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  1. Concepts of Alzheimer’s disease
    The brain changes are the same in both men and women suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. There is also a significant increase in the death of the neurons leading to the shrinking of the affected regions.
  2. Recommendations for Ensuring Food Safety & Reducing Disease-Causing Mosquitoes
    As such, the focus should be to introduce mandatory employee training especially in areas of food safety to guarantee that appropriate practices in hygiene, food handling and preparation, and sanitation are put in place in […]
  3. Citrus Greening Disease in The United States
    The disease has led to decreased production of citrus fruits in the United States and this has greatly affected the citrus industry.
  4. Countering to the Hepatitis Disease
    The state of affairs is worsened by the limited fiscal resources allotted by the exchequer. It is noted that others are known to cut off sections of the clitoris.
  5. Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease among Older Population
    After the 65 years, it has been found that the probability of developing Alzheimer’s disease doubles after every 5 years and as a result, by the age of 85 years, the risk of acquiring the […]
  6. Alcoholism Disease or Self Will
    Alcoholism as a disease has serious physical effects to the body because it affects organs and systems such as the liver, the heart, and the nervous system amongst other critical organs in the body. Alcoholism […]
  7. Psychological Disorders: Parkinson’s Disease
    The future research must focus on the analysis of the spiritual and emotional aspects of Parkinson’s disease and possible ways to improve psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of elderly people with PD.
  8. Huntington’s Disease: The Discovery of the Huntington’s Gene
    Since the sex chromosomes are not involved in the production of this disease, both men and women are equally susceptible to Huntington’s disease The gene that causes huninton’s disease is dominant which means that only […]
  9. Environment, Disease and Crime in Egypt
    Similarly, the prevalence of diverse diseases in Egypt limits the citizens’ ability to attain sound health. Water erosion also occurring in the Northern regions of Egypt causes unprecedented degradations to land.
  10. Therapeutic Interventions for Parkinson ’s Disease
    Over the years, Levodopa has become the preferred drug for the treatment of motor signs and symptoms of PD. To counter this effect, a combination therapy of levodopa and doperminergic agonists has been suggested in […]
  11. The Disease of Autism
    Origin The disorder is one of the new diagnoses of the autism. Other effects of the disorder are constipation and growth failures that may be a problem to the lives of the individual.
  12. Disease: Analysis of the Article Preparing for the Next Pandemic by Michael T. Osterholm
    Culture: This article does not discuss cultural issues, for instance, the impact of the cultural background and national peculiarities on the pandemic prevention.
  13. Understanding Alzheimer’s disease
    The most remarkable feature of the disease is the loss of ability to remember events in an individual’s life. According to the latter hypothetical medical study, it has been exemplified that the presence of deposits […]
  14. Health Care for Elderly People with Alzheimer’s disease
    C’s condition is not likely to affect the relationship between her and her relatives if they are sensible toward her. C is to take her to a nursing home for the elderly.
  15. Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
    According to documented research, Alzheimer’s disease is the primary cause of dementia affecting close to half a million people in the United Kingdom and five million in the United States.
  16. Prevention of Disease
    The first indicator of breast cancer is the presence of a lump that feels like a swollen matter that is not tender like the rest of the breast tissues.
  17. Plague Disease Myths
    The rich in the society managed to flee from the country, and as a result, the poor were the ones who were left vulnerable to the disease.
  18. Heart Disease: Nutrition
    As such, it is important for the patients to increase their consumption of whole grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits that are rich in trans-fatty acids and saturated fatty acids.
  19. Diagnosis a Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
    This paper is a response meant to educate a patient diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease on the causes and treatment of the disease.
  20. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Treatment
    The proton pump inhibitor is in the class of drugs that permanently block gastric proton pump which is essential for the secretion of the gastric acid by the parietal cells of the stomach.
  21. Huntington’s disease: Etiology and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
    According to the research, every child of an infected person has a 50 per cent probability of getting the mutated gene and thus being infected by the disease. There are medicines that are helpful in […]
  22. Walking Economy in Parkinson’s Disease Patients
    However, there is need to perform a specific study to confirm the role of tremor, rigidity and reduced strides in poor walking economies among PD patients.
