Discrimination Essay, Research Paper Examples

Discrimination essays are an essential part of historical and social sciences because of the influence of the practice on past and current humanity.

Past practices such as slavery were a result of discriminatory racist beliefs, and it took a long time for African Americans to be acknowledged as equal under law to other races.

Even then, the school of thought was not eradicated, and ethnic minorities as well as women would be oppressed by segregation and unequal opportunities until the emergence of the civil rights movement in the second half of the 20th century.

Even today, discriminatory practices arguably continue, and the debate around their existence draws considerable attention. You can use any of these topics to write an outstanding essay by following the guidelines below.

Discussions of slavery as a form of discrimination will usually be historic in nature, as they will discuss the practice as applied in the United States and other countries in the same region, but the notion offers discrimination essay topics for periods including modernity.

Before the Civil War, many people believed that black people were inferior to whites in some way, possibly due to the disparity between the advancement of African and European civilizations.

As such, even free black people would undergo harassment and risk being enslaved again if they did not leave for a territory that did not have the practice. The topic has been well researched, and so you can and should the wealth of information available to paint an accurate picture.

Even after the abolition of slavery, discriminatory views and practices persisted in many places. Examples included segregation practices where black people would be confined to ghettos and not allowed to visit various institutions.

The civil rights movement arose in the 1960s aimed to right that injustice, but eventually expanded to encompass more marginalized groups, such as women. Gender bias was prevalent at the time, with women being seen as housewives who could not work as well as men.

The success of the feminist message changed that perception and enabled women to choose their life freely. The various efforts and successes of the movement can provide you with ideas for an interesting work.

Ultimately, discrimination is being called out to this day, though many people hold the opinion that it has been mostly or completely eliminated in most advanced countries.

Nevertheless, many modern industries are affected by claims of faults such as gender discrimination, expressed as phenomena such as disproportionate hiring of males or a disparity in earnings between the sexes.

Other instances of modern discrimination are more concrete, such as the severe punishments for homosexuality practiced in some Muslim countries to this day. Humanity is still not entirely equal, and to progress towards that goal, we must identify and address issues.

Here are some additional tips that will improve the general quality of your essay:

  • Surround your discrimination essay body with an introduction and a conclusion. The former describes the topic and provides the reader with a thesis that names the central idea of the essay. The latter sums up the essay and provides some closing words.
  • Separate different sections of your paper with titles that identify their topics. This practice improves the essay’s structure and appearance, making it easier for the reader to navigate it, especially if you use well-designed discrimination essay titles.

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Statelessness and Discrimination

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Discrimination against black women

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The Impact of Prejudice and Discrimination

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Discrimination in the Labor Market

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Racial discrimination in US

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Discrimination at Places of Work

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Poverty, Homelessness and Discrimination in Australia: The case of the Aboriginal

Thesis statement Poverty among the Aboriginals is a capitalist class variability that was socially constructed. From the out look, it looks like an inevitable consequence of laws of nature, but it is a socially constructed problem that can be solved. Introduction This paper has explored Marxian conceptions on Historical materialism, exploitation and class system in […]

Clinton Homosexual discrimination policy

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Discrimination and Fight for Equality

Introduction American history since 1865 covers various aspects of live including modernization, Golden Age and the progressive era. America witnessed various aspects of development such as industrialization during these eras, which facilitated migration. The country witnessed high prosperity, especially in the northern and western parts. The US became a global dominant financial, manufacturing and agricultural […]

Discrimination in School

What do you see as the key issues in this case study? The main issues include: racial prejudice, disrespect for authority, superiority complexes, and lack of child discipline. This class of ten to eleven year olds has a lot of complications within the classroom. The white children are biased towards their black classmate, and their […]

Discrimination, Social Exclusion and Violence among the LGBT Community

Research indicates that there has been an increasing number of social exclusion and discrimination instances amongst the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender groups (LGBT). In most cases this has resulted to violence (Meyer, 2008). Social exclusion can be defined as the process by which a group of people is discriminated against due to their sexual […]

Muslims Report Rising Discrimination at Work by Steven Greenhouse

Introduction Discrimination all over the world has definitely become one of the hottest issues discussed by various authorities. Discrimination whether it is based on race, religion or any other, is magnified and has continuously taken the centre stage as globalization speedily continues to engulf the world. Through globalization labor shifts have been made possible as […]

Discrimination at Publix Incorporation

Introduction It is illegal for firms in different sectors to practice any form of discrimination. To guard against this, various governments such as the Unites States have instituted legislations that stipulate penalties due to discrimination. On the other hand, firms have instituted policies aimed at ensuring non-discrimination. This paper evaluates the degree to which Publix […]

