Climate Change Essay, Research Paper Examples

Key Points to Use to Write an Outstanding Climate Change Essay

A climate change essay is familiar to most students who learn biology, ecology, and politics. In order to write a great essay on climate change, you need to explore the topic in great detail and show your understanding of it.

This article will provide you with some key points that you could use in your paper to make it engaging and compelling.

First of all, explore the factors contributing to climate change. Most people know that climate change is associated with pollution, but it is essential to examine the bigger picture. Consider the following questions:

  • What is the mechanism by which climate change occurs?
  • How do the activities of large corporations contribute to climate change?
  • Why is the issue of deforestation essential to climate change?
  • How do people’s daily activities promote climate change?

Secondly, you can focus on solutions to the problems outlined above.

Climate change essay topics often provide recommendations on how individuals and corporations could reduce their environmental impact. These questions may help to guide you through this section:

  • How can large corporations decrease the influence of their operations on the environment?
  • Can you think of any examples of corporations who have successfully decreased their environmental footprint?
  • What steps can people take to reduce pollution and waste as part of their daily routine?
  • Do you believe that trends such as reforestation and renewable energy will help to stop climate change? Why or why not?
  • Can climate change be reversed at all, or is it an inescapable trend?

In connection with these topics, you could also discuss various government policies to address climate change. Over the past decades, many countries enacted laws to reduce environmental damage. There are plenty of ideas that you could address here:

  • What are some famous national policies for environmental protection?
  • Are laws and regulations effective in protecting the environment? Why or why not?
  • How do environmentally-friendly policies affect individuals and businesses?
  • Are there any climate change graphs that show the effectiveness of national policies for reducing environmental damage?
  • How could government policies on climate change be improved?

Despite the fact that there is definite proof of climate change, the concept is opposed by certain politicians, business persons, and even scientists.

You could address the opposition to climate change in your essay and consider the following:

  • Why do some people think that climate change is not real?
  • What is the ultimate proof of climate change?
  • Why is it beneficial for politicians and business persons to argue against climate change?
  • Do you think that climate change is a real issue? Why or why not?

The impact of ecological damage on people, animals, and plants is the focus of most essay titles on global warming and climate change. Indeed, describing climate change effects in detail could earn you some extra marks. Use scholarly resources to research these climate change essay questions:

  • How has climate change impacted wildlife already?
  • If climate change advances at the same pace, what will be the consequences for people?
  • Besides climate change, what are the impacts of water and air pollution?
    What does the recent United Nations’ report on climate change say about its effects?
  • In your opinion, could climate change lead to the end of life on Earth? Why or why not?

Covering at least some of the points discussed in this post will help you write an excellent climate change paper! Don’t forget to search our website for more useful materials, including a climate change essay outline, sample papers, and much more!

Causes and Effects of Climate Changes

The negative effects of climate change grow with time and threaten the very existence of both human beings and our planet’s unique biodiversity. Climate change is the transformation in the distribution patterns of weather or changes in average weather conditions of a place or the whole world over long periods. The change can be positive, […]

Climate Change and its Effects on Indigenous Peoples

Introduction Some scientists and commentators are currently convinced there are changes in climatic conditions across the globe. According to researchers, climate change across the Polar Regions is the highest when compared with other regions across the globe. The rate of climate change is very rapid in the North. It is causing enormous ecological, physical, sociological, […]

Asian Drivers of Global Change

Introduction Great global economical vibrancy has been witnessed in the Asian region in the recent past. This has led to a group of nations in this region developing into economic powerhouses that command global trade markets and policies. Dynamic Asian economies have earned themselves the name “Asian Drivers of Global Change” due to new energy […]

The Causes and Effects of Climate Change in the US

Introduction Climate change refers to a “statistically significant variation in either the mean state of the climate or in its variability, persisting for an extended period”. In the last century, the temperature of the earth rose by 1.40F. In the United States, atmospheric temperature rose by 20F in the last five decades. Additionally, the country’s […]

Ideology of Economic Discourse in Climate Change

Findings Section While developing a rhetorical genre-based approach to analyzing coalitions’ ideologies, it is imperative to define how specific social functions of environmental and economic views are realized in terms of discourse structure. At this point, the ideologies of a climate change advocators and climate change skeptics are disguised by rhetoric devices that serve to […]

The Role of Behavioural Economics in Energy and Climate Policy

Introduction “Can the insights of behavioural economics help fight climate change?” (Gunther 2009, p. 1). The above statement describes the question most economists have asked themselves as they try to formulate sound policy recommendations regarding energy and climate change. The behavioural economic approach is considered unique to other conventional energy and climate change policies because […]

