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Introduction with Logical Fallacies Arguments

The research conducted by Blunt was directed at the evaluation of the efficiency of a game-based approach compared to the traditional teaching for the groups of students determined by gender, age, and ethnicity.

Steps for Writing a Research Report

It is useful to participate in online discussions of the topic and list keywords to focus on the research. Ideas in body paragraphs should be supported with evidence and results of the research.

The Problem of Plagiarism

The problem of plagiarism is of great concern to many teachers who want to ensure that learners can acquire knowledge and skills.

Writing Essays in English Language

Neil Claim argues that in order to address linguistics questions, one should clearly understand the subject of the assignment and the major directions. It is necessary to single out the major argument that will be [...]

The Art of Academic Writing

This article analyzes the most common writing mistakes, made by the students of geoscience, and proposes methods of improving writing strategies of students.

Aspects of Doing Research

Scholars should also place the sources at the bottom of the page. Students and researchers should be ready to complete their studies in a professional manner.

English Composition Course

In today's English composition course, the goals are to "acquire basic professional skills in writing, editing, and proofreading, to learn the fundamentals of linguistics, and to gain a thorough knowledge of literature written in English".

The Process of Revision

During the process of revision, it is very important to take time to re-read the paper and make sure the writing is smooth, logical, and all the points are clear to the potential audience.

Plagiarism Definition and Explaining

The aim of the report is to provide a working definition of plagiarism and explain the problem of plagiarism as faced by international students when studying in the U.S.

Plagiarism Problem in Higher Education

There is an immense devaluation of the learning encounter of the learners and the quality of the graduates. The consciousness of plagiarism is essential in deciphering if an imitative behavior is deliberate.

Plagiarism Effects and Strategies

The failure to recognize the contributions of other scholars in one's work is generally referred to as plagiarism. Also, the paper recommends strategies that may be adopted by educators and learners to address the problem [...]

Plagiarism Problem in Writing

This is actually because the author of the original material is not able to enjoy the advantages of the good work that he or she has produced.

Components of a Formal Report

Cover or Title page: The cover page is the first front matter of a formal report document and it has the name of the report, receiver's name, title and organization, team name and team members, [...]

Concept Research Paper

A concept research paper can be said to have two versions; one version is where a concept paper is presented before the actual research project takes place, and another version is where a concept paper [...]

Invention in Writing

It refers to the creation of new ideas in relation to the question given or the use of old ideas to come up with new ideas in writing.

Essays and Stories

Essays must have a theme of discussion, and it is organized in paragraphs describing flow of ideas. A story and an essay are similar in that they are written in some order.

Plagiarism Problem

At the end of the quotation, credit to the source should be given either in the form of in-text citation or in a footnote.

A Concept of Context of Research

Also, the context will include the originality of approach and the future aspects of research that cannot be incorporated in the current research.

Plagiarism: For and Against

Therefore, the argument against plagiarism is based on the loss of the perpetrator in terms of the shame of the act and the loss of the original author.

Education: Teaching of Writing

The benefit a freshman extracts from a writing class depends to some degree on what they bring to the class. They want to have the resources and institutional support to accomplish what they know how [...]

Paintball Course

It describes the expectations of visits and the perceptions from the visit. Consequently, this report will present the formation of the course, environment, the mood of classes, students involved and instructions delivered by the instructor.

A Foreign Student Experience

In the given occasion, the members of the community, i.e, the students, including me, were very still and mostly listening to the teacher.

Plagiarism and Paraphrasing

Sometimes the cheat notes might not be relevant to the test, and in such cases such students underperform. In conclusion, honest students are stress-free and have a smooth academic life and perform to the best [...]

Critical Thinking

The view of the previous research is assessed and a decision is reached by the writer. Analysis is persuasive and the theory of critical writing will support the writer's analysis.

Writing in the 21st Century

Academic writing requires students to have cute information on the various styles of writing based on the systems of writing advocated for by institutions of higher education.

Action Research in Science Education

He is motivated to improve the perception of students when learning science and raising the school performance in the region. Other factors regulating the performance of the students will be determined in accordance to the [...]

Understanding Research Methods in Technology

Research must be: Systematic Verifiable Empirical Valid Reliable When formulating research problem, the researcher may choose an intervention program and consider the following: Interest: this drives the desire to complete the work Magnitude: the problem [...]

Deciding Research Problem

Therefore it should precede the problem; in fact it is one way of identifying a research problem particularly to beginners in research. This one way that is at the disposal of a researcher when identifying [...]

Critical Research Writing

It is important to locate all the original sources to uncover ideas about the variables that are important in the field of study to modify and expand the research being done.

The Meta-Analysis Method

The authors of this book, through meta-analysis, were able to establish the relationship between the principal leadership in a school and the achievement of students.

