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108 Bullying Topics & Bullying Essay Examples

Looking for an exciting research topic about bullying? This problem is very controversial, sensitive, and definitely worth studying

Examples of bullying can be found everywhere: in schools, workplaces, and even on the Internet (in the form of cyberbullying).

In this article, we’ve collected top bullying research paper topics and questions, as well as bullying essay samples and writing tips. Get inspired with us!

🏆 Top 10 Bullying Topics for Research Papers

  1. Direct and indirect bullying: compare & contrast
  2. The causes of bullying
  3. Classroom bullying and its effects
  4. Social isolation as a form of bullying
  5. Bullying and academic performance
  6. Passive and active victims of bullying: compare and contrast
  7. The role of social agencies in bullying prevention
  8. Public policy for bullying and aggression
  9. Bullying behavior and psychological health
  10. Aggressive children and their family background

📃 Bullying Essay: Writing Tips

A bullying essay is a popular assignment in various subjects, including psychology, sociology, and education. Writing an excellent paper on the matter requires more than just in-depth research and planning. Don’t worry; there are some tips that will make writing an essay on bullying much easier:

  • Choose a topic that allows analyzing and interpreting the problem. Instead of merely describing what bullying is, try to dig deeper into its causes, consequences, and solutions. If your professor didn’t suggest any topics, you may research bullying essay topics online and select one that would be exciting for you to explore.
  • Read sample articles and papers online to see how other students approached the subject. Notice the bits that work and don’t work, and write them out to make the process of creating your essay easier. If you’re struggling with finding enough examples online, you may want to expand your search to discrimination essay topics and materials.
  • Research what scholars say about bullying. Articles in scholarly journals are an excellent source of information because they are usually trustworthy. If you’re still in school, your ability to navigate the library or online databases will also impress your tutor. As you start researching, you will find that there is a great variety of studies, and it’s challenging to find the relevant ones. Narrowing down your search would help you to do that. For instance, if you are writing a cyber bullying essay, try searching for social media bullying or online anti-bullying services.
  • Include real-life experiences where relevant. Unfortunately, bullying is a common problem in many institutions, and if you haven’t experienced it, your friends or family members probably have. If your tutor allows personal input, explore real-life experiences with bullying. Note the effects, preventive measures that worked or didn’t work, and what a person used to cope with bullying. If personal input is not allowed, you could ask your friends or relatives for ideas and then find high-quality sources that discuss similar problems.
  • If you can, be creative about it! A powerful bullying essay example draws from a variety of sources to present material in a creative way and engage readers. Hence, this might be an excellent opportunity for you to include images or graphs in your paper. For example, anti-bullying posters could complement the sections of your work that talks about solutions to the problem. Quotes about bullying coming from famous persons would also be influential, especially if you include them at the beginning of your piece. If you like drawing or painting, you could try to put some of your ideas in graphic form – this will definitely earn you some extra marks! Just make sure to check with your tutor to see whether or not creative input is allowed.
  • Structure your paper well to avoid gaps or inconsistencies. It would be beneficial to create a detailed bullying essay outline before you start working. A typical essay should include an introduction, two to three main paragraphs, and a conclusion. The first paragraph of your work should consist of some background information, whereas the last one should restate the points and close up the paper. A good bullying essay introduction should also feature a thesis statement that shows what the piece is about.

These tips will help you to write top-notch essays on bullying, as well as on related subjects. Don’t forget to browse our blog some more to find other helpful materials, including essay titles!