Problem of the Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Introduction Social scientists find quite some distinction between the words gender and sex (Mason, 2011). They understand sex as a biological meaning to the physical differences that distinguish the males and the females. Gender, however, has more of a socio-cultural meaning that distinguishes the two sexes. These differences include those of behaviour, attitudes and customary […]

Diversity and Discrimination

Companies struggle to make hefty profits; however, they fail to deliberate on moral, business practices like diversity and discrimination. Companies like ‘PepsiCo’, ‘Hospital Corporation of America’ (HCA), and ‘Indymac Bank’ possess policies that entail diversity and discrimination. They constitute the corporations that have remained in the list of the global leading ethical companies. It is […]

Racial or ethnical discrimination

Even though some people state that racial or ethnical discrimination and prejudice are issues of the past, there is still double standard in the US society. Ethnic minorities have to face various issues related to prejudice or discrimination. It is possible to consider the concepts of discrimination and prejudice from different theoretical perspectives. In the […]

Why is discrimination a barrier in the working environment?

Summary This document discusses reasons as to why discrimination is a barrier in the work environment. It is apparent that discrimination in the work place involves some practices that depict a form of favoritism towards groups or individuals from a certain tribe, sex or even a religion. This document explains how this practice has adversely […]

Discrimination against Immigrants

The United States has always been branded as a land of opportunities and this has consequently attracted many immigrants to the country. Immigrants arrive in the U.S without expecting any kind of discrimination but they often end up in disappointment. Immigrants face different types of discrimination in the course of their stay in the U.S […]

Employment Discrimination: Race/Ethnicity/Color/National Origin/Religion

Introduction Race discrimination is “employment discrimination against a person because of his or her race, which includes African Americans, Asians, Caucasians, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders” (Cheeseman 22). Color discrimination is “employment discrimination against a person because of his or her color, for example, when a white skin person discriminates a dark skin person ” […]

Race and Discrimination

The term race refers to different things in the contemporary society. Individuals view it from an aspect of social interactions, physical appearances, genetics and culture. Experts who look into issues of race assert that race refers to biological differences that exist between and among individuals. They judge these differences according to physical appearance and internal […]

Types of Discrimination that Exist in American Society

The five articles describe various sources of discrimination in the United States. In the article titled ‘The Job Ghetto”, Newman (2003) focuses on competition in the job market. She articulates that competition is common in the inner cities. Many poor job seekers in Harlem have faced downward pressures. This is a consequence of competition. Newman […]

Discrimination in Labor Processes

There is a tendency to eliminate the gender differences in al aspects of human life and consider men and women equal in their rights. However, looking at some particular activities it is still impossible to say that the rights and freedoms of men and women are equal there. For example, talking about labor processes and […]

Anti-discrimination laws in America

Discrimination at the workplace is a complicated phenomenon due the existence of numerous competing interests. This complexity is further compounded by recent findings that some types of discrimination results to economic benefits to the employer. Such complexities seem to be the reason why there are too many anti-discrimination laws in America. Freakonomists, like other professionals, […]

Gender discrimination at the work place: a case of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment at work place can be defined as offensive verbal or physical acts that are of sexual nature being extended by a colleague (Conte, 2010). In the current case and issues surrounding Herman Cain the Republican presidential candidate, it is apparent that cases of sexual harassment have taken place based on the above definition. […]

Anti-Islamic Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Introduction Religious discrimination is common in workplaces making human resource managers to have difficulties in satisfying the diverse religious needs and professional demands of the work. Diverse religions exist in the world with different beliefs regarding worship, dressing, and way of life hence complicating the work of human resources managers in enforcing professional ethics. Realizing […]

Racial Discrimination in America

Introduction Racial discrimination is unfair treatment of individual/s because of the difference in color, origin and ethnicity. Racial discrimination has persisted in the US and all other parts in the world; it is a major challenge in the US. In Queensland, there is a law against discrimination. Racial discrimination denies the people discriminated against many […]

Mexican American Discrimination

Introduction Mexican Americans make up a large portion of the United States population notwithstanding they belong to the poorer and less educated portion. Originally, they were known to be concentrated in the former Mexican states of California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas but immigration into other states and economic and social advancement has completely […]

Asian American Discriminations in Colleges

Introduction Most colleges crumple with a challenge of assessing clever strategies for selecting students to join their institutions. Several civil society groups and organizations have come out to strongly oppose perceived discrimination faced by Asian American students in these admissions. Those vested with the authority to admit students to colleges and universities claim merit is […]