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312 History Topics: Best Historical Events to Write about

History is full of events that defined our world for generations. If people want to understand current events, they have to study history. Many historical occurrences impacted and shaped the world we live in today.

The best way to understand history is to write about it. For such purposes, you must dive into details, examine political and economic factors. You have to explore every aspect that made the event possible. It makes writing about a historical event thrilling.
The trouble is, where to start?

Start your paper with a historical topic and instructions on source research. For this article, we found the best historical events to write about. Each event was chosen due to its fertile base for analysis and discussion.

❓ How to Choose a History Paper Topic?

Choosing a history topic can prove to be a difficult task. The amount of great historical events is overwhelming. However, there are reliable ways of finding the idea right just for you. Follow these pieces of advice to choose a good idea.

  1. Determine a general historical field that engages you. Choose a quite broad one and be ready to narrow it down. Make your topic about some specific subject to do actual research. A general retelling of history is never a good idea.
  2. Start researching the area. It will help you to understand what subject you’re ready to explore in detail. Plus, you’ll see how you can specify your idea.
Write an academic paper on a familiar history topic or new idea.
  1. Think outside of the box.
    Find an event and try to come up with a unique perspective on it. Challenge conventional ideas and beliefs. This way, you’ll make a creative topic out of almost any historical event.
  2. Find out whether there are sources available on the idea of interest.

In a history paper, you should rely on trustworthy sources. Fact-checking is the key for you. If you’re sure that your topic doesn’t interfere with the factual data, you can write a paper on it.

🕶️ Cool Historical Events to Write about

With so many engaging events in history, picking one becomes a real challenge. Here you will find several cool history topics to write about. Also, there are plenty of cool US history topics that can be interesting for you.

  1. Wars of the Diadochi. Explain why Alexander’s Successors were in constant conflict.
  2. What played a crucial role in Rome’s dominance over other Italian tribes?
  3. Spartacus Rebellion – Roman Servile Wars. Analyze why Spartacus’ Rebellion made such an impact on Roman society.
  4. How the Gallic wars reshaped the Roman Republic?
  5. Battle of Alesia: the pinnacle of Caesar’s military genius.
  6. Christianization of Northern Europe and Scandinavia.
  7. Battle of Poitiers: the final halt to Arab expansion. Talk about how the Arabs were able to reach southern France and tactics of the battle.
  8. Battle of Hastings and its influence on England’s history.
  9. Why were the Crusades largely unsuccessful during the late Middle Ages?
  10. Most important artworks that defined the Italian Renaissance.
  11. The rise of the Swiss Guard as a leading military unit. Discuss the military innovations used by the Swiss Guard and their influence of the Papacy.
  12. Ottoman-Venetian wars of the Renaissance and their influence on the European market.
  13. The American Revolutionary War. Why did it become a precursor to the British expansion in India?
  14. The creation of National Parks in the United States.
The founding of Yellowstone National Park.
Source: Nps.gov
  1. The stock market crash and the Great Depression in the United States.
  2. Korean War of 1950-1953: the first battle of the superpowers. Analyze how the Korean War became the first proxy war between the United States and the USSR.
  3. The impact of the chairman’s Mao Cultural Revolution in China.
  4. Iran-Iraq War: the first war in the Persian Gulf.
  5. The 2008 stock market crash and its influence on the 2010s.

🔎 Most Interesting History Topics

Even if you pick any random history topic, it can prove to be interesting. History is full of amusing events that are worthy of a detailed analysis. Here you will find the most interesting historical events to write about.

  1. The architecture and purpose of a ziggurat.
  2. Why is the Nile river called the Cradle of Civilization?
  3. Child Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Talk about the children who became rulers of an entire country at an early age. Elaborate on their mental struggles and complications.
  4. The role of the Roman Empire in ancient history.
  5. The life of an average Roman legionary off and on duty.
  6. Impact of the Great Schism on world history.
  7. The engineering solutions behind cathedrals’ construction.
  8. Silk Road as a primary route of the Black Plague. Discuss how the Silk Road became the main route of disease to the West. Analyze how nations dealt with the outbreak.
  9. The principles of Feudalism. Comment on many aspects of Feudalism. Why did it become the leading legal, economic, and military custom in medieval Europe?
  10. Europe’s trade and the Slave Triangle.
  11. The role of segregation policies in American history.
  12. The hidden story behind the creation of Central Park.