🏆 Best Bullying Topics to Write About

  1. Troubled Adolescent due to Bullying
    His lowered self-esteem would make him to observe the common behaviours of the older boys quietly and accept the situation as a cultural practice.
  2. The Issue of Bullying in the Schools
    It gives me joy to know that the issue of bullying is now a pubic affair since bullying stories were unheard of when I was growing up.
  3. Bullying in the Schools
    Furthermore, the law states that training should be done to the teachers as well as the other members of staff on how to deal with bullying and the law also needs the schools to report […]
  4. Character traits of bullying
    Despite the fact that such characteristics may differ from child to child, it is the common feature of difference that makes the target children get noticed by the bullies.
  5. Bullying in school
    Face-to-face bullying is an interesting area of study because it clearly demonstrates bullying in school. Students consider bullying as a school culture even though it is contrary to the school rules and regulations of schools.
  6. Bullying on the Rise: Should Federal Government Enact Federal-Bullying Laws?
    This paper will thus use both primary and secondary data to discuss the prevalence of bullying in schools and whether the federal govern should enact federal laws to curb the social vice at school.
  7. Ethical case: facebook gossip or cyberbullying?
    The best option to Paige is to apologize publicly and withdraw her comments. The final stage is to act and reflect the outcome of the choice made.
  8. The Problem of Bullying
    While most states in the United States of America have laws to protect people from bullying, the federal government is yet to enact an anti-bullying law.
  9. The effects of cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking on the society
    In particular, one should focus on such issues as the disrespect for a person’s autonomy, the growing intensity of domestic violence and deteriorating mental health in the country.
  10. Ban high school bullying
    A number of stakeholders contribute to the high prevalence of bullying in American schools. Schools that ignore bullying are a big part of the problem and they need to be held accountable.
  11. Does bullying cause emotional problems?
    However, the current study was relevant because of this design, for the scope of the study covered as well as the results were accurate, and the conclusions drawn were correct.
  12. Cyber Bullying as a Virtual Menace
    The use of information and communication technologies to support a deliberate and most of the time repeated hostile behavior by an individual or groups of people with the sole intention of harming others, one is […]
  13. School Bullying: Causes and Police Prevention
    It is for this reason that there has been need for the intervention of the community and the government to address the issue of bullying schools lest the school environment becomes the worst place to […]
  14. Problem of the Managing Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
    Employees in an organization have a specific role that they are supposed to play and this means that there might be shortcomings which should not lead to bullying.
  15. Problem of Childhood Bullying in Modern Society
    To begin with, the family which is the basic and the most important unit in the society as well as the primary socializing agent plays a major role in shaping behavior of children include bullying.
  16. Is cyber bullying against teenagers more detrimental than face-to-face bullying?
    Social networking has also contributed greatly to the issue of cyber bullying especially in making it more harmful as compared to face-to-face bullying.
  17. Problem of Workplace Bullying
    Authority intervention should occur when the employees fail to respond to awareness intervention, and thus decide to continue with their behaviors.
  18. Social Influence on Bullying in Schools
    The theory helps us to understand why the stronger members of the school population are likely to “rule” over the weaker members of the school as described in the social hierarchy concept in the theory.
  19. Cyber Bullying Issue
    Therefore, the goal of this paper is to analyse who the victims of cyber bullying are and the influence it has on them.
  20. Cyber Bullying and Its Forms
    The difference between the conventional way of bullying and cyber bullying is that in conventional bullying, there is contact between the bully and the victim.
  21. Social Bullying in Jeff Cohen’s “Monster Culture”
    It is clear that his part of character is mostly dominant in the childhood stages, as children are not able to develop a sense of morality and predict the consequences of their actions.
  22. Bullying in the Workplace
    Organizational leaders have an ethical obligation to ensure that they deal with cases of bullying within the workplace in a professional manner that demonstrates equality, honesty, and high sensitivity to the needs of others.
  23. Bullying as a Relational Aggression
    This resistance has been one of the obstacles to eliminating the cyber bullying in the schools. Schools and districts have been involved in the Challenge Day activities where children are advised on how to handle […]
  24. Bullying and Suicide Among Teenagers
    Specific objectives Analyze the causes of bullying among teenagers in the country Analyze the effects of bullying among victims, perpetrators and by-standers Analyze the relationship between bullying in school and suicide among teenagers in the […]
  25. High School Bullying Effective Responses
    Emphasis will also be made on the kind of audience to read this article because the contents of this study need to be at par with other similar articles in the journal to be selected.
  26. The Impact of Workplace Bullying
    The negative impacts of bullying in the workplace develop as a result of ignorance among employees regarding the vice, unreported cases, as well as the negligence of organizational leaders.
  27. School Bullying: Methods for Managing the Problem
    The investigation of relevant studies on the methods for stopping school bullying reveals that the most effective ways of eliminating this type of behavior include providing training for teachers, encouraging students to participate in the […]
  28. Discouraging and Eliminating Cyber Bullying
    Resources Role of the resource/input Statement forms To facilitate information transfer to the staff Counseling Personnel To arm students against the problem Bullying report system To create efficient internet enhance report system Regulation implementation documents […]
  29. Cyber Bullying Reduction Program
    Table of Activities Activity Significance Assembling parents/guardians, students and teachers to announce and explain the program in the institution To enlighten parents/guardians, students and teachers about the rules and regulation enacted due to the threat […]
  30. Nature of Bullying
    In this paper, central focus is going to be on the nature of bullying of children in my hometown, Orlando Florida, how it can be solved, and most importantly; establishing the importance of having knowledge […]

