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Elections Essay Examples and Topics

Why Citizens Must Vote?

It is reported that the citizens of Australia "have been required to vote in federal elections since 1924". The citizens of Australia are convinced that having mandatory voting enables their country to be a more [...]

Campaigns Process and Elections

It is the democratic right of citizens above the age of 18 years to take part in elections and elect their preferred leaders. It is the democratic right of people to take part in elections.

American Public Opinion and Voter Behavior

In this model, when the elected leaders seek the opinion of their voters and take them seriously when elected, then they act as the agents or rather delegates of their voters and they can articulate [...]

Politics in America Between 1820 and 1850

In the same period, Africans could be involved in the voting process in only five states. The losers in the system were slaves who were relegated to the periphery in terms of economic and social [...]

The 2011 Canadian Federal Election

The NDP ranked second for the first time in Canadian history, the Greens party got the first parliamentary seat, more women were elected into parliament, and the Quebec Bloc and Liberal party landed humiliating defeats [...]

Ethical Factors in Trump Campaign Funding

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was not the first US selection of a businessperson as president, but it was the first of its kind of scale wherein the business was not relinquished after [...]

The Cyberspace War: Propaganda and Trolling

To justify the theory that will be used in the study, it is necessary to state that the Russian government has been using the workforce of its employees to change people's opinions to the ones [...]

Alternative Facts in 2016 US Presidential Election

While the majority of politicians usually stretch the truth, giving momentum to the practice of political fact-checking long before the 2016 election, the current President of the United States went much farther than the usual [...]

Running Mates in Presidential Elections

This essay will analyze the factors considered in the selection of a running mate by a presidential candidate, as examined in the article, and will try to make a case for why Paul Ryan was [...]

Anti-Trump Protests for Third Night on CNN

In the segment, the panelists are discussing what is likely to happen after the election especially in regards to the rising incidences of anti-Trump protests that were going on across America. First, the protests that [...]

Struggle for Democracy: President Interview

In a recent episode of the 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl mentioned some of the problems on the tip of the tongue of many Americans, addressing the pillars that the American political system had been founded [...]

Social Media Impact on Voter Turnout

The evaluation of voting as a rational choice made by people with specific social preferences and concerns about their social welfare will be developed to explain the factors that give people the incentive to vote [...]

Presidential Campaigns and Print Medias

The article from the Dallas News by Gillman, suggests that the move by Romney to take Paul Ryan as his running mate raises the stakes for both the Republicans and the Democrats.

The US Presidential Elections of 2016

The evaluation of the current political situation and the peculiar features of the current elections should be identified and explained to comprehend the worth of the elections in 2016.

Hindsight Bias for US Political Elections in 2016

Objective: The study aimed to establish the existence of hindsight bias in elections by analyzing pre and post-election responses from students regarding the 2016 election. The study was carried out in the form of [...]

The Boutros Electoral Law in Lebanon

The country has never had a system where the entire population feels that they are effectively represented, which is why a number of regimes have in the past formed various commissions to address the concerning [...]

Political Competition and Transparency in Iran

Iran Guardian Council is part of a council in the Iranian constitution that has the right to provide changes in the constitution and "examine if the laws passed by the Majlis comply with the Iranian [...]

Problems in Kenya’s Election Process

Given the fact that the country had gone into the election on the back of political tension, any lapse in the system was viewed as an attempt by one of the competing candidates to rig [...]

Primary Elections’ Importance for the Americans

The current paper aims at discussing the peculiarities of the American presidential primary election process and its importance for the American citizens and the whole world, analyzing the coming elections, comparing the past and the [...]

Obama’s First Election and Racism

For African Americans, the march of Barack Obama towards the American presidency was the culmination of a long journey that started in the farmlands of the South during times of slavery.

The Electoral College

Political analysts believe that the existence of the Electoral College has led to the development of the United States as a nation.

Electoral Systems and a Country’s Politics

The choice of the electoral system applied in a country depends on several factors such as the leaders and the wish of the people and therefore electoral system provides the people with the system for [...]

The voting rights in U.S.

The presence of a universal code of ethic is imperative in order to make sure that all executives are guided by a universal code of ethic.

The Government of US

The US is the only state in the international system with the busiest elections calendar. The technique is preferred in the US because of a number of reasons.

