Interpersonal Communication Episodes Essay Examples and Topics

Analysis of a Relationship

The first paper focused on interpersonal communication in marriage. Interpersonal communication refers to the sharing of information between individuals. The number of people involved in the sharing of information can be two or more. Interpersonal communication is the key to building a positive relationship between individuals, especially in marriage. The theories of interpersonal relationships, skills, […]

Success in Interpersonal communication

Introduction The world is changing dramatically and its changes are constantly affecting the socio-economic structure of nationalists in both developing and developed nations. Central to globalisation and internationalisation, numerous issues are emerging as nations are always witnessing a massive influx of immigration and migration trends that have influenced lifestyles in almost all big cities and […]

Does Age Matter in Relationships?

Relationships, like love come in a variety of forms. It is not uncommon to find two people of different generations falling in love. There are those who argue that age gaps in relationships matter. Yet there are those who believe that age is insignificant. To them, love transcends all boundaries and should not be overshadowed […]

Intercultural Communication

Anyone who has visited or lived in a different country will notice that people speak and interact in different ways from what people in other cultures are commonly used to. These differences in cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds are what are used to explain intercultural communication. Intercultural communication is defined as a type of global […]

Interpersonal Communication Strategies

The following essay on intercommunication will look into the two most important interpersonal skills. It will also delve into the company where this skill will suit appropriately. The final bit of this essay will delve into two pairs of activities with application to Tesco employees and have use in training the employees of the company […]

Parent–Child and Sibling Relationships

Introduction This section lays a foundation on the subject of sibling relationships. The goal is to give the reader a highlight of the content of the paper. Research on children relationships takes three divergent routes. The research on parent–child relationships focuses on how parents establish and/or maintain relationships with their children. The second approach entails […]

Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA and Its Questionable Items Despite the fact that the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, has provided a range of opportunities for the disabled residents of the United States, it has posed a variety of challenges to the latter as well. Even though the act in question has finally addressed the unemployment issue among […]

Children Relationships with Their Siblings

Introduction Research on children relationships takes three divergent routes. The research on parent–child relationships focuses on how parents establish and/or maintain relationships with their children. The second approach entails how children form relationships with their peers in different social settings such as schools. The third approach, which is the main focus of this thesis, is […]

Personality Assessment Instrument or Inventory Critique

Introduction Psychological assessment is a testing procedure that utilizes a variety of methods to affirm a particular hypothesis about an individual’s demeanor and abilities. The process is also referred to as “psychological testing or conducting psychological battery on an individual and is often conducted by a licensed psychologist” (Katz & Sanders, 2013, p. 225). Psychological […]

Clinical Analysis: Conflicted Couple

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the problems encountered by a conflicted couple. In particular, it is necessary to focus on the experiences of Walter and Pam. This analysis will include three sections. At first, one should identify the strengths and weaknesses of their relations. Secondly, much attention should be paid to the personalities […]

“Dating and the Single Parent” by Deal

Summary of the Book The book referred to as “Dating and the Single Parents” contains discussions about love and dating that involves single parents (Deal, 2012). It was written tactfully to address the issues of all divorced parents who seek another relationship that may lead to remarriage. The book begins with addressing what divorce involves […]

The Importance of Cultural Approaches to Negotiation

Negotiation occurs when individuals with conflict of the interests get together to determine how they would allocate resources or work together in the future. The ideas of both parties need to be well presented in the negotiation. Both parties should end up with equally benefiting outcomes. Negotiation results in problem solving to a common problem […]

Relationship Between Mothers and Daughters

Introduction Maggie and Dee are two sisters who have different relationships with their mother. Maggie and her mother have similar characters while Dee’s character contrasts sharply with those of her mother and sister. The difference between the two sisters’ relationships with their mother is due to their varying education levels. Dee is more educated when […]

Culture and Communication: Variations and Effectiveness

Communication is a vital process within organizations. Stakeholders in all organizations have different personalities and cultural backgrounds; they have to learn how to communicate to each other in order to attain effective competitive advantage over their competitors in the market. Effective communication requires initiators to understand the social and cultural contexts under which they intend […]

