Elections Essay Examples and Topics

Primary Elections’ Importance for the Americans

Introduction A president is a leader of a country, who takes responsibility for the lives of millions of people and promotes the well-being of a particular country. To be a good president is probably one of the most difficult and challenging tasks for all candidates because it is impossible to be good for everyone. There […]

Corporations should participate in Elections

Introduction In every democratic state like the United States, citizens have a right to participate in the election process. Americans have the right to participate in the national elections campaigns whereby every individual can independently support a particular political party. In addition, the right to support a particular political party is extended to corporations, and […]

Obama’s First Election and Racism

Introduction The racial progress that America achieved as a result of the 2008 Presidential elections was a long way coming. It had always been known that the American society, based on its racial diversity, would one day shake off the shackles of negative racism and put in office a president of a different race other […]

How Obama’s First Election has been Affected by Racism

Introduction The election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America heralded the beginning of a new chapter in the country. America was always bound to, someday, shake off the endemic racism that plagued the country and put in office a racially diverse person (Kenski et al. 5). Perhaps no […]

Voting Participation in the U.S. Presidential Elections

Introduction Recent studies of political attitudes and voting patterns in the United States presidential elections demonstrate that voter loyalties and voting trends have undergone a major shift since the original large-scale voting studies were initiated in the 1940s and 1950s (Guterbock, 1980). In the American context, the presidential elections are often a hotly contested affair […]

Voter Turnout: An Analysis of Three Election Years

Introduction Voting is mandatory for the democratic process since it is the means through which the voice of the majority is projected. However, for the voting process to be valid, a sizable proportion of the citizens who are eligible for voting should take part in the activity. Voter turnout rates in America are said to […]

The Electoral College

Introduction The Electoral College is a group of selected voters who have the power to elect a candidate into a specific office. In the United States, the Electoral College is responsible for electing the president and vice president into the office (Sabato, 207). The constitution of the United States specifies the number of electors each […]

Electoral Systems and a Country’s Politics

Democratic style of leadership is the most preferred form of leadership and therefore it is widely adopted because it provides for change of leaders and for this reason, people have the opportunity to choose the leaders they deserve. Elections provide the people with the opportunity to choose their leaders and therefore the system is crucial […]

The voting rights in U.S.

The voting rights in U.S. have been a contentious issue for long. Eligibility to vote in U.S. is determined by both the state law, as well as the federal government. The United States Constitution, Article 8 and Clause 1 give the Congress the power to impose taxes, imposts, excises as well as duties. However, the […]

“New Voter Suppression Efforts Prove the Voting Rights Act Is Still Needed” by Ari Berman

This article addresses the latest developments on voting rights. The author of the article is an expert in American politics and policies. The article is mostly focused on the restrictive measures that characterize the latest changes in voting legislations across America. According to the author, the Voting Rights Act is still necessary in order to […]

Whether cognitive dissonance plays a role in the elections and the voting process?

The question of the article is whether cognitive dissonance plays a role in the elections and the voting process. Cognitive dissonance supposes that people who have chosen a specific behavior will align their attitudes according to such behavior. In case the behavior is realized to be unwanted or negative later, the individual will be even […]

The Government of US

The US is the only state in the international system with the busiest elections calendar. This is because elections are held at state, federal, and local levels. This means that the American voter would vote more in his or her lifetime as compared to German, Japanese, and British voters. High-visibility elections are given much focus […]

Do Campaigns Matter

Intense political campaigns often characterize the electioneering period in many societies across the world, as individuals seeking for elective posts attempt to interact with the electorate at a personal level. Campaign advocates attest that the socio-political process has numerous benefits to the electorate as well as leaders, whereas critics argue that campaigns are mere conduits […]

When are electoral boycotts successful in inducing regime change?

Introduction Conventionally, election is an official process where residents from a given area, country, or region decide on an individual to represent them or hold a public office. Precisely, to elect means ‘to choose or make a decision’. It is the standard mechanism through which contemporary democracy has been exercised since 17th century. This paper […]

Relationship between electoral motivations and institutional changes

In elections, retention of power /office is the major pivot point in politics. Political scientist like Jonathan Katz, Brian Sala, Sarah Binder and Eric Schickler have critically studied the electoral system and political rules established by individuals who have interest in managing electoral offices. For instance, in their article, Katz and Sala cite electoral motivation […]

Government of United States of America

The upcoming presidential election of the United States of America president is going to be one of the most intriguing ones that have ever taken place. It will establish its place in history due to the many factors that are encompassed. Faced with a number of burning issues that may adversely affect the likelihood of […]

Moving from SMD (Single Member District) System to PR (Proportional Representation) System

As political disillusionment intensifies in America, Diamond and Plattner (2006) show that parties and candidates are becoming more cynical thus culminating into low voter turnout. Several proposals have been brought forth to revolutionize the American electoral system among them the campaign finance reform. However, the attention given to the most recent reform (PR system) has […]

Non-Citizens Should Be Allowed To Vote

Democracy dictates that the authority or the power of the government should be approved by the people or citizens of any particular country. This means that the country’s power is in the hands of its citizens. The common way in which people exercise their power is by choosing a legislative body that will be responsible […]

Should Non-Citizens Be Allowed To Vote?

