Pedagogical Approaches Essay Examples and Topics

Teaching in Middle Schools

In the recent past, teaching in middle schools has been a complex undertaking. Numerous innovations have emerged due to remarkable restructuring that has taken place in the education sector. One of the most important innovations in the sector is integrated curriculum. Teachers in middle schools can decide either to adopt single-subject curriculum, in which they […]

What Comes First, Topic or Pedagogy?

Introduction A teacher determines the strategies to apply when teaching a topic. Probably, the teacher could decide to develop a strategy in which the students determine the topic they will study. Basing on this critique, it could be deduced that pedagogy comes first. It is crucial to point out that establishing instruction strategies arm student […]

The Influence of Teaching Experience on Student Dropout

Introduction Schooling institutions are regarded as the primary grounds to certify and empower human development (Kohn, 2011). The teachers have the responsibility of certifying, socializing educating and empowering the learners (Lovitt, 1991). However, the teacher can only archive these obligations if s/he is supported by creation of a good learning environment. Furthermore, the teacher is […]

Teaching Course about Excretion in Animals

Introduction Organized teaching strategies are featured by credible learning tools to facilitate effective perception. We can attribute the attainment of knowledge to proper instructional design. One key and fundamental component of these designs involves the establishment of a course outline. Consequently, this project targets on establishing an effective outline to guide the teaching of a […]

Pedagogy in Cultural Communication

Language is the medium through which people use for communication in a bid create understanding. Different people have different languages they use to communicate with one another. However, cultural differences may hinder effective communication. This paper relies on Hofstede and Hofstede’s cultural dimensions while using three decisive scenarios to explain the various misunderstandings that are […]

Development of a Systematic Perspective on School Based Management Policy and Implementation

Introduction The research paper is a critical examination of the concept of school-based management. It is no doubt that public schools have in the recent past rethought and redesigned the manner with which they opt to operate effectively and efficiently via the process of restructuring or systematic reforms (Fiske, 1995). To show that the matter […]

Adaptive Hardware and Assistive Technology

There are many students in the US with different forms of disability. The presence of such learners in any learning environment shows the need for educators and other stakeholders to accommodate diverse requirements of such students through adaptive hardware and assistive technology in the classroom. Previous studies have established that the best approach for the […]

How to Motivate Students to Learn

Introduction It is not quite strange to see many schoolchildren and students eager to learn. However, many of these learners require or anticipate their teachers to hearten, challenge, and stimulate them to learn. In the contemporary learning environments, many distracters prevent the learners from effective learning both inside and outside classroom. Thus, the ability of […]

The Role of Visuals in Professional, Popular, and Pedagogic Science

Introduction Background Information Visuals play an important role in science. Their use in this field can be traced back to the works of early scientists. The scholars emphasised on the importance of visual thinking (Martin & Veel, 2000). One of the best examples of a discovery arising from the use of visuals includes that of […]

Second Language Learning

Introduction The process of designing language-learning programs requires the participation of different individuals. Designing language-learning programs also requires the input of individuals involved in policy formulation. An example of a subject is the teaching of English as a second language. English is taught as a second language to individuals who immigrate into areas where this […]

Power and Agency in the Classroom

Summary The article, ‘Betwixt Safety and Shielding in The Academy: Confronting Institutional Gendered Racism’ by Cobb-Roberts presents an experience of cultural diversity of one African-American lecturer who teaches in a white student-dominated institution. According to Cobb-Roberts (2012), the story is about a white student who complains of disapproval with the way the lecturer and his […]

Peer Assessment as a Teaching Strategy

The scene for the study to unwrap in The study in question, i.e., the analysis of the efficacy of peer assessment on the performance of low-ability 7th grade students as the latter develop the reading skills required for a Shakespeare class, is going to occur within a specific setting. The performance of low-ability high school […]

Autism Effect on Children

Introduction Autism is a neurodevelopment condition that lowers several mental capabilities of individuals. Children suffering from autism have reduced social interaction skills and become slow learners. Numerous cases of autism are reported all over the world, but people living with autism have become integrated well into the society due to the scientific advancements in medicine. […]

