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61 Depression Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🌧️ How to Write a Depression Essay: Do’s and Don’ts

A depression essay is an important assignment that will help you to explore the subject and its impact on people. Writing this type of paper may seem challenging at first, but there are some secrets that will make achieving a high grade much easier. Check below for a list of do’s and don’ts to get started!

DO select a narrow topic. Before starting writing, define the subject of the paper, and write down some possible titles. This will help you to focus your thoughts instead of offering generic information that can easily be found on Wikipedia. Consider writing about a particular population or about the consequences of depression. For example, a teenage depression essay could earn you excellent marks! If you find this step challenging, try searching for depression essay topics online. This will surely give you some inspiration.

DON’T copy from peers or other students. Today, tutors are usually aware of the power of the Internet and will check your paper for plagiarism. Hence, if you copy information from other depression essays, you could lose a lot of marks. You could search for depression essay titles or sample papers online, but avoid copying any details from these sources.

DO your research before starting. High-quality research is crucial when you write essays on mental health issues. There are plenty of online resources that could help you, including Google Scholar, PubMed, and others. To find relevant scientific articles, search for your primary and secondary topics of interest. Then filter results by relevance, publication date, and access type. This will help you to identify sources that you can view online and use to support your ideas.

DON’T rely on unverified sources. This is a crucial mistake made by many students that usually results in failing the paper. Sources that are not academic, such as websites, blogs, and Wiki pages, may contain false or outdated information. Some exceptions are official publications and web pages of medical organizations, such as the CDC, APA, and the World Health Organization.

DO consider related health issues. Depression is often associated with other mental or physical health issues, so you should reflect this in your paper. Some examples of problems related to depression are suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, and panic attack disorder. To show your in-depth understanding of the issue, you could write a depression and anxiety essay that shows the relationship between the two. Alternatively, you can devote one or two paragraphs to examining the prevalence of other mental health problems in people with depression.

DON’T include personal opinions and experiences unless required. A good essay on the subject of depression should be focused and objective. Hence, you should rely on research rather than on your understanding of the theme. For example, if you have to answer the question “What is depression?”, look for scientific articles or official publications that contain the definition rather than trying to explain it in your own words.

DON’T forget about structure. The structure of your essay helps to present arguments or points logically, thus assisting the reader in making sense of the information. A good thing to do is to write a depression essay outline before you start the paper. You should list your key points, supported by relevant depression quotes from academic publications. Follow the outline carefully to avoid gaps and inconsistencies.

Using these do’s and don’ts, you will be able to write an excellent paper on depression! If you want to see more tips and tricks that will help you elevate your writing, look around our website!

