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  1. Is United Nations Organization Useful or not Useful Nowadays?
    It is important to understand that the signing of the Peace Treaty of Westphalia was predetermined by the objective laws of history, concerned with the fact that the course of a continuous social, cultural and […]
  2. Why Did President Obama Fail in His Attempts To Stop Israel Building Settlement and Prevent the Palestinians From Applying for Un Membership?
    Powerful states have strong influence in the international system and use of force is sometimes justified to bring peace and tranquility.
  3. Similarities Between League of Nations and United Nations
    Another difference is that actors in the international system are willing to support and act on the proposals of the United Nations.
  4. Disjointed Images in the “Un Chien Andalou” Film
    Consequently, the advent of this film and the kind of depiction involved ushered in a new and profound recognition for the form of art called surrealism.
  5. What is the UN Human Rights Council?
    While the initial proposals to elevate Human rights to the status of a “principal organ” on the same footing with the Security Council, the General Assembly, and ECOSOC were not realized, the Human Rights Council […]
  6. US Should Ratify the Un Convention on the Rights of People With Disabilities
    The UN has recognized the importance of the disabled person’s rights and freedoms and has come up with the UN convention on the Rights of People with disabilities, CRPD and has urged member states to […]
  7. Problems Facing the United Nations
    The third problem facing the United Nations in the current international system is the gap between the poor and the rich states.
  8. Analysis of the UN
    Development of the UN is a reflection of the development of humanity. It is necessary to note that the positive changes within the organization are due to the activities of different UN state members.
  9. Human Rights Non-Governmental Organizations and the United Nations
    Previously, the emphasis was put on the volunteerism of the NGOs participants, but with the recognition of the potential of the societal players and the growing size of the movement, the participation of the NGOs […]
  10. International Peace and United Nations Essay
    Political nature of the General Assembly and the Security Council hinder the effectiveness of the United Nations in fostering international peace and security.
  11. UN Security Council and World Order
    This to some extend has led to increased freedom of expression of citizens which in a way has reduced the grip of the rich nations on the power to control and manipulate the resources of […]
  12. United Nations Global Compact
    Hewlett Packard, in its undeterred ambition to providing cutting edge technology to the populations all over the world became a member of the United Nations Global Compact initiative in a bid to be in support […]
  13. Extent to Which the Un Can Shape Order and Ensure Justice in World Politics
    In this regard, an international body such as the UN must address the conflicts of justice and order before deciding on the side that it will be taking.
  14. History of Origin of the United Nations
    The origin of the United Nations resulted from the effects of the World War II and the need to establish a new and stable world order by the world governments and the common people affected […]
  15. United Nations Peacekeeping Operation in Northern Africa
    The Namibian peacekeeping mission was successful due to “interests of the powerful states in the security council, the situational difficulty of the Namibian civil war and the ability of United Nations Transition Assistance Group to […]
  16. United Nations Human Rights Council
    The United Nations Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental organization and an organ of the United Nations; all members of the United Nations members are members of UNHRC, the council seat, however, has a membership […]
  17. How Does the United Nations Maintain International Order?
    The Security Council is one of the most important organs of the United Nations and it has the mandate to safeguard international peace by ensuring that there is enough security in the world.
  18. United Nations and World Peace
    The rules and policies produced by the United Nations are not centered on a global involvement in de-weaponizing countries, as everyone is full of fear that a group of terrorists will be able to overtake […]
  19. United Nations Strengths and Weaknesses
    The need to replace the League of Nations with the United Nations was largely inspired by the failure of the League of Nations to prevent the outbreak of war among nations.
  20. The United Nation’s Response to Climate Change
    It would take a committed effort from each country in the world to help deal with the global issue of climate change and adequate preparations have to be made.
  21. United Nations Change Management
    The calls for change have been initiated by the need to transform the organisation into a more responsive entity, with up-to-date solutions for the problems faced by its member countries in the 21st century.