The Economic Cost of Climate Change Effects

Introduction Climate change refers to a lasting and significant change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns. This can occur over a long period of time, from decades to millions of years (Parry 2007). Although climate change may affect a specific region, on the other hand, it can also affect the entire globe. Because the […]

Climate change: Floods in Queensland Australia

Over the recent past, the issue of climatic change has raised major concern about the well being of the recent as well as the future generation. One of the main issues that have significantly contributed in climatic change is the destruction of the environment. This has impacted negatively on economic activities like mining which plays […]

Climate Change as a Global Security Threat

Climate change is one of the major concerns of humanity. Thousands of scientists try to find the necessary solutions. However, the issue is not only scientific puzzle any more. Security professionals agree that “climate change is real, and it is a real problem” (Sturm 2009, 1). Reputedly, climate change will lead to energy shortage, food […]

Impact of Climate Change and Solutions

Introduction All over the world, the security of individuals, societies and states is increasingly threatened by environmental degradation. These threats are majorly man made arising from the way man misuses the natural resources. The threats are many and they are varied across the globe. The developing countries face severe problems for example drought, desertification, flooding […]

Report on Climate Change and its Global Implications in Hospitality and Tourism

Summary These days, climate change has become one of the most urgent questions, especially for sectors that are dependent on the environment, such us tourism, for example: “weather and climate have a strong influence on the tourism” (Scott, 2003, p. 1). This paper presents and discusses the issues concerning the relationships between the climate change […]

The negative effects of climate change in cities

Introduction Climate change is one of the many factors that have caused negative effects in the urban areas of many countries (Hunt & Watkiss 2011). This essay outlines three problems that are caused by climate change and also evaluates the effectiveness of mitigation, adaptation, and planning strategies in addressing the problems. Three Problems of Climate […]

Negative Impacts of Climate Change in the Urban Areas and Possible Strategies to Address Them

Introduction Climate change is indisputable and in the absence of considerable changes in policy, the trend is bound to continue. The global emissions of gases, along with the associated climate change, will undoubtedly result in widespread economic costs and impacts across diverse regions and sectors. Hunt and Watkiss (2011) have underscored the increasing acknowledgement of […]

Climate Changes: Snowpack

One of the Most Urgent Environmental Issues Environmentalists have been trying to draw public’s attention to the problems associated with the climate change for decades. Nonetheless, people used to turn their backs on this problem as they kept saying that scientists were exaggerating. Now lots of people can literally feel the changes which have been […]

Climate change and consumption: which way the wind blows in Indiana

People have always been taking nature for granted. Although nature supplies all the necessary resources for people to survive, up until recently there has been little respect towards nature. However, even nowadays, a phenomenon known as consumption still makes the relationships between people and nature complicated. Because of high rates of consumption in the state […]

The United Nation’s response to climate change

Introduction After years of releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere, the global climatic trends have been disrupted leading to a rise in incidents of undesirable conditions like drought (Marsh and Henrik 2000). Climate change has reached alarming levels and, over time, countries have come out to declare their intention to deal with the issues. This […]

Global Climate Change

Introduction According to Burroughs (2), Climate change is defined the alteration of the weather patterns of a particular place over a long period of time. This alteration can be traced by measuring the weather phenomenon under parameters such as temperature, precipitation and wind patterns. This climate change can only be proven by comparing the climatic […]

The Key Drivers of Climate Change

Introduction The issue of climate change has raised a lot of concern among various companies and government across the world because its effects impacts on all of us. A 2004 estimate by Swiss Re indicated that the total cost of natural disaster as a result of climate change is likely to increase two-folds to reach […]

Climate Change and Renewable Energy Options

Introduction There is a lack of access to energy in most of the world states. This has for quite a long time been the problem to economic development in these world countries. Statistics show that only 31 percent of the Sub-Saharan countries use electricity, with only 10 percent in the rural areas. Besides the energy […]

Biology of climate change

There is sufficient evidence that recent climate change is a result of human activities. “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal; as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global mean sea level (L9).” The presence of excessive greenhouse gases […]

Social Concepts and Climate Change

Introduction Climate change is probably the biggest threat to societies and communities. While skeptics hold the notion that climate change is overrated and non-existent, proponents articulate that effects of climate are already apparent. Studies have revealed that climate change is in fact a major cause of diseases, famines and droughts experienced in different parts of […]

Climate change and extreme weather conditions

Climate change has been widely discussed in all aspects. In this regard, the latest global heat wave rekindled the debate on climate change. Proponents of climate change argue that human activities are to be blamed for the current global climate change. Essentially, human activities are cited as the major cause of global warming. The Intergovernmental […]

