Civil Rights Theories Essay Examples and Topics

Civil Rights of the Black Americans

The primary responsibility of the police is to serve and protect the right of the citizens. Though most policemen and women carry out their functions diligently, there are some who willingly violate the rules and regulations of their work and use the powers that have been vested in them wrongly. The police take advantage of […]

W.E.B. Du Bois, King, and Booker T. Washington: Approach to Black American Advancement

It is in the records that racism has been a major barrier to the coexistence among various people in the world. This may cause alarm unless the issue is handled properly. The minority in various communities have resulted into discrimination and other animosities just because the majorities have voice. In this context, slave trade that […]

Individual Rights versus Common Good

It has been a common practice by most governments and institutions to impose actions forcefully in the pretext of a common good. Examples of these include, rising of income taxes which has resulted to unrest in most countries, government funding directed towards unnecessary projects, and passing of unreasonable laws. Some governments have gone to the […]

The changing role of social institutions

Introduction Human beings are social beings; hence the reason they find themselves involved in social institutions in the society. Civil society arises from this set up of social institutions. By definition, civil society is a social realm that consists of actual institutions with moral substance and functions. Above all, civil society denotes that sector of […]

‘Civil Liberties: Individual versus Society Rights’

The debate about whether the rights of the individual should assume precedence over the rights of the society continues to attract interest from scholars, legal practitioners, politicians and other mainstream commentators. These rights, popularly known as civil liberties, are enshrined in the constitutions of many progressive countries around the world, and function to provide individuals […]

Martin Luther King JR. “I have a dream”

Martin Luther King is optimistic that African Americans will have basic rights including voting and other social rights in the future. Such rights will allow African Americans to vote, live in good neighborhoods and interact with White Americans without any discrimination (Gates 107). In a perfect society, all Americans will be treated equally by the […]

Mandatory Civil Service

Every person should be entitled to protection and provision by his or her nation. There is no single person brought up as a citizen of this country who can claim that he or she owes nothing to this nation. Just as every adult is nurtured in this country, it would be right if something were […]

Martin Luther Kning and The March on Washington

Introduction Martin Luther King was a prominent political activist who advocated non-violent resistance of African-American people against segregation and discrimination. His books such as Stride toward Freedom or Strength to Love tell the readers about the injustice committed to black people and their aspirations for freedom. His famous I Have a Dream speech was delivered […]

Issues of the Public Policy

Government and household budgets Generally, a budget is a statement of expenditures and income within a specified period. At government level, a budget states the sources of government revenue and ways the government intends to spend over a given fiscal year. Conversely, household budget spells out the income and expenditure of a household normally within […]

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

Martin Luther King Junior and Malcolm X were key figures who went down in history of the United States due to their unprecedented efforts in fighting for civil rights and elimination of racism in America. Each of them had a different method and view of struggling against the social injustices against the blacks. Martin Luther […]

Analyze Martin Luther Speech “I Have a Dream”

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King delivered a speech “I Have a Dream” to over 200, 000 civil rights supporters in Washington following a protest march for freedom and jobs. In his speech that lasted 17 minutes, Luther called for racial equality and halt to all manner discrimination. The speech came at a […]

Ideas of W.E.B. Dubois and Booker T. Washington

Introduction Contrary to the present state of the African-American natives; socially, economically, and politically, in the past, individuals mostly of the American white origin, segregated this group hence, oppressing them through oppressive power control mechanisms. In addition, to ensure this community never succeeded in any of their endeavors, the whites exercised full control of the […]

The Black Arts Era: Contributions of Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Jr.

The Black Arts Era will go into the annals of history as one of the most contentious in American history. The era was heralded by the establishment of the Black Arts Movement (BAM) in Harlem in the decade of the 1960s. Many historians view this movement as the artistic arm of the Black Power movement, […]

Main Differences Between Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Dubois [Essay]

Contrary to the present peaceful coexistence state of all American citizens socially, economically, and politically, in the past, the whites segregated individuals of the African-American origin. Therefore, because of the white supremacy, the Negros had no say, even in issues that concerned their lives; hence, the nature of suffering this community endured in the hands […]

Political Theories of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

In post-war America, the fight against racism threatened to turn the country upside down. The struggle reached a climax in the mid 1960s, and in the midst of it all were two charismatic and articulate leaders, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Their philosophical differences forced them to be at odds with each other […]