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102 Court Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. The supreme court, in the case of kelo v. The city of new london
    In her previous ruling she stated that it was allowed for private property to be transferred to another private individual for economic development as long as it is bound to be improved and used in […]
  2. The Supreme Court decision: Bank of Augusta v. Earle
    The Supreme Court defended its decision of reversing the case by stating that, the bank had the rights of suing the defendant because of the charter laws that defined operations of such an organisation.
  3. Supreme Court nominees
    The fitness of the candidate to deliver in the system is scrutinized, often based on responses to legal and statutory interpretations.
  4. Child Abuse and Neglect Children in Court
    The objective of this paper was to determine the level of knowledge and nature of attitudes among maltreated children who appeared in court during their detention case hearings.
  5. Comparison of US Supreme Court Decisions
    The major contention in this case was the National Industrial Recovery Act where the US Congress gave authority to the President of the United States to prohibit the transportation of petroleum within and outside the […]
  6. Supreme Court Decision
    The case whose proceedings were held at the State Appeal Court involved the Williamson family who were accusing a car manufacturer of failing to install seat belts at the back seats of their buses as […]
  7. The Warren Court in United States
    In order to achieve this, the court began by embracing and incorporating the Bill of Rights in the constitution that sought to end any form of prejudice and lack of equity.
  8. Gay Marriage and Decision Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
    He insinuates that the acts of crime and chaotic life experienced in today’s world, are a result of broken homes which are largely contributed to by same sex marriages.
  9. Why Juveniles Should Be Tried in Adults’ Court?
    Secondly, juveniles should be tried in adults’ court to reduce and minimize crime in the society. When a juvenile commits a crime such as murder, the effects are overwhelming in the society and the impact […]
  10. Supreme Court Case
    The inadequate apportionment presented in the Alabama legislature deprived voters of rights stipulated in the Fourteenth Amendment and in the Alabama Constitution.
  11. As Supreme Court Reconvenes, Civil Rights Issues In The Fore
    The first case that the court will hear is the legality of affirmative action in admission of new students in higher learning institutions. The Supreme Court will have to decide on the legality of these […]
  12. Roe vs Wade Ruling – the Result of the Supreme Court
    However, the decision of the court was that abortion could still be conducted at the third trimester provided the health of the mother was in danger.
  13. Supreme Court in the United States
    The rulings and decisions made by the Supreme Court are final and this demonstrates the high power that the court wields.
  14. International Court of Justice in Hague
    The Rules of the international court of justice dictates the procedure of ICJ similar to those of the supreme court of Canada, where a complaint is filed by an applicant and in return the accused […]
  15. Supreme Court
    The constitutional issues in the case The first Constitutional issue arising in this case was whether the North Carolina Supreme court had general jurisdiction in the matter.
  16. The Relationship between the International Criminal Court and the African Union
    The relationship between the International Criminal Court and the African Union is among the hottest topics in Africa. Hoile, on the other hand, seems to hold the notion that the ICC has failed in its […]
  17. Emperor Xiaowen and His Court
    What it means is that, along with referring to the mural ‘Emperor Xiaowen and His Court’ in terms of art, we can also refer to as the art-related tool of an ideological indoctrination.
  18. A Case Against Polygraph Evidence Admissibility in Court
    The survival of any civilization depends on the establishment of laws of conduct and the following of the same by all the members of the society.
  19. High Court of Australia
    To help in understanding the architectural intent of the building, the discussion will examine the design and concept behind the Australian High Court building.
  20. The Role of the High Court in Australia’s system of government
    To this end, the essay will look at the role of the high court in interpreting the wording of the Australian constitution by considering the Engineers case of 1920.
  21. Civil Rights Court Case: Griggs V. Duke Power Co
    Facts The case involves the policy at the Duke Power Company employment policy of 1950s that allowed black people to work in the labor section of the company.
  22. Personal Jurisdiction of a Court
    According to Nebraska Long-arm Statute, any court in the state has the right to exercise personal jurisdiction over any person who directly, or through the help of agents, carries out any business transaction in the […]
  23. Theory of Negligence Advance in High Court in Australia
    One such value judgment is the capacity to proof that the damage caused to the plaintiff was foreseeable in the most reasonable sense by a reasonable individual in a similar position as the defendant during […]
  24. Supreme Court in Israel
    US and UK Methods of Choosing High Court Judges In the US, the high court judge is appointed for life by the president himself; of course this has to be by the consent of the […]
  25. Critique of SRA Open Court Reading Curriculum for 3rd grade in light of Second Language Learners
    There is need therefore for a positive relationship between the parent and the school personnel to prevail because this is the gateway towards the success and high achievement of the students.
