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Family Trend Changes Essay

The hastening of our customs and the organization of the family as the leading structure has led to a new family trend. Although the family trend has conventionally paid attention to the protection of spatial borders, the rising transformations have meant that the family trend of temporality is taking its position next to the trend of territory.

As time becomes less and more precious, there develops more divergence between families, within families as well as the wider social order. This is dependent on responsibilities, time control and entitlements to behavior and genetics.

The thought that family trend is restricted within families is based on quite a number of assumptions. To begin with, in dissimilarity with our daily assumptions that family trend is continuous, linear, uniform and quantitative, trends are experienced with dissimilar connotations and vulnerable to diverse interpretation.

For instance, children and parents stand in a diverse association to family trends because of their distinctive history, biography as well as social status. In addition, time is an essential intermediate through which persons articulate their ideals. Therefore, time is prone to unstable levels of control because it is an entity of compromise.

As a result, family trends tend to adhere to changes in time and may also be affected by genetics and behavior of individuals. As illustrated in cases below, Diseases such as cancer, thyroid cancer, stomach cancer and diabetes fall under such family trends.

In the first case of cancer, the fist parent is aged fifty. His health condition was good until he had gastric cancer surgery about five years ago and had to remove of a part of his stomach. This led to a cancerous condition. Cancer is a chronic infection that gradually develops illness. It has non-specific indicators in its premature stages.

Stomach cancer is caused by long-term inflammation of the stomach, helicobacter pylori infection, poor diet, smoking and family history. It starts when stomach cells become anomalous and mature uncontrollably. These cells form a tissue growth known as a tumor.

Stomach cancer can occur in any stomach part, and can extend to close lymph nodes and other body areas such as the lungs, bones, liver and a woman’s ovaries. The first parent did not visit a doctor until he was an adult. This trend is related to behavior.

The second parent, aged forty five, was good until when he had thyroid cancer about the same year as the first parent. He had a surgery about four years ago and a thyroid was removed. Thyroid cancer is a chronic illness and can cause disability and fatality. The surgery was successful.

The risk factors linked to an augmented likelihood of developing thyroid cancer include race, radiation, inadequate iodine in the diet and family history. Women are more likely than men to get thyroid cancer. Parent two had a sporadic cancer checkup for an extensive time.

However, he has to take hormones for life. Aunt three was okay until she had thyroid cancer almost the same year as the second parent. She had a surgery about three years ago and a thyroid gland was removed. She has a similar condition just like the second parent.

Grandparent one, aged eighty one, was in good health until he was diagnosed with malignant neoplasm. He underwent a surgery and it was successful. He experiences similar conditions just like the fist parent. Nevertheless, he had a lot of the symptoms that characterized this cancer but he never sought for medication until it reached the third stage. This trend is kinked to an individual’s behavior and habits.

Grandparent three is fine and going for annual health checkups. However, he has type 2 diabetes. This form frequently occurs in adulthood. Nonetheless, young people are gradually being established to have this disease. In this state, the pancreas does not form sufficient insulin to maintain blood glucose levels normal. This is due to the body not responding well to insulin. It is a serious condition. It is escalating due to the rising obesity and failure to exercise.

Diabetes is a chronic disease similar to cancer. It is an inheritable disease but can be managed. Therefore, if grandparent three adheres to rules and maintain good habits, the disease can be managed. Risk factors for diabetes include heart disease, inactivity, obesity and some inheritable genes. Grandparent three gets sufficient checkups and follows prescriptions. He ought to eat well, exercise, and take medication. This trend is related to behavior.

Aunt one’s health control is very poor. She has diabetes type one. This type can occur at any age. Nonetheless, it is mainly diagnosed in adolescents, children, or young adults. Insulin is a hormone that is generated by specific cells known as beta cells, which are found in the pancreas. In type one diabetes, beta cells of the pancreases generate small or no insulin.

Due to insufficient insulin, glucose increases in the bloodstream rather than the cells. The body is not capable of utilizing this glucose for energy. This results to symptoms of type one diabetes. The precise cause of type one diabetes is unfamiliar. The symptoms include feeling hungry, being very thirsty, low blood sugar, stomach pain and flushed face.

This type is chronic and needs to be followed up. It is significant to adhere to rules and good habits to discover improved results. Her behavior is positive as she eats well, manages stress, and goes for annual checkups. Family trends illustrate the extent to which such diseases can be managed. Good trends lead to better results.


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