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112 Disabilities Topics for Research Papers & Essays

Looking for interesting disability topics for a research paper or project? This field is hot, controversial, and definitely worth studying!

Disability study field includes the issues of physical, mental, and learning disabilities, as well as the problem of discrimination. In this article, we’ve gathered great disability essay topics & research questions, as well as disability topics to talk about. We hope that our collection will inspire you.

🏆 Best Disability Topics for Research Papers

  1. Preschool Teachers’ Actions for Integrating Children With Disabilities
    Of special interest was whether the gravity of a child’s educational requirements and the teacher’s knowledge about the disability condition were linked to teacher’s responses towards incorporating such children in their classrooms.
  2. Peer Buddy Programs for Students With Disabilities
    In the essay, the author will provide recommendations with regard to how the peer buddy program can be successfully implemented in schools in the future. The aim is to enhance the success of the peer […]
  3. Defining Disabilities in Modern World
    Defining disability has not been easy due to the various opinions related to the understanding of the concept. Disability has significant impact on the society due to the relationships that exists between the individual and […]
  4. The Individuals With Disabilities Education Improvement Act
    However, the gradual increase in the number of individuals with learning disabilities led to the disapproval of this method. As a result of this separation and early identification school performances tend to improve and the […]
  5. Students With Disabilities in Higher Education Institutions
    Accommodations for students depend on the disability type that the student has, and whether the disability allows the student to get an accommodation in the institution.
  6. Sociocultural Barriers for People With Disabilities
    On the other hand, stigmatization, stereotyping and prejudice have been highlighted as the barriers to social inclusion of people with disabilities in society.
  7. US Should Ratify the Un Convention on the Rights of People With Disabilities
    The UN has recognized the importance of the disabled person’s rights and freedoms and has come up with the UN convention on the Rights of People with disabilities, CRPD and has urged member states to […]
  8. General Curriculum for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Learners
    The purpose of the study was to examine the extent to which learners with intellectual and developmental disabilities have access to the general education curriculum and the extent to which such access is related to […]
  9. Current Trends and Issues in Educating Students With Disabilities
    Following the existence of cases of racial and ethnic bias across the United States educational system, the government has seen the importance to intervene in improving education in the U.S.
  10. Autism and Educational Process
    Owing to these adverse effects that can stem from autism and the shear prevalence of the condition in the country’s population, a lot of research effort has been dedicated to the early diagnosis and treatment […]
  11. The Impact of a Fitness Intervention on People with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities
    This is one of the issues that should be singled out. This is one of the issues that should be considered.
  12. Inclusion for Students With Severe Disabilities
    Modification and accommodation are the methods used to manipulate education system to make it favourable for these students. Modification and Accommodation are the methods used to manipulate the system to make it favourable for students […]
  13. Assistive Technology for Kids with Learning Disabilities
    An increasing number of educators are incorporating frame routines to the web platform, in which a constant touch with both students and parents is maintained.
  14. The Right Attitude Towards Disabled People
    First, it can be questioned whether any form of physical or mental disability can be referred to as something that deserves to be ‘celebrated’, as the promoters of political correctness want us to believe.
  15. Women, Development and Disabilities
    The mission of the organization is to enhance the voice of women in society and influence other organizations that advocate for women rights.
  16. Post Education for Adults With Disabilities
    Recommendations for further research and practice that refer to the disability problems are presented at the end of the paper with the purpose of enabling the interaction of services.
  17. People With Disabilities and the Hotel Industry
    According to this act, the needs of people with disabilities should be satisfied in relation to the fixed rules in order to provide the necessary conditions for these persons and follow the principle of the […]
  18. Terminology and Etiquette Discussion Regarding Persons With Disabilities
    The media refer to people with disability as to persons with special needs, which reveals the inappropriate use of terminologies to refer to them.
  19. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
    There is a commission in the US that fights for the rights of people with disabilities when it comes to employment.
  20. People With Disabilities and Abuse of People With Disabilities and Criminal Justice
    In addition, there is need to train police, lawyers and other persons in the criminal justice system on how to interact with persons with disabilities.
  21. Culturally Responsive Teaching of Students With Disabilities
    Cultural Responsive teaching is a teaching technique used to identify and address cognitive, social, emotional, and cultural and language needs of students with developmental needs as a way of providing them with assistance in all […]
  22. Classroom Design for Children with Disabilities
    Furthermore, children with disabilities require individual attention from the teacher just like the other children, and if the classroom is congested it would be difficult for the teacher to reach such learners.
  23. People With Disabilities
    The code consists of sixteen articles that define the terms associated with disability in Saudi Arabia, the role of the government in the welfare of disabled children, administration of the bodies concerned with disabled person, […]
  24. Case Study of a Child with Intellectual Disability
    It is crucial to integrate the input of a learning coach into the school curriculum to encourage the participation of Meagan’s parents in his educational endeavors.
  25. The Problems of Children With Disabilities and Possible Ways of Solution
    It is very important for disabled people to be on the same level with others in the conditions that compensate the deviations in the development and constraints of the abilities in learning.
  26. The Problem of Reading of Children With Learning Disabilities
    The difference in phonological awareness and reading between groups of children with SSDs and a language matched comparison group Reading fluency is a key tool of assessment the reading disability among children.
  27. Adolescents with Learning and Behaviour Disabilities: Graduation and Employment Difficulties
    One of the causes of high school dropout of this group of students is the feeling of being out of place.
  28. Human Rights of People With Intellectual Disabilities
    Since disability is not inability, human rights’ advocates argue that perception of people with disabilities as disabled is discriminative and therefore call for their recognition as a minority people with unique abilities that do not […]

