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Criticism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Criticism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. An artistic criticism of the film Syriana: The multi-plot flick
    The movie to some extent purports that the US Congress can participate in numerous discussions about the profits realized by oil companies without ever establishing the real core of the matter because even the individuals […]
  2. Marxist Criticism on The Lottery by Shirley Jackson
    Moreover, the location of the lottery at the town square between two buildings- the post office and the bank represents the political and economic power of the government and those in power such as Mr. […]
  3. Film Criticism: Literature Overview
    The author of the book had provided a critical overview of a number of theories devoted to films and supported those with the examples to show that his words are not empty. The great part […]
  4. WalMart and its Criticism
    This will correct the bad public relations that it has received in relation to health standards. This will make it easy for various stakeholders to understand the company’s position in a better way.
  5. A Criticism of the Asch Conformity Experiment
    In this critical analysis of the experiment, we shall focus on the various assumptions that surrounded the experiment. This can mostly to the experiment carried out in the 1950s by the famous psychologist Solomon Asch.
  6. Marxist Criticism
    Marxism theory underscores the theme of this movie that, social conflicts between the rich and the poor fueled the social change that America underwent along her the path to capitalism.
  7. The Literary Criticism of Agnosticism
    Agnostics have been unable to take a stand in the issue due to their inability to make a decision and it is advisable that agnostics emulate theists and atheists.
  8. Literary Criticism on Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    In the essay, Wallace examines the racism in the novel in a bid to protect the African Americans from “mental cruelty and harassment depicted in the novel.
  9. Louis Simpson’s The Battle: Formalist Criticism
    The author will also look at how the poem ends, the plot of the work and how this plot is related to the structure of the poem.
  10. Feminist Criticism
    This is because she is the only one who knew the suffering she was undergoing in that marriage and that she did not always love her husband.
  11. Criticism of “Our Faith in Science”
    The authors imply that scientific methods can help to prove the positive effect of Tenzin Gyatso’s practices in order to tell about this phenomenon to the international community.
  12. Rhetorical criticism of the Titanic
    Jack and Rose develop a friendship They walk round the ship and explore all the hidden areas The people of the high class treat and see the employees and people from the lower societies There […]
  13. Little Big Man (film, 1970) – social commentary and criticism
    By focusing on the way of the life of Jack Crabb, the film describes vividly the historical events in the United States especially between the natives and the first settlers.
  14. Television Criticism in Advert
    The use of “Green Police” in the advert to arrest a young man at the mall and the guys at the road for using plastic containers and a bottle respectively, at first fails to bring […]
  15. “What has happened to art criticism?” by Charlesworth
    Also, the author is immensely aware of the cultural and social conditions that prevailed at the time of the creation of most photographic pieces.
  16. The Criticism of “New Media”
    The result is “new media” the likes of which the world has never seen and has prompted journalists, thinkers, political leaders, and the elderly to be overly concerned that in the near future the science […]
  17. Effect of Criticism on Development of Appropriate Handwriting Proficiency in Children
    Therefore, the research assumes that negative criticism and relationships are social factors that influence the development of appropriate handwriting proficiency among seven-year-old children.
  18. Criticism of Novel-To the lighthouse by Virginia Woolf
    Ramsay; however, it is a false portrayal of men and this might indicate how the author intended to disfigure the male characters.
  19. Criticism of Pablo Picasso’s painting entitled “Guernica”
    Generally, the painting has been viewed as a representation of the bombings that led to the loss of lives and destruction of property in Guernica, Spain.
  20. Literary Criticism of Edgar Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart from a Psychological Approach
    The outstanding character in the tale, who is also the narrator, attracts a lot of attention from the readers. The narrator forms the basis of the tale.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Criticism

  1. Social Criticism Work in the Scandinavian Crime Fiction Novels
    The issue of revenge being a better option in the Swedish society is evident when, at the end of the novel, Blomkvists makes efforts to bring down the executive who worn the lawsuit mentioned at […]
  2. Rhetoric Philosophy and Shapiro’s Criticism on the Dworkin’s Work
    The normative jurisprudence on the other hand is of the argument that laws are for the purposes of containing the society and they are prone to change depending with the time and the circumstances.
  3. Feminist Criticism
    Despite the progressive feminism movements that advocate for parity in the different aspects of the society, Nudd and Whalen argue that the feminists are less concerned with achieving the liberation of women.
