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  1. The Agricultural Revolution: from the Neolithic Age to a New Era of Agricultural Growth
    The discovery of tools is recognized to be one of the most important events of human development, as it is a well-known fact that “The development of tools such as flint points, axes, weapons such […]
  2. The Impact of Groundwater Pollution on Agriculture and Its Prevention
    People have to be aware about the impact of their activities on groundwater and be able to improve the conditions, they live under, and this piece of writing will inform each reader about each detail […]
  3. Addressing Concerns on Food and Agriculture
    Mechanization of agriculture running back to the days of the industrial revolution contributes quite a lot to increasing food production. Genetic engineering contributes considerably to the increased food production for the needs of the human […]
  4. The Difference between Agricultural Societies and Hunter-Gathers Societies in the Past
    In the course of time, people have been searching for techniques and approaches to adjust to geographical, social, and cultural environment in the past and in the modern contexts.
  5. Cultural Innovations: An Archaeological Examination of Prehistoric Economics, Agriculture and Family Life
    The type of structures made were and still are determined by the availability of building materials, the level of development of building tools, the climatic conditions, and the economic resources available to the builder.
  6. Agricultural Subsidies and Development
    In the event that the world prices is lower than the guaranteed price the government of the nation in question will make up the difference through its subsidy kit set aside for this purpose.
  7. Recycling Of Wastewater for Agricultural Use in Arid Areas
    Given that in these arid areas water is a rare commodity, recycling of wastewaters has been considered as one of the ways that can be used to increase the amount of water for irrigation for […]
  8. Agricultural Geography and the Production and Consumption of Food in British Columbia
    The impact of the disparity in the natural environment which causes variable conditions in different geographical areas is reflected in the productivity, production cost and efficiency of production.
  9. Agriculture and Genetics Disciplines Relationship
    The collapse of Crick’s theory was a setback to the genetics discipline because the foundations of genetic engineering are based on the central dogma premise.
  10. Can Genetically Modified Food Feed the World: Agricultural and Biotechnological Perspective
    Undoubtedly, the practice of tissue culture and grafting in plants is never enough to quench the scientific evidence on the power of biotechnology to improve breeding and feeding in living organisms.
  11. Agriculture Development in Economic Development
    This they attribute to the division of labour, where the workers that perform the basic, manual jobs that demand a lot of strength are the least paid, while those that perform the lightest and sophisticated […]
  12. Effects of Industrialized Agriculture
    Finally, the corporations that are involved in the process of food production are responsible for the creation of new markets for consumption and the global trade of agricultural products.
  13. Changes and its Effects Observed at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
    For instance, the main entrance was fully furnished and the stretch from the gate connecting other units of the campus was renovated.
  14. Malaria’s and Agriculture Relationship in Kenya
    This case study analyses the relationship between malaria and agriculture and some of the measures which have been put in place to lower the occurrence of the disease.
  15. Sowing Blood with the Maize: Zapotec Effigy Vessels and Agricultural Ritual
    At the very beginning, the author overviews the importance of maize for human and relates it to the peculiarities of Zapotec religion, including the description of genital bloodletting as an act of self-sacrifice to gods.
  16. Lucretius’s View about the Roman Agriculture
    This was not a mere rhetoric considering that writers on the Roman agriculture also highlighted the decline in land productivity either due to the land being old or because of humans’ failure to preserve the […]
  17. Swidden Agriculture: Shift Farming
    Although this farming technique has been efficient in the past, it has proved to be unsustainable with the current increase in the global population.
  18. Pesticides Usage on Agricultural Products in California
    Some of the aspects that must be incorporated in that report are the date of application, the amount used as used as well as the ell as the geographical location of the farm in question.
  19. Critical Review: “Food’s Footprint: Agriculture and Climate Change” by Jennifer Burney
    The ability to unravel the current quagmire surrounding the causes and effects of global warming on food and agricultural production remain the key area towards effective policy design, management application and eventual sustainability assimilation in […]
  20. Brazil Sustainable and Productive Agricultural Practices
    The country is the source of water and also a water table of up to 12% of the available freshwater worldwide the Brazil is also undoubtedly one of the leading producers of food and biofuels […]
  21. Sustainable agriculture
    It is believed that the increase in the demand for food due to the increase in global population and change in dietary habit of the population.