👍 Disability Essay Topics

  1. Internal Campaign Planning for Inclusion of Persons With Disabilities
    The key mandate of the act was to protect the employment rights of persons with disabilities. Secondly, newsletters can be developed so as to raise awareness on the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  2. Managing Students With Disabilities
    Instructional issues that are encountered in education are those arising due to the inability of the students to acquire, maintain, and relate the skills that are learned in class to other settings within and outside […]
  3. An Action Plan for Serving Individuals With Disabilities – Library and Information Science
    First is the total cost of the whole project, the architectural design of the library building and whether it can accommodate the new developments and the current issues affecting accessibility with regards to the disabled.
  4. Support Inclusion and Effective Practices for Students With Disabilities
    The purpose of this article is positioning that the ambition towards support inclusion and effective practices for students with disabilities have to be the groundwork for inclusive postsecondary education.
  5. Families With Members Who Experience Disabilities
    Early childhood services which offer professionalized care services to parents help them meet the needs of the special children so that parents are able to balance their strengths, resources and challenges in the family.
  6. High Incidence Disabilities and Pedagogical Strategies for Learning Disabilities
    In the context of disability, it is important to mention that this model is beneficial to students with learning disabilities as it involves teaching them how to approach tasks and use knowledge to complete learning […]
  7. Sensory Disabilities and Age of Onset
    This can happen, for instance, when learning the subject that call for lots of diagrams, figures and illustrations to be applied, which may also give a challenge to the visually impaired students.
  8. Physical Disabilities and Assistive Technology
    For example, learners with visual impairments can use text-to-speech programs. Learners with physical disabilities can be gathered for with the help of assistive technology devices such as adaptive keyboard and screen reading software for learners […]
  9. Supporting Students with Speech Impairment
    This assistive technology uses appropriate symbols and techniques to support the needs of different learners. These technologies will support the needs of many learners.
  10. GM’s Committal to People with Disabilities
    The company aims to create awareness about PWDs by providing support and information to employees with disabilities and other PWDs outside the GM community.
  11. Americans With Disabilities Act
    With all due respect to the efforts of the U.S.government to come up with a framework, which would allow for a faster and a more efficient integration of the disabled into the society, the fact […]
  12. Children With Learning Disabilities
    The following research questions will be used in achieving the objectives: What is the role of learning disabilities in affecting the ability of the students to learn?
  13. Improving Reading Performance of Students With Learning Disabilities
    The purpose of the present research is to assess the efficiency of utilizing Reading Racetracks to improve the reading of words found on the K-2 list key phrases adopted in the school district.
  14. Computer-Based Technologies That Assist People With Disabilities
    The visually impaired To assist the visually impaired to use computers, there are Braille computer keyboards and Braille display to enable them to enter information and read it. Most of these devices are very expensive […]
  15. Action Plan for Patrons With Disabilities