⭐ Creative Topics for History Paper

Historical ideas can be useful in many ways. In school, there are specific tasks for the history class, like an internal assessment or a historical project. Some university programs involve history courses. Our topics for a history paper will help to brainstorm a topic for a historical investigation.

☝️ History Essay Questions

  1. What is the history of standardized testing in the United States?
  2. The topic for an Extended Essay: How did the Six-Day War of 1967 end? What did contribute to the victory of Israel?
  3. What are the essential similarities between Hitler and Mussolini’s coming to power?
  4. How did Mexico gain independence from Spain?
  5. What was the impact of Karl Marx’s Materialist Conception Of History on the world?
  6. Why did the Mesopotamian civilization cease to exist?
  7. Who are the most influential women in Western art history?
  8. How did the crusades affect Mediterranean history?
The word crusade became shorthand for a cause with a moral right.
Source: Historytoday.com
  1. What contributed to the decline and fall of the Roman empire?
  2. How did the Tudor dynasty affect the Parliament of England?
  3. Why did Cambodia become a communist country?
  4. What was the impact of Hollywood on American society?
  5. The topic for an Extended Essay: How did Mao Zedong propose to solve China’s problems?
  6. How did the US and Mexico change their politics after the Mexican-American war?
  7. What are the similar traits of Aztec and Maya empires?
  8. How did the Spanish Inquisition come to an end?
  9. What was peculiar about the labor structure in ancient Egypt?
  10. How did the Industrial Revolution influence Christianity?
  11. Why did Susan B Anthony go to jail?
  12. What is the impact of Indian art on other cultures?

For more specific historical questions, transform the topics above. Add more details, limit the time period, etc. It will ensure the singularity of your idea.

💬 Historical Topics for Presentation

  1. What are the key accomplishments of the Progressive Era in the United States?
  2. Explore its history and the changes it brought in the country.
  3. 19th-century European imperialism. Identify and explain its political, economic, and social causes. Compare European imperialism to the American one during the same period.
  4. Independence movements of the Muslims in Pakistan.
  5. The history of the fast-food industry. How its role for the US and the world changed over the years.
  6. Italian mafia history: its origins, influence on the country’s economy and politics.
The Mafia evolved over centuries in Sicily.
Source: History.com
  1. How the GoodBye, Lenin movie altered historical facts and events.
  2. The history of imperialism, the extension, or rule by one government in Africa. Analyze the western influence on the continent and the impact of colonization.
  3. 1960s women in American society: a sudden revolution on a way of thinking.
  4. Teddy Roosevelt and his role in the Progressive Era in American History.
  5. What is the history behind the kiwi fruit? Its origins and benefits.
  6. The fear of communism in the US. Use this American history presentation topic to analyze the background of the fear. Elaborate on the impact of the US politicians and media, and the effects of such propaganda.
  7. Sports history related to gender: stereotypes and the start of women’s sports.
  8. The history of the democrats in Congress in the US.
  9. The California Gold Rush. Prepare an oral presentation on the history of the phenomenon, its effects, and its impact on the country.
  10. Treating mental illness in the 1800s. Define and comment on the main methods.
  11. Is the Bible a trustworthy source of history?
  12. Who discovered frogs? The frogs’ evolution and misconceptions about them.
  13. The history of Babylonian mathematics, its key aspects, and its impact on modern days.
  14. How did the world wars affect American society? A study of the significant changes brought by the global armed conflicts.
  15. Jewish Americans during the progressive era. The theory of John R. Commons and anti-semitism.