The United States of America is part of a constantly changing facade. Our country manages to evolve and continue to grow because we openly accept other nationalities and races into our society. We accord them to decency and respect expected of a gracious host towards his guest. Extending each and every allowance so that they […]

Analyzing Political Campaign Advertisements

Introduction A political campaign refers to an organized effort that tries to influence the manner in which decisions are made in a group. Campaign messages usually have the information that a politician or a candidate would like to pass to the voters. For instance, a campaign message may describe policy issues. Such points normally act […]

The US Midterm Elections in the Light of the Tea Party

Since the midterm elections which have recently been on the agenda of the United States political life and were promising numerous on-coming changes, it is reasonable to consider the facts which have influenced the result of the elections. The influence of the Tea Party which was supporting the Republicans throughout the elections caused the victory […]

Canadian Electoral System

Introduction Although Canada as a nation is made up of a many people who have their own differences (economical, social, cultural and political), it is realized that not every person in this society is represented in the legislative body, whose purpose is to protect all the people in the nation. There is no full representation […]

Social Class and Voting patterns in Britain

Introduction Social class can be termed as an unofficial grading of people in a society based on their earnings, profession, schooling, residence, among other factors. Diverse cultures however, vary according to social class, owing to various societal aspects. Britain was at one point in time a class-ruled society. Class was an affixed part of the […]

The British electoral system

Introduction The British electoral system has historically been involved in bi-party elections except in 1923. The modern multiparty day democracy has been restricted to two parties a tradition that borrows from the first-past-the post system in general as well as local elections. The post war conception of the liberalist a conservatism parties has continued to […]

Campaigns and Elections

USA has held more elections than many other countries in the world. Nonetheless, some of these elections record a low voter turnout. It has also had weak political parties with many political offices to fill. There are two political parties that fill all office vacancies. Voter participation has been high in parliamentary democracies where few […]

History of Electoral College

Electoral College should be regarded as an archaic and out-dated system of voting. It could fit the society of the 18th or 19th century as there was slavery and a variety of other peculiarities that led to creation of the system. Thus, politicians of the 19th century tried to solve the problem of disproportionate distribution […]

Voting Rights History and Challenges

Democracy is always defined by the citizens’ right to vote meaning that it will not be in existence if they are denied such an aspect. In this case, they should be free to choose their leaders and government as a whole. The founders of America did not believe in universal suffrage as expected but this […]

DISCLOSE Act: The Clash of the Viewpoints

Because of the current situation in American economics concerning taxation and spending the governmental funds, people demand precise information on the money that has been spent on the electoral campaigns. Since people demand complete clarity in the political moves of the parties and the specified leaders, the government has decided to meet their numerous requests. […]

Voting and Participation

According to the United States Bureau of Census, only about 55% of people eligible to vote have voted in the national elections held after every four years since 1960. Despite the fact that voter participation in the elections has recorded a slight increase in the last few decades, participation is still at a lower level […]

Citizens Protests and Elections Outcomes

Introduction During the medieval times, the monarchy was the most common form of government. Under this setting, all the political power was vested in the King or Queen. It is the King or Queen who made all critical decisions that affected the social, political and economic aspects of his/her subjected. However, the citizens who were […]

Felons and Voting: Should Convicted Felons have the Right to Vote?

Introduction Felon disenfranchisement cases have characterized the history of the United States since 1965. By noting that America advocates for universal human rights including voting rights, several states have been concerned about the continued growth of the number of felon convicts and ex-convicts. According to the US Department of Justice, by 2003, there were about […]

Failure in the Sarah Palin Election in US 2008

Governor Sarah Palin was the running mate of Republican Candidate John McCain during the General Elections in the US in 2008. It has been argued that the media coverage she received in the run up to that election was biased and led McCain to lose to President Barack Obama. This paper will discuss whether sexism […]

Problems Facing the Electoral College in Presidential Elections

Introduction The Electoral College plays a very significant role in the United States’ presidential elections. It is the institution that determines who becomes the next president and vice president of the United States of America after every four years (Lipsitz 186). This implies that the United States’ president and his or her vice president never […]

Voter Turnout Problem in America

Voter turnout simply refers to the fraction of eligible voters in any country who cast their ballots during an election. This percentage representation varies widely from country to country, depending on a host of factors. It is therefore important to note that voter turnout does not represent the population of a country, and the two […]