Verbal and non-Verbal Communication Styles across Ethnic and Cultural Background

Introduction Cultural competence has become an important factor to success of a therapist because of demographic changes in the country. It has become common for a psychology therapist to encounter clients from different ethnic or cultural background in either individual or group setting. The situations where a therapist and client have different cultural background require […]

Cross-Cultural Communication: Helping Refugees from Syria

Introduction Good communication is based on the capability of the recipient to listen and comprehend the intention of the speaker and vice versa. However, communicating with people from different cultures can prove a challenging encounter. Despite the difficulty, the importance of cross-cultural communication cannot be ignored, particularly in a generation where migrants move across borders […]

The Role of Culture and Communication in Work Places

Introduction In a work set up, it is always necessary to consider employees or business associates’ communication and cultural diversity (Kottak & Kozaitis 2003). For instance, in Australia, individuals seeking employment are expected to promote themselves explicitly and show that they can work in an environment of diverse cultures. This is done by requiring them […]

Views of Ben Ze’Ev

As explained by Ben-Ze’ev (2000), “envy is that passion which views with malignant dislike the superiority of those who are really entitled to all the superiority they possess” (Ben-Ze’eve, 2000). In fact Ben-Ze’ev (2000) goes on to explain through numerous examples that envy is basically the result of one’s own desire to improve their personal […]

Cross culture communication

Setting the stage The easy is a critical examination of my account about cross-cultural communication. Globalization is thought of as various mechanisms or processes that aim at creating and consolidating a unified world in terms of economy and culture characterized by a complex link of information sharing that is world wide (Adler & Gundersen, 2008). […]

Case Study – Cross Culture Communication

The topic chosen for this case study is cross cultural communication (CCC). This occurs in an environment consisting of English speakers and Greek speakers. An interesting thing in this context is the miscommunication aspects due to cultural differences in the realms of non-verbal communication (Gupta, 1998). Personal observation on this issue has revealed the disparities […]

Motivation Underlying Interpersonal Attraction and Romance

Different people have different motivations to interpersonal attractions and romantic relationships. However, there are standardizations that apply to both men and women from different backgrounds. This context embarks on physique, financial status, expressive and instrumental qualities, sexual references, and personal values as the key measures of what majority of men and women use to find […]

Elements of interpersonal relationships

It should be understood that interpersonal relationships have been the basis upon which people relate. This means that the success of any interaction and relations that people might have depends on interpersonal relationships. There are certain aspects that make people to be attracted to others which enable them to establish rapport. In fact, it can […]

Saudi Citizens Desire to Communicate to their Visitors

Saudi Arabia is one of the members of United Arab Emirates (UAE) countries whose main language is Arabic with Islam being their main religion. The Saudi citizens are willing or they desire to communicate to their visitors who goes there as tourists, on business trips or any other legal activity but they face many challenges […]

Intercultural communication perspectives

Introduction The ability of an individual to communicate meaningfully is considered a critical aspect of social interaction among people of different cultures. This essay explores various issues pertaining to intercultural communication and its application on the classroom setting. These include the definition of intercultural communication and an overview of the contents involved in teaching it; […]

Communication models

Abstract Organizations have been in existence ever since humanity came into existence. Within these organizations, there has been a need for communications plans and proper organizations models so that there is a proper and smooth operation. Human beings do communicate differently and these in turn affects organizational operations, as they are the people who make […]

Cross-Cultural Communication Management: Copts in Egypt

Introduction The Copts form part of the Egyptian population. They are the largest minority group within Egypt. A majority of this community inhabit the upper part of Egypt. Some are also scattered within larger cities. These bigger cities include Cairo and Alexandria. Generally, the Copts are well represented within the major social classes. However, most […]

Boundary issues and dual relationships

Boundaries are all about protection of one’s self from other people. Every person that an individual interacts with is viewed either as a benefit or destruction. It is important to note whether these people bring positive things in life or are the source of all troubles. A boundary can therefore be defined as the border […]

