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A Middle-Aged Woman’s Developmental Analysis

This paper aims to analyze the case study by examining the biological, psychological, and psychosocial functioning of the subject, Anna, and to explore the implications of her current developmental stage in her life.

Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Release

The most significant variable in regulating the activity of the HPA axis is stress. Since ACTH is a common response to stress, regulation of ACTH is connected with the treatment of stress disorders.

Relational Trauma: Play Therapy’ Usage

Since we deal with the case of a three-year-old kid who experienced maltreatment, it can be assumed that his attachment style is not flexible and therefore, it is not easy for him to establish new [...]

Behavioral Learning Strategy Examples

This paper identifies and discusses a variety of effective strategies and interventions that may support the learner with the help of an appropriate behavior framework, strategy, and model prescribed by theories that have been used [...]

Cognitive Dissonance in Leaders

Therefore, its main goal is to improve the current understanding of the cognitive dissonance in leaders and its effects on organizational culture on a large scale.

The Evolution of Harriet Tubman

When describing Harriet Tubman's psychosocial development during the first stage, it is important to examine her relationship with the parents, especially with her mother.

Youth Demonstrating Truant Behavior

Instead, the evaluative review aims to explore the literature, provide information about the studies and their findings, analyze the discovered literature, and provide a conclusion based on the results of the reviewed studies.

Saddam Hussein Psychological Analysis

The following paper provides a summary of some of the relevant points in Post's political profile of the leader during three periods of crisis in Hussein's life and in the history of Iraq.

Cognitive Dissonance: Theory and Practice

The purpose of the study was to identify the factors that impact the learning behavior of individuals in the workplace, with a specific focus on the psychological discomfort caused by the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance.

Wellness Concept in Counseling

One existing theoretical connection to wellness involves the concept of the wheel of wellness. This model is a simplification of the previous wheel of wellness and WEL models.

False Memory and Emotions Experiment

The hypothesis was as follows: a list of associate words creates a false memory by remembering a critical lure when the list is presented to a subject and a recall test done shortly after that.

Biopsychology and the Specifics of Its Approach

The biopsychological approach involves the following assumptions: The brain chemical activity helps define the process of message transmittance in a human brain; An evolutionary perspective on the patient's health concerns provides a deeper insight into [...]

Gestalt Theory as a Psychological Perspective

The strengths of Gestalt in counseling include its provision of flexible and phenomenological diagnoses that are focused on the identification of patterns and themes that are specific and unique to an individual client.

Psychoanalytic and Adlerian Theories Comparison

Some of the major similarities that emerge from the two theories include the effect that childhood experiences have on the life of an individual, manifestation of these experiences, and various unhealthy behaviors demonstrated by the [...]

Personal Frameworks and Boundaries in Counseling

Even though there are professional guidelines regarding this aspect, few service providers adhere to them, and this exposes this profession to criticism in the manner in which its members perform their duties. However, this department [...]

The Impact of Divorce on Children

However, the majority of them accept the idea of the dominant role of the family in the process of the formation of the psyche of a child and his/her socialization.

Gestalt Psychological Theory

In particular, Family Systems Thinking revolves around the perception of a family as a unified unit where the behavior of one member is interconnected with that of the entire group. In that way, the latter [...]

Personal Counseling and Development Theory

The nature of counseling is an intricate combination of personal character and values and theoretical research to create a comprehensive approach to the responsibilities of the profession.

Face Recognition as a Cognitive Process

The features on the face are encoded in the long-standing recollection in the course of programming the progression. Therefore, there is a very important starring role in the course of face acknowledgment.

Perception and Attention as Cognitive Processes

This is also evident when a person's attention flows from the voice of a given conversation to that of someone else in another conversation. This is because the attention apparatus focuses on a particular stimulus [...]

Environment, Thought Process and Perception

However, the perception of the world depends on the environment in which one lives in. The other form of perception is environmental perception that is formed basing on the manner in which one receives information.

Dark Triad Effects on Romantic Relationships

Moreover, the high scores on dark triad qualities are related to antisocial behaviors, promiscuity, and preference for short-term relationships. For men with dark triad traits, the low levels of agreeableness and empathy makes them to [...]

Personality Assessment Indicator and Performance

This paper looks at the use of this type of personality assessment indicator to understand the personality traits of individual members of an organization in an attempt to improve the organization's performance.

