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Career Essay Examples and Topics

Etihad Museum in Dubai: Internship Analysis

One of the most useful and valuable activities within the course was the one dedicated to the facilitation of meetings for the purpose of the establishment of a basis for collaboration between the museum and [...]

Mismatching College Degrees and Careers

RQ3: How can HR managers adapt employee orientation, training, and development practices to the situation of mismatching college specialisations and positions in relation to their employees?

Career Opportunities for Financial Education

The position of a financial manager seems to be one of the more sought after positions in the financial sector. Although a financial degree provides a relatively limited amount of options to the graduate, these [...]

Independent Educational Consultant as a Job

In the United States context, the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners is the professional organization charged with the responsibility of awarding the Certified Educational Planner credential to professionals who are deemed to have attained [...]

The Essence of Professionalism

Some people believe that it is a set of skills and knowledge developing with age and fruitfully completed tasks, while others are confident that it is a combination of personal traits, maturity, behaviors, and appropriate [...]

Hospitality Management Education and Career

Moreover, the relation between the claim and the evidence Valachis introduces in his article is not strengthened; one can notice that the evidence is not integrated with the author's own ideas, so, the use of [...]

The Opportunity Costs of Studying

The opportunity cost of higher education is the sum of all the alternative activities a student could pursue instead of spending time in college attending classes and doing other activities.

Opportunity Cost Definition

For instance, going to school would deny the student the opportunity to work. However, the opportunity cost is not the sum of all the other things the student would have done.

Vocational Self-Efficacy and Post-School Life

The amount of literature related to vocational self-efficacy of high school students with disabilities and their transition to post-school life is rather limited; therefore, several studies pertaining to vocational self-efficacy in some other contexts were [...]

Career Planning and Development

The components discussed in the paper include matching my skills and abilities with the preferred occupation of SGM, matching my work styles and values with the position of SGM, establishing the viability of remuneration package [...]

Career Development Theories

The individuals inappropriate for the application of social learning theory are the individuals that happened to be isolated from life in the society and interactions with other people.

Multicultural Career Counseling Method

These steps are to establish a rapport of the cultural relationship, identify the career issues, assess the impact of the cultural variables, develop the goals of the counseling, make the appropriate interventions, make a decision, [...]

Career Guidance and Counseling

Additionally, significant contributions in career guidance and counseling have helped develop career guidance and counseling. Davis introduced guidance and counseling in public schools in 1907.

Career Resource Center

The services an online career resource center must provide in order to meet the needs of former prisoners reentering the legal employment market are the help with transitional issues, counseling, and advice about stabilization, survival, [...]

Regency Hotel: Career Center Designing

The company has a mission to become a "giving member" of society and improve the lives of people by indulging in 'corporate social responsibility.' The corporate objective of Hotel Regency is to address the issues [...]

A Five-Year Career Development Plan

In other words, selecting a career is not enough; rather, one has to be willing to work on acquiring the skills and competencies needed to pursue a chosen career successfully. The development plan further assists [...]

Graduate Employment Plan: Checklist

Graduate employment offers special opportunities for new graduates to gain important skills. The following Graduate Employment Plan Checklist offers important insights for graduates: Develop an action plan Develop goals and timelines Focus on increasing self-awareness [...]

Engineering and Business Career in the UAE

Construction engineers contributed to the production of the machines and technologies that helped in the construction of the tallest building in the world which is located in Dubai, the capital city of the United Arab [...]

Business World New Requirements

Therefore, it seems to be important to identify the aspects that have to be improved in business education and comprehend what modern business companies hope to observe in business students.

Bachelor Degree and Employment

The evidence provided confirms the research hypothesis that wage inequality is responsible for graduate role incompatibility with the requirements of the labour markets.

Architecture as a Career Field

From this point, architecture as a career field includes the knowledge of the architecture history, modern tendencies and the practical realization of the knowledge in the processes of planning and constructing.