    For instance, the writer of the essay suggests that in terms of facility planning, it is vital for the library to invest in wiring its facilities with audio induction loop.
  16. Developmental Disabilities and Lifelong Learning
    Some of the common transitional programs for children with developmental disabilities would include things such as books, learning manuals, and software programs intended to assist the children in adjusting to the new programs or settings.
  17. People with Disabilities: The Systemic Ableism
    Whereas the absence of disability in the fashion world is based on the dominant view of what is considered beautiful, the absence of disabled in politics can be explained with the lack of access to […]
  18. Instructional Plan in Writing for Learners With Disabilities
    The purpose of this essay is to provide an instructional plan for learners with disabilities in writing. Writing skills require learners to account for the task, the aim of writing and audience.
  19. Students With Disabilities: Characteristics and Strategies
    Disability Categories Example Strategy English Learner Students 1 Autism is the developmental disability which influences the aspects of social interaction and different types of communication. The child with this disability can demonstrate various restricted and stereotypic patterns of behavior. The student with autism cannot focus attention on the teacher’s words, demonstrates the unusual gestures and […]
  20. Students With Learning Disabilities: Needs and Problems
    According to Chloe, there are three aspects associated with this complex issue, and they are the problem of appropriate parents and professionals’ intervention, the problem of identifying resources, and the problem of government’s funding.
  21. People With Disabilities: Local and a Federal Law’ Regulation
    To be more exact, the current standards need to be shaped so that the policy in question should not affect the social perception of people with physical or mental disabilities.
  22. Employment Equity Act: Aboriginals and Disabilities Persons
    If the Employment Equity Act is applied appropriately, the Act will guarantee that people in the labour force are given the opportunity of the equivalent admission to job openings along with identical management in the […]
  23. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren With Disabilities
    In the case of their absence, these grandparents worry about the well-being of their disabled grandchildren and the influence they have on other children.
  24. Emotional and Behavioural Disabilities in Schools
    Furthermore, there is equal doubt about whether the professionals in the sphere of education give no significance to the term of emotional and behavioural disability itself.
  25. Talent-Oriented Therapy: Patients With Learning Disabilities
    Although the tool to be designed in the course of the research will have to experience a range of tests, it will serve as the impetus for the further development of the framework.
  26. Patients With Learning Disabilities: Quality Care
    Although the current study is not aimed at detecting the differences in the efficacy of the intervention based on the gender of the participants, the outcomes of the research may create prerequisites for a follow-up […]
  27. Mental Disabilities: Characteristics and Causes
    TBIs are caused by an impact of the head against a blunt object or from its penetration by a sharp object; it often results from vehicle accidents. Autism is a developmental disorder that influences the […]
  28. Students With Learning Disabilities and Assessment
    The education of students with learning disabilities poses great difficulty for the majority of parents and educators. It may not be self-evident that the learning problems of students are attributable to learning disabilities.