  22. Concept of United Nations Conventions on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) in Business
    Aliano explains the implications for any business that wishes to operate within the countries that have not agreed to the United Nations Conventions on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
  23. IKEA and the UN’s Global Compact
    But in the 21st century many companies are aware that the bottom-line is not the only requirement to success, business organizations like IKEA must learn to develop sustainable practices that will benefit not only the […]
  24. United Nations and International law
    The essay examines as to whether or not the founding of the United Nations represent a radical departure from the system of international law and/or international society prior to 1945.
  25. The United Nations in Africa
    The operations were instituted in December of 1992 to help in the enactment of the harmony accord involving the administration of Mozambique and the opposition faction RENAMO.
  26. International Organizations: NATO and the UN in Iraq
    NATO established itself in Iraq in 2004when the alliance was charged with the responsibility of assisting the people of Iraq to form an effective military that would counter the influence and the power of the […]
  27. The UN and Global Security: Is It Able To Tackle New Threats?
    Despite, the collective security and the provisions of the UN Charter, the reaction of the U.N.to transnational threats has been lukewarm at best.
  28. Does the Founding of the Un Represent a Radical Departure From the System of International Law or International Society Prior to 1945?
    The values that the UN promotes are enclosed within the Preamble of the system’s foremost treaties. As a result, the absence of institutionalized judicial review within the UN system weakens the rule of law in […]
  29. Thomas Weiss’ What’s Wrong with the United Nations and How to Fix it
    The aim of Part One of the book, titled, ‘Diagnosing the ills’ is to spell out in four chapters the four main shortcomings of the United Nations.
  30. The United Nations and the International System
    However, in the discussion of the role that the UN plays in international relations through the worldwide system, it is important to identify the differences between the international system and international society.
  31. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals
    The united nations MDGs were ratified by member states to the United Nations and this signified the beginning of a journey to improve living standards by the end of 2015.
  32. United Nations in Africa
    The body has six major organs with the UN Security Council being the organ charged with the responsibility of promoting peace in the world.
  33. The Adoption of Agenda 21 of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
    Nevertheless, individual negotiators are more likely to influence the outcome of the negotiations in the choice and decisions made. Similarly, the 1992 UN Conference on Water and the Environment held in Dublin brought together stakeholders […]
  34. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
    Despite the fact that UNHCR has in the recent past executed its duty in the best interest of all the refugees across the globe, the agency faces some setbacks and failures that need to be […]
  35. Chemical Weapons in Syria and the UN Role
    The paper explores the situation in Syria that led to the use of chemical weapons, the effects of the use, and the role of the UN in the crisis.
  36. The UN Foreign Aid for Lebanon Analysis
    Speaking about the wars and conflicts which had a great impact on the country, it is possible to admit the role of foreign countries and United Nations in the attempts to make the compromise and […]
  37. UN Role in Syrian Crisis
    Other actors in the international system, under the hospices of the United Nations, are considering arming the opposition and giving it technical assistance to oust the Assad administration, which has caused pain and agony to […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on United Nations

  1. Service of the United Nations and Reparations
    Reparation Policy of 1949 minimises the scale of effects suffered by the United Nations organization and its human resources, who sustain injuries in the course of duty.
  2. United Nation and Climate Change
    However, the key limitation of the given measure is that the UNO has not yet come up with the strategy of classifying the effects of the climate change and whether UNO is able to embrace […]
  3. China’s Superpower and the United Nations’ Concerns
    The UN must recognize that China has emerged as a major power in the world. Thus, the UN must understand the role China will have in the world if it emerges as a superpower.
  4. UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
    To improve the effectiveness of the response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis, the UNOCHA was founded. The UNOCHA pursues the same goals as the Department of Humanitarian Affairs and the Office of the United Nations […]
  5. United Nations History and Agencies’ Establishment
    In this paper, the attention is paid to the history of the United Nations, the establishments of UN agencies in the world, and the UN’s efforts to deter conflicts regarding its main objectives such as […]
  6. Human Life Regulation by United Nations Documents
    International law aims to create the general picture of the world, and the more states integrate into the area of international law, the easier it gets to cooperate with other countries.
