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Professional Psychology Essay Examples and Topics

Mental Orientations Research

The title of the article is: "Stigma and Status: The Interrelation of Two Theoretical Perspectives". The paper addresses the problem of determining the sets of social, mental, and physical attributes that result in either stigma [...]

Professional Psychology from Legal Aspects

In the event that the client is incapable of making informed therapeutic choices, it is within the legal jurisdiction of the client's attorney to allow a surrogate individual with close ties to the patient to [...]

Crisis and Trauma Counseling

In the event that death occurs, the bereaved find it difficult to accept the loss at first, but when it dawns on them that it is true they have lost a loved one, anger takes [...]

Addiction Counseling and Certification in Arizona

I have also defined the roles of the counselor in my area of specialization, that is, addiction counseling described the characteristics of an effective professional counselor in my field of specialization, and identified the licensing [...]

Counseling Session Transcription: Kenry Lambert Case

The investigation of the given cases presupposes the creation of the specific theoretical framework that can be applied to the case to help the student to eliminate undesired behaviors and achieve success in socialization.

The Backward Bicycle Experiment

The backward bicycle experiment demonstrates that a lot of skills are adopted on the unconscious level in the mind and usually a person is not aware how a certain learned activity is performed.

Ethical and Social Implications of Testing

The test administrator ought to provide a conducive testing environment for test-takers to demonstrate their knowledge and skills competently and guarantee the confidentiality of the outcomes.

Music Therapy as a Social Work Intervention

One of such interventions is music therapy which is aimed at helping people in a sensitive way accurately adjusting the possibilities this therapy may offer to the requirements of a particular client of a group [...]

Veteran’s Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Assessment

The Bio-Psycho-Social framework is a widely-used approach that is based on the importance of a systematic view of the individual's behavior and actions along with the integration of biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors with human [...]

Ethical Practice of American Psychologists

According the APA guidelines, the general role of code of ethics is to safeguard the welfare of clients by pursuing what is in their best interest. Psychologists seek to encourage truthfulness in the science, training, [...]

Ethical Issues in Behavioral Research

On the other hand, fidelity refers to the individual level of loyalty while in psychological research; it refers to the extent to which a simulation replicates the conditions, and attitudes of the real world.

Psychological Test Selection Factors and Tools

Therefore, this essay explores the concept of psychological testing and assessment in a bid to find out how counselors select the kind of psychological tests to administer, the factors they consider when doing so, and [...]

Listening Skill in Counseling

To facilitate the establishment of a trustful relationship with a client, a counselor should implement active listening techniques and develop the right attitude to the work process and people with whom he or she interacts.

Counseling Profession in Special Education

The relationships involved in the counseling profession depend on the unique needs of the individual seeking intervention. Special education counseling specializes in the aspect of psychotherapy in the school setting with an emphasis on facilitating [...]

Clinical Interviewing: Main Aspects

In their research study, Miller and Rose pinpoint that MI should be composed of the two elements: the relational component with a focus on empathy and relationships and the technical one that implies reinforcement of [...]

Social Work in the Military: Psychological Issues

Because SSgt Rodriquez is suffering from the PTSD, it is possible to set the following as the clinical goals for him: Understand the elements of the memories of the traumatic experiences that cause distress and [...]

The Ethical Issues of the Stanford Experiment

Nowadays, modern psychologists are expected to adhere to a strict and rigid code of ethical principles in order to ensure the validity of their practices and the safety of the patients and participants.

Psychological Problems: Trauma and Lessons

It is important to understand how a human brain works and deals with traumas to help people and overcome their challenges. An internship is a chance to investigate all aspects of the brain and understand [...]

Positive Psychology for Life Quality Improvement

However, the great level of rivalry and the modern market environment contribute to the development of a number of psychological disorders that deteriorate the quality of life of an individual and condition the further aggravation [...]

Counseling Ethics in Tarasoff v. Regents Case

Therefore, the ethical dilemma of the issue is that under the new rule, it has become therapists' responsibility to decide how serious their patients' threats are and whether it is necessary to inform potential victims [...]

Labeling in Psychology: Pros and Cons

In psychology, many specialists utilize specific terms to describe a patient's diagnosis, which is considered 'labeling.' The purpose of this paper is to review the positive and negative aspects of labeling in psychology and medicine [...]

Rehabilitation Counseling Associations’ Membership

In terms of factors that can help predict the membership status, the main hypothesis was that "rehabilitation counseling professional identity salience" was a factor of positive correlation; the greater it is, the higher the chances [...]