  4. Coca-Cola’s Advertising: Media and Cultural Criticism
    On the other hand, denotation is the real or basic meaning of a word as contrasted to the ideas it proposes. The image of the coke beverages in the advertisement is a direct representation.
  5. Pizza Hut Corporation: Concept, Analysis and Criticism
    The name of Pizza Hut Corporation derived from the shape of the first company building that resembled a hut. The introduction of bold flavors within the Pizza Hut restaurants contributed to the popularity of the […]
  6. Capitalism in the US: Criticism and Alternative
    In the beginning of the 19th century, there was a labor movement that is described by the organized approach from people to the businesses and governments.
  7. Bretton Wood Institutions’ Criticism and Response
    Its supporters claim that in terms of the conditions applied by the financial institution to its members, it follows the existing and prevailing economic policies in the world.
  8. American Democracy and Equality Criticism
    However, the absence of even the smallest traces of ‘equality’ in America can be confirmed not only within the context of what accounts for the living standards, on the part of the country’s rich and […]
  9. Dance Criticism in “Beyond Description” by Jowitt
    According to Jowitt, in order to describe a dance properly the writer is to possess a variety of different skills allowing them to select appropriate metaphors, apply correct judgment, draw clever comparisons, and present dance […]
  10. Boeing 787: Outsorcing Benefits, Risks, Criticism
    The Boeing outsourced the manufacturing of various parts of the 787 aircraft, and this had depressing impacts on the corporation, including setback in releasing Boeing 787 to the marketplace.
  11. The Photograph Description and Criticism
    In this picture, the foreground is where the woman is seated and the background depicts transparent window of the apartment The photograph was likely taken in a broad daylight since outside the apartment to be […]
  12. The Nuremberg Trials and Their Criticism
    For instance, the Allies used Count Methods during the trials despite the fact that they were non-European. The Nuremberg court was not impartial since the judges were selected by the victors of the war.
  13. Stetson’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” Criticism
    Since the woman who narrates is alienated from the community and not allowed to work or be engaged in any other activity, she describes her inner thoughts and feelings, and that makes the whole story […]
  14. Marxist Criticism in “Death of a Salesman” by Miller
    Marxist criticism helps to get insight into the relationships between individuals and social groups and to understand the historical, social, economic, and political context of the environment of the story and its influence on a […]
  15. Michael Bay’s Concept of Films in Criticism
    This concept creates some suspense in the mind of the audience as they wait to see what could be in the background and how it relates to the actor.
  16. Art Criticism and Its Basic Stages
    At this step, the art critic mentions everything he/she knows and understands about the piece of art. The final step is judgment, which entails how the critic thinks of the work.
  17. Criticism and Discussion in Science Evolution
    The great significance of the given phenomenon is also proved by the fact that people have always been trying to determine the frames that limit the further evolution of scientific thought and to obtain pure […]
  18. Emotional Intelligence Criticism by Steve Tobak
    The main idea of the article consists in the fact that the modern tendency of promoting EI is the result of the profit it generates, which is why its promoters tend to provide insufficient information […]
  19. Hurricane Katrina Crisis Response and Criticism
    Hurricane Katrina that hit several regions of the US in 2005 caused some of the greatest losses in the history of the country.
  20. Criticism of the Thinker Anselm’s Approach
    One of the pillars of Anselm’s reasoning is that God is the perfect being, and there is nothing greater. Anselm was one of the pioneers who sought evidence to prove that God existed.
  21. Confucianism and Daoism Differences and Criticism
    The Daoist believes about the world are well depicted in the story about the frog in the well by Zhuang Zi.
  22. Feminist Approach in Literary Criticism
    The reason for this is simple this particular plot’s development suggests that, just as it happened to be the case with the functioning of a male psyche, the working of a female psyche implies that […]
  23. The Movie “Blue Velvet”: Psychological Criticism
    The gist of this paper, therefore, is to offer psychological criticism of the Movie as regards its screenplay, plot, direction, and general presentation, and this is done by applying the Freudian Theory of Psychological Analysis […]
  24. Sociological Criticism of Twain’s “The War Prayer”
    In the given essay, it is discussed that The War Prayer cannot be viewed solely as a story of a pacifist, as the main argument is weak and unjustified. That is why The War Prayer […]
  25. Internationalization of Family Businesses: Criticism Paper
    The paper in question investigates the nature of the internationalization of family businesses and studies how different futures of the company affect the process.

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