  22. Agricultural, Economics and Environmental Considerations of Bio-fuels
    With the end of the oil crisis at the onset of the 1980s decade, the keen interest in bio-fuels fizzled out.
  23. Application of Geography (GIS) in Biotechnology in Field of Agriculture and Environment
    According to Wyland, “the ability of GIS to analyze and visualize agricultural environments and work flows has proved to be very beneficial to those involved in the farming industry”.
  24. Agriculture versus Forestry
    Sequentially, in the endeavor to determine what type of an activity to be dedicated to a land, it is proper to comprehend how the activity would work towards maintaining an excellent ecosystem’s functionality.
  25. Managing for Sustainability: The Case of Agricultural Producers & Coal Mining in Australia
    In spite of the fact that these agricultural producers are responsible for bringing significant income to state and local budgets, and despite the fact that the agricultural producers are personally or cooperatively responsible for decreasing […]
  26. Applying ecological theory: Agricultural degradation of tropical forest ecosystems & restoration of exhausted agricultural land
    In this latter case, the conditions inhibit the recovery of the original forest and can lead to a different ecosystem. One of the human activities that are proving to be a dangerous threat to tropical […]
  27. Advices to the French Minister of Agriculture, the Head of the French Wine Industry Association and the Owners of Vineyards
    One of the major problems of the French wine industry is the incapacity to produce the cheap wine due to the climate characteristics of the region, luck of commercial interest and the low support of […]
  28. Agricultural Modernization in Third World Countries
    Due to underdevelopment in third world countries, the state considered the need for integrated rural development to reduce poverty in rural areas.
  29. Human Development. Role of Agriculture. Importance of Technology and Foreign Aid in Mozambique
    The access to wage labor, which enhances the state of agriculture and the whole country, depends on the people’s education. The rapid development of the agriculture is connected with foreign investments and earnings, as they […]
  30. Agricultural Subsidies in the United States and the EU
    The main purpose of this paper is to conduct a comparative analysis of the similarities and differences between the US and the EU agricultural subsidies.
  31. Organic Agriculture – Business Model Canvas
    The products of suppliers of farm inputs will determine the quality of the organic foodstuffs that will be produced by the company.
  32. The Agricultural Policy in European Union and the United State of America
    To achieve the main aim of the study, the third objective will be to analyse the common agricultural policy in the European Union and its effects on the member countries with the use of Germany, […]
  33. The Indian Agriculture Sector
    Given the significance of the agricultural sector to the economy, the government introduced the 11th five-year plan to provide support and incentives to farmers and other stakeholders in order to enhance production of food.
  34. Organic Agriculture in the United Arab Emirates
    The business plan will shed light on the business idea, the value proposition, and the technology that will be required to operate the business.
  35. Hydroponics in Agriculture
    These different setups have the same idea of hydroponics growing but the difference comes in the type of medium used in the growing and the state of the nutrient solution.
  36. Potential Reduction in Irrigation Water Through the Use of Water-Absorbent Polymers in Agriculture in UAE
    The purpose of this study is to focus on the possibility of the use of super absorbent polymers in agriculture in other parts of the world too with an aim of reducing water used in […]
  37. Vicious Cycle: The Flipside of Brazil’s Agricultural Expansionist Policies
    But more importantly, environmental policymakers in Brazil should realize that another vicious cycle between economic development and income distribution will set in the near future as long as farmers in North-East regions of the country […]
  38. Impact of policies on the practice of urban agriculture in Los Angeles
    This paper looks at the city of Los Angeles and the practice of urban agriculture as a case study to enable the exploration of some of the components of climate change coupled with how political […]

💡 Most Agriculture Addiction Topics to Write About

  1. Agricultural Studies: The Kuwaiti Pineapple
    People who meet me at their life paths are inclined to experience similar emotions and feelings while analyzing the details of my appearance and character, and my friends agree that the discussion of pineapple as […]
  2. Economic Principles: The US Agricultural Food Industry
    The overall outcome of such a supply management program is rising in production costs, consumer prices and a reduction in the capacity of US milk products to compete in the global market.