“Creating Classroom Community Network for Student” by Korinek, Walther-Thomas, McLaghlin, Williams

Abstract The chosen article is aimed at showing why classroom communities are important for the wellbeing of the child. Moreover, the authors describe the strategies for creating them. Furthermore, the researchers identify the elements of the support network which is necessary for creating a more inclusive environment in the modern schools. Descriptors and the key […]

Peer Assessment as a Teacher’s Motivating Strategy

Re-orientation Addressing the reading issues that low ability students face in an English class is an essential step towards increasing the academic potential of these students. In order to study the ways for improving the students’ progress, it is appropriate to propose the intervention based on implementation of the peer assessment into a teaching strategy. […]

Is Montessori Math a Pathway for Academically Gifted Students to Advance in Mathematics?

Introduction Gifted education has significantly improved learning not only in highly able students, but also in regular students. In the last few years, several modern teaching methods have been developed and used in classrooms. Teaching methods such as project work, providing meaningful choices for students, self-directed learning, literature-based reading, and problem-based curriculum were developed to […]

When an Individual Approach Must Be Undertaken

Teaching is one of those spheres where it is comparatively hard to come up with innovative approaches – with the existing variety of learning theories and strategies, inventing a brand new concept is quite complicated. However, with the rapid pace of technical progress and the appearance of computers and Internet, the existing teaching theories have […]

Pedagogy Expertise in Education

Teaching is the ability to influence and motivate students to act and think in a positive manner. The influence should be substantial and sustainable in order to make the desired impact on the life of students. Students should also be able to learn deeply from the attributes of their teachers. A teacher should always show […]

Quality Teaching

Abstract Educational institutes in New South Wales have embarked on a quest to make gradual improvements since the adoption of the Quality Teaching model. While this progress has been markedly slow because of the many changes required for each institute to achieve effective results, it has been consistent. Even so, schools and other institutions of […]

Types of Teaching and Complications

Types of Teaching There are several types of teaching that instructors can use to instill knowledge into their students. Types of teaching refer to the roles that instructors play in the classroom in the presence of the learners. The duty of a teacher does not only include direct instruction, assessments, and evaluation of students, but […]

College Teaching Survival Guide

Addressing Adult Learning Styles Persons learn the material using different approaches or learning styles because of preferring various techniques to understand and remember the information. To satisfy the learning needs of all the students in the classroom, teachers should refer to different learning styles while developing their instructional strategies and techniques. Adult learners can be […]

Teaching Arabian Students English with the book “Flying High for S.A Student Book”

Introduction Background of the Study English is fast becoming an international language and the Middle East is embracing its usage in various activities. This means that it has gained popularity and learning institutions continue to diversify their curriculums by introducing this language in their programmes. Saudi Arabian students are embracing the need to pursue higher […]

Teaching philosophy and the use of technology

Introduction In most educational institutions, teacher should use technology to facilitate learning. They should also act as change agents to enhance adoption of technology in teaching. However, the use of technology by teachers in teaching has been surprisingly low in all over the world (Teo, 2009). Therefore, it is necessary for researchers to determine factors […]

The Use of L1 in English Classes in Saudi Arabia: Teachers’ Support or a Learning Hindrance?

Abstract The usage of the first language in the English classes is the controversial question in education. The effectiveness of using Arabic in the English classroom with references to the participants’ attitudes to the process is the focus of the research. Thus, the paper aims to present the evidence in relation to students and teachers’ […]

Ethics of Testing Teacher Preparedness

The research proposal on Ethics of Testing Teacher Preparedness is a very well designed research question that is bound to provide true observations and therefore generate reliable data. This research proposal applies a research study design that is referred as single blinding which prevents the two most common types of research studies biases; unconscious and […]

Scaffolding for ESL Learning: Literature Circles as the Ultimate Method of Teaching Reading in Second Language

Teaching Reading in Second Language Learning a foreign language is never easy. Because of phonetic, lexical and structural differences between the foreign language and the native tongue, the process of mastering the former becomes incredibly complicated. When it comes to studying English as a second language, the learning process can turn out rather slow. However, […]

Why do secondary school teachers in Saudi Arabia predominantly use more traditional approaches to teaching English?

