Education Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Ethical Issues in Supervision of Postgraduate Research Students

Introduction High quality postgraduate education is integral to the creation of an even more highly skilled workforce that will enable the country to maintain its competitive edge in an increasingly competitive world. Research is the cornerstone of most postgraduate studies and the supervisory relationship between the doctoral student and supervisor is crucial to the success […]

Retention in Schools

Retention is the process of holding back students in their previous grade especially those who have failed to meet the set requirement of the institution they are learning in. The students are normally forced to do the same grade again: that which they had covered the year before (Shepard & Smith 2009). There are however […]

Memorandum on Proposal to Conduct Research on: The Introduction of MOOCS at UMUC

Introduction UMUC online component for distance learning continues to make progress in the modern circumstances, where virtual classrooms dominate the preferred modes of study. To this end, the Directorate of Online Teaching Projects recommends progression into the next phase to complete research on the introduction of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at UMUC. This memo […]

Nature of Bullying

Introduction Over the recent times, cases of bullying have reportedly increased across the world. In my hometown, Orlando, Florida, the situation is not different. An escalated number of kids have been able to come out reporting variant cases of bullying in school and home as well. It is therefore vital that such cases of bullying […]

Negotiation: School Boundaries Proposal

Introduction The Miami School District has announced that it will redraw its school boundaries due to unexpected increments in enrollment. As a result, parents have raised their concerns on several matters. This is a plan to address stakeholder’s concerns with the aim of identifying stakeholders, developing a negotiation strategy, and determining how ethics and culture […]

Solutions to Instruction Problems

Learning and teaching are believed to be two sides of the same coin; the best accepted standard for gauging effective teaching is the extent of student learning that takes place. Most literatures on how to teach effectively are packed with thoroughly researched approaches through which teachers can offer both skills and content to ensure efficient […]

Why Kuwaiti Youth are Reluctant About Using Public Libraries

Introduction The Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Kuwait accurately notes that the reading culture has declined in Kuwait. In past centuries, Middle Easterners dominated the world owing to their knowledge –seeking culture. However, this is no longer true; few Kuwaitis have cultivated a reading culture, let alone young people. Several issues could have led to […]

Students with Language Problems

Abstract Language disorders that are often referred to as speech disorders interfere with an individual’s ability to speak. Quite often, the conditions are more prevalent to males than females. In addition, there are numerous disorders and each has its own distinct symptoms. The most notable symptoms include prolongation, repetition and blockage of sounds or words. […]

Solutions for Students to Reduce Stress in University Life

Introduction Stress encompasses an integral part of everyday life, especially for university students, due to the increased economic advantages of acquiring a university degree in the modern economy (Wheeler 2). It is manifested in different forms that culminate into the altering of the normal functionality of a university student. The five common causes of stress […]

School Bullying: Methods for Managing the Problem

School bullying is a widespread problem that needs to be addressed by parents and teachers. The short-term and long-term consequences of being a victim of bullying or a bully are usually underestimated. Numerous studies consider adjustment difficulty one of the major implications of experiencing bullying. It affects all spheres of life of the students and […]

The Conflict between Boston Charter Schools and School Districts

Introduction: Where the Conflict Begins Charter schools have been an integral part of an education system in a range of states for quite a while. However, with the evolution of pedagogy, the development of new learning theories and teaching approaches, the necessity for teachers to adopt new approaches has emerged. As a result, charter schools […]

Working with Disabled Students

Issues Faced by Students whose Parents are in Jail Parents and guardians should support their students in order to achieve their academic goals. Every disabled child should also get the best attention and care from his or her parents. Students whose parents have been imprisoned will encounter numerous economic strains. This situation makes it impossible […]

Study Abroad Issues

Over the past few years, the number of students willing to receive education abroad has grown impressively (Lee, 2011), mostly because of the globalization process and the options that it opens in terms of high quality education perspectives (Foster 178). However, because of the lack of information, which the companies providing studying abroad provide to […]

Audience Analysis: US / Stafford

View of the Audience on the Written Profile Stafford is an appropriate county for living and doing business. According to Chamber of Commerce, Stafford is a community with diverse business environment (Virginia, 2013). It is necessary to note that the profile provides extensive information on major spheres of people’s life. It is mentioned that the […]

Impact of Drug Abuse on Adolescent Development

Introduction Many counselors face challenges while addressing issues related to adolescents’ development processes. This makes it difficult for them to provide counseling services to young people effectively. Moreover, most adolescents experience rapid brain and body development (Copans, Kinney, & Estroff, 2001). Therefore, the goal of this paper is to analyze the factors that influence the […]

Overrepresentation of Minorities and English Language Learners in Special Education

Introduction The amendments made to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act led to the emergence of a new crisis in most American schools. Currently, most American schools suffer from an unbalanced representation of learners from linguistically and racially different settings in special education programs. Overrepresentation of minorities and English language learners in special education is […]

Webb-Johnson Article

The study identified positive behaviour and measures of combating emotional behaviour in African-American Students. The study assessed the activities of African-American students, mechanisms of learning, and the propensity to acquire knowledge (Johnson, 2002). The benefits of the study should be integrated in learning institutions to inform teachers on skills of African-American students. To gain knowledge […]

Overcoming the Tyranny of Segregated Minds in Desegregated Schools

Young, Triumphant, and Black: Overcoming the Tyranny of Segregated Minds in Desegregated Schools Grantham, Scott & Harmon are the authors of “Young, Triumphant, and Black: Overcoming the Tyranny of Segregated Minds in Desegregated Schools”. They have achieved a lot in life, particularly in matters concerning education. For instance, Grantham is an associate professor in the […]

Hearing and Hearing Impairment Auditory Verbal Therapy and Auslan

Introduction It has been suggested that victims with complications related to hearing can feel unhappy with their situations because some are neglected, and discriminated by the public, who refrain from associating with them. Significant adaptations should be made to provide access and equity to all children, including those with disabilities such as hearing impairment. There […]

Screening and Evaluation of a Child Believed To Have Special Needs

Special needs education refers to the equipment of physically or mentally handicapped students with the necessary skills and knowledge. The education provided to the handicapped students is aimed at making them self-dependent and active like their able colleagues. The handicapped children’s curriculum is designed with respect to the pupil’s disabilities and should be accompanied by […]

What is the Impact of Disability on Children’s Experiences at School?

