Philosophy of Education Essay, Research Paper Examples

Teaching philosophy and the use of technology

Introduction In most educational institutions, teacher should use technology to facilitate learning. They should also act as change agents to enhance adoption of technology in teaching. However, the use of technology by teachers in teaching has been surprisingly low in all over the world (Teo, 2009). Therefore, it is necessary for researchers to determine factors […]

Philosophy of education

The concept of education is categorized as the most dignified and crucial human undertaking. This is because all the extra goings-on have been built on education. The importance of education can be clarified by the fact that in the eventuality of eternity, it will still go on. Education helps people to attain their utmost potentials […]

Thoughts on Educational Philosophy

Introduction Philosophy of education is an academic field that is involved with the application of philosophies in order to define as well as explain goals and meaning of education (Noddings, 1995). It is imperative to note that education has its own challenges, goals and related theories. In this case, philosophy of education involves the study […]

The Role of Globalization in Education and Knowledge

Overview and Introduction Papastephanou’s article “Globalisation, globalism and cosmopolitanism as an educational ideal” published in 2005 is the center for discussion in this paper. The article is focused on the problem of the failure to distinguish between the notions globalization, globalism and cosmopolitanism that leads to the failure to consider the place of the current […]

Creating a Theoretical Framework for the Teacher’s Philosophy of Education

The philosophical doctrines have always had a significant impact on educators’ views of their mission and the methods for achieving their goals. The debates concerning the primary purpose and content of education programs resulted in emergence of diverse educational philosophies. The blend of various historical educational philosophies and the compromise between the teacher-centered and student-centered […]