  7. United Nations Security Council’s Obligations
    The United Nations Security Council is the main body of the United Nations that has powers to pass obligations about peace and security that are binding to the 193 member states.
  8. Reforms in the United Nations Agencies
    Though the issues expressed by the founding fathers of the organization are not the same as of the 21st world century, there is a need to reform the UN to have a realignment of its […]
  9. Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 UN Speech
    The reason Gorbachev chose the United Nation as the forum to deliver the speech had something to do with the target audience.
  10. Digital Technology Promotion by the United Nations
    One of the most important indicators of the activities of international organizations is the activation of their participation in the development, transfer, and diffusion of the most modern technologies for progress.
  11. Digital Age Initiatives of the United Nations
    When it comes to the positive side of the problem, it is important to note that many representatives of the United Nations are deeply concerned about the problem of safety and privacy inherent in the […]
  12. Antiterrorism: United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540
    The purpose of the document is to require the signatory powers to promote the struggle against terrorism by adopting and enforcing relevant national legislation as well as appropriate measures restraining the proliferation of nuclear weapons […]
  13. The United Nations’ Secretary-General and His Role
    In particular, the Charter of the UN requires the Secretary-General to inform the Security Council about any issue that is perceived to threaten the maintenance of global tranquility and security. The position of the UN […]
  14. The United Nations’ Objectives and Principles
    After World War II, the then president of the US, Franklin Roosevelt, drafted the Declaration of the United Nations, alongside the British Prime Minister and the leader of the Soviet Union, as an attempt to […]
  15. Six Reasons for the United Nations’ Growth
    In this respect, it is easier to adjust the laws of the country to the international requirement if a country is a member of the United Nations Organization.
  16. Severn Suzuki’s Speech at the 1992 UN Earth Summit
    It could be that it was due to the honesty of her delivery and the innocence of her views that helped to heighten the impact beyond that of the slightly monotone manner in which she […]
  17. The Body Shop and L’Oreal Companies as to United Nations Global Compact
    Speaking about human rights as the priority for the company, it is essential to consider the specifics of company views in this relation.
  18. The League of Nations vs. the United Nations
    The League of Nations was established on January 10, 1920, during the Paris Peace Conference after the ending of the World War I.
  19. United Nations Children’s Fund and Its Activities
    The organization was created in 1946 as a part of the United Nations and now it is one of the members of the United Nations Development Group.
  20. United Nations Children’s Fund’s Financing Issue
    The thing is that the benefits of economic development do not always lead to improvement of the conditions under which children live.
  21. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
    The sixth aim is to provide all people with clean and safe water by eliminating dumping, reducing pollution, and minimizing the release of dangerous materials and chemicals.
  22. United Nations Addressing International Concerns
    The fundamental mandate of the United Nations is to harmonize the actions of nations in the process of achieving the shared vision of a better life.
  23. The Response of UK Government to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
    Some concerns were raised in the observations made in 1995 and 2002 by the Committee of Save the child on the Rights of the Child on the Government’s First UK Reports.”The two Government’s Reports do […]
  24. United Nation’s Effectiveness Analysis
    This conflict tended to be a struggle between Iraq and the United Nations in which Iraq struggled to break out of the controls and sanctions the UN established as part of the cease-fire in the […]
  25. UN Internet Governance Forum in Athens 2006 and Rio 2007
    Many speakers and contributors noted the importance of openness as one of the fundamental principles of the Internet. The Internet provides a robust exchange of information and empowers millions of people to trade ideas and […]
  26. Comparison Between North Atlantic Treaty Organization and United Nations
    The organization was then formed with the aim of assisting each of the member countries incases of any attacks by other countries.
  27. Financial Crisis Management in the United Nations
    A crisis can be defined as the perception of an abnormal situation that is beyond the capability of the business and its scope to deal with.