👨‍🎓 Term Paper History Topics

  1. The history of Punjab State of Sikh religion situated in the north of India and east of Pakistan.
  2. How did the Chinese fast-food chain industry develop in China? An overview and historical analysis of the phenomenon
  3. The Era of Good Feeling. Explore the period between the years 1815 and 1825 in the history of the United States of America.
  4. Environmental issues and solutions before the 20th century.
  5. The background of Chinese immigration to Canada and the US.
  6. Exploring the purpose and evolution of homeland security over the years
  7. How Versailles treaties affected the world after World War I and led to definitive changes in global politics.
  8. The hippies’ movement: the origination of the hippies, their evolution through time and influence on society.
  9. Finding the source of unhappiness in France: when and why it covered the major part of the society.
Huge percent of the French population is at risk of having depression.
Source: Icm-institute.org
  1. The history of public health in the world. Compare the origins and public health organizations in various countries.
  2. How bolshevism impacted the Russian orthodox church and altered its position in the country.
  3. Cuban music culture: what influenced the music, how, and when it appeared.
  4. Origins and evolution of E-Commerce in Bangladesh.
  5. The background and effects of the Long-Term Care Security Act.
  6. North Korean propaganda: the history, evolution, and effects of information dissemination.
  7. The history of humanitarian missions to Africa. Advantages and disadvantages of such practices.
  8. Flash mobs, their variety, and status in the world over the years.
  9. Analyzing, comparing, and contrasting the major causes of revolutions in Asia, Europe, and America.
  10. The US vs. the UK political systems: the origins and differences. What similar changes did the systems undergo?
  11. How did the attitudes towards people with mental illness evolve?

📜 History Thesis Topics

  1. The history of the death penalty in the Philippines. How did capital punishment impact the country?
  2. The role of the minorities in the French Revolution.
  3. Viking invasions: the background and their impact on other cultures over the 8th, 9th, and 10th centuries.
  4. Ancient architecture and whether the construction styles accurately represent artistic work.
  5. How did Mormons contribute to banishing Native Americans from the indigenous land?
  6. The history of Caribbean culture in Central America and pirates’ involvement in its development.
  7. Modern art’s evolution: how it changed people’s perception of art in the late 19th-early 20th century.
  8. Analyze the most popular and influential dictators in the world. Compare and contrast the way their rule started and ended.
  9. Why hasn’t the War in Afghanistan ended since 2001?
  10. The role of the British Crown in the slave trade over the centuries.
  11. Sumerian culture: what unique traditions were hidden from general history for a long time.
  12. How did the Roman conquest change the course of British history?
  13. Significant consequences of the Brazilian industrialization.
  14. The history of Hispanic Americans in US politics.
  15. World’s largest universities: what are the significant similarities of their foundation and reputation?

📚 History Dissertation Ideas

  1. Natural philosophy: origins and disputes. How the philosophy of nature contributed to modern science.
  2. The Russian Empire from the western point of view over the years.
  3. Ancient Chinese civilization. Explore the old Chinese world, lifestyle, and social norms. Compare and contrast with the modern state of affairs in China.
  4. The pedagogy and education reforms in 17th-century central Europe.
  5. Russian History dissertation: how was Christianity introduced to people and absorbed by the culture.
  6. How did the public react to animal experimentation when it first appeared? The controversy surrounding the dissection and vivisection of animals for scientific purposes.
  7. Language and ethnic diversity in Northern Ireland. The history of migrations and biases.
In Northern Ireland, people talk English, Ullans, and Irish.
Source: Ireland.com
  1. Napoleon and Josephine. How did Napoleon’s wife and friend affect his decisions during the Napoleonic Wars?
  2. Italian Unification in the 19th century. How did Garibaldi and Mazzini influence Italy becoming one nation?
  3. Irish History Dissertation: analyze the Anglo-Irish conflicts in the 20th century.
  4. Myths and misconceptions about the Nuremberg Main Trial.
  5. The Soviet influence on Ethiopia. What new concepts were introduced to Ethiopia in the second half of the 20th century?
  6. The history of the birthday celebration. Examine who introduced the tradition, how it evolved over the centuries. Does it differ from society to society?
  7. Ancient History Dissertation: the concept of immortality in the ancient world. Compare and contrast how different cultures interpreted eternal life.
  8. How did the Cold War change Cuba? The issue of Sovietization and americanization.

