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Job for Individuals With Physical Disabilities Essay

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Updated: Dec 28th, 2021

The essay is an analysis of how Job characteristic model will be used to come up with a well-designed job for individuals with physical disabilities. The paper shows how a job deemed “boring” will be made to be more motivating and rewarding. The aspects covered in this analysis include skill variability, task identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback (Robbins & Coulter, 2009).

Job characteristic model is a structure for examining and crafting jobs that recognizes five primary fundamentals of a job dimensions, how these core factors intertwine as well as their effects to goals and objectives attainment (results) for instance satisfaction, tenure among others. According to Champion and Thayer, the ways jobs are designed have a significant impact to both the employee and the employer- job satisfaction and productivity in that order. The concept can be approached with one or more goals and or objectives in mind for example increases productivity reduce physical injuries, motivating employees to mention but a few.

It is has been generally accepted that job characteristic models, brings to light a number of core job characteristics that when recognized by employees triggers psychosomatic reactions to ones job as well as the results due to such reactions. It is worth noting that job are designed not to simply ensure that work is done quickly but also to provide employees with tasks and duties that to them are significant and pleasant.

The four approaches used to design a job are biological, mechanistic, perceptual and motivational, with the exception of mechanistic approach all the rest provide employees with the avenue of enjoying their tasks, duties and responsibilities.

It is a fact that the only constant is change, for this reason I propose a training and education program which will help employees with disabilities acquire a myriad of skill that will keep them at per in their work place. This will ensure that workers obtain skills and talents to carryout their tasks more comfortably. For instance, when a new technology is about to be installed, it will be rational for a number of workers based on departments to be selected and taken through how to use the innovation, such skills acquisition will not only make work easier for the worker but also make it enjoyable as well as in line with his/her task performance. Varying work also help in bringing about skill variety.

On the issue of autonomy which refers to the extent to which a job is perceived to allow workers initiate innovations while performing their duties will be in cooperated in the job design. Although there are standardized procedures that help employees quickly learn some simple tasks, they will be given an avenue of trying to solve emerging issues via new approaches. Tasks opt to be delegated to their lowest possible level to enhance autonomy (Robbins & Coulter, 2009).

Similarly, due to their disability, I will give them two option from where they will choose flexible scheduling. They will either take one of the two, flextime that will provide workers with the freedom to choose when they report and leave work or compressed workweek that will enable them have full-time position but work for less than five days per week. This is aimed at enabling such employees strike a balance between employment and other responsibilities outside the cooperate world for instance parenting.

Another fundamental factor which has been deemed to influence employees reactions toward work is feedback, (Robbins & Coulter, 2009), which is the extent to which an employee’s effort receives direct and clear information about his/her own productivity. Direct feedbacks from coworkers and supervisors will be entered into a computer system for filtering then directly be sent to such workers, this helps them know their strength and weaknesses vital for driving their quest to improve. I also propose a rewarding system after every three months. For instance, after analysis of the workers achievements, we reward the most improved one and the likes.

Greater task identity has a correlation with greater perception of work meaningfulness. For this reason tasks assigned to those workers having physical disability opt to be the kinds they are able to do from start to finish. This may include assigning task to group for instance customer care services. Successful completion of such task eventually enables more pride to be taken from the results.

Finally, concerning the issue of task significance, how important is the task to others, the HR department will be bestowed with the responsibility of periodically talking to employees reminding them that their duties and tasks are to a larger extent significantly contributing to the well being of the company, society and the country at large. This will motivate such employees hence enjoy carrying on their tasks (Robbins & Coulter, 2009).

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the more a job is designed on the basis of skill variety, task identity and task significance couple with autonomy and feedback mechanisms, the higher the workers’ motivation, performance, satisfaction and the lower the chances of such workers to be absent or even resort to resigning. All these core factors when properly handled and in cooperated in ones job, workers with various physical disabilities will definitely not be absent/resign, feel highly satisfied, highly motivated and generally enjoy their work. Job enlargement and enrichment are also vital in raising the morale of employees.


Robbins, S., & Coulter, M. (2009). Management. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall. Saddle-River: Prentice Hall.

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