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International Relations Essay Examples and Topics

Globalization for Nation-States: Threat or Driver?

When related to the nation-state, globalization can be regarded in two ways: as a threat to the existence of states or as a positive influence that can provide important experience and spur development.

Qatari Peace-Making and Foreign Policy Engagement

The report indicates the necessity of studying the external and internal politics of this country on a global scale. For example, Qatar played an essential role in the expansion of the critical combats on the [...]

Globalization and Democratization Effects on Libya

It is also commonly suggested that the process of Globalization has several positive effects on the economy of these countries because it helps to create new jobs in the world's regions where the cost of [...]

The British North American Political Leadership

The focus was on the control of all the spheres of the economic life in the state in order to achieve the goals of the Northwest expansion and avoid failures associated with the US pattern [...]

The Sustainability of US – Sino Relations

It is based on this that this paper examines the sustainability of Sino - U.S.cooperation in the realm of nontraditional security issues with a specific focus on Sino - U.S.views and positions on aspects related [...]

Common Agricultural Policy in the EU

The number of funds that were being used for the payments was proposed to be used in developing the countryside through the establishment of a budget for rural development.

An International Humanitarian Response

One of the primary aspects that AMAT, CBHA, and other manuals emphasise as a requirement for humanitarian response participation consists in acquiring the information that will be necessary to the participant.

Humanitarian and Emergency Management Framework

In the present paper, the three frameworks will be used to locate and define the concepts of development, sustainability, and resilience as well as the relationships between them in an attempt to determine the synergy [...]

Native European Relations

When Europeans first landed in the region, they were respectful of the locals since they were answerable to the native administration.

International Relations’ Aspects

The presence of interest/pressure groups which can ensure that the crisis is handled in a diplomatic fashion may be crucial to the success of the nation.

Foreign Aid: Detrimental or Beneficial?

In the past, Egypt and Israel, due to their location in the Middle East and cordial relationships with the west, have been the major beneficiaries of foreign aid.

“Democracy and International Relations in Asia” by Acharya

The author of this article studies evidence of the political, social, and economical situations in these countries before and after their democratization and elaborates on the processes that stimulated democratization in Asian countries and supported [...]

“Introduction to International Relations” by Michael Cox

Being prepared by the professionals who work at the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of London International Programs, and the Political Science Department of the University of Prince Edward Island, it [...]

The United Arab Emirates’ Formation Process

For instance, the model for the supreme council of rulers, the Trucial states Development council, and the Trucial Oman scouts was adopted as the basis upon which the federation was established.

American and Yemeni Stability and Security

In addition, Yemen continues to suffer from serious levels of poverty and food insecurity despite efforts by the government to work hard in trying to get over the poor economy of the country and also [...]

The US Relations to Middle East and China

Claiming to be undertaking a significant approach in lifting the economical profile of the region, the U.S.would have a strong domination of the entire region and through this; many initiatives and operations would ultimately be [...]

Humanitarianism and Related Controversies

In this article, the illustration of the Darfur crisis is examined. This article examines weather there are any justification, from the anthropological point of view, for military intervention, for example as it is in Afghanistan, [...]

US Global Governance and Developing Countries

This is due to the fact that the situation in Afghanistan had reached a point of economic injury. To some extent, global governance has made a tremendous mark in restoring fragile political institutions and the [...]

Martyrdom Culture in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The culture of martyrdom is a threat to the peace process within the Middle East. The presence of organizations and institutions that encourage and tutor suicide bombing activities presents one of the obstacles to the [...]

Israel’s Geopolitical Positioning in the Middle East

Nevertheless, by the end of the 20th century, it started to become increasingly clear to many Western politicians that, due to the process of Globalization and due to the fact with the collapse of the [...]

International System and Actors in the 21st Century

Stabilizing in the global system may either be soft or hard action, it can be hard with the intention of increasing or threatening the utilization of military influence of one nation in relation to the [...]

Humanitarianism in Crisis: Ebola in West Africa

Because of the humanitarianism approach, whither the UNO promotes as the key tool for handling the problem, as well as the individual concerns of the current world leaders, the problem of Ebola has shifted from [...]

Arab Spring: Causes and Consequences

The author uses the history of military and diplomatic missions that have occurred in the last two centuries to support his view of international politics.

Globalization Era and Internationalism Politics

The age of the Nation-State is over and it is easy to prove this statement is to consider the situation which exists in the modern world about the society, to check the political preferences and [...]

J. Gaddis on US Security and Adams’s Foreign Policy

The unilateralism strategy used by Adams Quincy is related to that of the subsequent presidents in the various ways. The strategy of preemption as illustrated was applied in the North American continent for more than [...]

Intelligence Effect on the Foreign Relationships Quality

Consequently, the art of critical thinking and the elements that it consists of, especially the art of asking questions and listening to the opponent, is imperative to master for those willing to attain success in [...]

