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Persuasive Writing Components

The sense of smell is also used in the description where the author states that both the dog and the rug smelt.

The Royal Spoon: Imaginative Story

Sterling was a spoon unlike any other; supposedly made from the finest silver and inlaid with gold and intricate designs from stem to head; he distinguished himself as a spoon fit only for the hands [...]

Reading and Writing Experiences

This paper is a reflection on the reading and writing experiences I have had during the course, the biggest challenges, the perceived personal performance, and ideas for improvement. To sum up, during this course, I [...]

Writing Great Research Papers

Through the use of an outline, I was able to arrange my arguments and ideas in such a way that writing a research paper became much easier.

Academic Writing Progress

In the course of my writing, I have noticed that I have evident strengths that are adequately reflected in my writing experience.

High School Alumni Foundation Start-Up Plan

The goal of the group is to set up a foundation that will contribute towards the general improvement of York High school and the community at large. Another problem that led to the failure of [...]

Paraphrasing and Quoting Special Education Articles

In this light, he stated that"the primary intent of this program evaluation was to determine how much, if any, the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education class was occurring in these eight schools".

Informal Reading Inventory as Literacy Assessment

To assess the student's ability to recognize words and determine the reading level, it is necessary to use graded word lists and graded text passages to conduct the informal reading inventory.

Retelling as a Literacy Assessment

Retelling is the effective tool to assess the students' comprehension of the text while reading with references to understanding the order of events and key points of the story.

How to Write Process Analysis Essay?

The thesis should be catchy and it should provide to audience about the main highlight of the process. It is a crucial step because it is needed to be done professionally after complete research and [...]

Literature Review in Dissertation on Organizational Design

In the provided dissertation "A Quantitative Approach To The Organizational Design Problem", the student Jes s A. The major shortcoming noticeable in this chapter is the exclusion of the historical perspectives of the problem.

Writing Experience, Opportunities, and Concerns

Journalism, on the other hand, is a form of writing that involves the investigation and search for information then publishing the findings for the sake of informing the general public.

Teacher Mentoring and Retention Study Analysis

Accordingly, the author indicates in the study that the goal of both the school and the school district was with the intention of ensuring that teachers in their first and second years of study were [...]

University-Level Essay Writing Recommendations

The statement is the whole essay wrapped up in one or two sentences to form the direction of the whole paper. The initial paragraph of the essay is an introduction and thesis statement.

Writing Academic Papers: Outline and Sources

Among the most important things I have learned about writing in this quarter, and which make makes me say confidently that I write good academic papers, is the development of the relevant and credible argument [...]

Omnibus Cover Letter Formatting Choices

In my cover letter to Omnibus, I believe that I achieved my goal, which was to communicate effectively through the cover letter and the report. It was then followed by the message of the letter, [...]

Plagiarism Among International Students: Omnibus Report

In essence, therefore, the credibility of the whole report is built upon the concise details provided in the cover letter, and which include: identifying what plagiarism constitutes in the context of the United States; providing [...]

Writing Process from Subject Study to Conclusion

The writer should decide on the theme and the type of article; whether it is informatory or explanatory. The initial schema in the writing procedure is to execute studies on the subject matter.

Automobile Racing: “Before NASCAR” Article by Hall

Understanding racing's early years in the South requires first the correction of current widespread misconceptions, among scholars and the public alike, about its origins....the emergence of automobile racing in the South between 1903 and 1927...establishes [...]

Writing Style, Its Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowledge of the kind of writer that I am is of great importance since it enables me to capitalize on the positive attributes of my writing style while minimizing the negatives.

Writing Skills Needed for Higher Education

Students should arrange the sources in alphabetical order by the surname of the author, the surnames are to be separated from the commas as well as other substitutes of the reference, the initials are to [...]

Critical Thinking and Writing Skills Reflection

I have gained so much academically from studying this writing course, and I believe that the skills and knowledge gained from Clouse and Grevstad's The Student Writer: Editor and Critic will go a long way [...]

Ethos Builder: Photo Journalist Thinking

Therefore, the heavy snowfall in the picture directly affects the lifestyle choices of the inhabitants of the area covered by the photo. The green vegetation in the background seems to validate the existence of the [...]

Writing a Research Using Rolfe Reflective Model

The Rolfe model in the literature review is as follows: When carrying out a literature review, I started with the general topic of cloud computing and then narrowed it down to the research topic.

Group Development and Dynamics in Education

To begin with, a literature review should start with an evaluation of the available books, journals, and websites that can contribute to the development of the research topic.

Group Dynamics and Research Methodology

Initially, it was perceived that developing a topic would have been easy in comparison to the main bulk of the research proposal which would involve considerable research and developing the necessary methods of data collection [...]