  26. Oral Arguments and Decision-making on the Supreme Court
    The aim of the latter is to determine if the court simply requests the parties to explicate the issues that they wrote in their briefs or they go past the issues outlined in the briefs […]
  27. U.S Supreme Court: Antonin Scalia as a textualist
    The paper discusses some of the ways in which the theory of textualism makes interpretation easier, simplifies challenges, and how the theory compares to the theories of originalism and common law use of the principle […]
  28. The United States Supreme Court: Marbury v Madison
    In his defense of the implementation of judicial review, he draws attention to a distinction between the will of the majority in reference to the society and the will of the majority in reference to […]
  29. The New Deal and the Role of the Supreme Court
    Written in 1998, Barry Cushman’s book “Rethinking the New Deal Court: The Structure of a Constitutional Revolution” is a historical analysis of the famous shift by the US Supreme Court from opposing the social legislations […]
  30. Albert Court Motor Lodge
    From the research that was conducted on a motel by the name of Albert Court Motor Lodge, it was observed that there are places in the management of the motel that require changes so as […]
  31. Analysis: “Governing from the Bench: The Supreme Court of Canada and the Judicial Role” by Emmett Macfarlane
    He focuses on aspects like the judicial behavior, the evolution of the court and its justices, the processes that lead to the court making crucial decisions as well as the decisions made by the court.
  32. Analyzing Data in HR and Presenting Findings to Make Decisions in Crown Prince Court
    The organization also seeks to foster the interaction between the Prince and the residents of the United Arab Emirates by means of general correspondence.
  33. The Supreme Court
    The importance of the Supreme Court to the country has been cemented through the various powers bestowed upon the court by Article III of the constitution.
  34. Law: Court Purposes and Responsibilities
    As a result, courts are empowered to use the law to defend the weak and defenseless in society. All judicial officers and other professionals that work in the justice system are required to adhere to […]
  35. Law: Court Issue Analysis
    The worst scenarios were the in which the interpreters did not even know the name of defendants for half of the entire period of interpretation.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Court

  1. Court Structure in England and Wales
    The article below illustrates the hierarchical arrangement of the court structure in England and Wales. In England and Wales, the Supreme Court is the utmost court of petition.
  2. Supreme Court and State of the U.S. Justice System
    Particularly, the decline of the death penalty as the final decision of the court can be deemed as a proof of the liberal attitudes to become the mainstream tendency in the U.S.
  3. The Supreme Court Role in Canadian Politics
    The introduction of the Charter of Rights and Freedom in 1982 formed a foundation through which the court makes final verdicts relating to the law of the land. The aim of the current research is […]
  4. European Court of Justice and Regional Integration
    The European Union is one of the best examples of regional integration frameworks in the world. In the current essay, the author examined this organisation from the perspective of the European Court of Justice.
  5. Brown vs. Plata Case and Supreme Court’s Decision
    The Court’s decision, in this respect, reflected the willingness of the majority of Judges to confirm that the provisions of the Eighth Amendment to the U.S.
  6. The Juvenile Division of the Court
    The present paper looks into the problems and advantages that may arise in using the individual case management system and permanently assigning a judge to the juvenile division of the court.
  7. Trials and Verdicts in the Court Proceedings
    The presiding judge of the high court further confirmed that the regional adjudicator granted a fine that was to be paid by the appellant through a third party to compensate the petitioner.
  8. Roberts Court and Its Political Relations
    The supreme court of the Unites States has been the upholder of the fundamental and basic human rights; however, in recent times the decisions passed by the court has demonstrated an inclination towards the conservative […]
  9. Syrian War Crimes and International Criminal Court
    The influence of the United States in permanent war crimes tribunal is limited due to the natures and origins of cases that are handled the international level.
  10. Obergefell v. Hodge: Supreme Court Case
    Hodges is one of the most significant cases of the US Supreme Court, in which the Court ruled that marriage equality is a fundamental right of the citizens guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to the […]
  11. Supreme Court in New York Times Co. v. United States
    The decision of the courts could have been because the executive lied to the public, and there was every right to make the public aware of this fact.
  12. US Supreme Court’s Ideological Tendencies
    Political views are considered to be one of the key factors when the question is about the role of the politics in the decisions of the US Supreme Court.
  13. Home Firearms in McDonald v. Chicago Court Case
    The decision of the Supreme Court stated that the issue of self-defense and the right to possess and bear firearms might be reviewed at a state level.
  14. Criminal Cases in the Supreme Court’s Jurisdiction
    If a case is believed to make it to the US Supreme Court, it should be filed in the state or federal court first.
  15. US Supreme Court’s Role in Criminal Justice System
    The Supreme Court is the highest institution of justice in the United States that has a special role in the system of the American government.
  16. The Eighth Amendment and the US Supreme Court
    The paper at hand is going to analyze the attitudes to the Eight Amendment during the terms of the Warren Court, the Burger Court, the Rehnquist Court, and the current Roberts Court.
