Bullying Essay, Research Paper Examples

Tips for Writing a Bullying Essay

A bullying essay is a popular assignment in various subjects, including psychology, sociology, and education. Writing an excellent paper on the matter requires more than just in-depth research and planning. Don’t worry; there are some tips that will make writing an essay on bullying much easier:

  • Choose a topic that allows analyzing and interpreting the problem. Instead of merely describing what bullying is, try to dig deeper into its causes, consequences, and solutions. If your professor didn’t suggest any topics, you may research bullying essay topics online and select one that would be exciting for you to explore.
  • Read sample articles and papers online to see how other students approached the subject. Notice the bits that work and don’t work, and write them out to make the process of creating your essay easier. If you’re struggling with finding enough examples online, you may want to expand your search to discrimination essay topics and materials.
  • Research what scholars say about bullying. Articles in scholarly journals are an excellent source of information because they are usually trustworthy. If you’re still in school, your ability to navigate the library or online databases will also impress your tutor. As you start researching, you will find that there is a great variety of studies, and it’s challenging to find the relevant ones. Narrowing down your search would help you to do that. For instance, if you are writing a cyber bullying essay, try searching for social media bullying or online anti-bullying services.
  • Include real-life experiences where relevant. Unfortunately, bullying is a common problem in many institutions, and if you haven’t experienced it, your friends or family members probably have. If your tutor allows personal input, explore real-life experiences with bullying. Note the effects, preventive measures that worked or didn’t work, and what a person used to cope with bullying. If personal input is not allowed, you could ask your friends or relatives for ideas and then find high-quality sources that discuss similar problems.
  • If you can, be creative about it! A powerful bullying essay example draws from a variety of sources to present material in a creative way and engage readers. Hence, this might be an excellent opportunity for you to include images or graphs in your paper. For example, anti-bullying posters could complement the sections of your work that talks about solutions to the problem. Quotes about bullying coming from famous persons would also be influential, especially if you include them at the beginning of your piece. If you like drawing or painting, you could try to put some of your ideas in graphic form – this will definitely earn you some extra marks! Just make sure to check with your tutor to see whether or not creative input is allowed.
  • Structure your paper well to avoid gaps or inconsistencies. It would be beneficial to create a detailed bullying essay outline before you start working. A typical essay should include an introduction, two to three main paragraphs, and a conclusion. The first paragraph of your work should consist of some background information, whereas the last one should restate the points and close up the paper. A good bullying essay introduction should also feature a thesis statement that shows what the piece is about.

These tips will help you to write top-notch essays on bullying, as well as on related subjects. Don’t forget to browse our blog some more to find other helpful materials, including essay titles!

High School Bullying

Introduction High school bullying manifests in more ways than one. It may be perpetrated through emotional, verbal, or physical abuse. Basically, those who bully their fellow students exert some level of subtle coercion on their subjects and do it repeatedly such that they dominate their subjects in a social or physical manner (Levinson, 2002, p. […]


Many victims of relational aggression have been reluctant to self-report. Educators have experienced a difficult time to recognize this aggression. Bullying has been known for a long time to be a situation in which one boy threatens to beat another. Research has considered it to be a relational aggression. President Obama has been a victim […]

Bullying in the Workplace

Abstract Bullying in the workplace has been a huge challenge that most organizational leaders have been struggling to contain. A common feature in most organizations is a workforce where members lack mutual respect for each other, fail to cooperate, intimidate each other, and constantly looking down upon weaker members. Workplace bullying refers an unswerving pattern […]

Cyber Bullying and Its Forms

Introduction Cyber bullying is the use of the internet and communication devices like cell phones to humiliate, intimidate, harass or hurt a person (Trolley 2009, p56). The various ways of bullying via digital equipment include making and posting a false profile of someone, insulting them, sending them sexual notes or threatening them (Trolley 2009, p […]

Cyber Bullying Issue

Cyber bullying refers to threatening, lying or harassing a person through various electronic communication devices such as cell phones or computers. Cyber bullies harass their victims through emails, instant messages, text messages, blogs, and posting embarrassing information about a person to a website. Today, the issue of cyber bullying is treated as a serious problem […]

Social Influence on Bullying in Schools

Introduction There is no globally agreed definition of bullying. Tattum (1993) defines bullying as, β€œthe desire to hurt or put someone under pressure”. Bullying is the most malicious and malevolent form of deviant behavior widely practiced in schools and yet it has received only scant attention from national and local authorities (Tattum & Lane, 1998). […]

Problem of Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying refers to frequent and unfair actions aimed at upsetting some individuals or groups. These actions are intended to threaten, degrade, undermine and disgrace the targeted individual, and may even cause a risk to health of an individual. Bullying is often caused by abuse and misuse of authority. This may create feelings of defenselessness […]

Is cyber bullying against teenagers more detrimental than face-to-face bullying?