📑 Research Questions about Disabilities

  1. People With Disabilities and Their Employment Issues
    The major similarity between the perceptions of older people and individuals with disabilities is based on the belief that they are slow and could slow down the other workers and the idea that the managers […]
  2. Caregivers’ Perceptions of People With Intellectual Disabilities
    The proposed study will present new approaches and practices that can be used to support the health needs of many patients with mental disabilities.
  3. Parenting Children With Learning Disabilities
    A number of parents also feel worthless since they get an impression that the respective learning disabilities portrayed in their children are due to their own genetic malformations.
  4. Effective Teaching of Students with Disabilities
    To support the information that was posted in three blog entries, the author of this submission reviewed other literature on the subject to be able to support their point of view.
  5. Employees With Disabilities and Their Workplace Behavior
    In H3, the authors found that employees with disabilities remained loyal and committed to work and were satisfied with their job.
  6. Young Adult Children With Intellectual Disabilities
    Like in the study, I would also use pilot testing of the questionnaire to ascertain its validity and reliability in measuring the intended variables. The descriptions of the concepts and terms in this study are […]
  7. Psychological Testing of Intellectual Disabilities
    Speaking of its psychometric properties, the PCL-5 is a valid and reliable self-report measure for the assessment and quantifying symptoms of PTSD.
  8. Intellectual Disabilities and Limitations for Human Life
    The recognition of the lack of such skills can contribute to future opportunities for an independent life with effective interdependence and inclusion in the life of a society.
  9. School Event Supporting Students With Disabilities
    Because of the vast opportunities for vulnerable groups to share their experiences and create a bond with the rest of the learners in a non-threatening environment, significant progress in encouraging disability awareness and the promotion […]
  10. Independence of Students With Intellectual Disabilities
    In a humane and highly functional society, students with physical and intellectual disabilities should be allowed to function independently and enjoy their personal and academic life to the fullest.
  11. Students With Intellectual Disabilities and Their Independence
    Some of these programs in the US include the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, which provides grants for research, technology, and training for disabled individuals, as well as the Secondary Education Act of 2002, […]
  12. Intellectual Disabilities and Higher Education
    The access to higher education for individuals with ID and the attitude of their parents towards their performance can be analyzed with the help of equity theory.
  13. Veterans With Disabilities: Integration and Employment
    In this paper, the researcher looks at the main barriers to employment and integration back to the society that the veterans face, and the manner in which the existing policies can be amended to help […]
  14. Constructivism Theory for Adolescents with Disabilities
    The key component of the theory is people’s interaction with the environment. Therefore, Vygotsky’s theory is effective in developing the social and academic skills of an adolescent with learning and behavior disabilities.
  15. Teaching Children With Multiple Disabilities
    The teacher should also assist such a child in maintaining a perceptual continuum than learners who are not handicapped. On the same note, the teacher should not give the amount of work similar to children […]
  16. Students With Mild and Moderate Disabilities
    Sometimes students with disabilities are not able to understand what they are to do if the instruction is not explicit and systematic. It is difficult for students with mild and moderate disabilities to generalize the […]
  17. Learning Disabilities and Memory Disorders
    Large amounts of phenylalanine in the blood will result in complications of the neurons in the central nervous system referred to as myelinization of the cerebral hemispheres.
  18. Strategies for Teaching Students With Mild Disabilities
    The good thing about having a child with a disability in the family is that it teaches everyone in the household to be patient. The greatest problem I have encountered in having a child with […]
  19. Government Grants for People With Disabilities
    The paper will be based on the conditions of disabled people and the federal or state grants that they could receive in order to facilitate changes in their health and work.
  20. Rights of Parents of Students With Disabilities
    Trying to fix the problem, parents should understand that the only way they are to behave is the move in the direction of a correct education of their child.
  21. Americans With Disabilities in Criminal Justice Agencies
    Since the legislation is relatively new, the process of the change requires such guidelines given the lack of an appropriate number of the best practices for the time being.
  22. School Counselor Job for People With Disabilities
    A school counselor that faces the risk of having a cardiovascular incident is challenged by the possible implications of the disease that could have an adverse impact on the overall practice and well being. Therefore, […]
  23. Children With Disabilities and Parental Mistreatment
    The information in the article is helpful for parents of children with disabilities and other parents since it assists them in appreciating the significance of each parent’s education in lessening the incidence of child disability.
  24. Learning Disabilities: Differentiating ADHD and EBD
    As for the most appropriate setting, it is possible to seat the child near the teacher. It is possible to provide instructions with the help of visual aids.
  25. Ableism: Bias Against People With Disabilities
    People concerned with rights advocacy ought to ensure a facilitated awareness of the distressing impacts of ableism through the inclusion of the subject in private and public discussions.
  26. Ican Bike for Individuals With Disabilities
    I think iCan Bike is a very good initiative that targets a vulnerable population with a plethora of special needs and relies on the community in order to deliver the results.
  27. Natural Supports for Individuals With Disabilities
    Natural supports can be defined as personal connections and associations that improve the quality of a person’s life; these primarily include family relationships and friendships and constitute “the first line of supports, followed by informal […]
  28. Lifespan Development and Learning Disabilities in Childhood
    Parents in this situation would most likely select the authoritative parenting style to manage children because they are left to make their own choices under a guided framework.

