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Civil Rights Theories Essay Examples and Topics

The Concept of Civil Responsibilities

Civil responsibilities do occur within the community and in addition to the national responsibilities of community service that avails a chance for citizens harboring unique capabilities to participate in the civic duties.

“The Race Beat” Book Analysis

In reality, in the middle of the twentieth century, the issues connected to race were largely obscured in the society and unanimously ignored in the press.

John Winthrop and the Puritan Concept of Freedom

For instance, in Colonial America society had another perspective on the understanding of freedom that could be demonstrated by John Winthrops Speech to the Massachusetts General Court in which he cogitated about the nature of [...]

The National Security Agency’ Surveillance Program

From the disclosure, several interest groups and individuals moved to court to question the constitutionality of the program that engaged in unchecked monitoring of all types of communications within and outside the US.

Civil Rights of the Black Americans

The primary responsibility of the police is to serve and protect the right of the citizens. The most common and the most efficient ways entail the mobilization of the general public to engage in peaceful [...]

Individual Rights versus Common Good

In the book: The Civil Society Reader, it is noted: "Among these powerful elite, the crisis of civic membership is expressed in the loss of civic consciousness, of a sense of obligation to the rest [...]

The changing role of social institutions

On the other hand, social institutions that have been in existence are the source of our identity, and people should strive to have a healthy relationship with their families, as well as the community.

Mandatory Civil Service

In this essence, it is appropriate that every young person in the country engages in an activity in service of the nation.

Martin Luther Kning and The March on Washington

To elaborate his point of view he refers to the Constitution which stated that people were equal in terms of their political rights, and shows how African-Americans were disfranchised by the government.

Issues of the Public Policy

The enactments that ended the slavery, the rights to vote and participate in the political processes and the end of segregation benefitted the minority groups.

Ideas of W.E.B. Dubois and Booker T. Washington

That is, according to him, the only workable and real mechanism in this war was African-Americans to demand for their rights, as the only primary mechanism of ensuring there was minimization of the oppressive powers [...]