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  1. The supreme court, in the case of kelo v. The city of new london
    In her previous ruling she stated that it was allowed for private property to be transferred to another private individual for economic development as long as it is bound to be improved and used in […]
  2. The Supreme Court decision: Bank of Augusta v. Earle
    The Supreme Court defended its decision of reversing the case by stating that, the bank had the rights of suing the defendant because of the charter laws that defined operations of such an organisation.
  3. Questioning and Criticizing Supreme Court Nominees
    The fitness of the candidate to deliver in the system is scrutinized, often based on responses to legal and statutory interpretations.
  4. Comparison of US Supreme Court Decisions
    The major contention in this case was the National Industrial Recovery Act where the US Congress gave authority to the President of the United States to prohibit the transportation of petroleum within and outside the […]
  5. U.S. Supreme Court Operation
    The case whose proceedings were held at the State Appeal Court involved the Williamson family who were accusing a car manufacturer of failing to install seat belts at the back seats of their buses as […]
  6. Case Brief on Reynolds v. Sims
    The inadequate apportionment presented in the Alabama legislature deprived voters of rights stipulated in the Fourteenth Amendment and in the Alabama Constitution.
  7. As Supreme Court Reconvenes, Civil Rights Issues In The Fore
    The first case that the court will hear is the legality of affirmative action in admission of new students in higher learning institutions. The Supreme Court will have to decide on the legality of these […]
  8. Roe vs Wade Ruling – the Result of the Supreme Court
    However, the decision of the court was that abortion could still be conducted at the third trimester provided the health of the mother was in danger.
  9. Supreme Court in the United States
    The rulings and decisions made by the Supreme Court are final and this demonstrates the high power that the court wields.
  10. Prima Facie Case: Home Country v. Foreign Country
    The constitutional issues in the case The first Constitutional issue arising in this case was whether the North Carolina Supreme court had general jurisdiction in the matter.
  11. Supreme Court in Israel
    US and UK Methods of Choosing High Court Judges In the US, the high court judge is appointed for life by the president himself; of course this has to be by the consent of the […]
  12. Oral Arguments and Decision-making on the Supreme Court
    The aim of the latter is to determine if the court simply requests the parties to explicate the issues that they wrote in their briefs or they go past the issues outlined in the briefs […]
  13. U.S Supreme Court: Antonin Scalia as a textualist
    The paper discusses some of the ways in which the theory of textualism makes interpretation easier, simplifies challenges, and how the theory compares to the theories of originalism and common law use of the principle […]
  14. The United States Supreme Court: Marbury v Madison
    In his defense of the implementation of judicial review, he draws attention to a distinction between the will of the majority in reference to the society and the will of the majority in reference to […]
  15. The New Deal and the Role of the Supreme Court
    Written in 1998, Barry Cushman’s book “Rethinking the New Deal Court: The Structure of a Constitutional Revolution” is a historical analysis of the famous shift by the US Supreme Court from opposing the social legislations […]
  16. Analysis: “Governing from the Bench: The Supreme Court of Canada and the Judicial Role” by Emmett Macfarlane
    He focuses on aspects like the judicial behavior, the evolution of the court and its justices, the processes that lead to the court making crucial decisions as well as the decisions made by the court.
  17. Supreme Court Ruling: The Louisiana Purchase
    The importance of the Supreme Court to the country has been cemented through the various powers bestowed upon the court by Article III of the constitution.
  18. Supreme Court and State of the U.S. Justice System
    Particularly, the decline of the death penalty as the final decision of the court can be deemed as a proof of the liberal attitudes to become the mainstream tendency in the U.S.
  19. The Supreme Court Role in Canadian Politics
    The introduction of the Charter of Rights and Freedom in 1982 formed a foundation through which the court makes final verdicts relating to the law of the land. The aim of the current research is […]
  20. Brown vs. Plata Case and Supreme Court’s Decision
    The Court’s decision, in this respect, reflected the willingness of the majority of Judges to confirm that the provisions of the Eighth Amendment to the U.S.
  21. Obergefell v. Hodge: Supreme Court Case
    Hodges is one of the most significant cases of the US Supreme Court, in which the Court ruled that marriage equality is a fundamental right of the citizens guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to the […]
  22. Supreme Court in New York Times Co. v. United States
    The decision of the courts could have been because the executive lied to the public, and there was every right to make the public aware of this fact.
  23. US Supreme Court’s Ideological Tendencies
    Political views are considered to be one of the key factors when the question is about the role of the politics in the decisions of the US Supreme Court.
