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  1. Industrialization after the Civil War
    This work explains how the industrial workers and farmers organized themselves in response to industrialization in the United States of America after the civil war.
  2. Industrialization and transformation in Thomas W. Hanchett’s and Paul Johnson works
    For instance, the cities in the United States of America have similar history in terms of transformation and the role of industrialization in the formation of neighborhoods.
  3. 19th Century Industrialization, Technologies, and Business Strategies
    Properly chosen technologies and business strategies turned out to be a significant point in industrialization at the end of 19th century and promoted quicker exchange of information and services, more qualitative and durable products: opening […]
  4. Rapid Economic Growth and Industrialization in Japan
    In Asia, Japan was the first country to exhibit a marked positive growth after the damage caused to the nation following the world war.
  5. Impact of Industrialization and Colonization on Both the British and Indian People
    The influence of the Great Britain was widely witnessed through colonization of other countries and domination of world affairs. This paper discusses the impact of industrialization and colonization on both the Indians and British people […]
  6. Impact of Industrialization on America
    Advantage the United States in the Area of Management for this Business America had several advantages in the area of management of the railway industry. Therefore, railway was the fastest and reliable means of transport, […]
  7. The Impact of Rapid Industrialization on Life Expectancy
    Based on the results of the examination, it was shown in this paper that exposure to subpar food safety standards as well as pollution through rapid industrialization has significantly impacted the life expectancy of local […]
  8. The Role of Industrialization in Development Economics
    A developed country on the contrary is defined as a country which has the potential of providing its citizens with a healthy safe and free environment to live in.besides the parameters mentioned above, international monetary […]
  9. The Industrialization Era
    Aspects such as gender and race were rarely used to group people because a large proportion of the population was focused on taking advantage of industrialization.
  10. Western Industrialization Socio-Economic Impacts
    Industrialization in the 18th century led to adoption of mechanized farming as a new economic venture. Moreover, industrialization in the 18th century was unable to contain the oppression of the poor.
  11. Industrialization and computerization in entrepreneurship
    As much as Twitter is a suitable social site for the advertisement of products and services by entrepreneurs, it also has some limitations that make it difficult for the entrepreneurs to get the desired effect.
  12. Canadian Industrialization
    Most studies on the development of the Canadian economy suggest that the industrialization of Canada did not take place until the twentieth century.
  13. Industrialization and Modern Economic Growth in India and China
    The other theory suggests that the de-industrialization of Indias economy was a result of the British victory in foreign markets for cottage made manufactures, followed by its penetration in the India’s home market with cheap […]
  14. Views on Industrialization of A.Carnegie and H.George
    His early involvement in the business life of influential people allowed him to get to know the ways of the industry and trade and this was his strong point.
  15. Industrialization of Mexico
    Additionally, the founding of the Americas in the 16th century paved the way for the development of new products resulting in the creation of new markets for both primary and manufactured goods on the scale […]
  16. Industrialization and Changes of Western History
    The history of industrialization dates back to the period beginning from around 1760 up until its peak in the mid 1800s and it is historically known as the industrial revolution.
  17. Substitution Industrialization and Multinational Corporations
    The aim of import substitution industrialization is to safeguard local industries by forbidding the importation of traditional consumer products. 2 The wave of import substitution industrialization in the United States and Europe took place in […]
  18. Industrialization and Westward Expansion
    This could only be undertaken through the acquisition of more land and the availability of labor, which was provided by the slaves.
  19. Germany’s History: Impediments to Continental Industrialization
    Among some of the chief barriers to economic growth and industrialization in Germany after the Napoleonic wars included, breakdown of trade between the states in Germany, interruption of communication between the German states and Germany […]
  20. Industrialization Influence on American Workers
    In the articles presented by DiLorenzo, Dubofsky, and Blackmon, the focus is on defining the impact of industrialization on the American workers in terms of labor conditions, wages, machinery, and standards of living.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Industrialization

  1. Export-Oriented Industrialization and Its Principles
    This economic policy has been described as one of the factors that contributed to the development of many less advanced countries that were able to raise their standards of living.