Writing Essay: Types, Length and Other Advice

The first step in writing a comparative essay, after the research, is to make a list of what you know about subject one. The introduction of your comparative essay has to discuss both of the [...]

Academic Writing and Skills Development

Moreover, I think that the process of determining the effective sources and facts necessary for the research to support the thesis statement is more problematic than the process of writing the main body of the [...]

Research Revising and Editing Strategies

While revising the paper for the first time, I was focused solely on the content of my paper to make sure that all ideas are supported by arguments, evidence, and facts.

Obesity Research Writing Style and Strategies

The topic of discussion was "Obesity problem in the United States," there are numerous materials on the internet addressing these issues, however, the sources have a different reputation, and the ones to be used needed [...]

Academic Writing Styles: How to Create a Good One?

Bartholomae also argues that a good writer should make use good of a "commonplace" in his/her writing. The choice of words should suggest that the writer has in-depth knowledge and understanding of what he or [...]

Professor Wangari Maathai: Life and Success

The academic attainment of her doctoral degree was also a celebrated achievement as she was the first woman in the whole of east African region to attain that award.

Early Primary Education: Writing Performance

The development of writing skills in primary students is one of the elements of primary education. The suggested intervention involved a combination of traditional tasks, games, and the use of digital devices to develop writing [...]

Plagiarism Elimination in Academic Writing

This type of plagiarism is the easiest to detect, as it involves directly copying large swaths of text from other works without alterations or citations. It is more difficult to detect than direct plagiarism and [...]

Good Writing, Its Importance and Principles

As soon as a person understands that writing is a skill that has to be identified and developed, it is necessary to assess personal skills and decide what kind of work should be done.

Argumentative Essay Writing

The second section of the essay will emphasize the importance of literature in essay writing, pointing out why research of existing literature on the topic is necessary for composing an effective argumentative essay.

Peer Feedback

The revision of the first draft of the essay based on the peer review revolved around the incorporation of the following corrections: inclusion of a proper definition of corporate social responsibility, punctuation correction, and choice [...]

What is an Essay?

The body of an essay is divided into the distinct sections in which the author explains one's arguments and explores the subject to convince a reader that the ideas presented in the thesis are true.

Student Research Ethics Form

Ethics in research promotes significant social and moral values in the process, encourages collaborative research and enables researchers to be accountable for their actions.

Plagiarism Detection, Penalties and Consequences

The most common form of plagiarism is copying information and using it as part of one's assignment or essay, without acknowledging the original source of information Sometimes, students are dumbfounded by the amount of work [...]

Writing and Spelling Progress Assessment

Alex managed to use his potential as a learner to the fullest and deploy all of his writing skills. With the introduction of appropriate memory techniques and enhancement of his critical skills, the learner is [...]

Believing Game as Critical Thinking Approach

The doubting game is considered to be an essential approach to this process. Moreover, this approach helps to evaluate the personal position and to see its possible drawbacks and weak spots.

Kenyan Teachers and Inclusion: Mixed-Method Study

The evaluation of the method of this article's research and its features will help to describe the relevance of the applied sample for the problem under consideration and to analyze the main characteristics of the [...]

Plagiarism in Graduate Students’ Applied Research

The problem addressed in this study is the methods of dealing with the issue of plagiarism in applied research papers amid graduate students, which threatens to weaken the quality of academic research.

Academic Honesty and Electronic Screening

The first example is when a learner utilizes the work of another person, or changes a few words and keeps the same structure and the same importance without acknowledging the author.

Expository Writing, Its Advantages and Disadvantages

The contrast to this kind of theme is the expository text that serves to deliver factual information in a way that is instructive and persistent. The expository text is fact-founded with the determination of revealing [...]

Writing Styles’ Differences

From this point, the sentence about traveling on weekends can be revised and rewritten while reflecting the features and aspects that are characteristic of different writing styles.

Good Academic Writing Criteria

The purpose and message of the paper is a criterion applicable to any paper, no matter the level and depth of research.

IQ and GPA of the Ninth Grade Students Correlation

Current research is aimed at the investigation of the relationship between the GPA and IQ of grade 9 students. The null hypothesis for the research is that there is no significant correlation between GPA and [...]

Plagiarism Knowledge: Assessment and Improvement

In this case, I failed in one of the questions I had answered correctly in the previous test. Nonetheless, it was also important that I managed to answer all the questions I had failed in [...]

The Dissertation Process Analysis

Therefore, the main purpose of the dissertation committee is to work closely with the candidate and make sure that the proposal and the final dissertation document is approved and ensures that the dissertation program is [...]

Understanding the Writing Process

The majority of contemporary writers are prone to using complicated structures and difficult language to make their writing more professional and advanced.

Cheating and Plagiarism in Academic Settings

Their main task is to show that the main objective of learning is to gain knowledge and skills, and that education cannot be reduced only to good grades and recognition of other people. This is [...]