Teenagers are an extremely sensitive population. They are associated with a variety of issues especially due to the changes in hormones and transition from childhood to adulthood. Bullying is a common practice among teenagers. It entails a form of violent behavior against an individual with an aim of harassing. Cyber bullying on the other hand […]

Problem of Childhood Bullying in Modern Society

Introduction Bullying is a form of scurrilous treatment which mainly entails emotional, physical or verbal harassment directed towards people of certain levels, gender, race and religion just to mention but a few. It mainly occurs when there is imbalance in power such that those deemed to be on the lower physical or social levels are […]

Bullying in Schools

Introduction Bullying is a form of scurrilous treatment which mainly entails emotional, physical or verbal harassment directed towards people of certain levels, gender, race and religion just to mention but a few. It mainly occurs when there is imbalance in power such that those deemed to be on the lower physical or social levels are […]

Cyber Bullying as a Virtual Menace

Introduction With the world turning into a global village, interactions between people in different geographical locations have been made easier by technological advancements. There has been increased internet usage and many people irrespective of their ages have been using it as a medium of communication and source of any information one may need. However, with […]

Does bullying cause emotional problems?

Research design refers to the way researchers plot their study in terms of the findings they intend to draw from it (Miles, & Huberman 1994, p. 56). The qualitative research aims at exploring the nature and effects of indirect aggression among teenage girls in details. It also intends to study the existent intervention measures and […]

Ban high school bullying

Introduction Klein (25) reports that bullying is a chronic problem in American high schools. Glen Ridge, a high school in New Jersey, was the site of a disturbing incident. Several students attacked and raped a mentally disabled girl. They committed the heinous crime using a broomstick while other members applauded and watched. As if this […]

The effects of cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking on the society

In many cases, virtual space ensures the anonymity of Internet users and in this environment cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking become very widespread. These behaviors include several activities that can harm an individual; for example, one can mention intimidation, humiliation, or posting materials that can harm the reputation or career of a person (King-Ries 2011). Furthermore, one […]

The Problem of Bullying

Bullying is primarily based on intimidation and fear. The victim is physically assaulted or psychologically tortured to bring him or her to submission. In most of the cases, bullying involves verbal intimidation, physical assault and psychological torture. Victims of bullying are usually physically weak, socially disadvantaged, or both. Since bullying takes various forms, it is […]

Ethical case: facebook gossip or cyberbullying?

Gossip is unethical behavior based on the various approaches in evaluating what is ethical and what is not ethical. According to the rights approach in evaluating ethical cases, ethical actions should respect and protect moral rights of other people. This view stresses that people have dignity based on their nature or their ability to decide […]

Bullying on the Rise: Should Federal Government Enact Federal-Bullying Laws?

The definition of Bullying Pitney and Cole define bullying as any explicit actions by a student or a group of students that aim to harass, scorn or threaten another student while at class, school bus or school grounds (3). There are various forms of bullying. For example, verbal bullying entail: sarcasm; intimidation; name-calling; and intimidation. […]

Bullying in school

Introduction Bullying can be defined as aggressive behavior that takes into account unwanted and negative actions toward another person or group of people. It is a situation whereby people repeatedly and intentionally use actions or words against others with an aim of causing distress and risks to them. Bullying is mostly evident when there is […]

Character traits of bullying

Introduction Bullying has become a very common behavior in children especially in schools. It basically involves abusive treatment between children which may be verbal harassment or physical assault. Bullying is done on grounds of differences in race, sex or ability of the person in question. Research has shown that there are a variety of reasons […]

Bullying in the Schools

Bullying in the schools may include things like physical abuse, insults or alienation of a victim from the popular peer groups. The victims are mainly those students who lack confidence and do not have many friends. Bullying is happening in very many schools but it is one of the problems that are not seriously dealt […]

The Issue of Bullying in the Schools

This paper attempts to look at the issue of bullying in the schools. A personal story about how I was bullied when I was young is included. The paper looks at this issue by considering aspects like causes and forms of bullying as well as examples of bullying cases. Since the number of bullying cases […]