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Learning Challenges Essay Examples and Topics

Group Learning and Cheating in Classrooms

The aim of the project is to clarify the conditions under which students should work, evaluate the conditions students create independently, observe how different students can work in groups, and introduce new approaches to how [...]

Literacy Challenges at the Postsecondary Level

In this view, the article asserts that student learning is less effective when classes are large and the material taught is new to the learners. The feelings of anonymity and lack of self-directed learning on [...]

Learning Challenges for Nursing Students

As Cherry and Jacob remark, external barriers are the difficulties of a social nature caused by the mistakes of upbringing, the conditions of communication, and the unsuccessful experience of emotional and social contacts.

Self-Regulated Strategies Development and Writing

The aims of SRSD are to change the attitudes of students these categories towards writing, help them gain more understanding about writing, improve the quality of the essays or the compositions that they write, and [...]

Writing Proficiency Exam’ Advantages

Such examinations aim to assess the student's writing skills, comprehension, and analysis of the text, as well as the ability to refer to and evaluate the text, form an opinion on it, and critically approach [...]

Effective Literacy Teaching in Multicultural Class

The purpose of the proposed research is to explore, examine and analyze the issues and challenges that embed teacher education in the US, paying attention to the obstacles that limit the implementation of effective literacy [...]

The Role of Social Support in School’s Success

In addition, social support ensures students do not deviate from the norms of learning and social order. However, parents and teachers should not compromise the value of education by pampering their children in the attempt [...]

Disability Simulations and Their Limitations

They provide non-disabled people with insights into the life of disabled people by offering the former to experience some of the limitations that permeate the lives of the latter.

Visual and Hearing Impairments in Education

The influence of such impairments on a person's development and academic achievements is considered; legal and educational definitions of these impairments are given; and, finally, their types, degrees, and causes are discussed.

Teaching Fraction Problem-Solving to Autists

According to a survey carried out by Pennington, the majority of the studies in this area emphasize the literacy of learners with ASD as opposed to major other areas such as academic performance and functionality [...]

Reading Intervention for English Language Learners

In addition, it is known that educators often experience problems distinguishing between students who are unable to comply with the curriculum due to the difficulties of learning a second language and those who suffer from [...]

Learning and Communication Disorders and Giftedness

This paper looks into the issues of learning disabilities, communication disorders, and giftedness among children, exposing their nature and providing guidelines for the education of such kids.

Fraction Problem-Solving in Autistic Students

The subject of the research is the determining of the efficiency of the point-of-view video intervention while teaching the students with ASD the necessary skills of manipulations with fractions word problem-solving.

Students’ Learning Barriers and Meta-Cognition

However, due to the variations of its definitions and lack of any standardized norms regarding the boundaries of the civility in the educational environment, the issue is still unresolved.

Students Protection from Infectections

First of all, in a limited space where groups of children are put close to one another it is important to keep the germs from getting in the air. In every school there are areas [...]

The Increasing Rate of Ignorance among the Students

This issue is important to be discussed and addressed because today the limited level of knowledge on such basic facts as the location of the country in the world and states in the USA is [...]

College Students Suicide and Bullying

The misconception that bullying is a minor issue among college students has contributed to the high number of students who suffer because of bullying.

Foreign Language in High School

The purpose of this paper is to examine the need for the US to introduce compulsory lessons in foreign language in the national high school curriculum.

Social Inequality and Uneven Educational Distribution

Social inequality has a greatly influenced the distribution of resources in the American society. The majority class has created a culture of favoritism that has resulted in suffering amongst people of the minority class.

Discussion on How Video Games Enhance Learning

The person playing the game tends to adopt the character in the video game. For instance in the military games the player is expected to understand the military doctrines and has to develop knowledge on [...]

The Situated Cognition in Online Education

Such rewards help learners to understand the importance of performing well in studies. In such a case, rewards might go a long way to encourage students to move on with the activities.