  28. The ‘Responsibility to Protect’ of the United Nations
    Charted in 1945 by 51 countries, the intent of the United Nations was to provide a forum for the nations of the world to congregate as a means to promote world peace.
  29. UN and Its Advocacy Groups
    The UN has various administrative bodies, including the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social council, the Secretariat and the International Court of Justice.
  30. UN, WTO Etc. And the Solving the Palestinian Refugee Subject
    The end of the war was also marked by the creation of a massive number of refugees 10,000 of them Jewish and 711,000 of them Palestinian.
  31. United Nations and Solving International Problems
    The organization was formed by the four nations that had waged war on the Axis Powers the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, China, United States and Great Britain.
  32. Cuba Country Position Briefing Related to the UN MDGs
    In the light of the Cuban circumstances and in view of the fact that the country has functioned and survived under extreme difficulties for several years and yet followed its own path, this paper will […]
  33. UN International Children’s Emergency Fund Analysis
    The UNICEF senior management is responsible to reveal the annual report of the initiatives and results to the member states and the information on all the activities of UNICEF is accessible to the public.
  34. Equality in the UN Operations: Chinese Perspective
    During the Cold, War China felt that the instrument of peacekeeping operations was exploited as a tool by the superpowers to further their interests and not the interests of the nations involved.
  35. Cultural Values vs. the UN Declaration of Human Rights
    With the rise in diversity and the focus on the cross-cultural dialogue, the importance of acknowledging cultural values has risen.
  36. Language and the United Nations
    The prevailing diversity of people, as witnessed in the United Nations has, is, and continues to draw the attention of different people.
  37. The G4 Reforming the United Nations Security Council
    This proposal to increase the number of both the permanent and non permanent seats in the Security Council will ensure that all the member states are regionally represented regardless of whether they are developed or […]
  38. United Nations Climate Change Conference
    In the Kyoto protocol, members agreed that nations needed to reduce the carbon emissions to levels that could not threaten the planet’s livelihoods.
  39. Che Guevara: The Speech Before the General Assembly of the UN
    Traditionally, capitalism has been defined as “the ownership and control of the means of production by a class of “capitalists” and an economic and political system that favors this”. The modern meaning of socialism is […]

❓ Research Questions on United Nations

  1. Is the United Nations an Effective Organisation?
  2. Why Do Some People Hate the United Nations?
  3. When Was United Nations Founded In?
  4. Should The United Nations Provide Global Standards For Media Freedom?
  5. Is the United Nations Becoming a Failure?
  6. How Do You Think the United Nations Should Be Reformed?
  7. Who Runs the United Nations?
  8. Which United Nations Efforts Are Considered Successes?
  9. How Much Do United Nations Volunteers Get Paid?
  10. Will the United Nations Destroy Religion? Why or Why Not?
  11. What Were the Goals of the United Nations When It Was Established in 1945?
  12. Why the United Nations Can’t Be Powerful Force to Get the Global Peacefulness?
  13. How Many Countries United Nations Have?
  14. Does Pakistan Deserve a Permanent Security Council Seat in the United Nations?
  15. What Is the Future of the United Nations?
  16. What Is the Intended Purpose of the United Nations?
  17. What Three Countries Are Not in the United Nations?
  18. Is the US Still a Part of the United Nations?
  19. Is North Korea a Member of the United Nations?
  20. Should the United Nations Be Disbanded?
  21. What Happens if the US Leaves the United Nations?
  22. Does the United Nations Need a Standing Army?
  23. Which Country Left the United Nations Recently?
  24. Can the United Nations Be a World Government?
  25. Where Are the United Nations Headquarters Located?
  26. How Powerful Is the United Nations?
  27. Which Is the Most Powerful Organ of the United Nations?
  28. Can the United Nations Declare War?
  29. Why Did Indonesia Leave the United Nations?
  30. What Would Happen if the United Nations Didn’t Exist?

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