  3. Growing Pumpkins: Here’s What You Need to Know
    One way of keeping the leaves dry is by ensuring that the pumpkins are watered early in the morning to give them sufficient time to dry during the day. Microbes found in the soil contribute […]
  4. Agriculture Effects on Wild Animals
    An increase in agricultural activities has subjected a majority of the wild animals to the danger of extinction. Prior to the introduction of the mongoose in Hawaii, it was easy to find a Nene goose […]
  5. Urban Agriculture Effects on Economy
    The preparation of the journals involved conducting interviews with the urban farmers and surveys on the certainty of the farming practices.
  6. Urban Agriculture and Localization
    The increased rate of rural to urban movement has caused urban food shortage, a high cost of food, and a huge reliance on imported food, among other challenges.
  7. Intensification of Agriculture Industries in Canada and the USA
    Therefore, one should not suppose that the growth of production can be explained by the increase in the number of people who wanted to work in this industry.
  8. Use of Mobile Phones in Agricultural Extension
    This indicates that the use of mobile phones in agriculture may lead to an increase in prices so as to enable farmers to maximize their returns.
  9. Agricultural Industries in Australia
    The Commonwealth of Australia is situated in Oceania and is “the world’s sixth-largest country”. This is at least partially the result of the historical development of the country.
  10. Agricultural Pesticide Negative Impacts
    The presence of pesticide residues in water, air, and the food is considered the main consequence of the neglectful use of pesticides in agriculture as it puts a serious risk to the safety of people […]
  11. Agriculture Improvement: The US Farm Bill
    Nadine Lehrer, who has been studying the bill, asserts, “The bill was developed in the wake of 1930’s farm crisis to bring farm incomes up to the par with the required minimum incomes”.
  12. Energy Problems in the Agriculture Sector
    From the start, I recognized that using the diesel generator was not the most effective way to solve the power needs of the farm.
  13. Exchange Rates Impact on the Australian Agriculture
    The random trend in the foreign exchange market is a macroeconomic issue that has significant implications on the export market prices and the appreciation of the Australian dollar.
  14. Management Accounting in Agriculture
    The farming industry of the nature of John and Mary falls in this category however with such a management accounting system like the one portrayed, then the management is likely to be more easy and […]
  15. Canadian Small Agricultural Business and Its Trends
    Some of the misconceptions are illustrated in the report are that the sector is shrinking with no modernization and innovation. In reality, the study showed that over 95% of the farmers in Canada take measures […]
  16. Urban Agricultural Impact on Human Life
    One major characteristic of urban agriculture that differentiates it from rural agriculture is the integration of agriculture in the urban economic and ecological system.
  17. Native Americans’ History, Farming, Agriculture
    Nowadays, the task of primary importance is to educate the society and convey the idea that the rich past of the American Indians should be remembered.
  18. Agricultural Nutrient Pollution and Its Reduction
    The solutions that have been proposed for the issue are varied: there is the possibility of upgrading farms with the help of better technologies, controlling the use of fertilizers and waste discharge with the help […]
  19. American Agriculture in “Food Inc.” Documentary
    My decision to use the film for the assignment was based on the fact that I had watched it before and was highly influenced by it.
  20. Culture and Agriculture: Nature and Significance Understanding
    Seeing that agriculture shapes the society and defines the course of its further development, promoting the ideas of environmentalism and sustainability, it will be reasonable to assume that agriculture belongs to the domain of cultures.
  21. Construction Control Inspector in Agriculture
    The job description by the Natural Resource Conservation Service for the construction control inspector position is accurate in the description of the duties and tasks that may be required.
  22. Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest
    The large variety of marine and terrestrial resources made agriculture the secondary food source and allowed for the development of storage-based subsistence economy in the Pacific Northwest, especially in Oregon.
  23. Urban Agriculture in Chicago: Pros and Cons
    The climatic changes that have adversely affected the ability of farmers in the rural areas to generate high yields in their farms have led to a reduction in the number of fresh products reaching the […]
  24. Environmental Health and Agricultural Hazards
    OSHA contributes to environmental health, as it attracts attention to the fact that a lot of people are injured and killed on farms.