  23. Disease in The News
    The article then focuses on the relationship between the experiences of the Cairo consensus and the population narrative and the response to AIDS.
  24. The Development of Alzheimer’s Disease and it’s Effect on the Brain
    Research studies have revealed that prevalence of the Alzheimer’s disease is increasing exponentially due to change in lifestyles and the incurable nature of the disease.
  25. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
    Socio-cultural factors Some of the most common socio-cultural factors influencing the recovery of TBI patients centre on the role of family and friends in the healing process, education and prevention programs, how the patients cope […]
  26. Importance of Drug Therapy in Management of Alzheimer’s disease
    The effects of Alzheimer’s disease can be controlled by early detection. Most studies are based on the effects of drug therapy mild Alzheimer’s patients.
  27. Diagnosis and Treatment of Crohn’s Disease
    The research was primarily conducted to report the causes of crohn’s disease and the people who can be infected by the disease.
  28. Diabetic Renal Disease
    The high blood sugar levels in the patient usually result in the incapacitation of the kidney hence hindering the normal functioning of this organ.
  29. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Communication Plan
    The Department of Health and Human Services requires all the information from the ground, the circumstances leading to the event and what the CDC is doing to tackle the foregoing.
  30. Concepts of Batten Disease
    In the course of their research, Fowler et al, further noted that the reason of a child getting the autosomal recessive is the inheritance of the gene that is defected.
  31. Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease
    Chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease have become endemic and as such calls into question what processes can be implemented among members of the local population so as to prevent the spread […]
  32. Chronic Disease-Racial Ethnic Disparity
    Evidently, it is crucial to understand critical racial/ethnic disparities in the context of their viability and contributions to health. This indicates the mentioned racial disparity in health relative to breast cancer.
  33. Parkinson Disease
    This research paper compares and contrasts the effectiveness of pharmacological interventions such as the administration of Levodopa, Carbidopa, anticholinergics, and other drugs; the deep brain stimulation surgical therapy, and the cognitive-behavioral patient education programs in […]
  34. Public Awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease
    This will be important in the evaluation of the program activities. Lastly, the advocacy approach and the key messages to be passed to the public will be identified.
  35. Budget for Chronic Kidney Disease
    With the increase in the prevalence rate of CKD the cost of administering the treatment of the diseases is also expected to increase.
  36. Chronic Kidney Disease: Community and Public Issue
    CKD is regarded as both a community and public health issue as a result of four main reasons: firstly, the disease places a huge burden on the community, which continues to grow despite the numerous […]
  37. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
    This paper assesses the magnitude of CKD, develops a program, and sets objectives on how the program can be used to achieve the aim of the Healthy People 2020 in relation to CKD.
  38. Differences Between Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns Disease
    In Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns disease, the immune system, attacks the gastrointestinal system, which is the digestive tract or tube in the body that extends from the mouth to the anus.
  39. Dengue Disease in Africa
    This is one of the challenges that should be considered. This is one of the hypotheses that should be tested.
  40. Health Education and Disease Prevention
    The Unit’s core values are: Improved efficiency in service delivery and satisfaction of every shareholder To provide the best and most reliable counseling psychology and health coaching for the benefit of patients To ensure patients’ […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Disease

  1. Missions of 3 Healthcare Centers: Disease Control and Prevention, Medicare and Medicaid Services, Health Resources and Services Administration
    The agency’s mission is to promote health of the nation and to identify and fight security and safety threats of foreign and domestic origins.
  2. Explanation of Cancer Disease
    This leads to numerous types of cancers depending on the part of the body where they form. Indicators of cancers depend on the location of the malignant cells.
  3. Measures of Disease Frequency
    The critical rationale for diagnostic criteria is that it facilitates the establishment of the threshold for diagnosis of an ailment in those circumstances where the symptoms of the disease manifest themselves.
  4. Autism Disease
    This includes the communication patterns of the teenager, the extent of social relations and the unusual behavioral characteristics of the teenager in the environment.
  5. Medicine Issues: Emphysema’ Disease
    However noted as a cause, in comparison to smoking, the deficiency is said to be of negligible volume. Alpha-1 antitrypsin, as the University of Michigan Health System indicates, is a natural protein that circulates in […]
  6. Psychology Issues: Alzheimer’s Disease
    Alzheimer’s disease is a psychological disorder that involves the progressive destruction of brain cells and reduction in the proper functioning of the brain.