  24. Criminal Cases in the Supreme Court’s Jurisdiction
    If a case is believed to make it to the US Supreme Court, it should be filed in the state or federal court first.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Supreme Court

  1. US Supreme Court’s Role in Criminal Justice System
    The Supreme Court is the highest institution of justice in the United States that has a special role in the system of the American government.
  2. The Eighth Amendment and the US Supreme Court
    The paper at hand is going to analyze the attitudes to the Eight Amendment during the terms of the Warren Court, the Burger Court, the Rehnquist Court, and the current Roberts Court.
  3. The Supreme Court of the United States
    This paper examines the structure and functions of the structure of the Supreme Court of the United States as described in United States Courts.
  4. Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court Case
    Since the couple pled guilty, the judge refused the appeal which led the case to be taken to the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.
  5. Supreme Court: Elk Grove Unified School District vs Newdow
    In the case, Newdow an atheist as opposed to his daughter’s participation in the recitation of Pledge of Allegiance due to the word ‘under God.’ His claim was that the school and the state were […]
  6. Supreme Court Decisions that Affect Victim Handing
    In other words, despite the fact that the rights of the defendant are breached, the Supreme Court works to avoid the possibility of the abuse of the right granted by this precedent.
  7. Constitutional Law: Supreme Court and Stare Decisis
    Such a system can refresh the views on legal issues and establish less stereotypic judgments, which is especially important at the age of democracy in the United States.
  8. The Supreme Court Saves Cell Phone Privacy
    From the article, it is clear that the government advanced an argument that police officers need to be given the power to search cellphones because of the long-established exception to the Fourth Amendment, which makes […]
  9. Relationship Between the Supreme Court and the High Court Justice
    The given article utilizes the empirical and quantitative methods of studying the relationship between the Supreme Court and the High Court Justice.
  10. President’s Power in Supreme Court Cases
    The Humphrey’s case and the Myers case test the powers of the president of the United States to hire and fire individuals at will.
  11. Forensic Science and Law: The U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Daubert
    According to the Daubert decision, the Supreme Court took a broad view of “science ” based on the data and reasoning facts considered as expert evidence.
  12. Appeal Process in the Supreme Court in the U.S
    It is the duty of the Supreme Court to correct errors in trial court proceedings, interpret case law and statutes, and the state and federal constitutions and administrators of the courts.
  13. Supreme Court and Local Governments
    Unfortunately, the ruling on the property by the Supreme Court is characteristic of a regulated market. To preserve a free market and the right of property ownership, the ruling should be reviewed.
  14. Morse vs. Frederick: Decisions of the United States Supreme Court
    This court is independent; this gives it the mandate to check the other two arms of the government that is the Legislature and the Executive.
  15. Supreme Court Decision: Corporations and Freedom of Speech
    The Constitution is the framework for the Government of the United States that protects and guarantees the basic rights of the people.
  16. Supreme Court’s Interpretation of Democracy
    This was seen in the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment in a case involving Sherbert and Verner. The court mentioned the importance of a compelling interest from the state in regard to employment […]
  17. Supreme Court: The Case Research
    The national-traffic and motor-vehicle-safety act was established in the US in the year 1966 and it was meant to facilitate the federal government to provide and enforce safety standards meant to ensure that road safety […]
  18. Thurgood Marshall: Supreme Court of the United States
    Thurgood Marshall, serving on the Supreme Court of the United States, was one of the prominent American jurists who played a pivotal role in shaping the history of civil rights in America.
  19. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Documentary of Supreme Court Justice
    Ginsburg, who became the 107th judge of the Supreme Court and the second woman on the bench, was a sensation with the younger generations.
  20. Supreme Court Decision in the US vs. Bass Case of 2001
    In the case of the defendant, race should not be a contributory factor and if this is so, then it can be concluded that the ruling was unfair.
  21. The Introduction of the New British Supreme Court
    The introduction of the new British Supreme Court has involved different constitutional implications, such as changing the role of the Lord Chancellor and creating a position of President of the Court of England and Wales; […]
  22. People v. O’Neil Supreme Court Desicion
    In addition to the murder and involuntary manslaughter charges, the jury also charged the individual and corporate defendants with reckless conduct. Secondly, the defendants argued that the murder charges were inconsistent with the involuntary manslaughter […]
  23. Casebrief, Based on the Supreme Court: State V Hoying W L
    Hoying fully acknowledging the violation of writing to the victim, which is in violation of the civil protection order asked Ms.

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