Writing a Thesis: Qualitative Research

I joined such a group when I started working on my dissertation and it has helped me a lot in terms of moral support and dealing with the challenges that I encounter in the dissertation [...]

Writing: Linking Theory and Classroom Practice

To explore this, the research will dwell into the eight principles of an effective teacher in literacy skills, teacher-writing styles and the integration of writing, reading, listening, interaction, technology, and viewing skills.

Introduction with Logical Fallacies Arguments

The research conducted by Blunt was directed at the evaluation of the efficiency of a game-based approach compared to the traditional teaching for the groups of students determined by gender, age, and ethnicity.

Steps for Writing a Research Report

It is useful to participate in online discussions of the topic and list keywords to focus on the research. Ideas in body paragraphs should be supported with evidence and results of the research.

The Problem of Plagiarism

The problem of plagiarism is of great concern to many teachers who want to ensure that learners can acquire knowledge and skills.

Research Writing in Classroom Environment

Specifically, it is argued that the triteness of essay creating, which is introduced and practices through the course of school education, hinders the writing skills of the learners.

Writing Essays in English Language

Neil Claim argues that in order to address linguistics questions, one should clearly understand the subject of the assignment and the major directions. It is necessary to single out the major argument that will be [...]

The Art of Academic Writing

This article analyzes the most common writing mistakes, made by the students of geoscience, and proposes methods of improving writing strategies of students.

Aspects of Doing Research

Scholars should also place the sources at the bottom of the page. Students and researchers should be ready to complete their studies in a professional manner.

English Composition Course

In today's English composition course, the goals are to "acquire basic professional skills in writing, editing, and proofreading, to learn the fundamentals of linguistics, and to gain a thorough knowledge of literature written in English".

The Process of Revision

During the process of revision, it is very important to take time to re-read the paper and make sure the writing is smooth, logical, and all the points are clear to the potential audience.

Peer Reviews Cycle and Its Stages

The article will be approved if it contains an original idea and is creative; the ideas of the article have to be put clearly for future readers.

Helping Chinese Students Avoid Plagiarism

As such, a lot of explanation is needed to convince Chinese students to accept and appreciate the requirement for referencing the sources used in order to avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism Definition and Explaining

The aim of the report is to provide a working definition of plagiarism and explain the problem of plagiarism as faced by international students when studying in the U.S.

Plagiarism Problem in Higher Education

There is an immense devaluation of the learning encounter of the learners and the quality of the graduates. The consciousness of plagiarism is essential in deciphering if an imitative behavior is deliberate.

Plagiarism Effects and Strategies

The failure to recognize the contributions of other scholars in one's work is generally referred to as plagiarism. Also, the paper recommends strategies that may be adopted by educators and learners to address the problem [...]

Plagiarism Problem in Writing

This is actually because the author of the original material is not able to enjoy the advantages of the good work that he or she has produced.

Components of a Formal Report

Cover or Title page: The cover page is the first front matter of a formal report document and it has the name of the report, receiver's name, title and organization, team name and team members, [...]


A concept research paper can be said to have two versions; one version is where a concept paper is presented before the actual research project takes place, and another version is where a concept paper [...]

Invention in Writing

It refers to the creation of new ideas in relation to the question given or the use of old ideas to come up with new ideas in writing.

Use of Details to Fuel Mission

Use of details also makes essays appealing to the reader and is a way of motivating the reader to continue reading the essay.

Essays and Stories

Essays must have a theme of discussion, and it is organized in paragraphs describing flow of ideas. A story and an essay are similar in that they are written in some order.

Plagiarism Problem

At the end of the quotation, credit to the source should be given either in the form of in-text citation or in a footnote.

A Concept of Context of Research

Also, the context will include the originality of approach and the future aspects of research that cannot be incorporated in the current research.

Plagiarism: For and Against

Therefore, the argument against plagiarism is based on the loss of the perpetrator in terms of the shame of the act and the loss of the original author.

“Taking Carbon Down” by Caroline Goldman

The topic of an essay should provide an idea of the content of the essay. The essay provides a concrete explanation of how krill sequestrate carbon by ingesting phytoplankton.

Writing: 14 Tuesdays With Lionel Messi

If one will take a look at his success in the present time it is hard to believe that at one point his life was about to end in terrible defeat because of a medical [...]

Californian Culture and History

It was really interesting to analyze the songs as I felt I was a decoder who revealed the secrets of the society.

Education: Teaching of Writing

The benefit a freshman extracts from a writing class depends to some degree on what they bring to the class. They want to have the resources and institutional support to accomplish what they know how [...]

Purpose in Academic and Business Writing

The major difference between Academic Writing and Business Writing is the purpose for writing; the purpose of any writing defines its nature and structure.
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