  25. Genetically Modified Organisms in Canadian Agriculture
    The primary goal of the public engagement initiative is to come up with practical solutions to the challenges facing the adoption of GMOs in Canadian agriculture. The project will inform and consult the citizens to […]
  26. The Olmec and the Inca Civilizations Agriculture Practices
    The aim of this paper is to compare the lifestyles and achievements of the Olmec and the Inca civilizations. The creation of the civilization was instigated by the fact that local alluvial soil was well […]
  27. Jethro Tull as a Change Agent in the Agriculture
    First, he told his people to be more exact and throw seeds to the whole, but his commands were ignored. In order to prove the effectiveness of his methods, he did not use manure for […]
  28. Australian Economy: Agriculture, Industry and Services
    Most of the responsibility for the upsurge lies on the technological advancement of the industry that drives the growth and productivity.
  29. Current Condition of Australian Agriculture
    The current situation in the agricultural sphere is one of the critical drivers for the need for government intervention and the development of new reforms.
  30. Agriculture and Farming in Abu Dhabi
    Many researches have been done on soil taxonomy in the UAE, with the invention of a non-absorbent type of soil that was one of the breakthroughs that have greatly influenced agriculture in Abu Dhabi.
  31. Yara vs. Southern Agricultural Corridor of Tanzania
    At the same time, the approaches of both companies to maintaining high market positions are different, and the purpose of this work is to analyze the strategies applied by Yara and SAGCOT to ensure interest […]
  32. Agriculture and Regulations in African Countries
    This work is aimed at determining the significance of agriculture in African countries, the main features of the regulation of this field, as well as the causes leading to a failure in a traditional developmental […]
  33. Big Data and Agriculture
    Big Data is expected to feed the world in the future by analyzing large volumes of data associated with predicting the weather, finding appropriate regions for farming and agriculture, and eliminating possible adverse outcomes.
  34. Farmers and Their Role in the American Agriculture
    The recent changes in the world’s largest countries’ economies can be a good illustration of the exclusive role of agriculture which can enable a state to play an important role in the world.
  35. Agricultural Policies in African and Asian Countries
    Agriculture is the largest contributor to the GDP in most countries accounting for 32% of the GDP. Agriculture is the main source of income for the majority of the population.
  36. Agricultural Products vs. Animal Rights Dilemma
    A while back I was looking for a summer job and I was able to get one in the farms that rear chicken for their eggs and meat.
  37. Agricultural Issues in the “Food Inc.” Documentary
    One of the reasons is that large corporations can launch a mass-scale production of food, and therefore, they can dictate pricing policies to the small farmers, who, in their turn, have to work with these […]
  38. Argentina-Kenya International Trade in Agriculture
    The use of manual labor and inefficient production processes can be considered as one of the main reasons behind the sheer “glut” of workers in the agricultural industry and, as such, this shows one area […]

📌 Simple & Easy Agriculture Essay Titles

  1. The Agricultural Revolutions: Timeline, Causes, Inventions
    This revolution prevented food emergencies in Latin America and Asia during the 1970s and 1980s. However, the revolution was not a successful tactic in ending global food shortage and hunger.
  2. Agricultural Issues in the Global South
    The latter has ensured that food is produced in plenty and that the citizens do not starve at the expense of cash crops.
  3. “The Political Economy of Agricultural Transition” by Rozelle and Swinnen
    Other important highlights of the article include the motivations behind the actor’s push for economic reform in China and the Soviet Union.
  4. Agricultural Policies in the EU vs. the US
    It is the position of this paper concerning the European Union, and the United States, particularly in the light of the political implications on policymaking in the Agricultural Sectors, that both the EU’s Common Agricultural […]
  5. Climate Impacts on Agriculture: Implications for Crop Production
    One of the most important learning points in this article is the relationship between water consumption in crops and levels of carbon dioxide.
  6. Common Agricultural Policy in the EU
    The number of funds that were being used for the payments was proposed to be used in developing the countryside through the establishment of a budget for rural development.
  7. Agricultural Policy in the European Union and the USA
    The position of this thesis on the EU and the US, particularly in the light of the political implications on policy-making in the Agricultural Sectors is that both the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and the […]
  8. Agriculture: “Prep Your Pivot for Winter” by Birt
    The TL irrigation company runs the “the Caveat to winter Pivot Maintenance” program. The dealers who represent the TL Irrigation company receive adequate training on how to service and maintain the equipment.