🏆 Best Depression Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Oral versus Written Administration of the Geriatric Depression Scale
    The authors conducted a survey in a nursing home with the aim of assessing the applicability of oral administration over the written administration of the Geriatric Depression Scale in a nursing home population.
  2. Does Divorce Have a Greater Impact on Men than on Women in Terms of Depression?
    The provides an adequate background of these researches that suggest that the concept of adjustment is a theory of divorce that conceives the disruption of a marriage as a crisis which at eh beginning leads […]
  3. Concept of Depression Disorder
    Ethnographic approach seeks an in-depth understanding of a particular culture and uses it to examine the conceptions of that particular culture in relation to similar ones in other defined environments.
  4. Depression Levels and Development
    Hypothesis If the human depression state is as a result of the mind set and individuals can determine their state then an alteration of the mind frame can be established.
  5. Depression: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
    This research paper seeks to explore depression from a cross-cultural perspective with key focus on the conceptions of depression, its epidemiological aspects, different manifestations of depression, the evaluation of depression as a disorder, and the […]
  6. Understanding Teen Depression
    Impacts of depression on teenagers Depression is characterized by several effects; however, most of them impact negatively to the teens. For instance, a considerable percentage of teens use extra-curriculum activities such as sports and games, […]
  7. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) In Treating Depression
    CBT works on the principle that positive thoughts and behaviour heralds positive moods and this is something that can be learned; therefore, by learning to think and behave positively, someone may substitute negative thoughts with […]
  8. The Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI) Measure
    The author of the article on “Depression in Children: Children’s Depression Inventory” has used both the classical test score and generalizability theories.
  9. Catatonic Depression
    The major cause of catatonic depression is negativity of a person or in the way he or she perceives different aspects of life. However most disorders share most of the symptoms and characteristics and it […]
  10. Depression and its effects on participants’ performance in the workplace
    We shall then design a matrix showing the proposed effects of the depression and the preventive measures that need to be taken.
  11. Correlation between Multiple Pregnancies and Postpartum Depression/Psychosis
    In recognition of the paucity of information on the relationship between multiple pregnancies and postpartum depression, the paper reviews the likely relationship by understanding the two variables, multiple pregnancies and postpartum depression, in terms of […]
  12. Concept of Childhood Depression
    The affliction of children by depression involves much more than the general attitude that most of us assume in considering childhood depression as a result of the child’s disappointment experiencing a challenging encounter within the […]
  13. Depression Psychological Evaluation
    The first step to managing the condition is to seek help from a medical doctor or preferably a mental health specialist. He should expect the depressive mood to improve gradually and not immediately.
  14. Childhood Depression & Bi-polar Disorder
    There are various medications that are used in treatment of bipolar disorder and it is important to note that since research is still ongoing, children are treated with drugs that are used to treat the […]
  15. Depression Experiences in Law Enforcement
    The traumatic experiences that the police officers encounter and endure during the course of their duties make them susceptible to depression.
  16. Social Networking and Depression
    The findings of the study confirmed that once an individual engages in social networking, his or her feeling of safety goes down and depression mood emerges meaning that a correlation between depression and social networking […]
  17. Depression in Older Adults
    The understanding and modification of the contributions of these factors is the ultimate goal of the clinicians who engage in the treatment of depression.
  18. Social Influences on Behavior: Towards understanding Depression and Alcoholism based on Social Situations
    According to Smith & Mackie, dispositional variables entails the personalities, values, worldviews, and attitudes of the people that are interacting in a group, while situational variables comprise of the particular characteristics of the situation that […]
  19. Depression: Law Enforcement Officers and Stress
    The traumatic experiences that the police officers encounter and endure during the course of their duties make them susceptible to depression.
  20. Interpersonal Communication Strategies Regarding Depression
    When one of the individuals in a couple is depressed, there is lack of effective communication, more conflicts and hostility. Rather there has to be understanding and proper communication between the couple so that each […]
  21. Depression in female adolescents
    This technique differentiates between those characteristics that are considered normal by the society in relation to female adolescent and those that are peculiar which are symptoms of depression. However, there are side effects related to […]
  22. Review on Katrina Srigley’s Book, Bread Winning Daughters: Young Working Women in a Depression-Era City
    Srigley argues that the great depression caused economic vulnerability to the populations in Toronto, which led to her desire to examine the plight of the young women during that era since most researchers were concerned […]
  23. Psychopharmacological Treatment for Depression
    The summarized study, titled “Revised Psychopharmacological Algorithms for the Treatment of Mood Disorders in Japan”, was therefore informed by the need to develop new algorithms for the psychopharmacological treatment of depression and related disorders, particularly […]
  24. Depression: A Critical Evaluation
    In spite of the fact that governments and agencies across the world have made significant steps in the fight against depression, there is compelling evidence that we are yet to be fully effective in translating, […]
  25. Book Review: “Breadwinning Daughters: Young Women Working in a Depression- Era City, 1929-1939” by Katrina Srigley
    In an attempt to seal the gap that these researchers have created in the Canadian history, Srigley focuses on the lives of young women during the Great Depression era. Men’s reaction to the phenomenon was […]
  26. Cognitive Treatment of Depression
    It describes the rationale for the therapy, some of the therapeutic techniques used to treat this disorder, and provide a brief overview of the empirical evidence on the effectiveness of this treatment method.
  27. Depression and Cognitive Therapy
    The other type of medication that is widely used to treat depression condition is the healing process that helps in reverse or eliminates the fundamental process that results to the continuation of depression.
  28. How Do Genetic and Environmental Factors Contribute To The Expression of Depression?
    It is believed that people’s reactions to stress that they encounter in life is one of the factors that leads to changes in the levels of the chemicals that are involved in bodily changes such […]
  29. How Does Peer Pressure Contribute to Adolescent Depression?
    Therefore, it is possible to note that peer pressure is one of the most significant factors contributing to the development of adolescent depression.
  30. Poly-Substance Abuse in Adolescent Males with Depression
    The proposal gives some of the articles that would be critical in understanding the relationship between poly-substance abuse and depression in adolescent males.