Communication in athletic organizations

A major component of the life of an athlete is effective communication with his or her colleagues (Pedersen, Miloch, Laucella, 2007, p. 123). Communication plays a significant role in the daily life of every person since it either fuel or retard conflicts. As much as every person is endowed with the natural communication skills, some […]

Interpersonal communication concepts in everyday relationships

Introduction Human beings have often been called social animals. This being the case, communication is an important aspect of the modern life. Communication takes different forms from vertical communication, horizontal, intercommunication among others. Interpersonal communication is a more popular form of communication than other modes of communication whereby the communication is between two or more […]

Effects of Violating Contracts in Business

A contract is a crucial requirement in the job market. It is a promise given in the present about an issue that will take place in the future. These promises are paid for goods or services. The psychological contract depicts a personal understanding of the terms and conditions of reciprocity as agreed on. The differing […]

Intercultural Communication and Success at Work

Introduction Interpersonal communication refers to “communication that takes place between two parties” (Adler, 2006). It entails daily exchange of formalities and informality carried out through verbal or nonverbal means. The two parties involved in this communication engage in either sending or receiving messages. The effectiveness of this communication relies on immediate feedback. Several factors hinder […]

Primary Effects On Impression Formation

Introduction It has been established that the first impression created on an individual depends on the verbal descriptions given about that particular individual. It is for this reason that first impressions are considered very significant (DeLamater and Myers, 2011). It goes without saying that the principal of creating a positive first impression have been emphasized. […]

Differences between Real and Fake Smiles

All smiles follow the same language, a well-known proverb, yet contested by social knowledge of man. Not all smiles are genuine and therefore, not all speak in the same language. Nonverbal expression, especially through facial movements, helps in understanding the meaning of the messages communicated. Facial expression forms an integral part of the interaction. A […]

Self concept and Self esteem in interpersonal communication

Consider how ‘self concept’ and ‘self esteem’ influence interpersonal communication. Incorporate appropriate theory from the unit materials to support your discussion. Introduction An individual’s perception of self has been studied under various labels. The concepts such as; self-concept, self-esteem and self-image has been widely discussed. One’s self-perception has a significant effect on their behaviour, evaluations, […]

Human Behavior: How Five General Perspectives Affect Marriage

Introduction Human behaviors are greatly influenced by five general perspectives namely biological, social and cultural cognitive, learning and psychodynamic influences. A person’s behavior is a joint function of previous life experiences and immediate environment. Experiences contribute greatly to success of any relationships (Kalat, 2002). In a marriage relationship the general perspectives play an important role […]

The Fragmented Self in American Fiction

Introduction As it is in the world since time immemorial, human beings have struggled with their disunified self identity. This is owed to the diversified compelling circumstances in our society. We have allowed ourselves to be controlled by highly capitalistic thinking in our quest for self authenticity that we can no longer identify ourselves. However, […]

Improving Communication Skills

Introduction Human beings are structured to interact and this is through communication, verbal or otherwise. Hence, it is of utmost importance that we are able to communicate effectively with various people in different places and situations. However simple communication may seem to be, there are times that we do not get our point across to […]

Interpersonal Communication Strategies regarding Depression

Effective communication requires great effort as well as a lot of practice. When communication lacks especially in marriage, it becomes very hard to resolve conflicts or to grow the partnership. For those who are in troubled marriages they can seek help on how to do proper communication in order to bring back peace in the […]

Dual Relationships in Psychological Counselling

Dual relationships are peculiar associations that occur mostly in psychological counseling. In these unethical relationships, a counselor plays more than one role: the counselor and another non-psychiatric role. Most of the time these dual roles are avoidable but at other times, they can only be managed. For example, it is considered harmless when a counselor […]

Dispositional and Learning Theories

Introduction Disposition is a personal trait that is unique to the individual and influences any other trait presented by the environment. Personal disposition according to Allport are individual characteristics that are important in describing a person as a single entity different from another or similar to another (Feist & Feist, 2009). Learning theory has emphasized […]

