Cultural Identity Essay, Research Paper Examples

Cultural Differences: Individualism vs. Collectivism

Several cultures around the world are distinct and unique. Notably, many cultures also have similarities and diversities. The features of different cultures also show massive structural differences. The cultural differences are crucial to understanding the origin of people around us. The understanding of the relevant cultures helps in knowing where the people around us originate. […]

Cultural Diversity in Society

Gupta, A., & Ferguson, J. (1992). Beyond ‘culture’: Space, identity, and the politics of difference. Cultural Anthropology, 7(1), 6–23. This peer-reviewed article presents insights about the way cultural diversity brings reform to the way a society is conducted (Gupta & Ferguson, 1992, p. 23). It was particularly important regarding the explanation of how different aspects […]

Social Identity in Social Psychology

Introduction Social identity within the discipline of social psychology provides a fundamental way of defining individuals when it is necessary to do. We use this criterion to distinguish between a personal identity and an individual’s different group identities. In this regard, social psychologists have come with several models of social identity theories in their attempts […]

Australia: Being a Multicultural Society

Introduction Australian society today can be considered to be an example of multicultural society. Within this country multiculturalism can be defined in number of ways as an ideology that considers demographic relationships or based on policy (Leuner, 2007). If the ideological perspective is used, the definition of multiculturalism refers to the cultural and ethnic diversity […]

Hall, Stuart. “Introduction: Who Needs ‘Identity’?” Questions of Cultural Identity.

Stuart Hall focuses on a very important issue concerning identity. The issue has been considered by many thinkers and there is no single answer to the question raised by Hall: who does need ‘Identity’? Hall claims that to answer this question it is necessary to analyze such notion as “identification” (2). Hall states that identification […]

Social Constructionism and Its Impact on Cultural Identity in a Society Ruled by a Strong Rhetoric of Risk and Health and Safety Regulations

The following literature review critically evaluates the existing debates central to the relevant themes and aims of this dissertation. These include social constructionism, namely the development of this theoretical framework and how it relates to the view of the self using accountability as an example; the rise of the dominant discourse on health and safety […]

How middle school students cultural identity (race values, neighborhood and family) influence the way they learn

This is a very important discussion because a deep comprehension of the learning process should provide framework for curriculum and instructional decisions. This is because diversity in middle level schools calls for continual reexamination of educator’s assumptions, expectation, and biases. Therefore, decisions on education must be evaluated for their influence on students learning capability. Teachers […]