  9. Agriculture: “Getting Sprayed Starting Over” by Shepherd
    They are currently rectifying the affected parts of the farm to get rid of the contamination. The Editor should offer more insight on how to avoid such violations.
  10. Agriculture: “Yield Prospects by Land and Air” by Schafer
    The crop tour allows farmers to participate in learning a lot during their visits. The editors of the article, however, failed to share what the farmers learned at the tour despite the delayed corn.
  11. Pesticide Ban and Its Effects on US Agriculture
    The findings of the research also challenged the notion that a ban on insecticides would help the environment. Sam is whether to protect the lives that can be lost through the harmful effects of the […]
  12. A Technique for Controlling Plant Characteristics: Genetic Engineering in the Agriculture
    A cautious investigation of genetic engineering is required to make sure it is safe for humans and the environment. The benefit credited to genetic manipulation is influenced through the utilization of herbicide-tolerant and pest-safe traits.
  13. Smart Farming and Sustainable Agriculture
    Smart farming allows for a wide range of options, from robotization and satellite imagery to the Internet of Things and the blockchain technology that increases the efficiency of crop cultivation by optimizing the use of […]
  14. Agricultural Revolution and Changes to Ancient Societies in Terms of the State, Urbanization, and Labor
    This made the climate and soil more adaptable to plant growth and farming as some of the wild variants of barley and fruit began to grow in the region on their own.
  15. Weather Tracking and Effects on Agriculture
    The success of weather forecasting to meet the needs of different stakeholders depends on the tools and technologies put in place.
  16. Soil Degradation as an Issue Facing Agriculture
    The most informative indicators of purely hydrological degradation of soils are a decrease in the total moisture capacity of the soil and a reduction in the lowest moisture capacity of the soil, which characterizes the […]
  17. Social Capital in Agriculture and Rural Development
    The first usage of this term is traced back to 1899 when John Dewey made the first direct mainstream use of the term social capital in the book, “The school and the society”.
  18. World Trade as the Adjustment Mechanism of Agriculture to Climate Change by Julia & Duchin
    The significant value of the article under consideration consists in the authors’ presenting a new methodological framework for the evaluation of a trade as the stated mechanism and its use for analysis of changes in […]
  19. Libyan Agricultural Infrastructure Analysis
    The telecommunications network in Libya is in the process of being modernized. The development of agricultural infrastructure has played a big role in alleviating poverty in this nation.
  20. Should Common Agricultural Policy Be Reformed?
    So with the CAP policy, it is sending a strong message to the world in that it is through the CAP policy that our farmers will be in a position to strongly compete with world […]
  21. Agricultural Exposure to Arsenic
    Lung cancer from breathing arsenic is an occupational disease for workers in the smelting industry and the arsenic pesticide manufacturing industry.
  22. Organic Farming and Agriculture
    Those combinations that are selected will constitute the best part of the genetic make-up of subsequent generations, resulting in the development of ecotypes adapted to local ecological conditions. On the whole, yield performance of organic […]
  23. The Debate on Conventional vs. Alternative Agricultural Approaches
    The fundamental shift in contents is the pro-ecological balance thrust of the alternative agriculture methods which are in direct contrast to the traditional methods.
  24. Macroeconomic Changes and Its Impact on the Agricultural Sector
    Formerly, the growth in the agricultural sector of the United States had been quite unpredictable. The rate of economic growth has a significant impact on the demand for agricultural products in the United States.
  25. Common Agricultural Policy in Italy
    One of the latter is the so called Common Agricultural Policy implemented by the EU officials in 2003 to develop for the coming decades and ensure the equal development of the agricultural spheres of all […]
  26. Environmental Degradation and the Use of Technology in the Agricultural Sector
    According to the United Nations Environmental Program, environmental degradation is the term used to refer to the destruction of the environment through the exhaustion f natural resources such as air water, and soil along with […]
  27. Immigrant Labor Force in the Agricultural Sectors Problem
    The topic of immigrant labor has been discussed since the agricultural industry faced the problems of farm labor shortage.”Since World War I, the Congress has allowed the use of temporary foreign workers to perform agricultural […]
  28. Changes in Agriculture in the Next 25 Years
    The most dramatic change will be the lives and lifestyles of the farmers that will in the next 25 years be the envy of urban folks.