Iranian Nuclear Program and Gulf Response

In my paper, I will aim to explore the validity of this statement, in regards to what accounts for the qualitative significance of GCC countries' reaction to the Iranian Nuclear Program, as such that that [...]

Oil in Fueling Violent Conflicts in Libya

In this case, the essence of investigating the mechanisms that define the link between the two variables goes a long way in fostering an understanding of how oil and oil supply contribute to violent conflicts [...]

US-India Intelligence Community Sharing and Partnership

The purpose of this paper is to provide the background for the emergence of the COMCASA, analyze possible benefits and threats related to the agreement, and then to synthesize a supported recommendation for the extension [...]

International Law: Just War Theory and Use of Force

Following the rules of just war, the enemies are guided by the principles of justice: proportionality, absence of reprisals and discrimination, etc.however, the problem of just war raises ethical problems.

Negotiation Between India and Pakistan

The rivalry between the two leaders was a function of the different futuristic ideologies that they had, with respect to the relationship between Hindus and Muslims in the British colony.

US Foreign Policy and Involvement in Haiti and Somalia

The president's power, that is accorded by the second article of the constitution, includes the power to make agreements with other nations but with the authority of the congress, the power to assign envoys to [...]

International Relations: Alliances and Anarchy

The essence of this article is contained in the two hypotheses that the author describes at the onset of this discussion in which he lays the foundation that the rest of the theories are based [...]

The Conference About the Middle East

It is necessary to point out that many people in Iran are not satisfied with the policies of the present president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The EU-Russia Energy Relations

The literature review section examines the effectiveness of imperialism and realism theories in explaining the future of interdependence between the EU and Russia.

Iranian Nuclear Threats

However, in the course of the development of this opposition, it became obvious that the use the nuclear weapon and its unwise production is not the option as it will result in the collapse of [...]

Nuclear Weapons in International Law System

The International System has contributed to the reconsideration of the use of nuclear weapons as a deterrence mechanism. Thus, it can be assumed that the International System has contributed extensively to the change of perceived [...]

Taliban’s Role in US Desire for Peaceful Afghanistan

Therefore, the Taliban actions against the civilians, as well as their participation in other terrorists' actions have become the trigger to the U.S.intervention aimed at establishing peace and welfare and in Afghanistan, as well as [...]

Reagan’s Strategic Defence Initiative or Star Wars

The success of the Strategic Defence Initiative is a good reason to support the expansion of the program. It is not possible to discuss the causes of disintegration of the USSR that resulted in ending [...]

Societal Security and National Identity

From this perspective, the concepts of security from a national perspective focus on protecting the sovereignty of the state. The main aim of societal security is to preserve national unity and identity.

Syrian Refugees in Jordan as Security Threats

In a statement by the Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Jeh Johnson states that foreign jihads are trained in Syria and later cross to Jordan, and then to Europe and America as refugees. The first [...]

Wilsonian Idealism and Its Relevance in Today’s US

Following the views of classical liberalism, they believe that the primary task of the foreign policy of the United States of America is to defend the ideals of freedom and democracy throughout the world.

American Occupation Policy Towards Japan

According to the primary principles of the occupation policy that the United States was executed in Japan, Okinawa, the Amami Islands, the Ogasawara Islands, and the areas that were subordinate to Japan at the time [...]

Warlordism Through the Looking Glass

As a resultant effect, expanding markets allow warlords to buy and sell commodities throughout the globe; moreover, they continue to take advantage of valuable natural resources in the locality, attracting foreign imperialists on the spot, [...]

South Sudan Refugees and Their Status

Also, the situation in Southern Sudan, low productivity, ongoing conflicts, and the lack of required aid might lead to a humanitarian crisis.[2] Many refugees are forced to live under the open sky, they do not [...]

History of Yemen Conflict

The principle cause of the conflict in Yemen was the onset of what is known as the Arab Spring that was supposed to be a positive political transition to the country.

Mediation in the USA and Saudi Arabia

This paper outlines the benefits of mediation practice over other methods of conflict resolution and provides information on the history, culture, system, and satisfaction related to mediation in the United States and Saudi Arabia, making [...]

Qatar and GCC Countries Conflict

The background of the conflict dates back to 2014 when Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain recalled their ambassadors from Qatar because the latter supported the government under the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, while the [...]

The American Government: Policeman of the World

As the military forces of the USA played a major role in World War II and its outcomes, the country now has a special status that gives it the privilege of being the most dominant [...]

Western Countries and the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar

The crisis in Rohingya has become notorious over the past few years due to the intensity of the conflict and the deplorable state in which the vulnerable population of the country has found itself, as [...]

Canadian Refugees and the Refugee Crisis

While some countries, especially in the Middle East and Africa, are the source of the refugees, countries in the west, including the USA and Canada are among the popular destinations.

The Improvement of the Iraqi-Iranian Relations

The long border that separates the Republic of Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran could be likened to the long history that transcends over millennia between the two Middle Eastern nations.