⚡ Most Shocking Bullying Topics to Write about

  1. Bullying and Suicide: The Correlation between Bullying and Suicide
    Nonetheless, the extensive research shows that the correlation exists and bullying is one of the risk factors for development of suicidal ideas in adolescents.
  2. Bullying and Its Effects in Society
    Secondary research is critical in the development of a background to the research, which helps in determining the validity of the problem and suggested research methodologies.
  3. Bullying and Child Development
    Bullying is one of the common vices in schools that influences a lot of growth and development of children. Bullying also affects the ability of children to concentrate in school because they are always on […]
  4. Social Psychology of Violence and Bullying in Schools
    Bullying is a common phenomenon in schools and it is reported that it results in violence in learning institutions in the end.
  5. Homosexual Students and Bullying
    Specifically, the section addresses the prevalence of bullying in schools and the level of bullying in bisexuals, gay males, and lesbians.
  6. Social Psychological Concepts of Bullying and Its Types
    Some of the factors that contribute to bullying include poor parenting, economic challenges, lack of mentorship, and jealousy among others. One of the main concepts used to explain bullying is that of parenting roles and […]
  7. College Students Suicide and Bullying
    The misconception that bullying is a minor issue among college students has contributed to the high number of students who suffer because of bullying.
  8. The Problem of Workplace Bullying
    In particular, this paper will include the discussion of the research articles, reports and case studies that describe the causes of workplace bullying and the strategies used by companies in an effort to overcome it.
  9. Workplace Bullying and Its Impact on Performance
    Workplace bullying refers to a deliberate, repeated, and continuous mistreatment of a worker or a group of workers by one or more colleagues in the workplace.
  10. Association of Parenting Factors with Bullying
    The lack of the parental support is the main cause of students’ deviant behaviors at school, including the cases of bullying, and those parents who pay much attention to developing their career cannot provide the […]
  11. Girl-To-Girl Bullying and Mean Stinks Program
    The positive results can be achieved by the implementation of the multiple educational programs, the increase in public awareness, and promotion of the values of the healthy relationships.”Mean Stinks” is exactly the program with the […]
  12. Childhood Bullying and Adulthood Suicide Connection
    In this regard, the seriousness of the issue is depicted in research results that indicate that at least 50% of children and youth in the US have experienced bullying situations as either bullies or victims […]
  13. College Students Suicide and Bullying-Methods
    The analysts used this tool to report the mood of the participants by posting quizzes, which the students answered while filling the questionnaire.
  14. School-Aged Children’ Bullying Behaviors
    It is due to this that the work of Janssen et al.sought to show just how potentially damaging this behavior could be and the potential psychological repercussions it could have on young children due to […]
  15. Bullying and Suicide in High Schools
    The main limitation of this research is that the scholars surveyed the victims more often. The victims of cyberbullying also had a tendency to be depressed and contemplate suicide.
  16. Workplace Bullying in The Playground Never Ends
    The primary reason for becoming a bully is primarily seen in fear to lose authority or formal positions in an organization and have more institutional power than that of the targets.
  17. School Bullying and Moral Development
    The middle childhood is marked by the development of basic literacy skills and understanding of other people’s behavior that would be crucial in creating effective later social cognitions. Therefore, addressing bullying in schools requires strategies […]
  18. Bullying at Australian School: Causes and Solution
    The technological breakthrough that was witnessed in the late 90s and the early 2000s also contributed to the development of the phenomenon, sparking the concepts such as cyberbullying and online bullying.
  19. Bullying and Legislation in Australian Workplace
    According to the authors of the article, workplace bullying can be characterized as internal violence. According to the authors of the article, bullying is a widespread phenomenon and is a common attribute of many organizations.
  20. Bullying as Social and Criminal Deviance
    The most important step in the student’s guide to research that I would need to analyze bullying is defining the topic.
  21. Bullying, Facts and Countermeasures
    Whether it is the bully or the bullied, the parents will need to do a lot to see to it that their children are brought up in the best of the behaviors.
  22. Bullying in America: Causes and Prevention
    That is why it is important to pay attention to the reasons why bullying occurs and ways in which it can be reduced.
  23. Amanda Todd’s Bullying and Suicide Story
    She was fifteen years old, and her story created a major uproar in the press, as it showed the true nature of bullying and the effects it has on the person.
  24. Bullying Policies in Walton School District and Georgia University
    The sample bullying policy language in Walton School District is very similar to the language in the policy of the University of Georgia.
  25. Dealing with Workplace Bullying
    According to the report presented by the University of Louisville, workplace bullying is a repeated action of one employee or a group of employees towards another individual or group. Dealing with bullying in the workplace […]
  26. Fights and Bullying among Middle School Learners
    Alongside the positivist philosophy, the research adopted the survey strategy that involved the use of self-administered questionnaires to collect from the participants.
  27. Bullying and Its Impact
    Thus, the current paper is dedicated to the issue of bullying and its effects as well as anti-bullying practices as related to peer victimization.
  28. Bullying Prevention Programs
    Some teachers and professors claim that their students cannot show their potential in their hobbies due to the limitations they experience because of bullies around them. As it is mentioned above, educators do not control […]
  29. Bullying in Schools: Worldwide Study and Survey
    The parents were asked to rate the frequency of the bullying that their children experience and to describe the experience of bullying that their children went through.
  30. Bullying in Schools and Its Major Reasons
    As of now, the most important goal in research studies covering the topic of bullying in schools is to understand the mechanisms behind bullying promotion and prevention.

