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Gender Inequality Essay Examples and Topics

Sex and Caste: A Kind of Memo

Women and the problems of work; the unconventional caste system in the society clearly stipulates the roles that are assigned to men and women.

Gender Equality Issues Case

Hence, the gathering of information to validate the allegations is central to the resolution of the gender issue in the case study.

Gender Equality: Plan to Address the Issue

The vice president of administration and finance should use a powerful plan to address the issues affecting the institution. To begin with, I will use a powerful plan to address the issues affecting different female [...]

Women in Sports: Perspectives and Experiences

It is the purpose of the local educators to challenge exclusion practices and gradually change the social, political, and educational climate for the better, and help promote the values of equality and feminism in such [...]

Gender Inequality and Its Historical Origin

Seeing that the effects of the two factors are reciprocal, it can be assumed that, though both have had a tangible impact on the contemporary representation of women in the society, traditions have a significantly [...]

Gender-Based Inequality: Housework

After explaining the problem in question in more detail, as well as describing the significance of the study and its theoretical framework, a review of the scholarly literature pertaining to the topic of gender discrimination [...]

The Progress of Gender Equality

The key achievements have been the removal of all forms of discrimination against women, the promotion of legal literacy, education, and the general protection of the rights of women.

Queer Theory in Early Childhood Gender Equity

Overall, this paper has used the reviewed article to demonstrate how children make sense of gender and how they construct gendered roles in early childhood education through the use of the queer perspective to negotiate [...]

Gender Inequality in Family Business

One of the problems that every woman faces in a family business is that of succession. In the model of Royal Families, the right to lead the business belongs to the oldest son.

Gender and Leadership Issues in Education

The specified step will require the use of a different leadership strategy; particularly, the adoption of the transformative approach that will help alter the behavioral patterns of the learners should be suggested.

Women’s Status in South Sudan Since 2011

In order to understand the reason behind the brutal recurrences of gender-based violence, incidence of child marriage, and rape in South Sudan, it is important to understand the political, social, and economic machinery that has [...]

Gender Equality and Its Development

Another important indication of the progress is the creation of UN Women, which addressed the known shortcomings of the global women's rights movements, such as barriers to funding and lack of centralized effort aimed at [...]

Gender Equality and Development

Despite the progress of the last century on ensuring the equal rights for both genders, there are still issues that have to be addressed by the global society.

Women as the Workforce

It resulted in dozens of both scholarly and non-scholarly papers on the issue of women in the workforce. In this way, it is essential to state that nowadays, the rates of older women in the [...]

Transgender People in the USA

The statistics are impressive and, no matter how unpleasant it is to some of us, we have to face the reality that quite a large number of people in our society can be classified as [...]

Does Gender Matter?

Researchers evaluate current evidence on the women's participation in the boards of directors to examine the association between these numbers and the company's performance using a new methodological approach.

Gender Discrimination in History and Nowadays

In literature, especially in the works of Greek philosophers, there is a striking discrepancy in the perceptions of women's place and homosexuality. Women were regarded as the devil's seed, and the criteria to classify a [...]

Women’s Difference: Sex Discrimination

Whereas Dworkin provides a very personal and emotional account of how persisting inequality affects women's lives, MacKinnon presents a conceptual analysis of the current approaches to gender equality.

Media Influence on Gender and Equality

In the recent past, the media have been condemned for compromising on the intention of realizing gender equality. With respect to the above case, the theory supports any decision or act that will result in [...]

Gender Roles in South Korean Laws and Society

At the same time, all custody is traditionally granted to husbands and fathers in a case of a divorce" though the anxiety about the high divorce rate and the nasty endings of relationships is more [...]

Gender Inequalities in China

As for this assignment, the primary connections of readings Markets and Bodies: Women, Service Work, and the Making of Inequality of China by Otis and Red Lights: The Lives of the Sex Workers in Postsocialist [...]

