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Gender Inequality Essay Examples and Topics

Gender Diversity in the Workplace

This is a research paper, seeking to understand and discuss the benefits of gender diversity at the workplace and how far the firefighting industry has come in appreciating the trend.
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Women Joining the Workforce Cause and Effect

There is an increasing number of women in the workforce because many women today have careers of their own and thus after pursuing through, they are in a position to get employed just like men [...]
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Male and Female Space Within the Provençal Community

With 'ambrette remaining one of the most difficult and important concepts throughout the article, Roubin's piece of writing considers such important points of the Provencal Community's male space as the presence of the wine cellars [...]
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Social Constructs in Gender

In particular, in her exploration of the cultural myth of femininity, or external indicators of the female sex, Cofer's work suggests that the young narrator failed to comply with the skin and color-related expectations imposed [...]
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Women, Race & Class

It is expected that most women will joyously accept the advent of what may result from that assumption "househusband," but unfortunately, "the desexualization of domestic labor would not alter the oppressive nature of the work" [...]
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Culture’s Hand in Molding Gender Expectations

Likewise in traditional Chinese culture, men enjoy a favored position over women, as they are given priority in Education since they are trained to be leaders of the country, while women are expected to see [...]
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Gender inequalities in Work place

Abstract Introduction Literature review Gender Wage inequalities Neoclassical Explanation of Segregation Theory and Measurement of Authority Race and Gender Differences in Job Authority.
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Gender Related Cognitive Issues

The second study by Colom conducted on 703 women and 666 males to find out if the gender has any difference in the IQ and cognitive ability of people.
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Why Nationalism Is a Gendered Realm

While the man remains the central figure, the woman, as McClintock puts it, is the 'boundary' of what constitutes the nation; women are the mortar that holds the bricks together in the wall, important but [...]
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Women on the Board Level in Management

At the beginning of the article, the author has highlighted the fact of an increasing number of women in the upper echelons in different firms of US during the time period of 1999-2003.
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The Women Question in Egypt: Is This the Norm?

Most women were obliged to accept these rules and obey them, nevertheless, some prominent women did not wish to be slaves in their own homes, and fought for the rights of women in the Middle [...]
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Why Indian Women Still Being Oppressed?

The main focus is paid on assessing the value and importance of Indian women role since the time of Independence.it would discuss why women in India are still being oppressed within their societies and are [...]
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Women in the Workplace: Gender Difficulties

Despite the expanded role of women in the workplace over the last three decades, the proportion of women continues to decline at progressively higher levels in managerial hierarchies the higher the level in the organization, [...]
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Gender Relations in Spanish Society Since 1975

The official state doctrines had put in place the meaning of an ideal family unit in a form of a hierarchical identity, recognizing the father as the official head of the family, with all the [...]
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Women and Sports. Women’s Participation in Sport

Women represent the main group in American sport involved in such activities as archery, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, bicycling, bowling, etc.despite the great achievements and success of women in sport, they have to prove their unique [...]
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Being the Opposite Gender

And it's perfectly okay for a man to look and flirt, but if "his" woman does the same, it must be because she does not really love him.
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“In Pursuit of Equity” by Alice Kessler-Harris

Also, she widened her studies about the labor, the gender preferences and the nationality of the people to have a clearer view of the observations on gender and the satisfaction of the society.
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Men’s Dominance Over Women in Today’s World

In the history of mankind, throughout the world, men have not had to fight for their place within the society like their women counterpart, and this has contributed to men's domination over women.
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Men and Women of the Corporation

In most of the societies world over, men are taken to school to the highest levels while women are denied the opportunity to study hence this leads to the skewed sex ratio at the work [...]
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Skewed Sex Ratios and Response to Token Women

Women's earning continue to be significantly low in almost all the professions as compared to that of their male counterparts thus this leaves the earning gap between men and women as still a major topic [...]
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Women in the Corporate World. Glass Ceiling Effect

Modern women are so much freer than they once were to choose their own point of personal harmony and equilibrium on the continuum of service and achievement that constitutes the balance challenge.
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Homophile Youth Movement Flier

They wanted the homosexuals to understand and make others understand that their being homosexual means that they are emotionally attached to their own sex.
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Proposal on the Issue of Same Sex Marriage

Once the readers are influenced by the argument it is assumed that they would move a social memorandum in favor of the argument and insist the authority to grant the gay couples the status of [...]
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Elimination of Gender Disparity in Education

Abstract: The Millennium Development Goals are eight goals set by the United Nations Millennium Summit set to be achieved by 2015, to overcome the main development challenges of the world. Poverty is often felt to [...]
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Sexual Harassment in Modern Society