✅ Simple & Easy Shocking Bullying Essay Titles

  1. Bullying and Cyberbullying Among Peers
    They are facing the dilemma of how to react, whether they have to fight a superior force of the enemy or to complain to teachers and parents, undermining their reputation.
  2. Gender and Bullying Issues in Nursing
    A lack of tolerance for workplace harassment and bullying is likely to lead to the deterioration of the situation and further misunderstanding and tension in an organization.
  3. Free Speech vs Bullying Laws
    One of the topical aspects of modern democracy is the freedom of speech expressed in an ability to come up with personal ideas and the lack of restrictions on the right of expression through publicity.
  4. The Problem of Bullying and Possible Solutions
    In general, bullying is a critical and complex issue prevailing among children; thus, it is essential to adopt different solutions to tackle it.
  5. The “Bully-Free” Initiative: Bullying in Education
    The students need to have a clear idea that bullying goes against the rules of the school and which actions may be considered bullying.
  6. Staff Training as a Solution to Workplace Bullying
    Furthermore, it has an appeal to logos as the writer has facts about the prevalence of workplace bullying in the USA.
  7. Domestic Violence and Bullying in Schools
    It also states the major variables related to bullying in schools. They will confirm that social-economic status, gender, and race can contribute to bullying in schools.
  8. Workplace Bullying in Australia
    It is possible to offer several recommendations that can reduce the risk of bullying in organisations. In this case, more attention should be paid to the absence of mechanisms that can protect the victims of […]
  9. Workplace Bullying, Salivary Cortisol and Long-Term Sickness Absence
    The purpose of this cohort-based study was to investigate the extent to which cortisol levels were associated with sickness absence and the relationships between workplace bullying and sickness absence through the prism of cortisol use.
  10. Anti-Bullying and Work Quality Improvement Initiative
    Given the specifics of the work of nurses, conflicts of this kind negatively affect both the whole process of work and the health of patients in particular.
  11. The Long Term Effects of Bullying in Elementary School
    Wolke and Lereya argue that the problem is that the majority of studies on bullying are cross-sectional and only use follow-ups after a short period of time.
  12. “Adolescents’ Perception of Bullying” by Frisen et al.
    The second and the third aims of the study were “to describe how adolescents perceive bullies” and “to describe what adolescents believe to be important in order to stop bullying”, respectively.
  13. Bullying in the Workplace as a Psychological Harassment
    Another form of bullying in the workplace is physical assault in the sense that if the workers are not at ease with each other and when the rules and regulations are not at all observed, […]
  14. School Bullying: Case Analysis
    Even today there is no generally accepted definition of bullying but it is thought that when an individual is for a long period of time is exposed to repeat negative actions and behavior by one […]
  15. Conflict Resolution Tactics and Bullying
    This study is interesting to the extent that it shows how the social environment impacts the development of a child and how it shapes his or her conflict resolution techniques.
  16. Cyber-Bullying Is a Crime: Discussion