Abstract The common characteristics of children having Down syndrome are their intellectual disability. All children born with this condition will experience some delays in their development and later some learning disabilities. The disorder is the most widespread chromosomal defect and is the source of brain disability in young children. In fact, young children with this […]

Survey Design & Questionnaire Development

As part of its annual quality improvement initiative aimed at establishing strengths and identifying areas of improvement, Penn State Harrisburg is interested in assessing if students are satisfied with their educational experiences in the MPA program. Specifically, the university is interested in finding out if there are differences in levels of satisfaction with educational experiences […]

Community Education Forum on Drug Use Among Teenagers

By this time, youths who finish high school training in our community are ecstatic about their achievements and successes. Parents are motivated by the prospect of their children joining college. However, sometimes the youths begin indulging in other unwelcome behaviors. Students begin to consume alcohol and abuse other drugs. Researchers attribute the trend to excessive […]

High School Bullying

Introduction High school bullying manifests in more ways than one. It may be perpetrated through emotional, verbal, or physical abuse. Basically, those who bully their fellow students exert some level of subtle coercion on their subjects and do it repeatedly such that they dominate their subjects in a social or physical manner (Levinson, 2002, p. […]

Verbal Dyspraxia

Verbal dyspraxia is a developmental problem in children when they experience problems with speech. One characteristic problem of children with this developmental disability is that they are unable to speak without thinking in between words. It is important to note that this problem does not arise because of the physiological problems, such as malfunctioning of […]

Positive Behavioral Supports

Introduction Education 50 years ago was not what it is like today. Schools today are confronted with a vast amount of issues. Within those issues are student achievement, school violence, lack of parental support, and behavioral concerns within the school community and in the classrooms. Bowen (n.d.) found that various studies have shown that students […]

Literature review: The graduation and unemployment difficulties of adolescents with learning and behaviour disabilities

Introduction Among the significant percentage of people in the world suffering from various disabilities are adolescents in secondary schools, post-secondary institutions and colleges as well as those in employment. Two of the major disabilities affecting students are: learning disability and behaviour disability. Grenwelge, Zhang and Landmark (2010), defines leaning disability as inability of one of […]

Social justice and the black – white achievement gap

Introduction In Ohio alone, more than ten thousand of the students were not attaining the state’s academic standards. Findings indicated that a large number of children were completing schools before they could meet workplace demands or even those of postsecondary education. Mostly affected were children who come from the low-income communities, students from Hispanic and […]

Classroom Behavior

Issues related to classroom behavior encourage a kindergarten teacher to explore factors that cause misconduct as well as techniques that can be utilized in handling such behaviors. Furthermore, the teacher seeks to identify some techniques for solving these problems before they escalate to something complex. Educational scholars note that instructors are not well prepared to […]

Class Tardiness

Abstract Class tardiness has remained a perpetual problem throughout the history of learning. Although much literature has been expended over issues of indiscipline within the school system, very little has centered on tardiness mainly evolving around absenteeism, drugs, gang links, gun control and violence. This study therefore attempts to extend research on class tardiness by […]

Gender parity in higher education

Introduction This paper reflects on the issue of gender parity in higher education. The paper outlines three major hindrances to achieving gender equity in access to higher education. The three factors mentioned in the paper include; the rights and choices for women education, gender parity in leadership and employment in senior positions. The paper looks […]

School Issues

Introduction Schools around the world experience a wide range of issues which have significant impact in the manner in which schools are run and the overall performance of both students and teachers. How a school integrates approaches to deal with such issues in their teaching curriculum determines their impact in school management. While these issues […]

The Problem of Reading of Children with Learning Disabilities

A learning disability is a rather popular problem of the children that causes trouble in the process of education and using certain skills. Problem Statement Some children have impaired learning ability. There is no precise definition of learning disability except for the fact that it is characterized by a decrease in school performance and lag […]

The Problems of Children with Disabilities and Possible Ways of Solution

Problem Statement Nowadays, the main problem of each state’s assessment program is to find the ways for disabled students to get appropriate knowledge and be able to show high scores. It is important to clarify the factors that make the assessment easier and to provide necessary facilities for those who have various types of disabilities […]

Comprehensive Art Education

The knowledge of the efficacy of art education is important for school tutors and their faculty who desire to have the best teaching methods. Additionally, parents are interested in having their kids go through the education system and graduate being well armed with skills to help them cope with the ever changing world and discourage […]

The Causes of Students’ Misbehavior and Ways of Managing It

Introduction Students’ misbehavior usually has a disruptive impact on learning and teaching activities in the classroom. It can take various forms, for example, talking to others without permission or even bullying. Yet, in each case, educators have to find ways of resolving these problems. This paper is aimed at discussing the causes of this misbehavior […]