The Fallacies Used in the Sarah Palin/Katie Couric Interview

One of the ways to persuade your opponent in your rightness is to use the fallacies. The use of fallacies often results in misunderstanding. The use of fallacies is based on the rhetorical patterns that make the argument sound obscure and, in such way, the fallacies are often hard to identify. Sarah Palin is a […]

The Role of Political Communication in Society

Introduction Communication is a vital tool that facilitates information exchange between individuals. This tool is at the centre of every activity that takes place in human existence. No wonder the first thing that parents teach their newborns is how to communicate. Communication is always a function of mutual trust between the communicating agents. In the […]

Picture Exchange communication System

Preview In a study by Bondy (2001) is was found that picture exchange communication system is a communication system that is augmentative and alternative and is used mainly to help in communication for those children who have autistic disorders and other needs that are special. The goals of the system is to establish a means […]

Communication in the Military

Introduction A major component of the job of a military officer is to communicate effectively with his or her colleagues. Communication is an important aspect in the daily lives of every human being. Although almost every person is endowed with the natural communication skills, some individuals are better communicators than others are. Interpersonal communication takes […]

Behavioural and Social/Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits

Introduction The social cognitive theory forms an explanation of human behaviors in terms of dynamism or reciprocating models where there is interaction between the personal factors, behavior and the environment. Self efficacy is one of the key aspects for explaining the psychological dynamics for promoting behavior. Self-efficacy is the ability to take an action confidently […]

Cross cultural communication

Effective cross-cultural communication plays a significant role in the daily life of every person since it fuels or retards conflicts. As much as every person is endowed with natural communication skills, some people communicate more effectively than others do. Interpersonal communication is effected when there is transfer of information and thoughts from one person to […]

Perspectives of Behaviorism by Watson, Skinner, and Tolman

Introduction Psychology is one of the most diverse and interesting fields of study given the numerous developments is has gone through starting in the nineteenth century through the twentieth century and persisted in the twenty first century, now commonly known as modern-day psychology. Of all these developments, Edward Tolman, B.F. Skinner, and John Watson made […]

Analysis of the history of biological psychology and its relationship with other psychology branches

Introduction Biological psychology is a major branch in psychology that has been prominent since its beginning and remains a key area of research and training in most parts of the world. This paper will attempt to analyze biological psychology by defining it, examining its historical development and identifying associated important theorists. It will further depict […]

Marriage and Family Therapy

Presenting problem Marceline is a frustrated female aged 19 years of age and she needs counseling because she has become indecisive. She is the person to interview in this therapy because she presents high level of stress (Sprenkle, 2003, p. 85). The woman has been facing challenging times first having lost her first love to […]

Operant Conditioning

Introduction This theory is also referred to as instrumental conditioning or Skinnerian conditioning theory. This theory was coined by B.F. Skinner. Skinner was a behaviorist from Harvard. He proposed this theory in the twentieth century. This theory was however, based on the law of effect by Thorndike (Linskie 2005). To study behavior, Skinner had to […]

Relationship advice on conflicts between romantic partners

Romantic relationships are normal occurrences in all mature individuals. Almost all adult individuals involve in at least a single romantic relationship in their lifetime. Conflicts are one of the features of any romantic relationships and contribute to the termination or continuation of the relationship. As such, individuals in serious romantic relations revere conflicts. In an […]

Classical Conditioning: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Theory of Classical Conditioning: The Basics In ordinary life, a person makes a number of habitual actions without even noticing them; for example, when leaving for school or work, hardly anyone will forget to lock the door; likewise, when greeting someone, most people would stretch out their hand for a handshake. Caused by classical conditioning, […]

Intercultural Communication: Interview

Intercultural communication determines how people from diverse cultural backgrounds co-exist in a diverse society. Cultural beliefs and traditions affect intercultural communication because they dictate how people communicate within a given cultural environment. A cultural background under which children grow and develop has considerable influence on beliefs and traditions that they uphold in their adulthood. Migration […]

Article Review on Lavin, M. A., & Cash, T. F. (2001). Effects of exposure to information about appearance stereotyping and discrimination on women’s body images. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 29(1), 51–58.