  17. Project Reset and the Domestic Violence Court
    The majority of the decisions in courts are aimed to mitigate the effects of the strict criminal justice system of the United States.
  18. Court Process: Interview with the Prosecuting Attorneys
    Their testimonies help the jury and the judge to comprehend the events at the crime scene and the possibility that the accused was really involved in the crime as suggested by the attorney.
  19. Court Hearing Visit Report
    Despite the need to uphold the principle of the open justice, some courts are held in camera, that is, they are not open to the public.
  20. Court System vs. the United States Constitution
    This meant that the judicial districts were matched to the state borders and supported the exploitation of the particular state’s legislation for the majority of court proceedings in the area.
  21. The Supreme Court of the United States
    This paper examines the structure and functions of the structure of the Supreme Court of the United States as described in United States Courts.
  22. Court Problem and Its Future
    In the face of ever-changing realities of social and political contexts of the modern world, it is necessary to consider the transformation of the role of the judiciary system in the delivery of justice.
  23. Cypress Semiconductor Corporation vs Superior Court
    The core question concerns the limitations of a stolen trade secret transmitted to the third party. In this connection, a defendant Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, one of the CSI clients, rejected to cease the use of […]
  24. Women Roles in the Ptolemaic Court
    The attempt to figure out the role that women played in Ptolemaic courts uncovered a radical transition regarding the significance of women from Ptolemy I, the first Ptolemaic king, to the beginning of the reign […]
  25. Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court Case
    Since the couple pled guilty, the judge refused the appeal which led the case to be taken to the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.
  26. Criminal Court: Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi Case
    One of the current criminal cases addresses the issue of cultural heritage destruction. In the recent past, the destruction of historical sites is something that has been used as a critical aspect of warfare.
  27. “Punishment” and “Conscience of the Court” Comparison
    In this way, the woman shows that even though she accepts her role in the family and in society, she is not going to forget her own self and will stand her ground.
  28. Understanding the Court System: People vs Turner Case
    The case People versus Tuner is one of the recent cases that drew massive public attention given the sentence that the offender was given and the time that he spent in prison for the crime.
  29. Supreme Court: Elk Grove Unified School District vs Newdow
    In the case, Newdow an atheist as opposed to his daughter’s participation in the recitation of Pledge of Allegiance due to the word ‘under God.’ His claim was that the school and the state were […]
  30. The Crown Court Case: Drug and Weapons Trafficking
    To continue the process of the trial, it is necessary to translate the found text and identify what the defendant was about to do before he was arrested, as it will help to proceed with […]
  31. Supreme Court Decisions that Affect Victim Handing
    In other words, despite the fact that the rights of the defendant are breached, the Supreme Court works to avoid the possibility of the abuse of the right granted by this precedent.
  32. International Court Punishing Rape in Armed Conflict
    One of the main questions that often arise is the effectiveness of this court to punish sexual crimes in a way that would bring justice to the victims.
  33. Larry Hillblom: Should Larry Junior Go to Court or Settle?
    Due to the fact that he did not stipulate that illegitimate children would be unable to receive an inheritance, anyone who could prove themselves to be a child of Larry Hillblom would be a legitimate […]
  34. Constitutional Law: Supreme Court and Stare Decisis
    Such a system can refresh the views on legal issues and establish less stereotypic judgments, which is especially important at the age of democracy in the United States.
  35. Mock Trial Experience at Brooklyn Federal Court
    At the first stages of the procedure, the Counsels succinctly and accurately presented the scope of the case. The defendant was accused of murder, but the motives of the crime were unknown.

💡 Most Interesting Court Topics to Write about

  1. Expert Witnesses and Testimony in Four Court Cases
    The first case that was linked to the admissibility of expert evidence was Frye v.the United States, in 1923. The Kumho case expanded the use of Daubert and Joiner guidelines to any expert evidence.
  2. Court Administration Analysis
    Whenever, the members of the public vote against the retention of the judge, the governor is required to appoint another judge to fill the position.
  3. State Court Organization and Structure
    The advantages of the unified model are in the fact that they are operationally efficient because of the centralized regulation, effective use of resources, and the efficient approach to organizing the court operations.
  4. The Supreme Court Saves Cell Phone Privacy
    From the article, it is clear that the government advanced an argument that police officers need to be given the power to search cellphones because of the long-established exception to the Fourth Amendment, which makes […]
  5. Electronic Surveillance and Related Court Rulings
    This paper contributes to the debate on the legality of electronic surveillance by discussing the technologies used to implement it, the application of the Fourth Amendment to new electronic surveillance technologies, and the use of […]
  6. Court Alternatives for Mentally Ill Criminals
    The opportunity to become a member of the mental health court program allows the guilty to participate in the course of treatment voluntarily and get a qualified help from experienced psychiatrists.