According to the Women's Centre of the University of Virginia, sexual harassment is any form of inappropriate behavior which includes requests for sexual favors, unwelcome sexual advances, other physical and verbal conduct, or written communications [...]
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Domestic Violence and Honor Killing Analysis

Justice and gender equality are important aspects of the totality of mankind that measure social and economic development in the world. The cultural justification is to maintain the dignity and seniority framework of the family.
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Gender Issues in International Relations

So the practices and protection of human rights depend largely upon the type of political system in place and the willingness of the people to support that political system.
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Women in the Struggle for Civil Rights

In other instants, women in the struggle for civil rights can also file a case in a court of law demanding the lawmakers to enact some policies of which they feel when passed will protect [...]
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Position of Women in Islam

On the contrary, Islamic women are confident that the veil signified their rejection of the modern value system, while Islam elevates women to the position of respect and honor.
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Gender Pay Gap as a Multifaceted Social Issue

The gender pay gap is defined as the average gross hourly earnings of men and women who are working. Secondly, political and economic causes and outcomes of the issue have to be considered.
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Gender Based Employment Discrimination

The idea of men being paid more than women was widely accepted in the past, as men were considered the primary wage earners and breadwinners for the family.
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Patriarchy in All Spheres of Our Life

Patriarchy refers to the structuring of the society basing on family units, whereby the father is primarily responsible for the welfare of the family.
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Female Rap Artists’ Art Review

This connection exists in the evolution of the musical form and in the similarity of the subject matter: troubles with the police, lodging, and male/ female relations.
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Patriarchy: How It Operates in Contemporary Society

It may be connected with the evolution of human civilization when human existence was dependent on hunting, which was a male dominated activity, as well as the initiative to dominate the weak through suppression or [...]
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Gender Inequality Issue Analysis

Sexual category or gender is an ingredient of the wider socio-cultural framework that encompasses the societal attributes and opportunities connected with individual male and female and the conduit between women and men and girls and [...]
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The Problem of Gender Discrimination

In so doing, it has determined that the number of women in the workforce has systematically and continually risen over the course of the past two decades while the number of men in the workforce [...]
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Sociology. Gender Norm Violations

Gender norms violations can be identified as adoption of behavior patterns and actions atypical for a given sex and prescribed to an opposite gender Gender norms violations are perceived as such because at the level [...]
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Management, Gender, and Race in the 21st Century

In Part-I of this paper, we examine the current status of African American women in management, including some current changes. The exodus of African American women from corporate America is a disturbing trend sometimes attributed [...]
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Male Teachers: Gender and Schooling

This is the perception that is held by most people and thus the presence of male teachers in the school might help to reduce the myth that is associated with school among the boys.
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Veiled Sexism in the United Arab Emirates

Sexism is a form of discrimination based on gender, and, like such forms of hatred as racism and homophobia, it is directed towards a less powerful and privileged group of the population.
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Position of Muslim Women Within Society

The article How I Came to Love the Veil discusses the position of Muslim women within the global community and the attitudes towards their appearance.
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The Glass Ceiling Phenomenon Analysis

This essay aims to define the concept of the glass ceiling, providing the history of the research surrounding this phenomenon as well as its most current examples.
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Pornography and Female Sexual Aggression

I opine that there is a need to change the inverted view of the female gender as sexual objectors to tame the ever-increasing cases of aggressive behavior in society.
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  • Words: 603

Gender Equality in Sweden and America

The parental leave is extended to fathers, and the government strives to maintain a fair gender proportion in the top positions in public agencies.
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Social Justice for Indigenous Women in Canada

However, the problem of social justice or, to be more accurate, the lack thereof becomes especially poignant when considering criminal issues and their management, as well as the factors that contribute to reducing the rates [...]
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  • Words: 2488

Gender Inequality as a Global Societal Problem

For eliminating the gender wage gap, nationwide legislation shows to increase the hiring and promotion of women in the workplace. Unfortunately, there is a gap in scholarly research in regards to reflecting the success of [...]
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  • Words: 1377

Sexism: Gender, Class and Power

In the workplace, women often complain of the general assumption that men are more qualified and knowledgeable compared to women. In some societies, the fact that women are made to change their surname when they [...]
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  • Words: 1435

Gender Inequality and Health Disparities

Thus, Wacquant not only mentions the problem of gender inequality but also stresses that this issue has a rather long history of development, which is rooted in the past.
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  • Words: 410

The Restricted Status of Women in Pakistan

The working force in Pakistan is low, the level of unemployment is too high and much of these problems exist due to the detrimental influence of the restricted status of women in the country on [...]
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  • Words: 1223