🥇 Most Interesting Depression Topics to Write about

  1. Depression in the Elderly
    Depression in the elderly differs from depression in the young in a number of ways. Older people with depression are twice as likely to develop cardiac diseases, and the consequent increase in the risk of […]
  2. Effect of Social Media on Depression
    The number of friends that the participants of the mock study had in their social sites was also related to the degree of depression that they experienced.
  3. Report Writing About Depression
    There is concrete evidence that many people in Australia tend to believe that depression is the cause of all suicide deaths in the world, but this not true.
  4. Evolutionary Psychology: Depression
    As such, using the ideas formulated by evolutionary psychologists, it makes sense to argue that human behaviors are as a result of psychological adaptations that evolve in a bid to cope with the environment, social […]
  5. The impact of exercise on women who suffer from depression
    As high levels of depression in women depend on ovarian function, estrogen has been observed to be the cause of depression in women, and is, thus, a possible agent for the management of depression.
  6. Healing Depression
    In this study, the researcher seeks to discuss a diagnosis done on a patient, and some of the theoretical models of psychology that can be used to address the problem once it is detected in […]
  7. The Effects of Forgiveness Therapy on Depression, Anxiety and Posttraumatic Stress for Women after Spousal Emotional Abuse
    Enright forgiveness model applied in the study proved effective since it systematically addressed the forgiveness process identified the negative attributes caused by the abuse, and prepared the women for positive responses.
  8. Depression and Workplace Violence
    Examples of these techniques include methods of reporting and the formal and informal announcements that violence and other forms of verbal abuse and aggression are not tolerated in the work environment, or even outside of […]
  9. Psychological Disorder: Depression
    To answer the research question “What is the rate of depression in adults, ages 40-60 years, caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease compared to adults of the same age group in the general population?”, […]
  10. Depression and Physical Activity – Literature Review
    The findings of the study show that future increases in depression incidences among the participants of the study would be significantly decreased by physical activity.
  11. Relationship between Sleep and Depression in Adolescence
    Using SPSS for data analysis, the results indicate the presence of a correlation between elements of depression and sleep duration and quality.
  12. Methodological Bias Associated with Sex Depression
    However, depression is more common in women than men and statistics shows that in the united state in every three reported cases of depression one is a man while the ratio increases to worldwide statistics […]
  13. Depression Measurements – Psychology
    To achieve the goal of making proper estimations on the effects of depression in the society, the authors assert that it is critical to making accurate measurements.
  14. Job’ Stress and Depression
    It also investigates the various approaches that have been applied by many employees in managing job stress and depression, and the identification of the most appropriate approach to be used. The method that is to […]
  15. Managing Stress and Depression at Work Places – Psychology
    It investigates the various approaches that have been applied by many employees in managing the job stress and depression and the identification of the most appropriate approach to be used.
  16. Parents’ Depression and Toddler Behaviors
    The article “Longitudinal Contribution of Maternal and Paternal Depression to Toddler Behaviors: Interparental Conflict and Later Depression as Mediators” by Sheehan, Rebecca, Michael, Robin, and Stuart tested the effects of paternal depression on toddler behaviors.
  17. Child’s Mental Health and Depression in Adulthood
    The objective of the proposed research is to provide a comprehensive study focusing on the impact of mental health in childhood on depressions in the adult age.
  18. Relationship Between Depression and Sleep Disturbance
    It was emphasized that persistent disturbance, its severity, and the intermittent nature of the sleep were not associated with depression and its recurrence in the following years. The sleeping disturbance is a risk factor that […]
  19. Organizational Behaviour: Depression in the Workplace
    This paper will examine the impacts of depression on the employees’ work performance and attendance and look at how managers can deal with hidden depression in such employees. The particular factors that bring about such […]
  20. Arab-Americans’ Acculturation and Depression
    In particular, this study will determine the aspects of acculturation that cause depression and mental health disorders in this ethnic group.
  21. Postpartum Depression and Comorbid Disorders
    For example, at a public hospital in Sydney, Australia, the psychiatrists used a Routine Comprehensive Psychosocial Assessment tool to study the chances of ‘low risk’ women developing the postpartum symptoms.
  22. Sleep Disturbance, Depression, Anxiety Correlation
    The above imply that many questions are still unanswered with respect to the kinds of sleep complaints affecting undergraduates and the impact on their psychological health.
  23. Yoga for Depression and Anxiety
    A simple definition of yoga will lead people to generalize it as a system of exercise and a kind of mindset that would result in the union of mind and body.
  24. Psychological Measures: the Beck Depression Inventory
    The BDI is used to evaluate levels of depression in patients and to observe the efficacy of other interventions such as antidepressants and electroconvulsive therapy.
  25. Hamilton Depression Rating Scale Application
    In both cases, the researchers clearly indicated that the higher the level of rating, the higher the depression. This is worsened by the fact that the professional administering the question is not allowed to influence […]
  26. Depression and Its Causes in the Modern Society
    The higher instances of depression among women can be explained using a number of reasons including the lifestyle of the modern woman and her role in the society.
  27. Parkinson’s, Preeclampsia, Postpartum Depression
    The medical history of the patient will help the doctor to offer the best drug therapy. Members of the family might also be unable to cope with the disorder.
  28. Problem of the Depression in Teenagers
    Despite the lack of sufficient data on the variation of depression among young adults over the last 10 to 20 years in the US, from the literature review, the research identifies an increasing trend of […]
  29. Beck Depression Inventory in Psychological Practice
    Beck in the 1990s, the theory disrupted the traditional flow of Freudian theories development and introduced the audience to the concept of cognitive development, therefore, inviting psychologists to interpret the changes in the patient’s emotional […]
  30. Depression and Melancholia Expressed by Hamlet
    The paper will not attempt and sketch the way the signs or symptoms of depression/melancholia play a part in the way Shakespeare’s period or culture concerning depression/melancholia, but in its place portrays the way particular […]
  31. Stress, Depression, and Responses to Them
    A great number of people are not able or willing to find meaning in stressful experiences that they get through; for example, they often cannot understand the cause of their difficulties or the strengths that […]

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