The Peculiarities of the Bilingual Education

The peculiarities of the bilingual situation in the context of Melbourne, Victoria, with focusing on the usage of the Italian language In relation to the question of using one or more languages, Australia can be [...]

Expert Literacy Teachers: What Has Been Learned

One of the key insights that I have gained in the process of learning about the role of the RTI in shaping the responsibilities and strategies of an expert literacy teacher concerns the fact that [...]

English Language Education Issues in Kuwait

Statement of the Problem The worldviews and perceptions of teachers influence the delivery of education content significantly. The Purpose of the Study and Research Questions One of the domains of teaching languages is ensuring that [...]

Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Kuwait

The aim of this research was to explore the association between the beliefs of teachers and the intake of vocabulary. On the other hand, the research employed the quantitative approach to examining the beliefs and [...]

Evaluating Several English Extracts

For example, the question requiring students to use the title of the extract and the picture to tell a partner what they would like to find out in the rest of the extract is instrumental [...]

The concept map for teaching spoken English

Such arrows are also present in stages of lesson planning and the role of the teacher and students. The initial approach would be to let students to understand the importance of spoken English in their [...]

Scientific and technical education for ESL students

By the end of this course, it is expected that the students will be able to perform the following: be able to read and understand text in technical English and respond verbally or orally to [...]

Teaching Emotive Language

The tone of the speaker determines the level of attention of the audience. The word helps the learners to visualize and understand the environment or the habitat of the lion.

Teaching Mathematics

What is amiss in this case is the fact that despite the fact that the politicians are seeking what seems to be the best for the pupils, it should be left to the technocrats and [...]

Early Childhood Education

The goal of the organization is to ensure that children between the ages of zero and eight years access their rights to education in all the member countries.

Preparing Teachers of Second Language Reading

The interview questions were designed to investigate the background of the teachers, the student backgrounds, the teacher practices and their beliefs pertaining to reading instructions for ELLs.

Community Organizing Groups

According to the lead researcher, Kavitha Mediratta, the study was informed by the need to measure the outcomes of a progressively mounting number of organizing efforts that surfaced in the 1990s with the aim to [...]

Differences in Subject Teaching

Teaching and learning Content The learning content for History as a discipline focuses on achievements of the past including past events and experiences of nations and regions in the world, cultures, continuity and changes that [...]

Cooperative learning

In cooperative learning, the use of wooden sticks or plastic disks, geometry puzzle, measuring the playground, or reviewing for a test enable the students to easily solve mathematical problems and conceptualize each mathematical task.

Learning Styles Inventories (LSI) in Nursing Study

With the shift to the student-centered nursing education, the curriculum is adapted to the results of the learning styles inventories for the purpose of creating the appropriate clinical and classroom settings and enhancing the effectiveness [...]

Math Teaching Methods

Students at this level ought to be clearly taught how to round off numbers involving decimals to the nearest tenth as a foundation for the concepts in the upper grades to curb any difficulties in [...]

Teaching Methods- Mathematics

It can also be expressed as 3+3+3+3, which can be interpreted as adding the number on the left of the multiplication operation sign to itself for the number of times shown in the right of [...]

The Concept of Equivalent Fractions

Fortunately, students have these tactics already developed by the time they get to the fourth grade and hence the predicted easiness of understanding the theory of equivalent fractions of fourth graders.

Social Science and Elementary Teaching Methods

Holmes and Holmes postulate that teachers, "face the responsibilities and pressures of the accountability movement where the lessons they plan must continue the momentum of the curriculum required by the state, district, school and classroom [...]

The Principles of Second Language Acquisition

The key point, which the writer wants to emphasize, is that in many cases, it is very difficult to mark definiteness in English, and there is no concise rule that would explain the use of [...]

My Struggle for Literacy in America

The main purpose of this presentation is to convince the audience that literacy is one of the skills that a person can and should develop.
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