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Interpersonal Communication Concepts in Everyday Relationships Essay (Movie Review)

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Updated: Dec 12th, 2019


Human beings have often been called social animals. This being the case, communication is an important aspect of the modern life. Communication takes different forms from vertical communication, horizontal, intercommunication among others.

Interpersonal communication is a more popular form of communication than other modes of communication whereby the communication is between two or more individuals. Successful intercommunication is a situation in which the intended recipient of the message gets the message and correctly understands what the sender intended.

For successful intercommunication, interpersonal communication skills are of the essence. This paper looks at some of the basic interpersonal communication skills, concepts and theories by using The King’s Speech Movie.

Conflict management

More often than not, people fail to agree on ideas and conflict often arises. Conflict management is an important interpersonal skill. It can be defined as the process through which and individual holds back detrimental aspects of a conflict.

Conflict management can be broadly categorized into 5; collaborative approach, compromising approach, accommodating approach, competitive approach and the avoiding approach (Adler, Rolls, & Proctor, 2012).

Each one of these approaches employs different techniques to suppress, resolve or avoid conflicts. In as much as violence is a form of conflict by itself, there are those who consider it as a conflict management skill. In addition, negotiations are part of conflict management.

Through the plot of the movie, a couple of conflicts arose between the characters. More importantly, fellow cast members came up to contain and resolve the conflict. To start with, after the death of King George V, King Edward VIII assumed throne and encountered a number of challenges (Hooper, 2010). Most significant of all was his passion of marrying Mrs. Simpson.

When Albert conflated Albert his brother on the matter, David accused him of wanting to seize his position. The disagreement between the two brothers could be seen as a form of conflict.

The fact that both Albert and Logue did not believe David fit for office was the primary source of the conflict. It is only then that David resigned from office. Based on the situation, his departure could be viewed as a form of conflict management since it resolved the conflict between the two brothers

On top of that, before David could resign, Logue commented and said that Albert would have made a better king than his brother David. Out of anger, King Edward VIII mocks and then dismisses Logue. This was the beginning of another conflict between King Edward VIII and Logue.

It is only until later when David resigns from office and Albert gains the title of King George VI that he takes it upon his personal initiative to visit and apologize to Logue on behalf of his brother. At this point, Logue has his job back, and although the David has not handled his conflict with Logue, Albert has depicted conflict management skills.

Nearly at the end of the movie, King George VI gives an eloquent speech before the commencement of the war between Nazi Germany and England (Hooper, 2010). The speech addressed the nation on the insights of the war as well as inspire them. The war could be viewed as a conflict between Nazi Germany and Britain.

On the other hand, it could be seen a form of conflict management whereby the two countries seek to end an already existing conflict. This battle played a crucial role in managing the earlier conflict. Though not the best strategy for conflict resolution, the battle became a means to an end. To sum it all up, Albert portrays himself as having commendable conflict management skills as compared to his older brother.

Listening concept

Listening is an essential skill in any form of communication. This is the process through which an individual takes in information. It is worth noting that listening and hearing are two different concepts. Successful interpersonal communication requires listening and not hearing. Listening involves hearing and interpreting the message in the intended manner.

This could either affect communication positively or negatively. Good listening skills enable smooth flow of information from the sender to the receiver without any form of distortion (Adler, Rolls, & Proctor, 2012). On the other hand, poor listening skills affect communication negatively.

Listening can be affected by many external factors such as noise from the surrounding as well as language differences. In short, no verbal communication would exist without listening.

The movie “The King’s Speech Movie” has made skilful use of the listening concept. Right from the beginning of the movie, there is verbal communication between individual members of the cast. At the beginning, we are able to acquaint ourselves with Prince Albert who stammers through the closing speech of The British Empire Exhibition.

This greatly affects the quality of his speech. After the death of their father, Albert becomes King George VI of England at an exceedingly crucial time when the country was at the verge of a war. His wife, Elizabeth, worries about the country mostly because her husband might not be in the best condition to address the country at such a crucial moment.

She goes ahead to get help from Lionel Logue a speech therapist. Finally, after a long struggle, the king conquers the stammer and delivers a radio talk speech which is smart enough to unite and inspire the people through the battle.

After his speech, thousands of his citizens applaud him for the way he delivered on his speech. This is a clear indication that the people were particularly keen on listening to the King. The citizens portray an image of being particularly attentive listeners. Additionally, throughout the movie, the radio is the conventional means of communication though which the king communicates with the people.

Occasionally, the king addressed the nation over the radio. Through the radio, the people were able to exercise their ability to listen. Finally, Albert was able to overcome his stammer out of listening to his therapist. If he had not been listening to the therapist, he would not have been able to overcome the stammer.

Earlier long at the beginning of the movie, after the Christmas radio talk, King George V addresses David his son on the importance of broadcasting to the modern monarchy. King George V believed that listening was a vital skill in governance that he ordered that David- the rightful heir- is to be trained on his speech skills so as to save the family name.

Self concept

Though not a part of interpersonal communication expressly, self conception play an immensely crucial role in interpersonal communication. Self concept is the general idea that individuals have about their selves. It affects the nature of interpersonal communication in that we communicate with people in regards to how we view them and the relationship we share with the same people (Adler, Rolls, & Proctor, 2012).

More often than not, self concept is usually a bit different that how other people perceive us. Self concept is particularly valuable in that it also helps us identify whom we truly are. From this, we are able to communicate with other people and it is from this connection that people define us.

In the movie ‘The Kings speech”, we get a peep into to the Royal family at which time King George V is the king. Later on, we come to understand that both Prince Albert and David suffer from a speech impediment. King George V orders that David be trained on his speaking skills so as to keep the family name.

Prince David makes excruciating attempt to recover from the stutter and somehow manages though not fully. In the long run after a disagreement between the two brothers, Albert gains the title of King George VI(Hooper, 2010).

With the help of his wife, Albert self conceptualized that the stammer is within him, and he needed to do something especially at a time when his country needed him. It is at this point that he approached Logue to help him with his speech. By Albert coming into terms with his problem of speech impediment, it became an easy task for Logue to help him to recover.

Logue also lacked formal training or qualifications – a fact that he struggled to keep under cloak and dagger. In my opinion, Logue realized his potential and despite all odds self-conceptualized himself as being capable of helping the king (Hooper, 2010). Out of this, he was able to make a favorable impression to the king and was able to help King George VI overcome his stammer.

He performed his duties so well as a speech therapist such that no one was able to realize that he had no formal qualifications. Moreover, Albert was able to self-conceptualize himself as a king long before he became one.

Logue saw his potential and confronted King Edward VIII on grounds that Albert would have made a better king than himself. It was then that he resigned and paved way for Albert as a King. Later on, Albert confronts Logue as a King rather than as a friend.


Communication is an essential aspect of the human life. There are many concepts of communication that affect the nature of communication both positively and negatively.

Among others, Self concept, listening concept, conflict management are some of the most significant concepts that shape the form of communication. With the perfection of these skills, refinement of communication is absolutely possible.


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