  7. Court for Mentally Ill: Commonwealth v. Bobbitt
    Apparently, the actions and circumstances which took place prior to Lorena’s act of severing her husband’s penis, namely, the rape of Lorena Bobbitt by her husband, as well as the constant domestic violence of John […]
  8. Hearsay Evidence and Witness Testimony in Court
    A statement is only considered as hearsay if the objective of the testimony being presented is to prove the truth of its contents.
  9. Dual Court System Definition
    After the State Supreme Court or the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, there is the final avenue of appeal, to the United States Supreme Court.
  10. People v Goetz: Court Decision and Implications
    The court case of the appellant in the face of the People of the State of New York and the respondent in the face of Bernhard Goetz was argued and decided in the year 1986.
  11. Relationship Between the Supreme Court and the High Court Justice
    The given article utilizes the empirical and quantitative methods of studying the relationship between the Supreme Court and the High Court Justice.
  12. Arizona Court System to Sue Uber Technologies Inc.
    The use of automated cars by Uber led to several accidents that resulted in the death of one of the pedestrians in Arizona.
  13. Lomanno: Tax Law and Court Rulings Report
    The second fact is that the husband of a petitioner did not have the permission to sign her name to income tax in the years that are discussed and there was also no approval to […]
  14. Necessity of a New International Environmental Court
    For example, the international court of justice which is the Judicial Wing of the United Nation is in a position to hear environmental cases and fully attend to them.
  15. President’s Power in Supreme Court Cases
    The Humphrey’s case and the Myers case test the powers of the president of the United States to hire and fire individuals at will.
  16. The World Court or International Court of Justice
    All of the cases of the Court are submitted to the Registrar and when the Registrar receives the case, it is dated based on the date of receipt by the Registrar.
  17. Forensic Science and Law: The U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Daubert
    According to the Daubert decision, the Supreme Court took a broad view of “science ” based on the data and reasoning facts considered as expert evidence.
  18. Appeal Process in the Supreme Court in the U.S
    It is the duty of the Supreme Court to correct errors in trial court proceedings, interpret case law and statutes, and the state and federal constitutions and administrators of the courts.
  19. Business Law & Court System in Virginia
    The General District Courts and J&DR Courts are parts of District courts and they are courts of limited jurisdiction. Only the Chief Judges can appoint clerks of J & DR and General District Courts.
  20. Forensic Experts in Court: Pros and Cons
    The forensic psychologist, in this case, does not employ the notion of empathizing any action in the defendant’s favor but being closer to the gathered evidence from the particular defendant’s reasons and provide the sources […]
  21. Supreme Court and Local Governments
    Unfortunately, the ruling on the property by the Supreme Court is characteristic of a regulated market. To preserve a free market and the right of property ownership, the ruling should be reviewed.
  22. Juvenile Delinquents in Adult Court
    We are all aware of the existence of social standards concerning the status of children and adolescents, as well as the nature of punishment and justice.
  23. European Union & Court of Justice
    The sixth most important developmental trend in the history of Europe has been visualized by Europeanization since the 16th century in a broad historical sense.”The primary and overarching objective of EU development cooperation is the […]
  24. Global Human Rights: The European Court of Human Rights
    The European Convention on Human Rights, or officially called Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms became one of the most significant documents accepted by the Council of Europe.
  25. The Texas Court System and How Its Impact on Americans
    In Texas all the judges are selected using the partisan elections with the exception of the municipal judges who are appointed by the mayor or the city council.
  26. Top Court Rules Against Police in Search Case
    In the case in point, there are several issues which must be considered: in cases of domestic disturbance, who has the right to grant entrance to police; if police enter to protect one occupant, can […]
  27. Pennsylvania State Court System
    In regard to the terms of the Appellate Court Judges, their length of terms for Supreme Court, Superior Court and Commonwealth Court are 10 years in all cases.
  28. Three-Tiered Court Structure in the United States
    S is a three tiered judicial system divided into the Supreme Court, The Courts of appeal and the Federal District Courts.
  29. Morse vs. Frederick: Decisions of the United States Supreme Court
    This court is independent; this gives it the mandate to check the other two arms of the government that is the Legislature and the Executive.
  30. The Model of the International Criminal Court
    The basis of the functioning and jurisdiction of the ICC is the Rome Statute. The irony of the matter is that in comparison to other modern states, the United States has considered itself as not […]
  31. Public Interest Immunity in Court Process
    Before attempt to evaluate the current operation of the law of public interest immunity in civil trials it is necessary to discuss the definition of public interest immunity, current situation and the judgement of few […]
  32. Witnesses’ Role in the Court Trial
    In conclusion, eyewitnesses’ evidences are very important during the court procedure, but judges should be very careful with these evidences and to check them carefully.

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