  29. The Impact of Geography on Agriculture: Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
    Due to the fact that the river overrode the Ethiopian lowland, the inclined gradient of the River Nile sent the water torrent which overflowed the river banks resulting in over flooding of the river.
  30. Agriculture and Environment: Organic Foods
    Nitrogen has various effects on the food supply, and it’s present in the soil in the form of nitrates and nitrites.
  31. Financial Profile of Oman Agriculture Development Company
    Although the year 2008 has been the most beneficial for the company, yet in comparison to the year 2009, the company has managed to improve the figures in 2010.
  32. The Idea of an Agricultural Electric Tractor
    It is important to analyze and provide a demonstration of how the electric tractor will operate and the principles behind it.
  33. History of Agriculture in the American West
    The introduction of electric and gasoline-powered machinery, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides made agriculture one of the main sources of income for West America.
  34. The Main Objective of DNA Fingerprinting in Agriculture
    Therefore, the main objective of DNA fingerprinting in agriculture is to overcome the limitation of insufficient dissimilarity among prior genotypes and come up with the best ideas to discover new molecular markers and collect data […]
  35. Agricultural Sector: The Use of Drones
    Thompson states that the application of drones in agriculture, specifically in the United Kingdom, can promote the enhancement of the crops and reduce the usage of pesticides.
  36. Sprinkler Drones in the Agricultural Sector
    The introduction of drones in agriculture is expected to solve the problem of the shifting structure of the workforce in agriculture.
  37. Impacts of E-Commerce on Agriculture
    An analysis can be done to the decision-makers in the industry, agricultural and food products, business processes, firms as well as the interaction that results in the marketplaces, the structure of the market and the […]

❓ Agriculture Essay Questions

  1. Does Agriculture Help Poverty and Inequality Reduction?
  2. How Can Caribbean Agriculture Reach Its Potential?
  3. Can Conservation Agriculture Improve Crop Water Availability in an Erratic Tropical Climate Producing Water Stress?
  4. How Did Government Affect Agriculture?
  5. Does Agriculture Matter?
  6. Are African Households Leaving Agriculture?
  7. How Can Multifunctional Agriculture Support a Transition to a Green Economy in Africa?
  8. Does Crop Insurance Influence Commercial Crop Farm Decisions to Expand?
  9. Can Geographical Indications Modernize Indonesian and Vietnamese Agriculture?
  10. Does Education Enhance Productivity in Smallholder Agriculture?
  11. Where and How Can a Debate About Non-safety Related Issues of Genome Editing in Agriculture Take Place?
  12. Does Group Affiliation Increase Productivity and Efficiency in Russia’s Agriculture?
  13. Can Integrated Agriculture-Nutrition Programs Change Gender Norms on Land and Asset Ownership?
  14. Does Off-Farm Employment Contribute to Agriculture-Based Environmental Pollution?
  15. Are Mega-Farms the Future of Global Agriculture?
  16. Does Oil Palm Agriculture Help Alleviate Poverty?
  17. Can Agriculture Support Climate Change Adaptation, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation, and Rural Livelihoods?
  18. Does Organic Agriculture Lead to Better Health Among Organic and Conventional Farmers in Thailand?
  19. Are Non-exporters Locked Out of Foreign Markets Because of Low Productivity?
  20. Does Urban Proximity Enhance Technical Efficiency in Agriculture?
  21. How Does Biological Control Contribute to Sustainable Agriculture?
  22. Can Climate Interventions Open up Space for Transformation?
  23. Are Production Technologies Associated with Agri-Environmental Programs More Eco-Efficient?
  24. Can Conservation Agriculture Save Tropical Forests?
  25. Does Agriculture Generate Local Economic Spillovers?
  26. Can Sustainable Agriculture Feed Africa?
  27. How Can African Agriculture Adapt to Climate Change?
  28. Why Are Cooperatives Important in Agriculture?
  29. Who Influences Government Spending in Agriculture?
  30. What Does Climate Change Mean for Agriculture in Developing Countries?

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