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Controversy of Gender and Race Discrimination Expository Essay

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Updated: May 25th, 2018

Victims of racial and gender discrimination suffer from such injustices as segregation and prevalent poverty. In many societies, women are often discriminated against when it comes to equal pay and access to health. Such inequalities may come about due to the issue of race. The combination of race and gender compounds discrimination.

Statistics on the status of women worldwide shows that women have to struggle before attaining equality with men (Frye, 1996). The problem of racial and gender discrimination becomes obvious when a woman’s race is considered instead of her experience. This leads to race-based violence against women.

Morris Glegle-Ahanhanzo, an investigator on racism, visited Brazil in 1995 to study the situation of minority women in the labor market. He made the conclusion that “black women receive the lowest salaries (four times lower of than that of a white man), are employed in the most unhealthy locations, work a triple working day and face threefold discrimination” (Frye, 1996).

It is always important that social demographic variables such as gender and race be viewed dynamically instead of statically. This reduces the possibility of oversimplification and overgeneralization in what they mean and where they are to be applied.

The variables should also be considered within societal contexts that are specific since they simultaneously operate in all the social situations. Equal treatment should be given to everyone regardless of the gender or race. Indeed, there are many distinctions between people, but it should not be of much concern in today’s society.

It becomes a big problem when the barriers of inequality are tried to be broken because it is hard to abolish the things that people have been adapted to. The most dominant of all is gender related issues, especially in determining who is more superior between a man and a woman (May, 2008).

Gender and race issues should be well tackled, for instance, in some of the societies men are believed to be superior to women and hold all the important positions in the society. To overcome all this, an interaction-theory concept can be designed because it relates one’s race and gender to his or her personal awareness to reality. New research strategies can also be formulated to effectively integrate race and gender.

Practitioners who work in educational institutions especially where the population consists of different people are faced with the challenge of cross-cultural exchanges between them and the students.

In such schools, race and gender awareness programs should be introduced as well as issues concerning diversity. The curriculum should also incorporate important issues that concern gender and race. Lessons and programs focusing on these topics require clear understanding among the students as well as active listening.

Race and gender issues can result to residential segregation for the marginalized populations living in the public houses. Poor women are also forced to stay in rental houses that do not have enough facilities (May, 2008).

To avoid this, a planner should increase opportunities for all types of individuals by recognizing the needs for the disadvantaged people. Social inequality determines how a child will fit in the society and the future as well. Therefore, in every society, a child should have a right to education regardless of the age, gender or race.

Race and gender are both social categories but the methods they take can be avoided or changed. The systems that maintain the hierarchy of both gender and race are liable. Race and gender ideologies are different from hierarchical structures they maintain but they are interconnected.

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