👍 Good History Topics about Territory

People usually associate an event in history with a place where it happened. The connection between history and civilization shifts across the territory is direct.

Discussing countries, you can talk about its internal affairs. Or elaborate on external ones and analyze other states occupying neighboring territory.

🌍 World History Topics

  1. First Jewish tribes of Palestine.
  2. Buddhism in Ancient China: influences and notable preachers.
  3. Great Exodus: deciphering myths from facts. Talk about the Biblical event that created the Jewish people.
  4. Cult of Isis in Ancient Egypt and its spread to other cultures of Antiquity.
  5. Marriage and adultery laws of emperor Augustus.
  6. Pandemics that shaped history. Talk about the most deadly pandemics that altered the course of history.
  7. Medicine in Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates.
  8. Islamization of the Silk Road.
  9. The expedition of Marco Polo to China.
The Polos' journey to China took place on land.
Source: Biography.com
  1. The Christian Commonwealth of Byzantium.
  2. How the Mongols conquered most of Eurasia?
  3. The siege of Constantinople of 1453: tactical analysis. Analyze tactical and strategic decisions of Mehmed the Conqueror that led to the capture of Constantinople in 1453.
  4. The Mayan Civilization.
  5. The bloody conquest of South America by the Spanish and Portuguese. Discuss the means of Spanish and Portuguese conquests of South American people. How did it lead to a native’s demographic disaster?
  6. Industrial revolution history.
  7. Seven Years War: the first world war in European history.
  8. New York and Bombay history from 1500 to the XX century.
  9. Ireland’s history and development.
  10. China and the issue of Opium Wars. Analyze British influence on Chinese economy politics in the XIXth century.
  11. China in World War II.
  12. The political struggle of French Indochina. Talk about the causes and events of the struggle for independence among Cambodians, Laotians, and the Vietnamese. For more world history topics, you can check another list of ideas or find a title in the news.

👨‍🚀 US History Topics

  1. The Mayflower and the first settlers in America. Discuss and analyze the struggles of the first American colonists and their life in the New World.
  2. Servants treatment in Colonial Virginia.
  3. African communities in America.
  4. The personality of George Washington: a critical analysis.
George Washington about the first presidential elections.
  1. The War of 1812 and its impact on the United States.
  2. Reasons behind the abolition of slavery in the United States.
  3. The legacy of the US Civil War.
  4. Casualties of the US Civil War: a numerical analysis. Analyze the casualties of the US Civil War and why they were so immense.
  5. Waves of immigration to the United States.
  6. The expansion of federal bureaucracy during WWI.
  7. The interwar economy of the United States.
  8. History of Hollywood, California.
  9. The fate of Japanese Americans in World War II.
  10. America in the Vietnam War: a strategic analysis. Analyze the long-term solution plans of the United States in the Vietnam War and why they were ineffective. American history is full of memorable events and historical figures, so finding the perfect US topic shouldn’t be a problem.

🍁 Canadian History Topics

You may lack knowledge about Canada, even though it’s the world’s second-largest country. Start with searching for the more popular events for your essay on this list. Then, you can dive deeper into Canadian history.

  1. The first colonies in Canada. Talk about the first colonists of Hudson Bay.
  2. History: the first nations in Canada.
  3. History of Ontario and Quebec.
  4. The role of British Canada in the War of 1812.
  5. Canadian social democracy historical evolution.
  6. History of World War I: positive and negative effect on Canada.
  7. Canada’s foreign relations in the interwar period.
  8. History: “The Invisibles: migrant workers in Canada.”
  9. Women’s rights and the suffrage movement in Canada.
  10. The effect of the Great Depression on Canada.
  11. Canada’s participation in World War II and the postwar economic boost.
During the WWII, Canada’s GNP more than doubled.
Source: Ingeniumcanada.org
  1. The development of bilingual identity in Canada.
  2. Canada’s road to independence and national identity.
  3. Prime minister Pierre Trudeau and his policies. Analyze Pierre Trudeau’s term as Canada’s prime minister. Examine his policies in every social, political, and economic aspect of the country.