Gender, Age and Racial Inequality Issues

Despite a significant progress of developed European countries in that sphere, the childcare in the U.S.is considered more of a woman matter, thus a mother ends up having two jobs: first, the one where she [...]

Misogyny and Homophobia as an Oppression Tool

In the US, Black Americans are exemplified by relatively high levels of misogyny and homophobia for the reason that they promote their own oppression, which is mainly attributed to their failure to study their history.

The Struggle for Gender Equality

Before going any further it is crucial to emphasize the pitfalls when it comes to asserting the rights of women when it comes to the need for similar treatment in comparison to men.

Gender Inequality in America

This event highlighted the extent to which women were vulnerable to the prejudices of the society. This particular event is important because it lead to the exclusion of women from the political life of the [...]

Do You Think There Is Gender War

The book indicates the significance of understanding the meaning of gender. The book identifies the role of public administration and governments in the development of gender war.

Gender Inequality in Workplace

Gender is the main reason for inequalities in the workplace; this is because nowadays there is a steady increase in the number of women in workplaces in the world.

Global Inequalities: Are they Gendered?

Due to the presence of multiple programs in the developed world that have helped to empower women there, the number of poor women has not been increasing there as fast as in the developing world.

Gender Equality: Male Dominance

The simple reason is that gender inequality exists in affluent societies wherein women are free to do what they want, have access to education, and have the capacity to create wealth.

“Gender and Representation” by Chow Rey

The author tries to come up with the most appropriate pattern of representation of the woman. Chow also argues that self-representation can be regarded as the result of the democratization of Western societies.

Equal Rights for Women

Women were given the responsibility to give birth to children and nurture them to adulthood; however, both the father and the mother should carry out the responsibility of nurturing.

Woman in management

In the UK, gender gap closure is up to the age of sixteen and changing patterns in education achievement stands as evidence to this transformation.

Gender Discrimination at Workplace

This essay will document gender bias and gender discrimination in the context of social and physical and the social confines of the work place that is experienced at work in the context of United States [...]

Gender inequality in Canada

According to, although it is certain that men and women have actual differences particularly physically, most of the social indifference perception are not because of the biological connotation but because of the over time cultural [...]

Australian Gender Pay Inequalities

Gender wage discrimination is a condition that displays the differences between the divisions of wage offers being contrary from the allocations of values of the marginal product between the males and the female workforce.

Gender and Diversity in the Workplace

The modern world of human resource management seems to have changed significantly and as policies and regulations change, the need to reconsider workplace gender equity and diversity has received considerable attention across organizations.

The Gender Wage Gap

There was a reduction of the differences in the gender wage gap during the 1980s, but the benefits were not felt by women employees.

Equal Pay Policies

In 1914, Canada became the second country in the world to vote against the exclusion of women from the workforce and for the provision of equal pay for women and men.

Gender Imbalance in higher education

The Western world was the pioneer of championing for gender balance in institutions of higher learning. However, the situation in institutions of higher learning is not replicated in the rest of the society.

The Gender Issue at the Workplace

However, at the turn of the 20th century there was a rapid wave of social change that began to recognize and appreciate the role of a woman as an equal contributor to society, therefore, women [...]

Gender Inequality in the US

Of more importance in the enhancement of gender inequality is the role of the media. The natural constrains described above and the multiplier effects from the historical insubordination of women still play to men's favor [...]

Equality of Men and Women

When women are given the low earning jobs; in the process their talents will be recognised and used for the good of the economy.

Equal Pay for Women

In 1963, the Federal Government of the United States enacted the Equal Pay Act that effectively illegalized payment of different salaries to men and women for similar work on jobs that need similar qualification, effort, [...]

Women in the Workforce

When women notice that they are being underpaid because of their gender they should arrange for an appointment with their employer so as to give the employer a room to explain his or her reasons.

Gender and Race Discrimination

Gender and race issues should be well tackled, for instance, in some of the societies men are believed to be superior to women and hold all the important positions in the society.