Social Psychology and Education Disciplines

Social psychology and education relate in various disciplines of sociology, psychology, and education. This review shows that past studies are relevant to learners in areas of education and social psychology because they aid in understanding [...]

Cognitive Science, Its Definition and Future

In the context of cognitive science, the capacity of the operational memory is very important in the cognitive characteristics. This indicates how the definitions and aspects of cognitive science are diverse.

Personality and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

To conduct the research, 164 employees were involved in the survey to determine the regression between their personality and OCB. The hypothesis of the article was to establish the link between personality traits and the [...]

The Personality Traits Analysis

In this respect, the analysis of personality traits is the core of personality description disclosing tendencies and disposition to behave, think, and feel in a specific way.

Adolescence: Risk, Identity and Transition

There is a downside to this perspective is that it ignores the diversity in culture and differences among peers. The main problem however is that most of these youth have no experience with the real [...]

Why Do Students Misbehave?

Some of the themes that I was able to deduce from the highlighted causes of misbehavior among students include medical issues, the desire to seek attention, seeking power, the need to revenge on a wrong [...]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Combat Fatigue

According to Walser, the use of acceptance and commitment therapy is effective in treating a case of post-traumatic stress disorder, which entails the patients to experience positive and negative events without treating them as reality.

Cognitive Estimation Test and Its Evaluation

In the article "Cognitive estimation abilities in healthy and clinical populations: The use of the Cognitive Estimation Test," the authors describe the psychometric features and standards of the Cognitive Estimation Test and evaluate the reliability [...]

Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test and Cognistat

Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test and the Cognistat are the assessment tools employed by the occupational therapists in order to determine the levels of impairment in their mental function that directly impact the individuals' executive abilities [...]

Differential Aptitude Test and Ethical Principles

According to the representatives of the psychological organizations and committees, "the psychometric qualities of the DAT are rated highest" among all the tests invented for the evaluation of the cognitive abilities in both children and [...]

Psychology in Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

At the very beginning, Vees-Gulani briefly overviews the evidence from the book pointing to the Vonnegut's psychological trauma in order to underline how the writer makes use of stylistic and literary devices to surpass his [...]

Boys’ and Girls’ Sexual Abuse Relationship

Unfortunately, the research proved the spread opinion that the cases of girls' abuse are more prevalent in comparison to boys' one, however, this tendency is changing and the number of sexually abused boys increases.

Sexual Abuse in Male and Female Adolescents

The relationship between the categories of sexual abuses and the resultant psychological distress experienced by girls and boys will be measured. Finally, the study will examine the class performance variations between sexually abused boys and [...]

Self-Care Techniques in Work-Life Balance

That is why it is important to focus on self-care techniques in order to maintain the balance between the professional and personal life, prevent the negative results of ongoing stresses and challenges, and be effective [...]

Clinical Relationship and Its Dynamics

The role of self-disclosure is to create a mutual understanding between the client and the therapist on what to expect at the end of the session, how to achieve the results, and the creation of [...]

Therapeutic Relationships and Sensory Acuity

Therefore, for any therapy to be successful, the counselor should acquire the following; the counselor should have the ability to engage the client throughout the therapeutic process; should have the ability to promote and keep [...]

Stress, Depression, and Responses to Them

A great number of people are not able or willing to find meaning in stressful experiences that they get through; for example, they often cannot understand the cause of their difficulties or the strengths that [...]

Stress Management in the Adulthood

To effectively handle stress, an individual must be able to recognize the symptoms of stress and understand the possible cause which is easy as stress changes an individual's happiness level, health, and behavior.

Adult Personality and Cognitive Development

Personality and intellectual development in adults is the ability to acquire, construct and use this acquired knowledge, memory and cognitive functions in their decision making processes throughout their life. The acquisition and retention of this [...]

Physical Changes and Aging in Psychology

It is important to understand various provisions of physical changes in the context of human development. It is crucial to understand various provisions of growth and physical development with respect to aging.

Children’s Psychological Research Design and Tools

The purpose of this paper is the evaluation of the research design and research instruments implemented by the authors of two qualitative and quantitative studies used to analyze the psychological implications of childhood maltreatment and [...]

Psychological First Aid

The process of giving psychological first aid has some core values which should be installed to the victims among which are; contacting and engaging the victims so as not to feel left out, offering them [...]