Introduction English language is widely used for communication purposes worldwide. For instance, English language is used as a medium of exchange in global activities as well as in many international learning institutions. English language is commonly used for communication in the international trade, computing, diplomacy, tourism and aviation (Hughes, 1989). With the increased adoption of […]

Differentiating Students’ Learning Profile

Introduction Differentiated teaching or instruction predominantly centres on the student, through matching the individual characteristic needs to teaching instruction and assessment. This method brings on board the entire students irrespective of individual’s emotional orientation or ability because the performance depend on entry points, work covered, and teacher’s end expectation from the student (outcomes). In order […]

Analysis of the ideas of Dana and Yendol-Hoppey

Analyzing the ideas of Dana and Yendol-Hoppey, I found that the authors are focused on the process of conducting the classroom research. The authors describe the current trends into education. Thus, they provide the stories of schools and the teachers methods of increasing of the results. For Dana and Yendol-Hoppey, the teachers are the generators […]

Communicative Approach Verses Grammar Translation

Teaching is a significant element of any academic process, since it plays a vital role of passing information from one individual to another. However, in order to ensure that the learning process is effective, it is essential for teachers to understand various teaching methodologies and their perfect application. Some of the teaching methodologies that should […]

Andragogy Reflection

Introduction Andragogy has gained a lot of relevance in the last two centuries. Traditionally, education was perceived as a general process of imparting knowledge to student irrespective of their ages. Later, researcher came to realize that adult education had some differences from that of children. An adult who is undertaking education would be motivated by […]

Instruction Teaching Models

Abstract The ability of schools to meet and support students’ needs is important as it helps in preventing consequences related to dissatisfaction of students with the schools. To meet and support the student needs, schools must adopt a learning model that will be friendly to students that will enhance on practical and interactive learning and […]

Task-based Language Teaching Applied in Elementary Classroom from Grade 1 to 3

Overview of a framework for task-based teaching 3 Specialists and policy makers in the area of American education have developed a framework for the task-based teaching recognized in section 1 above. In fact, such a sophisticated teaching method cannot achieve its targeted goals without the involvement of specific guidelines specifically established for the teachers. In […]

Discussion Procedures of Questions in Teaching

Teachers who use questions efficiently can confirm to the fact that students become more interested and keenly involved with learning when they feel free to express their thinking skills and when they can question, examine, and argue about different aspects of the topic within reach. In line with this, questioning is an important part of […]

Task-based Language Teaching Applied in Elementary Classroom from Grade 1 to three

Overview of a framework for task-based teaching three Specialists and policy makers in American education have developed a framework for task-based teaching recognized in section 1 above. In fact, such a sophisticated teaching method cannot achieve its targeted goals without an involvement of specific guidelines, specifically established for the teachers. In this section, a framework […]

Activities for Students’ Effective Preparing for Tests

Tests are usually developed to measure the level of students’ knowing the definite facts and concepts on a topic. Thus, tests are oriented to measuring the students’ knowledge of the concrete information and connections between the facts, concepts and their definitions (Slavin, 2009). To help students to prepare for a test, it is important to […]

Contextual Factors Regarding the Classroom and Students

The atmosphere in the classroom and particular features of the necessary instructional planning and assessment significantly depend on contextual factors which are aspects of the community and district’s development, features of the concrete school, and students’ characteristics. To analyze how contextual factors can influence the teacher’s approach to realizing instructional planning and assessment, it is […]

Analysis of “If you assign my book don’t censor it”

Mark Mathabane successfully persuades readers about the importance of leaving his book uncensored through use of strong words, great organizational structure and reasonability of his arguments. Mathabane wrote this article at a time when teachers in certain schools had assigned the book to their students but chose to censor a crucial scene in the essay […]