  2. Industrialization After the American Civil War
    Industrialization that occurred in the USA in the 19th-20th centuries changed the face of the country. At the same time, development of business, unfair practices of entrepreneurs and various deadly accidents led to creation of […]
  3. Industrialization: The US Between 1865 and 1920
    Industrialization enabled many countries to become highly developed and prosperous, and the USA was one of the countries that benefited most from this period, as it turned from a colony into one of the most […]
  4. Great Britain Industrialization Reasons
    The industrialization was inevitable in Britain because: Britain has already been one of the leading countries in the world. In the following paper, the background and significance of the industrialization will be discussed.
  5. Industrialization, Urbanization, and Migration
    The beginning of the Industrial Revolution is shown both in the article and the book focusing on terrible working conditions in the factories.
  6. Industrialization, Enlightenment, French Revolution
    Human history has been shaped greatly by three periods: The industrial revolution, the period of enlightenment, the French revolution, and finally the period of protest and revolution 1815-1850.
  7. Industrialization Input to US Economic Development
    It is widely known that industrialization caused the rapid development and growth of the manufacturing segment in the United States of America due to the optimization of the production process.
  8. Industrialization Period After the American Civil War
    The leadership roles of authority, through the government, took the responsibility of promoting peaceful relationship and mobilization among the Americans. The introduction of the new business opportunities from the traders were affected by the disruption […]
  9. Sustainable Development and Industrialization
    As a result, sustainability can be discussed in terms of the modern economy, the globalizing trading relationships, the rapidly developing field of technology that tends to produce adverse effects on the environments, the global society’s […]
  10. American Industrialization, Romanticism and Civil War
    In the article, the Romantic Movement Romantic impulse meant the liberation of the Americans to a point of freedom regarding respect and love.
  11. Industrialization in the United States of America
    The Knights of Labor was one of the first attempts to underline how unfair the conditions for work were and how terrible the employers’ treatment was.
  12. Industrialization and Factory Systems
    The second industrial revolution took place in the mid 19th century after the invention of the steam engine and electricity as well as the construction of canals, power lines, and railways, and the invention of […]
  13. Civil War Effect on American Industrialization
    The “Beard-Hacker Thesis” had become the most widely accepted interpretation of the economic impact of the Civil War which believed that the impact of the war on American industrialization was profound.
  14. Women and Industrialization: Historical Experiences
    Nevertheless, one can observe general trends reflecting the position of females and males in the labor market and their social roles based on the values and traditions existing in society.
  15. Industrialization: Boom or Bust?
    This paper will examine the effects of industrialization on different segments of European society and the types of inventions that made the industrial revolution possible.
  16. Industrialization and Imperialism in America
    The post-war era became a period of the tremendous growth of industries and modern businesses; giving the nation a new economic and political power both locally and abroad.
  17. Capitalism and Industrialization in the “Communist Manifesto” by Marx
    In fact, the Communist Manifesto is clear in indicating that industrialization was a process that led to the overall improvement of society in doing away with the hardships of the majority of the population.
  18. Jonathan Prude: Capitalism, Industrialization, Factory
    The aspects of historical industrialization were based on rural capitalism of the North-West regions and the co-existence of nonprofit factories along with private properties makes it difficult to understand the milieu of the factory of […]
  19. Industrialization According to Marx and Engels
    According to them Industrialization increased the divide between the rich and the poor and shackled the poor to the chains of servility and penury.
  20. The Telephone and Industrialization
    The problem with the telegraph was that it needed operators to carry out the interpretation of the messages that were coded and passed over a wire.
  21. Industrialization Matter to the Disabled as a Social Group
    In the past decade, this group of people was considered less important in the industrialization sector; the historians studied the importance of having the disabled in the industry.

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