  7. Healthcare: Lyme Disease and Black-legged Tick
    Ten to thirty percent of nymphs may be the carriers of the disease, among the adult ticks the rates are higher, twenty to seventy percent may be dangerous.
  8. Disease Ecology Definition
    To investigate all factors which influence the development of disease and its treatment, disease ecology has a great number of different methods.
  9. Medicine: Spatial Targeting Method in Disease Ecology
    Though being a very challenging task the process of disease control may be improved extensively with the help of the method known as spatial targeting, as it allows for creating a map of infectious disease […]
  10. Lupus – Skin Disease (Discoid)
    Although most people choose to ignore diseases that affect the skin based on the notion that they do not have much of an effect on the body, it is important to point out that the […]
  11. Ebola Virus Disease
    Ebola is a viral disease that attacks all the cells of the body in a systematic process starting with the white blood cells.
  12. Lung Cancer Disease and Prevention Methods
    Lung cancer is a common and deadly form of cancer characterized by the development of cancerous cells in the lungs of the individual. Lung cancer is the type of cancer characterized by the development of […]
  13. The Black Death Disease’ History
    The disease is also believed to have come to Europe from the black mice that were often seen on the merchants’ boats.
  14. The European Exploration: the Impact of Disease Spread
    Furthermore, various factors such as the political and economic relationship between the countries, diseases, development of the routes, and availability of the information have the influence on the ability to explore the different lands.
  15. The Molecular Basis of the Liposarcoma Disease
    This knowledge is important for the prevention and treatment of this disease. This is one of the main challenges that have not been overcome yet.
  16. Medical Research: Mad Cow Disease in Human Form
    This implies that in every 2,000 people, one person has the protein that is associated with the disease. However, research has not revealed the number of carriers that are likely to develop the disease.
  17. Lyme Disease in the “Under Your Skin” Film
    The online video evokes many thoughts because of the challenges people are going through with the disease. The other challenge with the disease relates to the inability of people to recognize its long-term dangers.
  18. Pitting Edema Disease’ Analysis
    These situations may cause insufficient supply of the blood by the veins and the following raised back-pressure in the veins of the legs and stresses the fluid to remain in the ankles and feet or […]
  19. The Polycystic Kidney Disease’ Etiology
    As stated earlier on this is the most common version of PKD and as suggested by the name, the disease is so serious such that in a family where one parent suffers from the disease […]
  20. Disease Topic in the Docudrama “And the Band Played On”
    This docudrama describes the outbreak of AIDS epidemics in the United States in the eighties. Furthermore, this film depicts the efforts of medical workers and researchers to limit the spread of this disease.
  21. Heart Disease in African Americans: Intervention
    According to the tests carried out among the target denizens of the population, 78% of the African Americans were in the risk area due to their unhealthy lifestyles, particularly improper dieting.
  22. Typhoid Disease: Mary Mallon Quarantine Case
    Although the medical experts were able to establish that unhygienic conditions helped in the spread of the disease, it was not yet clear what the cause of the disease was.
  23. Psychology: Disease Model Worksheet
    The case of William may show that traditional and positive psychology techniques contend on the best approaches to solve patients’ problems.
  24. Tuberculosis and Infectious Disease Slogan
    The level of awareness about sexually transmitted diseases among people is higher compared to that of tuberculosis, owing to the fact the risk factors of the latter are hard to identify. The risk population of […]
  25. Disease v Harm Reduction Addiction Treatment Model
    The harm reduction model implies the ability of the addicted patient to control and govern the undesired personal behavior while the disease model excludes the self-control aspect from the treatment methods and offers to consider […]
  26. Kawasaki Disease Concept
    Consequently, the rest of the literature will try to establish the syndromes, the vulnerable group, the causes, complications, and finally the treatment.
  27. Cancer Disease and Its Impact
    The symptoms of the disease vary greatly, depending on the size of the tumor, location of the tumor, and the manner in which the tumor spreads.
  28. Aging and Parkinson’s Disease
    Parkinson’s disease refers to a condition, where a portion of the brain is damaged progressively over a period of many years.