Future US Engagement in the Eurasia Region

The issue of security is one of the major factors due to the increased issues of insecurity that have emerged since the beginning of the twenty first century like the 11th September terrorism issue in [...]

History of the American Exceptionalism

It then ties together the nation's approaches to the development of foreign policies with how exceptionalism influences the manner in which the US interacts with the rest of the world.

Turkey – UAE Relations

Turkey and the UAE cannot afford to abandon their historic good diplomatic relationships due to their tensions because of Turkey's undisputed support for the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that seeks dogmatically to establish its caliphate [...]

Australia as a “Good International Citizen”

At the end of XX - the beginning of the XXI century, a period of fundamental transformation of international relations, as a system of economic, political, diplomatic, military, cultural and other ties between the subjects [...]

Jordan River in Middle Eastern Hydropolitics

The introduction of Israel as an independent state could be viewed as one of the problems and generators of the conflict, as the country responded negatively to the sharing of the dam between Syria and [...]

Liberia’s War, Peace, and Foreign Aid

According to the data provided by the World Bank Group, Liberia has been receiving FA since before the 1980s, and its amount has had the tendency to increase with some of the years breaking this [...]

Arab Unity and Its Barriers and Obstacles

Some of these events include the "The Arab Revolt of 1916", "The Arab Congresses of the 1930s", "The League of Arab States of 1944", and the brief unity between Syria and Egypt.

Iraq War from Political Realist Standpoint

In the conclusion the paper touches on the flaws of realism theory such as pessimism from the view of human affairs at the global arena and its inability to explain the boundaries or limits in [...]

The Peace of Westphalia and Its Hierarchy

Consequently, the signing of the peace of Westphalia became a hallmark for the development of the principle of international law, which introduced the concept of nation-states and sovereignty in global politics.

The United States-China Cyber Warfare

Since the specified framework implies that the strategies used by state governments are dictated primarily by the interests of the states in question as opposed to the need to be altruistic and compromising, it will [...]

War and Peace Effects on Foreign Aid in Sudan

Also, at the end of the war, it was decided to allocate a considerable amount of money to Sudan by the European Commission for the reconstruction of the country after its crisis.

The Mexico-United States Barrier

The building of the wall has already been detrimental to the nature of surrounding territories and killed people, therefore the citizens of the United States of America, Mexico, and people all over the world must [...]

Humanitarian Disaster in Somalia

With the population of under eleven million people, the birth rate of 41/1000, infant mortality rate of 100,14/1000 and the life expectancy of 5,8, the country faces major challenges in the humanitarian needs.

Humanitarian Assistance in the UAE Foreign Policy

In the framework of the UAE foreign policy, the country is willing to ensure its security and stability. Thus, this paper will try to prove that the humanitarian assistance is emphasized in the foreign policy [...]

United States Engagement in the Middle East

America has vast interests in the stability of the region for the simple fact that the Middle East is at a very strategic and focal position to meet some of the interests of the American [...]

Brexit, Its Reasons and Possible Consequences

The withdrawal of the UK from the European Union, known as Brexit or the Leave, has been the point of much debate, in particular, because of the multitude of supporting arguments on both sides.

The United States Promoting Democracy in Africa

An article titled "The United States Should Promote Democracy in Africa" provides a transcript of the speech given to the US Senate by Feingold Russ in which he argues that the United States should actively [...]

Middle Eastern Conflicts and Regional Factors

A study by Diwan and Galal shows that oil is not the primary reason for the stability of the region, arguing that the leadership provided by the Sultanate of Oman was the glue that helped [...]

Indian Modernization and Westernization

The societal changes in India can be approached from a number of perspectives including Sanskritization, westernization, Little/Great Traditions, and the dialectical concept.

Risk Issues: AbSub and Its “Middle East” Agent

Further, under certain circumstances, the laws of Azerbaijan must be applied irrespective of the choice of law in the contract where there is a contradiction between the laws of the contract and the laws of [...]

The UAE’s Relationships with Pakistan and India

Two-way trade constituted the core of the relations between India and the Emirates for centuries, but the new twist in the interstate relationship began with the establishment of the UAE Embassy in the Indian capital [...]

“What Syria Needs Now?” by David Miliband

The article considers the crisis in Syria, including the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the refugee issue and the problems of the Syrian population still residing in the country.

Conflict in South Sudan and Its Influence

Being one of the leading countries tends to guarantee the involvement of the United States in the majority of modern political affairs, to support its image and secure the preservation of its leading position.

Egypt and the GCC Countries Relationship

The thesis of the paper is that the financial support availed by the GCC to Abdel Fattah was a clear indication that the countries were against any form of leadership led by the Muslim Brotherhood. [...]

US Policy Towards Rogue States and Regime Change

Despite the fact, the position of the USA was active during the three decades of developing the policy, the level of the state's participation in resolving the question of the rogue states' global isolation was [...]
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