A Formal Qualitative Research Interview

The analysis of the student course evaluation and the students' complaints concerning the lack of technology in the classroom and their disconnection from the curriculum were associated with the unfortunate trend of the increased rate [...]

Alternative Teacher Certification

In the context of the present study, it is more appropriate to use a positivist research philosophy than an interpretivist research philosophy as the former allows the researcher to: collect specific empirical data on the [...]

Benefits of Action Research

Giving teachers the power to design and implement their research work improves the overall performance of the students. The author will highlight some of the benefits of action research, in addition to the barriers encountered [...]

Plagiarism is Morally Reprehensible

Thus, to discuss the ethical component of plagiarism, it is necessary to pay attention to the definition of the concept and its meaning in relation to the idea of academic integrity.

Cognitive Errors and their Impact on Research

The Fundamental Attribution Error Theory According to this theory, cognitive biases result from human over reliance on inherent characteristics of a person to explain his/her behavior while failing to consider the situation in which the [...]

Content Outline and Assessment

A content outline includes; the objectives of the study, information to be explained, procedures to be used, and the assessment criteria to be used on students.

Documentary Research

In concluding, the fundamental requirement when writing either a documentary research or a literature review is the quality and relevance of the paper in connection to the research topic.

Writing and Researching Skills

Some of the strengths I have in academic writing include creativity, which helps to minimize plagiarism. I also plan to practice more on academic writing, this will enable me improve in levels of writing as [...]

Effective assessment practice paper

Teacher made assessments are assessment tools that are created by the teachers and are intended to ensure that the students learn exactly what they are required to learn.


According to Yin a case study design should have structured questionnaire, propositions of the case study, the unit that is employed in analysis of the data, construction of a logical relationship and linkage between the [...]

Quantitative Data for Research

Additionally, the mean, mode and median of these teachers which is a measure of central tendency will be considered as being descriptive statistics.

Critique: Article by Jansen Joy

The author introduces his study by explaining the main theme of the study that is reading difficulties for English learners. Au argues that some variables such as the first language of the learner, proficiency in [...]

Use of External Sources by Students

It is important to point out that the use of external sources can only amount to cheating if the students use external sources without the permission of their instructors.

Fundamentals to writing a good essay

This is to say that, the reader should be eager to know the content of the essay as depicted by the title. Notably, there has to be a direct link between the title of research [...]

The Harvard Referencing Method

The film offers the perspective of the struggles the Puerto Rican immigrants underwent while in a foreign country. The two consider the Puerto Rican migration and the challenges faced by them in a foreign country.

Handwriting and Writing

We can use the following avenues to learn the old fashioned methods of doing things. For example, one may have to be trained for some time to gain the skills of hand sewing.

Developing Research Question and Hypothesis

Narrowing Down the Focus of Research Questions and Hypotheses Refining the scope of a research question is a daunting task. Focusing on the scope of a research hypothesis, specific topic should be highlighted.

The art of summarizing

According to Elbow, any one making a cogent summary ought's to position himself or herself in the place of the original author or the main speaker and play a believing game even though he or [...]

Research Methods in Early Years

In this stage, the researcher should formulate a statement of objective, which outlines and determines the data to be collected, the features of relevant and the relationships to be analyzed in the research.

Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques

The areas to be covered under this research entail the research design, definition of the population to be used for the study, the sampling techniques and then the data collection and analysis methods.

Peculiarities of Plagiarism

Many students copy the sentences or the ideas of the researchers or other students without marking it as the citation. Simple paraphrasing and the use of quotation marks will help to solve the problem.

Plagiarism Effects

In such cases, students work is found to have been plagiarized, years after the attainment of the degree/ certification, the institutions can revoke it.


The developing part of this paper is more of a personal reflection on institutional Autoethnography of Tam that narrates her personal experiences with mental illness, providing an analysis of the performative aspects of OCD and [...]

Avoiding Plagiarism

What is of importance in the realm of ideas is not the ownership of the rights to a certain piece of work but the originality[6].

SFSU needs to replace JEPET

The first major reason is that JEPET is a highly generalized one-time exam and not a writing course that only tests a student's general writing proficiency.

Functions and Importance of Citations

According to Hyland, a citation facilitates the writer in describing the background to which the facts or issues of contention under discussion help to shed some light on.

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

In other instances, the local students in to adventure and having fun may easily influence international students and since they are new to the environment, they may have fun at the expense of the assignment [...]

The Importance of Academic Writing

Thus, the importance of academic writing for business communication and for working out business plans depends on such principles and purposes of academic writing as the clear and strict structure of the paper, the stress [...]

Create a headline

Finally, you have the challenge of finding a way to across to your readers that the need to act is urgent, without the artificiality noted above.