Do Campaigns Matter

Available literature demonstrates that the interactions stimulated by political campaigns provide the electorate with the opportunity not only to question the policies of the candidates seeking for elective posts, but also the manifestos and constitutions [...]

Government of United States of America

It may be pertinent to note that the pressure that he is receiving from all sides is quite intense, because his stance on the issue is not altogether favorable to the majority of the people [...]

Should Non-Citizens Be Allowed To Vote?

However, it has recently come to light that these non-citizen's are slowly invading the rights of our citizenry and has left us citizens to answer the question "Do non- citizens deserve the right to vote?".

Canadian Electoral System

As on one hand the electoral system cannot be the only reason the Canadian legislature cannot have diversity that gives a reflection of the country's population, on the hand this system "is far one of [...]

The British electoral system

In preceding years the search for a conclusive legal regime to regulation led to the formulation of the representation of the people bill of 1917 which was followed by the endorsement of the alternative vote [...]

Campaigns and Elections

America is a democratic country; the constitution is the huddle on the way to force people to register as voters and vote.

Voting Rights History and Challenges

In the initial stages, voters were required to own property and this therefore excluded 60% of the population from voting. Another challenge to fair and equal voting practices is political redistricting practices because this is [...]

DISCLOSE Act: The Clash of the Viewpoints

The new law implied that the unions that represented the electors themselves should have the right to control the funds donated for the election campaigns for the candidates for the president's chair.

Voting and Participation

Despite the fact that voter participation in the elections has recorded a slight increase in the last few decades, participation is still at a lower level when compared to other democracies of the western part [...]

Citizens Protests and Elections Outcomes

The protestors accused the government of threatening and bribing opposition deputies and other officials to change their political affiliation and join Fujimori's Peru 2000 party, the fact that the armed forces recognized Fujimori as president [...]

Voter Turnout Problem in America

This may denote the fact that voter turnout does not necessarily depend on the level of democracy of a country; it encompasses a wide range of intertwined factors, which have to be analyzed in taking [...]

Elections in post USSR countries

In most of the nations that have an undemocratic system, manipulation of the constitution is a common practice. A number of the presidents in these nations exploit their powers in order to secure their positions.

The Road to the White House, 2012

Low voter turnout in the US is attributed to the emergence of candidate-oriented campaigns, inadequate electoral competition and the decline in the popularity of party politics.

Sexism and Misogyny

The effect of the misogyny and sexism, in the destruction of Governor Sarah Palin and her vice presidential bid by the media, was enormous, and it undoubtedly contributed to her failed shot on the position.

Why People should Vote

Moreover, people vote to decide the destiny of their children and dependants. In addition to voting to have leaders that take care of economic factors and energy requirements, people vote to protect the environment.

Robocalls in Canada Elections

The announcement was made on2nd May, 2011 by the election agency which went further to inform the public that the automated calls were not made by the agency.

Canadian Electoral System

McDonald commission recommended that proportional representation is the best way to reform the electoral system since it will have a lot of effects on the party system and functioning of the government.

USA presidential election

The candidates wishing to contest for any post in the government are required to be certified by the Congress as early as in the month of January in the Election year.

Voting Rights in the US

The first stage of the struggle to expand voting rights in the US constitution occurred in early 1800's. The US 19th Amendment was enacted in 1920 to protected citizens from being denied the right to [...]

Proportional Representation System

In the event that the winner of the constituency seat is on the party list, then the candidate cannot occupy the two seats; instead the candidate who is closely behind replaces him/her in the party [...]

Voting in the US

This paper will briefly examine the factors that influence voting in the US with light being shade on the roles played by political parties, perceptions of the running candidate and the issue of preferences. These [...]

Internet and Democracy in US

In effect, there have been various sites established, that serve the interests of political partisans in different ways.instance, there are sites blogs that contain various pieces of information vital to the public; e-mail sites for [...]

The Voting Rights Act

The aim of the law was to outlaw malpractices in the voting process, which included acts such as the availability of literacy tests to provide restrictions to black voters during the voting process.

Voting Challenges in 2012

The overall outcome of these laws has made it difficult for individuals to register as voter and vote in general. As a result, it will be true to conclude that these new laws will deter [...]