Forensic Psychology’ Aspects

Forensic psychology is the connection between the tenure or study of psychology and the law. The other role is assessing the competency of the defendants and of the elderly.

Historical and Contextual Concerns in Psychology

According to the American Psychological Association, the responsibility of a psychologist should be in line with the legal requirements, which are meant to protect the client and ensure the therapist works professionally.

Sexual Trauma and Effective Therapeutic Healing

This paper aims to provide the discussion of the professionals' responses to the situation of bearing witness to sexual trauma, to analyze the personal reactions to the case, and to discuss the effective therapeutic healing [...]

Ethics in Client-Counselor Cooperation

It outlines the most important changes peculiar to the revised ACA Code of Ethics and states that the evolution from a focus on the needs of the counselor to the needs of clients could be [...]

Solving Personal Problems in Group Sessions

The participants of the group get guidance from the counselor, which will help them realize the causes of the problems. In the beginning, the group leader emphasized the safety of the meeting.

Posttraumatic Growth in Women with Fibromyalgia

To explain the development of fibromyalgia syndrome in mothers with the focus on its association with posttraumatic growth, it is necessary to refer to the adult attachment theory and the PTG theory that reflects the [...]

Personal Frameworks and Boundaries in Counseling

Even though there are professional guidelines regarding this aspect, few service providers adhere to them, and this exposes this profession to criticism in the manner in which its members perform their duties. However, this department [...]

Clinical Relationship and Its Dynamics

The role of self-disclosure is to create a mutual understanding between the client and the therapist on what to expect at the end of the session, how to achieve the results, and the creation of [...]

Therapeutic Relationships and Sensory Acuity

Therefore, for any therapy to be successful, the counselor should acquire the following; the counselor should have the ability to engage the client throughout the therapeutic process; should have the ability to promote and keep [...]

Children’s Psychological Research Design and Tools

The purpose of this paper is the evaluation of the research design and research instruments implemented by the authors of two qualitative and quantitative studies used to analyze the psychological implications of childhood maltreatment and [...]

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Autistic Children

The main objective behind using CBT as a therapeutic approach to children having autism is to facilitate the retrieval of memories and foster adaptive responses in certain memory scenarios that have been identified as playing [...]

Counseling Process and Communication Ethics

For instance, the children living in low-income families may face problems related to the basic needs such as the need for food and clothing; it will be essential for the counselor to take into account [...]

Beck Depression Inventory in Psychological Practice

Beck in the 1990s, the theory disrupted the traditional flow of Freudian theories development and introduced the audience to the concept of cognitive development, therefore, inviting psychologists to interpret the changes in the patient's emotional [...]

Motivational Counseling and Interviewing Techniques

Consequently, it is important for the counselors to demonstrate persuasion and support in the process of guiding the patients through the stages of conduct change that extend from the level of precontemplation to relapse.

Confidentiality in Psychotherapy

The primary objective that compels the therapists to share confidential information is the need to save the life of the individuals or those around them.

Psychological First Aid for Disaster Victims

In this paper, I will discuss some facts that I learned about PFA, consider a major disaster and response to it, and give some recommendations to those who might need to offer psychological aid to [...]

Mental Health: Screening and Assessment

With this in mind, it should be said that a good counselor should take into account the cultural peculiarities of a patient and mind the possibility of punishment in case of different violations.

Multicultural Counseling Importance and Challenges

The authors attribute this shift to the responsibilities bestowed on them to be knowledgeable in order to understand the outcomes that researchers have come up with in the ESTs. In addition, the importance and significance [...]

Counseling Psychology: Career Choice

Moreover, it will cover the recent news that helped in polishing of the career choice, and finally, the study will also outline vital issues learnt from the career choice and how it will help after [...]

Experimental Psychology: Creating False Memories

The follow-up study of 2001 described the new experiment on remembering the presented words with references to the aspect of warning about the studied effect, and it addressed the question of the role of the [...]

Critical Thinking Role in the Clinical Psychology

These activities and conducts may lead a psychologist to identify the mental activities in the brain of the individual. Clinical psychologists specialization is founded on the framework the individual takes in training to become a [...]

Psychological Testing and Assessment Tool

As a result of such misses, there is a need for governments, schools, and businesses to emphasize more on the skills of rational thinking that have not been addressed by the intelligence tests. This is [...]

Longitudinal Data Analysis

However, some researchers prefer to treat the two models as a pair that is the core of the multilevel model for longitudinal data analysis.

Emotional labor

The opinion that "students need to view tutors as role models, which places on them a responsibility to be enthusiastic, confident and happy people" further escalates the concept of the need of the lecturers to [...]