🎩 European History Topics

To interpret the development of western civilization, you need to understand European history. Here we separated the territory into West and East Europe. They are quite different in both culture and events that defined their identities.

So, enjoy interesting European history topics:

Western Europe

  1. The Neanderthals: who were they, and why they went extinct?
  2. The political system of the Roman Republic.
  3. The Age of Vikings in the early Middle Ages. Discuss how kingdoms of Scandinavia united and conquered much of North Sea territories.
  4. The Holy Crusades: a logistical analysis.
  5. The reasons behind the sack of Constantinople in 1204.
  6. Spanish Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula.
  7. Hussite Wars as the first example of widespread firearms usage.
  8. The French wars of religion, 1562-1598.
  9. The Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther’s role in it.
  10. The role of Spanish Inquisition in European history.
  11. Parlement of Paris under Louis XV.
  12. Analysis of the 18th-century European Enlightenment.
  13. History of the British Empire.
  14. French Revolution and Napoleon’s role in it.
  15. Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign and its effects on the Arab World.
  16. The Battle of Waterloo: tactical analysis.
  17. Controversial history topic: would Napoleon’s rule benefit France and Europe in the long term?
  18. The Revolution of 1848 in France.
  19. Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871: a historical analysis. Analyze how Prussia united German lands and defeated one of the biggest empires of the XIXth century.
  20. The coming of the Third Reich.
  21. World War II and the tragedy of the Jewish people in Europe.

Eastern Europe

  1. Eastern European tribes of Antiquity. Talk about the tribes of East Europe that we know about from Greek and Roman sources. Discuss the traditions and customs of these tribes.
  2. History of Ancient Scythians. Their political, economic, and social system.
  3. Rule of Olga and the expeditions of Svyatoslav into Byzantium.
  4. Historical and theological context of Byzantine Iconoclasm.
  5. Historical event topic: Christianization of Rus and its rise in the European theatre.
  6. Unification of Eastern Slavic people around Kyiv. Creation of Kievan Rus.
  7. The Kingdom of Bohemia as a part of the Holy Roman Empire. Examine how Bohemia became one of the most prominent kingdoms in the HRE. Remember to talk about their social and military structure.
  8. Conquests of Batu Khan into Rus and Eastern Europe.
Ögedei Khan ordered his nephew Batu Khan to conquer Russia in 1235.
Source: Courses.lumenlearning.com
  1. The creation of the Teutonic Order. Its political, economic, and cultural system.
  2. Motifs behind Eastern European Crusades. The Battle of Grunwald.
  3. The personality of Sofia Paleologos and her alliance with Ivan III of Russia. Describe Sofia Paleologos’ character and her cultural activities in Russia.
  4. Livonian War of the 16th century: its goals and consequences.
  5. Trade relations between Russia and England of the 16th century.
  6. Polish expansion to Moscow. Time of Troubles in Russia.
  7. Westernization of Russia by Peter I and the Great Northern War.
  8. Russian art and culture during the reign of Catherine the Great.
  9. Spread of Russian influence on Eastern Europe under Catherine the Great.
  10. Economic relations between Russian and British empires in the early XIXth century. Discuss in detail the trade relations between Russia and Great Britain. Explain how it became the catalyst for Russia’s conflict with Napoleonic France.
  11. The reaction of European countries on Russia’s westward expansion. Crimean War.
  12. Wars for Balkan independence from the Ottoman Empire.
  13. The serfs in Poland.
  14. Economic dependency of Greece from European bankers.
  15. The Russian working-class movement.
  16. The First World War and the Russian Revolution.
  17. Joseph Stalin foreign policies.
  18. Soviet military innovations in the Second World War. Discuss and analyze technical and logistical changes that occurred in the Red Army during WWII.
  19. Totalitarianism and Soviet Russia.’
  20. Causes of the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.
  21. Modern European history topic: cultural and political Soviet heritage in Eastern Europe.