  29. Disease Concept of Alcoholism
    The universal definition of a disease is anything that is capable of causing an imbalance in the body’s nervous system thus, going by this definition then it is a disease, but in this century whereby […]
  30. Diabetes Disease in the USA Adults
    The disease has become a burden to the city of Baltimore in the state of Maryland. The city has to reallocate billions of money to control the disease.
  31. Peripheral Vascular Disease in African American Women
    Peripheral vascular disease refers to any “disease or disorder of the circulatory system that takes blood to the brain and heart”. A majority of the African American women that suffer from peripheral vascular disease do […]
  32. Heart Disease Prevention in Postmenopausal Women
    The article “Coronary Heart Disease Mortality and Hormone Therapy Before and After the Women’s Health Initiative” offers new insights that can be used to prevent cardiovascular diseases in postmenopausal women. The HRT approach can be […]
  33. Kawasaki Disease: Molecular Basis Understanding
    Overall, many researchers have developed various techniques to understand and diagnose the molecular basis of Kawasaki disease because it lacks specific diagnostic tests.
  34. Disease Model and Harm Reduction Model Comparison
    Both books are memoirs of a father and his son while the first book is written by father David, and the latter one reveals the point of view of his son.
  35. Aspirin Use for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
    There are many ways to prevent risk, and aspirin therapy is probably one of the safest for people between 45 and 80.
  36. Parkinson’s Disease and Occupational Performance
    The mechanism of Parkinson’s disease affects the production of dopamine by the substantia nigra and, this tendency occurs due to the death or degeneration of the neurons that are situated in the basal ganglia.
  37. Peptic Ulcer Disease and Stomach Cancer Diagnostics
    The main idea of this paper is to dwell upon peptic ulcer disease and stomach cancer, the causes of the diseases, signs and symptoms, and how the diseases are diagnosed.
  38. Chronic Kidney Disease: Body Mass Index and Haemoglobin
    However, irrespective of the factors that initiate the condition, the onset of the disease triggers a chain of occurrences. The increase in the prevalence of CKD is attributed to different factors.
  39. Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
    The clinic question is whether the consistent checkups, close monitoring, and nursing interventions improve the outcomes in the CKD patients compared to the patients who are just being evaluated regularly.
  40. The Eustachian Tube Disease and Innovation Treatment
    This is why the researchers decided to investigate the issues that transpire during the process of the Eustachian tube treatment and come up with a method to mitigate the adverse consequences of this particular ailment.

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  1. Kidney Disease: Advanced Practice Nurses Role and Barriers
    Meanwhile, the role of APNs would deepen and structure the research for the project. It might be reflected in the lack of experience and knowledge of core values and theories related to work performance.
  2. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Diagnosing and Treatment
    COPD is also regularly misdiagnosed for several factors, such as misattribution of the fatigue and shortness of breath to aging, the low awareness of the symptoms of the disease, and the underestimation of its consequences.
  3. Decreasing the Progress of Renal Disease
    In the context of the descriptive study, the instruments of a mixed design will be important. In the process of research, the initial hospital records data will be enlarged.
  4. Cigarette Smoking and Parkinson’s Disease Risk
    Therefore, given the knowledge that cigarette smoking protects against the disease, it is necessary to determine the validity of these observations by finding the precise relationship between nicotine and PD.
  5. Plasma Amyloid-Beta and Alzheimer’s Disease
    The impact of AD on public health includes increased rates of informal care and the direct charges of communal care. The aim of this study is to find the precise relationship between plasma amyloid beta […]
  6. HIV/AIDS as a Communicable Disease
    Drawing from a study by Ngatchou, the choice of the word human is linked to the fact that the virus only causes disease in human beings.
  7. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    In most of the cases, the early symptoms of the disease are often ignored because of the limited knowledge that people have about this disease.
  8. Alzheimer’s Disease and Antisocial Personality Disorder
    Since there is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, the future of the nursing care for the people that have the identified disorder concerns mostly maintaining the patient’s quality of life.
  9. Graves’ Disease, Its Pathogenesis and Treatment
    However, several other physicians have made notes of the disease prior to that, and the first mentions of it could be traced to the Thesaurus of Shah of Khwarazm a 12th-century medical tractate. Maternal Graves’ […]
  10. Chronic Disease Impact on Patient’s Family
    The evolution of the humanistic approach and reconsideration of the system of values resulted in the increased importance of any individual and his/her quality of life.