    It is easy to see the effects of cyber-bullying but it is hard to find out who is the bully making it hard for authorities to pin the blame on the perpetrator of a crime […]
  17. Behaviour Management: Bullying
    The typical behaviors which I saw in the child who got bullied are: The victim of this bullying is physically weak and a soft-natured one.
  18. Bullying: History and Mechanisms for Prevention
    Students are encouraged to not participate in bullying and to help prevent bullying of others through positive social reactions to incidences of bullying” and Sharing of Scenarios: “Each group will give feedback and share other […]
  19. Aggression and Bullying in the Workplace Investigation
    Aggression, the effects of which are often equated with the death wish, is an instinct like any other and in natural conditions, it helps just as much as any other to ensure the survival of […]
  20. Bullying and Worker’s Harassment in Western Australia
    In most of the armed services in Australia, new recruits and women are commonly the victims of bullying and harassment despite the fact that it is unacceptable.
  21. Human Rights Issues in Australia: Bullying Among School-Going Age and Young People
    The focus of the topic of the day is on bullying. It is used to prevent or avoid the occurrence of a bullying experience.
  22. “Bullying Behavior Among Radiation Therapists” by Johnson and Trad
    The literature review encompassed a considerable number of sources pertinent to the study and recent enough to be relevant; all the publications were dated within the last fifteen years.
  23. Workplace Bullying and Its Impact on People and Society
    The paper follows a traditional structure with the introduction and body paragraphs that provide essential information devoted to the problem, and improve the understanding of the concept of bullying.
  24. Bullying of LGBTQ Students in American Schools
    The chosen article focuses on the issue of bullying of LGBTQ students in American schools and its legal repercussions. The author shows that students who are openly gay or bi, as well as those who […]
  25. Psychology. Social Media and Bullying
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the issue of social media and bullying and express the author’s opinion on the matter.
  26. Protection From Bullying: Methods That Work
    Because of this, it is vital that parents, teachers, and guardians educate themselves on the nature of bullying and work together to develop effective methods and strategies that would help to overcome the problem.
  27. Cyberbullying and Bullying: Similarities
    While deciding on fitting and balanced sanctions, it is vital to reflect on the ways in which cyberbullying events differ in effect in comparison to other forms of bullying.
  28. Cyber Bullying and Positivist Theory of Crime
    Learning theory approaches to the explanation of criminal behavior have been associated with one of the major sociological theories of crime, the differential association theory.

❓ Research Questions about Bullying

  1. Workplace bullying: does it exist?
  2. What are the three key elements of bullying?
  3. How does bullying affect those who observe it?
  4. Direct and indirect bullying: what is the difference?
  5. What families do bullies typically come from?
  6. Aggressive children: what is their future?
  7. How to prevent bullying in schools?
  8. School bullying and domestic violence: is there a connection?
  9. Cyberbullying: how to prevent it?
  10. What can parents do to prevent their children from bullying?

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