Gender Discrimination in the United States

Although the principle of equality is proclaimed as the democratic value in the USA, the gender differences are still accentuated with references to the woman's role in the society and woman's participation in the activities [...]
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  • Words: 271

Sex and Caste: A Kind of Memo

Women and the problems of work; the unconventional caste system in the society clearly stipulates the roles that are assigned to men and women.
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  • Words: 265

Gender Equality Issues Case

Hence, the gathering of information to validate the allegations is central to the resolution of the gender issue in the case study.
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  • Words: 1158

Gender Equality: Plan to Address the Issue

The vice president of administration and finance should use a powerful plan to address the issues affecting the institution. To begin with, I will use a powerful plan to address the issues affecting different female [...]
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  • Words: 560

Gender Inequality: Reginald Murphy College Case Study

To establish the accuracy of the allegations raised as a group, the factors to ensuring the retrieval of the correct information about the issue in question are the involvement of all members of the administration [...]
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  • Words: 916

Male-Female Conflict in Education System

Many people claim that girls outperform boys due to the feminization of the system where such masculine attributes as competition and assertiveness are the subject of debates.
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  • Words: 583

Women in Sports: Perspectives and Experiences

It is the purpose of the local educators to challenge exclusion practices and gradually change the social, political, and educational climate for the better, and help promote the values of equality and feminism in such [...]
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  • Words: 1200

Eliminating Violence Against Woman in Afghanistan

Women in the society were trying to push the government to pass the law in a hurry before the conservative members started arguing that it was against Islamic laws. The behavior of women and what [...]
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  • Words: 814

Gender Inequality and Its Historical Origin

Seeing that the effects of the two factors are reciprocal, it can be assumed that, though both have had a tangible impact on the contemporary representation of women in the society, traditions have a significantly [...]
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  • Words: 825

Gender-Based Inequality: Housework

After explaining the problem in question in more detail, as well as describing the significance of the study and its theoretical framework, a review of the scholarly literature pertaining to the topic of gender discrimination [...]
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  • Words: 2114

The Progress of Gender Equality

The key achievements have been the removal of all forms of discrimination against women, the promotion of legal literacy, education, and the general protection of the rights of women.
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  • Words: 640

Queer Theory in Early Childhood Gender Equity

Overall, this paper has used the reviewed article to demonstrate how children make sense of gender and how they construct gendered roles in early childhood education through the use of the queer perspective to negotiate [...]
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  • Words: 608

Gender Inequality in Family Business

One of the problems that every woman faces in a family business is that of succession. In the model of Royal Families, the right to lead the business belongs to the oldest son.
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  • Words: 874

Women in the Workplace: Gender Inequality

I examine the idea of work-and-life balance that is proposed as a solution to the problem of having a family and career at the same time and point out the fact that it is typically [...]
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  • Words: 624

Mentoring Program for Girls in Southern Maryland

The problem is that the society is blind to the fact that women are in a disadvantaged position. According to Kaufman and Williams, the biggest challenge that we have in our modern society when empowering [...]
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  • Words: 3907

Gender and Leadership Issues in Education

The specified step will require the use of a different leadership strategy; particularly, the adoption of the transformative approach that will help alter the behavioral patterns of the learners should be suggested.
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  • Words: 632

Women’s Status in South Sudan Since 2011

In order to understand the reason behind the brutal recurrences of gender-based violence, incidence of child marriage, and rape in South Sudan, it is important to understand the political, social, and economic machinery that has [...]
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  • Words: 2298

Gender Equality and Its Development

Another important indication of the progress is the creation of UN Women, which addressed the known shortcomings of the global women's rights movements, such as barriers to funding and lack of centralized effort aimed at [...]
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  • Words: 600

Gender Equality and Development

Despite the progress of the last century on ensuring the equal rights for both genders, there are still issues that have to be addressed by the global society.
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Gender Pay Gap and Narrowing Methods

Therefore, the facts described above make it possible to assert that the gap is not always the issue of contradiction and can be a deliberate women's choice.
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Women as the Workforce

It resulted in dozens of both scholarly and non-scholarly papers on the issue of women in the workforce. In this way, it is essential to state that nowadays, the rates of older women in the [...]
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  • Words: 2035

Transgender People in the USA

The statistics are impressive and, no matter how unpleasant it is to some of us, we have to face the reality that quite a large number of people in our society can be classified as [...]
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  • Words: 1676

Equal Employment Opportunity for Women

Even though most companies do not yet know the benefits of gender diversity, there are several reasons why the contribution of women in the place of work is essential.
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  • Words: 1119