🏖️ African History Topics

  1. Global migrations of first humans from Africa: a historical analysis.
  2. Ancient Egypt: the first superpower of North Africa
  3. Phoenician colonies in North Africa.
  4. Roman presence in North Africa. A historical analysis.
  5. North African reaction to Arab conquests and Islamization.
  6. Arab slave trade in Africa. Discuss how the Arabs utilized the African continent for trading with Europeans.
  7. Mali Empire: cultural and social aspects.
  8. West African slave trade and commercial relations with early European colonists.
  9. Ethiopia and the Bible. Talk about remarks on Ethiopia in the Bible.
  10. History of Ethiopian Jews. From King Solomon to modern times.
  11. Kingdoms of West Africa and their relations with colonial empires.
  12. Western influence on Mohammed Ali’s Egypt.
Muḥammad ʿAlī instituted created Western-style schools
Source: Britannica.com
  1. South African history: a struggle for independence and formation of national identity.
  2. History of Cape town. Strategic and economic importance of the city to the British Empire.
  3. Black history: from the first African slaves in America to modern times.
  4. African-American studies: the Great Migration’s causes.
  5. Interesting African history topic. History of modern South Africa began with the discovery of diamonds and gold.
  6. History of Christianity in Africa.
  7. African history essay question. How would nations have developed on the African continent if the colonization never happened?
  8. History of slavery in western Africa.

🌿 Indian History Topics

  1. Tribes of the Indus valley civilization in the Bronze Age.
  2. The social, political, and economic structure of Vedic Aryans.
  3. Development of religion after the Vedic period. Talk about the development of Buddhism and Jainism.
  4. Persian and Greek invasions to India. Ancient sources on the history of India.
  5. Ancient Indian history: Mauryan Empire and its impact on the Indian subcontinent.
  6. Development of ancient South India: culture, religion, art, and architecture.
  7. The social, political, and economic structure of the Gupta Empire. The feudal system of the post-Gupta period.
  8. Expansion of Islam into northern India and aspects of its coexistence with other religions.
  9. Project idea: social, political, and cultural structure of the Delhi Sultanate.
  10. Mamluk dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate; Muhammad of Ghor’s biography.
  11. Indian history research paper: Akbar the Great of Mughal Empire in detail. Explore Akbar’s personality and his efforts to strengthen the Mughal Empire.
  12. History of the Indian castes.
  13. First European powers in India and their trade relations.
Since the ancient period, there were relations between Europeans and Indians.
Source: Adaniel.tripod.com
  1. British East India Company and their first conquests in India.
  2. Modern Indian history: impact of the British rule in India.
  3. The origin and course of the Indian Revolt of 1857.
  4. Indian soldiers of WWI and WWII.
  5. India’s post-war struggle for independence and the formation of the Indian National Congress.
  6. Political aspects of Mahatma Gandhi’s campaign.
  7. Partition of India. Origins of the India-Pakistan conflict.
  8. Introduction of mutual funds in India and their impact on the country’s economy.
  9. Best Indian history project topic: Curry: the history of Indian cuisine.

✨ Historical Topics on Time Period

It’s convenient to talk about historical articles and papers in the context of a single period. Understanding its boundaries make your historical analysis and investigation logical. It’ll help you to make comparisons with other periods and trace the development of any phenomenon.

🏺 Ancient History Topics

  1. Research paper: Rise and fall of the Minoan civilization.
  2. Ancient history: the Epic of Gilgamesh by Sumerians.
  3. Ancient history: the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  4. Ancient Greek Olympics.
  5. The societies of Ancient Mesoamerica.
  6. History of Athenian democracy.
  7. The city-state of Sparta in Ancient Greece. Explore and analyze one of the ancient civilizations of Sparta in Ancient Greece. Comment on their social and military structure and wars with Persians.
  8. The kings of Ancient Egypt.
  9. The city of Rome. A historical analysis. Talk about the foundation of one of the oldest cities in the world. Explain how and why conquered neighboring Italic tribes.
  10. Concepts of Ancient Greek culture.
  11. The kings of Ancient Rome.
  12. The daily life of the ancient Maya.
  13. Rape in ancient societies.
  14. Egyptian art and culture in the Ptolemaic Kingdom.
  15. Cleopatra – the last ruler of Egypt. Talk about Cleopatra’s personality and political games with the Roman Republic.
  16. The Aqueduct – Rome’s greatest invention? Discuss Roman engineering solutions to improve the conditions of its citizens. Analyze the idea of an aqueduct and its impact on humanity.
  17. Crisis of the Third Century. A critical analysis. Analyze the crisis of the Third Century in the Roman Empire and how it almost collapsed. Talk about the role of the Praetorian Guard during the crisis.
  18. Barbarian invasions of the Western Roman Empire and their impact on Roman society.