  11. Alzheimer’s Disease in Medical Research
    The existing data proposes that if the illness is distinguished before the commencement of evident warning signs, it is probable that the treatments founded on the facts of fundamental pathogenesis will be of assistance in […]
  12. Alzheimer’s Disease, Its Nature and Diagnostics
    According to the Alzheimer’s Association, this condition is the sixth leading cause of lethal outcomes in the United States. The most frequent symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include problems with memory, reasoning, thinking processes, perception, and […]
  13. Tetanus Disease Symptoms and Treatment
    The microorganism belongs to the genus Clostridium, and its form of a gram strain corresponds to the shape of a drumstick or the tennis rackets.
  14. Glycogen Accumulation Disease’s Causes and Treatment
    The GSD III is considered to be a mild version of Glycogen Storage Disease I, and rarely leads to failure of the liver.
  15. Dutch Elm Disease, Its Symptoms and Prevention
    The spreading of the produced hyphae enhances the tree to produce plugs that play a significant role in cutting off the xylem vessels which are responsible for movement of water within the plant.”The cutting of […]
  16. The Alzheimer’s Disease Concept
    In simple words, it is the condition caused by the negative changes in the human brain that, as the end result, leads to memory loss and some behavioral issues that worsen the quality of patient’s […]
  17. Foodborne Disease Outbreak Investigation
    The quantity of instances that show that the occurrence of an outbreak depends on the present agent of an infection, the size of the population that has been affected by the infection, previous instances of […]
  18. Human Cardiac Disease
    Given the explanation, the article is aimed to discuss the aspects of relating mitochondrial function and damage to the development of cardiovascular disease and the risk factors involved.
  19. Disease Transmission, Pathogens, and Safety
    This category also includes the transmission from a woman to a fetus in her uterus and the transmission from one part of the body of an individual to another part.
  20. Disease in Value or Dysfunction-Requiring Definition
    Therefore, this value-requiring definition of disease does not pass the test of the time and makes the definition rather confusing. However, in the frames of this value-requiring definition, pregnancy can be regarded as a malady […]
  21. Allergic Patient Experiences and Disease Awareness
    The following section of results includes information presented by the interview and involves her experience regarding the course of the disease, its occurrence and treatment, and the limitations it set on her life.
  22. The Sickle Cell Disease Concept
    The disorder arises when there is a transmutation in the order of nucleotides in the gene that ciphers the beta chain of the human hemoglobin.
  23. Cell Organelles, Their Functions, and Disease
    Mitochondria-associated membrane, a specialized sub-group of the ER has specific lipid and protein composition and is involved in cross-communication with mitochondria.
  24. Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak in Canada in 1952
    This led to the formation of a commission that interviewed various stakeholders in the ministry of agriculture to investigate what happened that led to the indiscriminate spread of the foot and mouth disease.
  25. Devic’s Disease in Childhood
    NMO is a form of autoimmune disorder, and based on the nature of immune attacks, patients that suffered from the effects of Devic’s disease are affected by autoimmune attacks on the optic nerves and the […]
  26. Women with Heart Disease: Risk of Depression
    The presence of heart disease can often lead to depression, as the person has to worry about his life and health every day, knowing that their heart is not as reliable as it used to […]
  27. Physiology Concepts and Factors that Influence Disease
    The study of pathophysiology is crucial for all healthcare providers in general and for nurses in particular, as it helps recognize the progression and the state of a disease.
  28. Huntington’s Disease, Its Symptoms and Treatment
    Thus, the higher the number of repeats is, the more likely it is that a patient will reveal the symptoms of the condition at an earlier age.
  29. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Using Socio-Ecological Model
    In order for a public health promotion to have the maximum efficiency and outreach, it should follow a proper structure and socio-behavioral model. HAAD attempted to use health policy as a method of intervention to […]
  30. Ebola Virus Disease in Uganda and Sierra Leone
    The reason for this is that as the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease has shown, the continuation of the ongoing social and technological progress does not make humanity any less susceptible what can be […]
  31. Phossy Jaw as an Occupational Disease
    Researchers found that the pathogenesis of the phossy jaw was complex because the period of partial excretion of phosphorus from the body was up to several years.