Elections in post USSR countries

Introduction Post Soviet countries are particularly interesting to analyze because the Soviet state compelled and directed their activities during the USSR period, and yet repressed many others that supported democracy. Only three nations currently boast of democratic rule while the rest of the fifteen countries are either fully or partially autocratic. Undemocratic rule in post-USSR […]

The Road to the White House, 2012

Introduction Voter turnout is an important aspect of a free and fair election in a democratic system of governance. A high voter turnout is deemed to be a sign of a healthy democracy (Lee 32). Even though America is one of the leading democracies in the world, its voter turnout has historically remained very low. […]

Sexism and Misogyny

Sexism occurs when an individual is prejudiced, discriminated or vilified simply because of their gender and sex. It is meant to show the balance of power between men and women. According to Finlay (98), misogyny is the hatred of women or girls and is manifest through sexual discrimination, taking women as sex symbols, defamation, and […]

Palin’s Candidature 2008

History was being made in the United States’ politics in the year 2008. There was the possibility of choosing the first African-American president, the first female president or the first female vice president. It was a war between maintaining the status quo and the change that was so badly needed. Though many people got the […]

Why People should Vote

People vote depending on their preferences. Since voting is optional, there are individuals who usually do not vote. They evade voting due to ignorance of the importance of the democratic process. Electors should acquaint themselves with constructive rationales for voting caring leaders. Firstly, one reason for voting is that every vote is vital. People vote […]

Robocalls in Canada Elections

Elections Canada warned the public not to trust any calls that claimed change of polling stations. The announcement was made on2nd May, 2011 by the election agency which went further to inform the public that the automated calls were not made by the agency. The robocalls which mainly targeted the Liberal and NDP supporters gave […]

Discreditation of Michele Bachmann Actions During the Election

Election years, almost all over the world, bring in spectacular shows or drama that either leaves the voters enthralled or offended. At other levels serious, campaign strategies bring down a whole party or an individual and in the most extreme levels, and civil wars arise. This is true for developed or developing worlds depending on […]

Canadian Electoral System

The Canadian electoral system is the First Past the Post. This system only permits two candidates to compete fairly in an election but in the event, there are three candidates, then a winning candidate only needs 34 percent of the overall vote since the opposition will be split into two. This is an indication that […]

USA presidential election

Almost every nation in the world conducts presidential elections at one point in time. This is done so that the nation can choose a leader of their choice to rule and govern them. As such, presidential elections are significant in all nations since the citizens get the opportunity to choose the president of their country. […]

Forms of Presidential Primaries and the Effects of Front-Loading

Introduction Primary election is a political process conducted in the United States of America and most of other European countries. In primary elections, a political party is eligible to nominate a person to run for the general election. As such, in this election the voters vote to elect their candidate for the next general election. […]

Voting Rights in the US

Voting rights for US citizens has had many reforms since the colonial times. During the colonial days, only adult white males, and in particular, those who owned property had the right to participate in voting. Widows in specific progressive colonies in the country also had the privilege if they owned property. After independence, the US […]

Proportional Representation System

The Canadian electoral system should be changed to ensure democratic expansion. As such, it should be replaced with the proportional representation electoral system. This system demands fair representation of the respective political groups and the voters as well. It allows a number of representatives to be elected from one district as opposed to the current […]

Voting in the US

Introduction This paper will briefly examine the factors that influence voting in the US with light being shade on the roles played by political parties, perceptions of the running candidate and the issue of preferences. The factors which may have influenced the 2008 election in the US are also highlighted and a personal opinion given. […]

Internet and Democracy in US

The rise of the United States as a world superpower has led to the global interest in how she conducts most of her activities. Her large population has also been on the watch out due to criticism on the U.S for involving herself in international affairs some of which have been disadvantageous to the nation. […]

Are The Enacted Voting Law Changes In 2012 Intended To Deter the Minority Vote?

The enacted voting law changes in 2012 are intended to deter the minority vote and will significantly affect the minority voters in the U.S. The changes in the voting law will require voters to possess identification requirements and will create more problems to the minority group since most of them will be ineligible to vote. […]

The Voting Rights Act

In a democratic society, citizens vote freely (JoNel, 2006). The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is among the most effective rules that have extended full political citizenship to blacks in the US (Epstein et al, 2006). President Lyndon signed the Voting Rights Act to be a state law. It came into existence during the period […]

Voting Challenges in 2012

USA has always been viewed as the most democratic state in the world. This has been due to the fact that the citizens of this nation possess a lot of rights which they get to exercise within the boundaries of their nation. According to Jonel (2006), prior to 1965, US citizens did not have exclusive […]

Does Decline of Social Capital matter

Introduction Social capital depicts aspects that hold society together. Putnam (2000) asserts that key indicators of social capital have not been moving in the right direction: reducing trust in government; declining voter turnout; reduced participation in political meetings; and others. These indicators are part of a general decline in civic community in the US that […]