Purpose The authors discuss some of the effects of media messages on the socialization and productivity of women in society. The media suggests that women should be attractive whenever they present themselves in front of other people. Consequently, many women are forced to consume certain types of food in order to be attractive. The researchers […]

The Role of Socio-Cultural Psychology on Society

Introduction Socio-psychology is a discipline that utilizes scientific models to comprehend and expound on how the real, perceived or involved company of others affects the ideas, emotions and conduct. In fact, the discipline highlights the impacts of group and individual actions and beliefs on the self as well as customs and behaviors of other people. […]

Interpersonal Communication

Principles and Misconceptions in Interpersonal Communication For you to gain a better understanding of interpersonal communication, it would help to familiarize you with the principles of interpersonal communications. A key principle of interpersonal communication is that it cannot be avoided. Communication researchers assert, “You cannot communicate” (West & Turner, 2010, p. 26). You and your […]

The Role of Communication in the Relationships

The way people communicate is extremely important, especially in a marriage, as individuals can get lost in the routine and daily responsibilities. An article “Can we talk? Researcher talks about the role of communication in happy marriages” examines the issue of what happens to couples and how to avoid the distancing that takes over the […]

Communication Differences between Men and Women Using Body Language

Communication is distinguished to be either verbal or non-verbal. Men and women are known to communicate for totally different reasons. Therefore, there are significant differences between the body language used by men and women when communicating. This gives the implication that there is a high likelihood of a man misunderstanding a woman’s language in settings […]

Interpersonal Communication Motives and human behavior.

Human behavior and attitude are directed by internal processes and more specifically, person’s will to change something in their proximity. Interpersonal communication motivation is one of the key factors that play a significant role in why people communicate and what they accomplish in their life. Interpersonal communication motivation is defined through the reasons and wants […]

Barriers to Intercultural Communication

Introduction Effective communication is a skill that few people posses and even fewer people can get their point across when there is a cross cultural barrier. Cross cultural or intercultural communication is a part of the interaction of different people from different backgrounds and heritages. There have been a number of studies in the field […]

What is up in the mind of a man?

Thesis Statement A man is not as complicated as he actually appears, all he needs is to feel secure and to have the feeling that he can believe in his woman totally. What does a man want? A man loves looking out for his women, to the point that he can pamper his manliness, just […]

Para-social Interaction Theory

Literature Review The term was first coined by Donald Horton and Richard Wohl in their paper, “Mass Communication and Para-social Interaction: Observations on Intimacy at a distance,” which was published in the Psychological journal. The theory occupies an exceedingly large space in the contemporary 21st century communication, especially in television and filming industry. In Para-social […]

Lie and Deception

Mankind has been endowed with the gift of communication use both verbal and non-verbal means. However, meaningful communication among the people is usually distorted by willful lie and deception. Deception refers to intentional distraction of information between people in a relationship and usually leads to distrust between the partners (Rondina and Workman 1). It usually […]

People helping one another

Introduction The mind of the human being is the organ that drives all other organs into motion. Behind every act that a human being does there is a reason. One of the natures of human beings is helping those who are in need. This is based on various reasons. This paper analyses the reasons that […]

Interpersonal Communication

Introduction There are no secrets that today’s workplaces are not as yesterday’s. With an increase in physical size and cultural diversity, the given assertion cannot be doubted. Passing messages between two colleagues speaking different languages can be a daunting task. In any given organization, Interpersonal communication forms a basic tool at the workplace. It assures […]

Lying and Doublespeak

Human beings are the only species endowed with the ability to tell lies. Moreover, when human beings lie, they cannot evade the consequences and the sense of guilt that accompanies it. Without being timely checked, lying can easily develop into a habit that will be too difficult to do away with at a time in […]