view the politicians as candidates in their election campaigns."The media report and comment upon the process and voters respond [...]
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United States Elections 2008 Analysis

At the same time, new senators will be voted in, there will also be a couple of state and local elections without forgetting the election of new members of the House of Representatives.
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Media Coverage of Elections

This example shows that the role of Media in elections is increasingly important, and it can considerably affect electorate inclinations to vote for a particular candidate.
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Mike Huckabee’s Presidential Campaign in 2008

Mike Huckabee has a political career spanning more than 30 years, having been elected the Governor for Boys states of Arkansas back in 1972. He is a Republican and well in the United States Presidential [...]
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Woman as a President: Shock for the Society

In midst of high-budget and long political campaigns, one of the hottest questions that are rolling down is the chances of the first female president in the political history of the United States.
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2008 US Elections: Barrack Obama and John McCain

The war in Iraq is one issue that will determine the outcome of the 2008 presidential elections. Barrack Obama was opposed to the Iraq war right from the begging, He had to put his political [...]
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Election Plan for the Governor of Texas

Henceforth, the candidate's message must include his political achievements and motivation to carry on reforming the state in favor of Texas residents.
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Is America Ready to Elect the First Female President?

The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the current willingness of American society to elect a woman as the U.S.president. However, the major part of the society subsequently considers the idea of a [...]
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Policymaking Transparency and Political Representation

As a methodology for their study, the authors of this article "take the absolute difference between the voter yes-share in a referendum and the yes-share of politicians in their parliamentary decisions in the respective house [...]
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  • Words: 896

Voting Rights of Mentally Retarded People

Majority of the Americans with mental disabilities have been denied the right to vote on basis of inaccessibility to polling locations and discriminatory rules and procedures.
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American Working Class and Its Political Preferences

In contrast to the majority of misconceptions about the group of white working-class Americans; the poll found that the respondents were predominantly happy with their lives and satisfied with their financial situation.
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Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight Website

Also referred to as the secondary rationalization, Silver argues that the accuracy of a prediction is determined by the strategic profiling of the statistical variables involving players in the stages of the larger prediction.
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Election Campaign Promises and Population Benefits

While it may be true that political and economic realities often hinder such promises from being carried out, it is rather interesting to realize that a vast majority of people that have been elected into [...]
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  • Words: 865

Why Citizens Must Vote?

It is reported that the citizens of Australia "have been required to vote in federal elections since 1924". The citizens of Australia are convinced that having mandatory voting enables their country to be a more [...]
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  • Words: 2325

Campaigns Process and Elections

It is the democratic right of citizens above the age of 18 years to take part in elections and elect their preferred leaders. It is the democratic right of people to take part in elections.
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American Public Opinion and Voter Behavior

In this model, when the elected leaders seek the opinion of their voters and take them seriously when elected, then they act as the agents or rather delegates of their voters and they can articulate [...]
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  • Words: 1825

Politics in America Between 1820 and 1850

In the same period, Africans could be involved in the voting process in only five states. The losers in the system were slaves who were relegated to the periphery in terms of economic and social [...]
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  • Words: 448

2010 US Midterm Elections and Goals in Afghanistan

The result now means that the Republicans now control the majority of the representation in the House. Coming to the midterm elections, the focus had been on the state of the economy with much pressure [...]
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  • Words: 1867

The 2011 Canadian Federal Election

The NDP ranked second for the first time in Canadian history, the Greens party got the first parliamentary seat, more women were elected into parliament, and the Quebec Bloc and Liberal party landed humiliating defeats [...]
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  • Words: 215

Ethical Factors in Trump Campaign Funding

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was not the first US selection of a businessperson as president, but it was the first of its kind of scale wherein the business was not relinquished after [...]
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  • Words: 676

The Cyberspace War: Propaganda and Trolling

To justify the theory that will be used in the study, it is necessary to state that the Russian government has been using the workforce of its employees to change people's opinions to the ones [...]
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  • Words: 1012

Alternative Facts in 2016 US Presidential Election

While the majority of politicians usually stretch the truth, giving momentum to the practice of political fact-checking long before the 2016 election, the current President of the United States went much farther than the usual [...]
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  • Words: 1385

Running Mates in Presidential Elections

This essay will analyze the factors considered in the selection of a running mate by a presidential candidate, as examined in the article, and will try to make a case for why Paul Ryan was [...]
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  • Words: 554

Anti-Trump Protests for Third Night on CNN

In the segment, the panelists are discussing what is likely to happen after the election especially in regards to the rising incidences of anti-Trump protests that were going on across America. First, the protests that [...]
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  • Words: 618

Struggle for Democracy: President Interview

In a recent episode of the 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl mentioned some of the problems on the tip of the tongue of many Americans, addressing the pillars that the American political system had been founded [...]
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  • Words: 633

Social Media Impact on Voter Turnout

The evaluation of voting as a rational choice made by people with specific social preferences and concerns about their social welfare will be developed to explain the factors that give people the incentive to vote [...]
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  • Words: 1142

Hillary Clinton and John Mccain: Media’s Defeat

Secondly, it is the only election in the history of the United States that saw a woman appear in the presidential ballot paper after Sarah Palin was nominated for the vice-president position.
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  • Words: 580

Presidential Campaigns and Print Medias

The article from the Dallas News by Gillman, suggests that the move by Romney to take Paul Ryan as his running mate raises the stakes for both the Republicans and the Democrats.
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  • Words: 855

The US Presidential Elections of 2016

The evaluation of the current political situation and the peculiar features of the current elections should be identified and explained to comprehend the worth of the elections in 2016.
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  • Words: 1710

Hindsight Bias for US Political Elections in 2016

Objective: The study aimed to establish the existence of hindsight bias in elections by analyzing pre and post-election responses from students regarding the 2016 election. The study was carried out in the form of [...]
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  • Words: 2031

The Boutros Electoral Law in Lebanon

The country has never had a system where the entire population feels that they are effectively represented, which is why a number of regimes have in the past formed various commissions to address the concerning [...]
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  • Words: 3044

Latino Participation in American Presidential Elections

The election of Barack Obama marked a milestone in the political reality of minorities in the US. During the 2012 election, the voices of the minority groups were heard clearly in the American political landscape.
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  • Words: 4169

Political Competition and Transparency in Iran

Iran Guardian Council is part of a council in the Iranian constitution that has the right to provide changes in the constitution and "examine if the laws passed by the Majlis comply with the Iranian [...]
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  • Words: 962

Electoral College: Prognosis for 2016

Clinton seems to be unlikely to win the 2016 elections, as the effects of the Democratic Party's rule have been beyond deplorable in Obama's office years.
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  • Words: 699

Electoral College Versus Direct Election

Due to the problems the Electoral College system created during the 2000 presidential elections, people are clamoring to abolish or reform the said system.
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  • Words: 833

Canada Federal Elections: Marketing Campaigns

Political marketing may be defined as the application of marketing concepts to political campaigns so as to package political activities and messages in a way that appeals to voters.
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The US Presidential Elections: Candidates in 2016

In his quest to become the US president, Sheffler has positioned himself as the best candidate for the American people, as evidenced by his allegiance to the American people and not the ideals upheld by [...]
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  • Words: 2293

Agenda-Setting and the Presidential Election

The accentuation of the certain issues in the candidates' campaigns with the help of the mass media can affect the voters' attitude to the definite problems significantly.
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  • Words: 848