Climate change and human health

Introduction The world is progressively being charged with resolving very difficult policy problems, which are particularly the problems of climate change and human health. Working out or handling these universal problems successfully demands a re-evaluation of some of the conventional techniques currently being employed. Fruitful handling of the issue of climate change and human health […]

Climate Change: The Complex Issue of Global Warming

Introduction Global warming has emerged as one of the most important and complex global issues facing the international community. This phenomenon has led to climate change that has caused many negative impacts to the environment. The international community has come to a realization that it must pay greater attention to this problem. This paper will […]

Tourism and Climate Change Problem

Introduction Tourism is regarded as one of the biggest industries of the modern world based on the amount of asset, money transacted and capital ownership. However the large infrastructural resources and resources that this industry requires like waste usage, waste management and energy have been having damaging impact on the communities around the facilities and […]

Climate Change: Impact of Carbon Emissions to the Atmosphere

Introduction Extreme use of natural resources has had adverse effect on human development and the world as a whole. This has led to global warming and the effects felt in various sectors of development within different economies including biodiversity. Countries have come together to create common environmental policies that aim at controlling the increased level […]

Problems of climate change

A lot of efforts are being made to curb the challenges of climate change at all levels of governance including the state and local ones. The federal government is a key player in the adaptation of effective coordination towards the climatic change. It is for this reason that the federal government agencies are coming forth […]

Climate change is the biggest challenge in the world that affects the flexibility of individual specie

The film Symphony of Science – Our Biggest Challenge (Climate Change Music Video), illustrated that climate refers to the average weather pattern of a planet or region over time. Its key components are temperature and precipitation. Furthermore, climate of any particular location is affected by latitude, terrain, surface cover, and ocean temperatures. The climate system […]

Article Review: Climate Changes

The Article “Global Warming: Neglecting the Complexities” by Stephen Schneider sets out to refute the views expressed by Bjørn Lomborg in his book “The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World”, which offers an optimistic prediction of the future of the earth’s climate conditions. Schneider begins by establishing himself as an authority on […]

Saving the Forest and Climate Changes

A global climatic change is commonly referred to as global warming. It involves the scope and pace at which a number of both physical and chemical changes take place in the world altering the nature from its original state to a hazardous condition. This degradation in the physical environment has been suggested by numerous scientists […]

Climate Change Definition and Description

Introduction The weather patterns have changed over time. Scientists have revealed that the earth is in danger and action must be taken quickly. This is due to the impacts of climate change. Climate change may have different causes where some may be natural while others are manmade (Lambeck, 2010, p. 2). This essay will define […]

Anthropogenic Climate Change

Introduction Human activities have been gaining significant attention in climate studies for they contribute to climate change, particularly global warming. The prime cause of anthropogenic climate change is the release, into the atmosphere, of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons by varied human activities. According to Rahmstorf (2008), exponential anthropogenic emission of greenhouse […]

Climate Change Definition and Causes

Introduction Weather is known to change its pattern every now and again as observed throughout the globe. In studying the average pattern of weather, climate becomes the understudy. This average pattern usually stays the same for centuries. On the other hand, earth changes every time, with several human activities as well as natural occurrences, which […]

Climate Change Impact

Introduction There is no doubt the earth has and will continue to experience Climate Change. However, the topic of our earth’s climate is a major concern worldwide. Many people confuse climate change with global warming. Climate change is the change in global weather patterns, whereas, global warming is an increase in the world’s temperatures. But […]

Climate change: Causes and Effects

Climate is a term used to denote the patterns of weather occurring in particular regions of the globe. Climate change denotes the long-term changes in weather patterns over extended time periods. In modern times, the term has been used to describe the rapid climatic changes as a result of global warming. Climate change thus denotes […]

China Climate Change

The ever-changing global climatic condition is one of the primary concerns of all global communities, because of the prevalent effects of such changes in most global societies. Over the recent past many calamities for example, food shortages, earthquakes, floods, and extended drought spans have befall many countries whereby, the most affected are developing countries, because […]

Protecting Forests to Prevent Climate Change

Introduction Economic impetus behind environmental exploitations by developing nations in pursuit for opportunities has made conservatives to develop and implement Payment for Environmental Service programs which offer financial compensation to the nations that avoid the exploitations (OEC 90). Arguably, the most prominent scheme is REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) which is an […]

Climate change: Human impact on the environment

Introduction The activities of human beings have had serious effects on the environment. Environmental pollution, which is a direct result of human activities, is a problem that has affected a myriad of environmental aspects. Although some people may fail to understand the long-term effects of pollution like global warming, its short-term effects are easy to […]