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Social Psychology Deviations Essay Examples and Topics

Serial Killers and Their Social Construction

Social construction of serial killers has become the subject of various studies, and it is recognized today that the social position, social interactions, and perceived social image may play a significant role in the process [...]

Social Anxiety and Facebook Time Spending

I chose social anxiety as the concept that might have an effect on the amount of time spent on Facebook each day because of the increasing number of teenagers and young adults who identify themselves [...]

Arthur Shawcross and His Serial Killer’s Behavior

Although most of his victims were killed in the late 1980s, his case still evokes a lot of debate since he is considered to be one of the most demonstrative examples of prisoners who were [...]

Social Behaviour Norms and Deviations

Children health and life are appreciated in all cultures; that is why there is hardly a place in the world where such behaviour can be taken as normal and acceptable.

Biopsychosocial Assessment and Treatment Planning

However, she was exposed to trauma related to domestic violence and sexual abuse at age six, and as a result, she spent a year in foster care. She volunteers at the school library and hopes [...]

Self-Help Group: Promoting Wellness and Recovery

The information about the recovery presented by a person who used to suffer from the same problem considered to be more credible and is followed by the members of the group. It could help to [...]

Individual and Cooperative Deviant Acts

Child molestation drug peddling, burglary are some of the deviant behavior that is outrightly criminal. The deviant goal of political deviation is separation and disturbance of social order.

Deviant Behavior: Social Power and Labeling

As per the "The Saints and the Roughnecks," a study was done in 1973 by William Chambliss, labeling may have both positive and negative consequences on young people.

Deviant Action: Sociological Experiment

Locally, this is the context to define whether the action has any relevance and social acceptance, which either considers the social role of a person, age characteristics, and the age, this person lives in.

What Is Strauss Syndrome?

The paper looks at the history of the condition and the term, the signs and symptoms associated with it, its epidemiology, aetiology, treatment, and the challenges that are associated with it.

Selling Illegal Drugs: Psychological Reasons

In this case, a person who believes in selling illegal drugs and aggression would only champion such behaviors and actions, and he or she will likely to believe in their influences. The person believes that [...]

Mental Disorders: Diagnosis and Statistics

Anxiety disorders such as acute stress disorder, panic anxiety and paranoid personality disorders are common mental health disorders affecting a majority of adults in the United States.

Mood and Addictive Disorders in Psychology

Further, it has been observed that other life experiences and personal relationships may also be responsible for the onset of bipolar disorders. Social factors such as tolerance of alcohol and other drugs in communities could [...]

Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment

The focus of this paper is on clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behaviors of patients. The effectiveness of DSM-5 in assessment and diagnosis is determined through its reliability and validity.

Value and need as organizing factors in perception

This is attributed to the fact that a person is made up of an intricate dynamical system. From the information present in the article, it is evident that perception never imitates reality.

Human Defence Mechanism

The defensive mechanisms are applicable in helping people deal with anxiety situations, which may be detrimental to their health. Denial is a strategy people use in cases where the level of anxiety is high.

The Causes and Impacts of Social Desirability Bias

To lessen the impact of the bias in the study, the researchers should apply the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability scale. The scale incorporates a chain of questions intended to forecast the probability of members of the [...]

Emotional Expression and Perception of Time

Asians perceive personal time as an investment, and therefore they prefer not to start a conversation as a way of passing time if it is unlikely to end. They adhere to a timetable and spend [...]

External Forces in Peoples Life

She thus reverts to the original state of deterred self-control to the extent that she no longer has the opportunity to present her grievance.

The Consensus Process Effects on the Decision Making

The arguments of the authors above are all focused on one particular aspect of group decision processes and outcomes, and that is the magnificent influence of ideas shared among a majority of the group members.

The analysis of the research article

This would undermine the purpose of the study and the researchers should have used a sample size that could give them the confidence of full population representation.

Creative, Fair-minded and emotional thinking

When one is thinking on an issue, it is usually good to accommodate new ideas and visualize the possible consequences of a problem that may arise and thus prepare for means of minimizing the negative [...]

Meaning of Emotions

The meaning of words theory This research method was based on the fact that facial expressions corresponded to specific emotions. Illustrated in the theory were emotional feelings such as that of happiness and sadness on [...]

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Twelve of the participants were assigned to the role of prison guards while the remaining twelve were assigned to the role of prison inmates.

Addiction of Whitney Houston

This paper looks at the causes of addiction, hindrances to recovery, and the causes of relapse or successful recovery using the life of Whitney Houston as a model.

The Five-Factor Model of Personality

The five personality traits of the five -factor model are very important to organizations and managers as they enable organizations and companies understand how to handle people with different personalities and temperaments.

Historical Perspective of Abnormal Psychology

The field of abnormal psychology is therefore concerened with the study of abnormal behavior. The challenge that lies in the definition and classification of abnormal psychology is the issue of culture given that our cultural [...]

Possession of knowledge and ethical responsibility

In view of the fact that acquisition of knowledge has "nothing" to do with being certain of the prevailing or possible circumstances, moral law dictates that all human acts should be perceived in an objective, [...]

The ethical and legal guiding principle

Due to the motivation of the intern, it is only a matter of time before he or she grasps the rules of the game and becomes able to perform to the satisfaction of the supervisor.

Revision of Problem Gambling

The reasoning behind the researchers' decision to focus on the social and financial factors of gambling within the UK is because of the significant increase in gambling-related problems within Britain.

Habit 3 Put First Things First

It is through the character that one develops in this stage that he or she is able to refrain from activities that do not contribute towards the achievement of the defined goals.

State of Consciousness

Consciousness as the mind It has been argued that what is in the mind is the exact reflection of what is going on in the brain.

How Do We Live Justly with Others?

Moreover, the leaders should address the ills of the society in a manner that does not create animosity amongst the people advocating for the constitution that respect the values of human life.

How decisions reveal our identity

In the US, the Chinese have established a strong culture and taste, leading to formation of Chinatown. In many parts of the country, groups have been seen to improve decision-making.

Personal Responsibility: Students Mission and Plan

Responsible people are able to take care of their involvements in terms of work to be undertaken and all other duties that have been awarded to them. A good student will ensure that assignments are [...]

Gaining Power and influence

In addition, innovation, excellence, cooperation, expertise and proficiency are some of the aspects that enable me to have power and influence at work place.

How can Peace be Achieved

In achieving peace, it is important that parties involved in a conflict develop a deeper understanding of their culture and the cultures of the others, which can facilitate dialogue between parties involved in a dispute.

Aspects of Rhetoric and Stereotype Image

It is clear then, that feminists are found to be of negative stereotypes from the start. The stereotypes in this group are a complete revelation of both positive and negative image.

Subliminal persuasion

Subliminal persuasion is applicable in many situations and people use this process to get the attention of other people without their conscience.

Peeping Tom: The Shame of Being a Voyeur

The Feudist topic suggests that the roots of the problem were the result of a child brought up in a specific way that contributed to the development of the complex.

Multicultural Psychology

Over the past 30 years, the study of culture minority issues in the field of psychology has grown to what can now be seen as a significant and dynamic subspecialty in the context of American [...]

Multicultural Competency

The research paper discusses some of the biases, perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs that I hold about groups of people of different cultures and how they have shaped my interaction with these people.

Disguise and Sociaty

The effort that I have to put in as I pretend to actually enjoy the dressing code of my friends is also a lot and sometimes not worth the compensation that I receive in the [...]
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