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History of Origin of the United Nations Essay

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After 1939, the world was in chaos and there were social economical problems that resulted from the World War II. Also, in this period, the world was suffering from the effects of the wars and governments found it hard to regain the social, political and economic stability they had enjoyed before the onset of the war.

Due to this factor, the world governments felt that it would be prudent to have an international body that governed the world governments and could assist the countries heal from the effects of war since in such periods the governments could not do that by itself.

Therefore, by having an international governing body, they felt that the world order would be restored. The origin of the United Nations resulted from the effects of the World War II and the need to establish a new and stable world order by the world governments and the common people affected by the instabilities.

In 1939, the European continent was in war which resulted in other states joining the war in an effort to save democracy of some states that were under attack, this war was referred to as the World War II. During this period the world order seized to exist and there was chaos socially, politically and economically.

Governments found it had to stabilise their countries hence a lot of suffering was witnessed around the world. As a result of this, the world governments felt that there should be an international body that could be able to assist them in such critical periods.

The government leaders unanimously proposed to form an international body to oversee this mandate and in addition maintain world order where wars and other man made catastrophes would be controlled by it. “The direct lines of the United Nations may be traced to war-time declarations of intent to establish a post war organizational system.” (51).

Nonetheless, the post war international agencies proposal began during the war in Europe but it was not until the war was over that the world felt a great need for such an organization. During the war period, crafting of the international agencies manifesto was under taken by the U.S secretary of state and would serve as a foundation for the numerous talks and meetings on how the international agency should look like and act.

The first international body created was the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in 1943 was to take care of the of war and post war effects. From then on other international agencies were created in a series of deliberations in San Francisco.

It is in no doubt that the world was exasperated from the war and its effects in the society that setting up of the international agencies took place very quickly. “The decision to proceed piecemeal in the building of the post war system reflected the belief that governments were ready to commit themselves in regard to economic, social and technical matters”.(52).

Nevertheless the process of setting up the body was not an easy task. The process involved a lot of meetings, consensus and compromises as some countries felt that proposals brought up by some countries would be detrimental to their national interests and so there were wide consultations before an issue could be unanimously agreed upon. This process was dominated by three countries, USSR, U.S and Britain; this was because it was them who had felt the greatest impact of the war.

Still, the U.S had the greatest influence on the formation of the UN due to its resources and dominance in the world both politically and economically. “In a more specific sense the UN was shaped by the influence of American planning and leadership.”(55). The major three countries and other lesser super powers, France and China took part in the deliberations in San Francisco to come up with a clean manifesto on how the UN would operate.

These major powers were fully aware of the corporate responsibilities vested on them by the rest of the world and therefore had to ensure that the UN would be able to maintain order in the world without resulting in catastrophic measures by member states. Though the five major states had the influence on how the UN would operate, other smaller countries were also significant in the process and deliberations.

In fact they added significant proposals and amendments to the draft that resulted into a more comprehensive document which encompassed the interests of the whole world together. “By and large, the small states contributed constructively and realistically to the drafting of the United Nations Charter.” (57).

Finally the manifesto of the UN was influenced by common men and women on whom it was to serve. After the war, the people felt that there should be a body that was to protect them in such times of crises since they had suffered booth economically, socially and politically from the wars and lack of a world order.

“The charter was influenced by the opinion, psychological state, and the aspirations of millions of common and uncommon men and women.” For that reason during the drafting of the charter their views were represented by various lobby groups and taken into account by the five major countries that were directing the process. “We, the people of the United Nations,” Is a statement that reflects on the views and opinions on which the UN mandate was built upon and whom it was to serve in the end (Claude, 57)

In the end, the United Nations Charter was a draft that resulted from the past war events in the World War II that made world governments feel the need of an international body that would overlook on the interests of the whole world, maintain world order and assist them in times of crises. “The United Nations Charter was the composite product of past experience in the building and operation of international institutions… and popular pressures for noble aspiration for a just and durable peace.”(58).

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