🎓 Good Research Topics about Disabilities

  1. Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities in the Workplace
    Intellectual disability puts a strain on an individual’s ability to have a social life and communicate with other human beings due to the fact that their capability of adapting is limited to a certain extent.
  2. Life Stages of People with Learning Disabilities
    In order to proceed with the observation, it is necessary to identify the normal issues likely to be encountered by the representatives of both groups.
  3. Teaching Adaptive Behavior Skills to Children Suffering From Intellectual Disabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    This theoretical framework will contribute to the validation of the perspectives used by the teachers to construct their system of beliefs regarding the process of teaching ABS to students with ID.
  4. Daily Living Skills Training for Individuals With Learning Disabilities
    Teaching individuals with physical and mental disabilities the life skills needed to compensate for their disadvantages are considered to be the key factor to ensuring a relatively safe, functional, and happy life for those individuals.
  5. Program Improvement: Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities
    The government has been keen to present specific resources and support systems that can support the educational and career goals of these individuals.
  6. Teaching Language to Students With Severe Disabilities
    The objective of this study is to find the different approaches that can be used in teaching phonics and the whole language to students with varied severe disabilities.
  7. Americans With Disabilities Act for Employers
    However, in practice, an employer could still legally discriminate against those with disabilities An employer is obligated to make reasonable accommodations for an employee or applicant if they are ‘otherwise qualified’ to perform the responsibilities […]
  8. Genetic Testing Under Americans With Disabilities Act
    There is nothing surprising in the fact that the genetically tested employees counted the testing as a violation of their human rights, and The Americans with Disabilities Act was adopted in 1990.
  9. American With Disabilities Amendment Act
    The main intention of the Act is that civilians receiving benefits or services through the measures of local and state governments may not be differentiated on the fundamentals of the individual’s physical disabilities.
  10. Plan of the Kickball Game That Involves the Students With the Disabilities
    While simulating the situation where one is in charge of the PE class, one needs to remember that disability is never inability, thus the students with the disabilities can participate in any games as well […]
  11. Teaching Character Education to Students With Behavioral and Learning Disabilities
    The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of character education programs implemented in schools on students with behavioral and learning disabilities.
  12. Americans With Disabilities and Act Amendments Act to the ADA: The Main Issues and Comparison
    Moreover, the essence of the major amendments to the ADA is disclosed in the article using comparison and implications of those changes for the public use in the spheres of employment and human resources management […]
  13. Children With Disabilities: Supporting Student Behavior
    The comfortable atmosphere will help the children to attend the class and also provide a good way to mingle with the children with disabilities.
  14. Children With Disabilities in Education
    By the end of the experiment the student will demonstrate his ability to understand the information, to discuss it, and to reflect his ideas in writing.
  15. Learning Disabilities and Communication Disorders
    The students are also being taken through research-based and special education programs and the determination of these disorders is done cooperatively between teachers and specialists like psychologists.
  16. An Audit of the Accessibility of the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar to Individuals With Physical Disabilities
    It should be noted that structural presentation of the paper is considered to be one of the most important elements of the paper because it allows following the logical thought of the research paper.
  17. Therapeutic Vests for Children With Disabilities
    The purpose of this review is to examine the available literature on the effectiveness of using therapeutic vests, weighted vests, and pressure vests on children with Autism spectrum disorders, Attention deficit disorder, Pervasive Development Disorder, […]
  18. Job for Individuals With Physical Disabilities
    For instance, when a new technology is about to be installed, it will be rational for a number of workers based on departments to be selected and taken through how to use the innovation, such […]
  19. The Specific Needs of Students With Physical Disabilities
    The research problem that will be the focus of the planned paper relates to the specific needs of students with physical disabilities or behavioral issues in general classrooms.
  20. Adaptive Behavior Skills and Intellectual Disabilities
    Four assessment tools are important for identifying adaptive behavior and skills: the Adaptive Behavior Scale, the Scale of Independent Behavior, and the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale.
  21. School Counselors for Students With Disabilities
    When the goals are set out, and the professional sphere is chosen, the counselor becomes responsible for the student’s preparation and reception of essential job skills as well as for the communication with the post-school […]
  22. Students With Disabilities: Research Analysis
    In the process of undertaking this research and practical alignment, there is a misalignment in the inclusion of students with disabilities in the GE class.
  23. Literature Circles for Students With Learning Disabilities
    On the other hand, the affected individuals contend that the categorization should be removed to pave the way for the integration of assistances where all needs are attended without classification regardless of the student’s physical […]
  24. The Resilience Experiences of People With Disabilities
    The focus of the study was on the participants’ lived experiences, as well as their attitudes towards certain aspects, so the use of interviews as a data collection method is justified.
  25. Law for People With Disabilities in California
    The family, the immediate environment of a person with disabilities, is the main link in the system of his or her care, socialization, the satisfaction of needs, support, and career guidance.
  26. Problem Behaviors in Intellectual Disabilities Community
    The proposed quality designed study will evaluate the behavior of people with intellectual disabilities over a certain period of time and consequently conclude the primary triggers that influence ID people to demonstrate behavioral issues, including […]
  27. Music Therapy as a Related Service for Students With Disabilities
    From a neuroscientific perspective, how would music intervention improve classroom behaviors and academic outcomes of students with ADHD as a way to inform policy-makers of the importance of music therapy as a related service?
  28. Communication and People With Disabilities
    The bathrooms were close to the food court; moreover, there were special handle bars which helped to transfer to the commode and, at this, the height of the commode was almost the same as the […]

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