🗡️ Medieval History Topics

  1. Dark Ages and cultural regression. Was the cultural decline an issue outside of Europe, and why?
  2. Bubonic Plague: its origin, history, and impact on British society.
  3. Who was Nicholas of Cusa, and what did he discover?
The quote of Nicholas of Cusa
  1. Elaborate on the role of religion in medieval Europe. Speculate on the reasons why it became significant during the Dark Ages.
  2. Why did feudalism flourish during the Medieval Ages?
  3. Crimes and punishment: how the criminals were punished for various offenses during the Middle Ages.
  4. Who were troubadours in the medieval world? Describe their role in society, their lives, and work.
  5. Explore a peasant’s life and work in Europe during the Middle Ages. How did the Black Death change it?
  6. What impact did the Quran have on medieval Europe?
  7. Games and entertainment: the different ways nobles and peasants had fun.
  8. Early medieval monastic education and how it developed over the years.
  9. Comment on the most significant historical events in the medieval period outside of Europe.
  10. What was hygiene like for nobles and peasants in the Medieval Ages?
  11. Health care in the Medieval Ages: what myths and superstition were most common during this time.
  12. The history of knighthood during the Middle Ages.3
There were many requirements for becoming a knight.
Source: Ancient.eu

📺 Modern History Topics

  1. The history of socialism in the 20th century and the countries that tried it.
  2. Current events in Nepal: how did the Nepalese royal massacre affect the country’s politics?
  3. What led to the collapse of the British Empire? Elaborate on the event’s historical background and immediate effects.
  4. Trade Union movements in North America: their background and impact on the US.
  5. Explore how Gandhi contributed to India’s independence and his lasting effect on the country’s society.
  6. The history of China in 1912-1949: the rise and fall of the Republic of China.
  7. What were the most crucial military alliances in the first half of the 1900s? Why?
  8. How did events of the 20th century impact Jamaica?
  9. The instances of genocide in modern world history and its impact on future generations.
  10. Examine astrology’s role in modern European History and how it changed.
  11. The history of modern mathematical theory.
  12. How did human rights evolve over the 20th century? Focus on the key events that changed the discourse.
  13. What is the American dream in modern society?
  14. The Graffiti Art: the history of the movement and why some people consider it as vandalism.
  15. The background of the democratic movement in Hong Kong.
  16. Analyze how the Cold War influences current events in the US.

👀 How to Find Sources For History Research Paper?

Finding the right sources for any academic paper is critical. You need them to prove the legitimacy of your work. Good sources provide you with information and improve your critical thinking.

Tutors judge the references by the organization, collection, and presentation of the evidence.

There are two types of sources: primary and secondary.

Primary sources are materials, which were made during the time of a studied subject. They include literature written by the participants of events. It can be personal (correspondence, diaries) or more official (interviews, newspapers, official statements.)

Secondary sources are materials written post-factum by non-participants. Usually, they analyze the issue and use evidence from primary sources. The most common secondary sources are scholarship works.

To detect a good history source, you have to ask a few questions:

  • Who created the source? Is this an accredited author?
  • When and where was it created? Is it outdated? Are there any other similar sources produced during this time? Is it a product that relies on the place or time context of its creation?
  • For whom did they produce this source? What is the target audience? What purposes does the source serve?
  • How does this source compare to other sources? Do they overlap or contradict each other? Does it contribute anything to your research?
Sir Francis Bacon's quote.

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