Cyber Bullying Essay, Research Paper Examples

Cyber Bullying and Its Forms

Introduction Cyber bullying is the use of the internet and communication devices like cell phones to humiliate, intimidate, harass or hurt a person (Trolley 2009, p56). The various ways of bullying via digital equipment include making and posting a false profile of someone, insulting them, sending them sexual notes or threatening them (Trolley 2009, p […]

Ethics in Technology: Cyber Crimes

Citation of the case Ethics denote unwritten rules that people in a certain professional sector should follow. In the cyber space, many users have overlooked ethical values. This has culminated in cyber malpractices and vices. Some of the frequent cyberspace vices include hacking and bullying (Curtis 34). Owing to the increase in cyber crime, many […]

Cyber Bullying Issue

Cyber bullying refers to threatening, lying or harassing a person through various electronic communication devices such as cell phones or computers. Cyber bullies harass their victims through emails, instant messages, text messages, blogs, and posting embarrassing information about a person to a website. Today, the issue of cyber bullying is treated as a serious problem […]

Is cyber bullying against teenagers more detrimental than face-to-face bullying?

Teenagers are an extremely sensitive population. They are associated with a variety of issues especially due to the changes in hormones and transition from childhood to adulthood. Bullying is a common practice among teenagers. It entails a form of violent behavior against an individual with an aim of harassing. Cyber bullying on the other hand […]

Cyber Bullying as a Virtual Menace

Introduction With the world turning into a global village, interactions between people in different geographical locations have been made easier by technological advancements. There has been increased internet usage and many people irrespective of their ages have been using it as a medium of communication and source of any information one may need. However, with […]

The effects of cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking on the society

In many cases, virtual space ensures the anonymity of Internet users and in this environment cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking become very widespread. These behaviors include several activities that can harm an individual; for example, one can mention intimidation, humiliation, or posting materials that can harm the reputation or career of a person (King-Ries 2011). Furthermore, one […]

Ethical case: facebook gossip or cyberbullying?

Gossip is unethical behavior based on the various approaches in evaluating what is ethical and what is not ethical. According to the rights approach in evaluating ethical cases, ethical actions should respect and protect moral rights of other people. This view stresses that people have dignity based on their nature or their ability to decide […]