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Pedagogical Approaches Essay Examples and Topics

Discipline and Managing Behavior in the Classroom

Attainment of discipline and acceptable behavior within a child is important; hence, the purpose of this paper, which is to give insight into the strategies that educators can adapt to discipline and guide behavior during [...]

Teacher Subjectivity Influence on Education

The opinion of the author is also supported by his identity of a botanist; so, the readers believe the ideas introduced in the article because his evidence are strong and grounded while his specialization serves [...]

Pedagogical Principles and Practices

The essay will explore the principles and practices of pedagogy with reference to the various theories that teachers should adopt as presented in the contemporary times.

Four Management Functions in Teaching

Unless the management process had been split into the four key stages, i.e, planning, organizing, leading and controlling, I would not have been able to either come up with an efficient teaching strategy, or a [...]

Teaching in Middle Schools

Teachers in middle schools can decide either to adopt single-subject curriculum, in which they emphasize one curriculum or an integrated curriculum, in which they focus on connections and relationships among curricular areas.

Adaptive Hardware and Assistive Technology

The presence of such learners in any learning environment shows the need for educators and other stakeholders to accommodate diverse requirements of such students through adaptive hardware and assistive technology in the classroom.

How to Motivate Students to Learn

Thus, the ability of schoolchildren and students to learn effectively depends on the teacher's capability to preserve the enthusiasm, which brought learners to their learning environment. Thus, the motivation of students to learn largely depends [...]

Second Language Learning

The learners in the proposal are new to the English language compared to the syllabus-based learners who have had a level of exposure to the language.

Power and Agency in the Classroom

Strengths and weaknesses The strength of power and agency in classroom in this story is portrayed by the way this white student is able to prompt the lecturer to change the policy of students' response [...]

Peer Assessment as a Teaching Strategy

It is expected that the integration of peer assessment techniques will contribute to the overall attainment to the existing standards and the improvement of the overall performance of the students.

Autism Effect on Children

It is crucial to understand the behavior of children with autism in the school set up in order to understand how autism affects children and their social interactions. It is up to the teacher to [...]

When an Individual Approach Must Be Undertaken

Because of the lack of live communication between the students and the teacher and among the students, online learning can fall flat as a means to teach the students the basic group interaction skills and [...]

Quality Teaching

Education is a fundamental requirement for the development and ultimate advancement of the community and educators and policy makers are constantly looking for educational structure and practices that will increase the effectiveness of the education [...]

Types of Teaching and Complications

Types of teaching refer to the roles that instructors play in the classroom in the presence of the learners. The main disadvantages of the method are that it consumes a lot of time and may [...]

College Teaching Survival Guide

The teacher's task is to determine the range of materials and information which should be covered in the course according to objectives and to select the most appropriate textbook which contents and format is appropriate [...]

Teaching philosophy and the use of technology

Teachers have diverse abilities on the use technology and application of technology in teaching. In some instances, teachers had conflicting beliefs about the use of technology in teaching and learning.

Ethics of Testing Teacher Preparedness

Needless to say, the importance of eliminating all types of bias in any research study is one of the foremost priorities to any researcher; as such the importance to blind the subjects in some forms [...]

Andragogy Reflection

A learner should also be in a position to understand the concepts of andragogy in order to appreciate the importance of the learning process.

Instruction Teaching Models

To enhance that the students have contextualized the knowledge, the textbooks should be complemented at times with pictures, films and other forms of realities that expose the students to the uses of the knowledge and [...]

Discussion Procedures of Questions in Teaching

According to Jackie Acree Walsh, and Beth Dankert Sattes, teachers could use questions for the following purposes, all of which are relevant to direct instruction: To increase interest and motivate students to become aggressively involved; [...]

Contextual Factors Regarding the Classroom and Students

The atmosphere in the classroom and particular features of the necessary instructional planning and assessment significantly depend on contextual factors which are aspects of the community and district's development, features of the concrete school, and [...]