  32. Obstructive Pulmonary Disease-Asthma Overlap
    The purpose of the research was to expand the current knowledge of the overlap syndrome in order to determine its prevalence and risk factors.
  33. Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s in Adult Women
    Education and Employment History: The patient reported she is a college graduate and has a master’s degree in Victorian Literature. The patient is currently working full-time as a Literature professor at UC Berkeley, in a […]
  34. Heart Disease and Contributing Factors
    The process of cause and effect can be described as a relationship between issues where one is the outcome of the other.
  35. Alzheimer’s Disease in Newspaper Articles
    The number of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and diabetes in the United States, and indeed globally, has increased significantly in the last few years. This means that the main interest of such collaboration is to […]
  36. Chronic Kidney Disease Morbidity Initiative
    The primary goal of the initiative is to lower the morbidity of CKD in the state of Maryland. The secondary goal is to reduce the progression of CKD in patients with the disease.
  37. EHR Systems to Disease and Syndromic Surveillance
    Every region embracing the power of such systems in the United States find it easier to respond efficiently to disease outbreaks, support the delivery of high-quality and timely medical services, promote monitoring procedures, and handle […]
  38. Alzheimer’s Disease: Managing Cognitive Dysfunction
    In the majority of cases, Alzheimer’s disease turns out to be the cause of this problem. Alzheimer’s disease can be caused by different risk factors, but in the majority of cases, it is associated with […]
  39. Disease Control and Prevention Centers
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is one of the leading agencies in the United States that track, monitor, and evaluate emerging health problems. Such measures continue to meet the health needs of more […]
  40. Sexually Transmitted Disease: Syphilis
    Therefore, it is necessary to inquire about the social and sexual history of the patient, ask about the number of sexual partners, the history of STDs, the use of condoms, and the intravenous use of […]

🔍 Good Research Topics about Disease

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease Prevalence and Prevention
  2. Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Chronic Respiratory Disease
  3. Clinical Case of an Infectious Disease
  4. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease’ Management
  5. Chronic Kidney Disease and Health Disparities
  6. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Disease’ Biology
  7. Disease Outbreaks and Protective Measures
  8. Genetic Factors of Huntington’s Disease Progression
  9. Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease and Associated Risks
  10. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment
  11. Heart Disease Reverse: Dr. Esselstyn’s Impact
  12. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Florida
  13. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Definition
  14. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
  15. Pulmonary Function Testing in Chronic Obstructive Disease
  16. Chronic and Infectious Disease Control
  17. Cardiovascular Disease Risks and Preventive Education
  18. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  19. Heart Disease, Risk Factors and Emotional Support
  20. Malaria Disease and Drugs in Developing Economies
  21. Environmental Health Burdens and Non-Communicable Disease
  22. Diabetes: Disease Control and Investigation
  23. Living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  24. Cooties Tag as a Children’s Fictional Disease
  25. Parkinson’s Disease: Neurotransmitter Chart
  26. Liver Disease Management and Treatment
  27. Interstitial Lung Disease and Blurred Vision
  28. Dancing and Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
  29. Acute Disease: Metabolism – Hypothermia
  30. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Tobacco Dependence
  31. Sickle Cell Disease and Scientific Inventions
  32. Policy and Advocacy: Obesity Disease
  33. Group Disease: Riley’s Case
  34. Heart Disease from Medical and Social Viewpoint
  35. Alzheimer’s Disease in Science Daily News Article
  36. Thyroid Disease and the Stigma Surrounding It: Weight Has Nothing to Do With It
  37. Cardiovascular Disease in Adults in the Gulf Region
  38. Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
  39. Ebola Virus Disease. Global Health at a Glance
  40. Huntington’s Disease: Diagnosis and Prevention
  41. Disease Diagnosis & Treatment in Historical Contexts
  42. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Medication Treatment
  43. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease’s Treatment
  44. Cardiovascular Disease in African American Women: Reasons
  45. How Is Disease Beautified in the Modern Society Under the Guise of Beauty?
  46. Combating Heart Disease in the African American Community of Kings County, NY

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