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Education in the Latino Community

Primarily, the parents lack the knowledge of the US education system, and their background of poor and incomplete schooling causes a lack of advocacy on behalf of the children.
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Humanities Terminologies

One way this art has been changed is through the copying of masterpieces of the past and using current technology that involves the use of computers.
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Problems of Modern Education

Students should analyze the events of the past and what consequences they have caused in a real life. Education should aim at the preparing students for a real life, to create competent members of society [...]
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Bodies in Physical Education

The purpose of this study is to investigate how students view the construction of their bodies in relation to physical education and how students' meanings of their bodies affect their participation or resistance to physical [...]
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Norm and Criterion Referencing

Unlike the norm-referenced tests, the performance of the learner in the criterion-referenced group is not compared to that of other learners at the same level.
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Professional Learning Communities: Schools of Thought

The overall outcome of the analysis will be used as the proper meaning and purpose of professional learning communities. According to them, professional learning communities comprise a group of individuals who possess the same career [...]
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Envy of Students: Educational Problem

From this statement, I believe that students who are less advantaged compared to their rival students will tend to be jealous of their counterparts, both from the resources they have, to their unique capabilities to [...]
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School Attendance Issues

What the writer fails to understand is that the law is a deterrent and this reduces instances of absconding school, what should be done is to enforce these laws to ensure maximum compliance; still, it [...]
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Competing Interests in Public Policy

The opponents to Obama's Administration Department of Education are the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers who criticize the President's proposal for its inconsistency and limitation of teachers' rights.
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Art Education Principles Analysis

These earnest and conscientious activities point to a broad spectrum of social awareness of and devotion to the task of art in elementary and higher education.
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Aboriginal Policy Initiatives at School

Involving indigenous teachers and teacher aides in the school proceedings is important as they have a better understanding of the children and the community at large. The challenge lies in deciding whether the culture of [...]
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Canadian Legal Issues in Education

Students have been denied their freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the right to study in subjects of their choice, and the right to take part in structuring school guidelines.
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Establishing Daycare in Colleges

The purpose of this paper is to propose the need to establish a daycare in the colleges which would go a long way in helping the parents and improving the quality of their work Parenting [...]
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“Courage to Teach” by Palmer

The relationship between the teacher and the student is a very important element of the teaching process according to the author, meaning that the human condition must be considered in the process of teaching.
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University Education

The education type was a response to the ever-escalating function of government and the democratization of many communities. The unwritten contract between the institutions and the government specifies the role of universities in contributing to [...]
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Past, Present, and Future Personal Education Review

This was because the nature of academic life in college was so different with that of high school that I had to make both personal and professional adjustments to succeed and enjoy my life in [...]
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How Stress Affects Learning in Middle School

In summing up this paper, it is worth noting that stress among middle school students can adversely affect learning mainly due to withdrawal from the much demanding academic work coupled with the changing physical and [...]
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Sense-Making and Taking Action in Ashland University

The success of the program to the university has made the international students increase by 100% and the problem that faces the study is currently having effective teaching staff to enable the program to run [...]
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If You’ve Got a Trade, You’ve Got It Made

This leads to the country in question having a huge number of college graduates who do not have any employable skills and thus the country is faced with a shortage in skilled labor.
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Higher Education and the Economically-disadvantaged

Before the economic travails triggered by trans-Atlantic speculation in second-class securities, the higher education sector in the UK was generally sound and in fact, flush with funds from the preceding period of economic prosperity.
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Brain Drain in Iran: An Education Aspect

The impacts of brain drain are far reaching both to the economy and to the social welfare of the country. Due to deteriorating conditions brought forth by violence and political instability in the country, many [...]
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Gillean McCluskey’s “Exclusion from School” Critique

The main goal of McCluskey's study was to define whether educators' attitude towards the practice of disciplinary exclusion, as the ultimate tool of enforcing educational discipline, matches that of students, because it is namely the [...]
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Concept Problem of School Counseling

What is the role of the professional school counselor in your school? The role of school's professional counselors is to indulge in sophistically sounding but utterly meaningless rhetoric, in regards to the sheer importance of [...]
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Academic Freedom

Also known as intellectual, scientific or individual freedom, academic freedom is defined as the freedom of professionals and students to question and to propose new thoughts and unpopular suggestions to the government without jeopardizing their [...]
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Educational Standards in California

These include the mathematics contents standards, the professional teaching standards and the laws and regulations that are pertinent in the process of transferring knowledge and skills through the system.
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Higher Education in India and its Issues

This research was a comparative study between the education system of the United States and that one of India in order to determine some of the occurring differences and establish the recommendations to be adopted [...]
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  • Words: 951

Feasibility Analysis in Educational Process

It is necessary to start a training program, covering all levels of technology; this program would be mandatory for all instructors. It should be borne in mind that instructors do not have to use all [...]
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School Vouchers in States

The issue of introducing the voucher system in the sphere of public education of the United States has been attracting the attention of researchers since the early 1990s by its controversy.
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The Modern Education System Analysis

He wants his students to "measure themselves against what they have read"; this is undoubtedly the true definition of education and knowledge.
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Higher Education Subsidies

The present situation in the Department of Education suggests that the sum of $ 30 billion is spent by the state on subsidies for higher education, private educational establishments included.
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K-12 Education: Term Definition

Despite the introduction of the reforms into the K-12 education in Florida that considerably advanced the academic standard, the reforms are crucial for the whole California due to its diverse population and the growing requirements [...]
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Schools of the Future in America

This paper is going to discuss the current education situation in the United States and recommendations to be suggested on the trend this system should embrace so as to address the changes that are bound [...]
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Environmental Factors Affecting Well-Being of Students

Such factors as discrimination by the other students, having to undertake a new syllabus as well as the general newness of the learning environment and the psychological imbalance that comes with it are greatly attributed [...]
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Legal Issues Related to Education

These immigrants' students who are not properly documented have limited prospects in completing their education as they are viewed as displaced thus not legible for aid of federal finance and tuition which is in-state and [...]
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  • Words: 1467

How to Become a Critical Thinker: Discussion

Critical thinking is not low order thinking which basically involves processing of information that enables one to know where to cross the road, when to go to bed and or go for lunch but a [...]
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  • Words: 3058

Should Colleges Adopt and Enforce Speech Codes?

First of all, public colleges and universities should not practice speech codes, as they are expected to embrace the freedom of speech and diversity of attitudes and expressions as a value inherent to and endorsed [...]
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  • Words: 897

The Impact of Globalization on Education

In general, the study outlines the role of the parent's in shaping the language of choice and accordingly the careers of their children, which points to the importance of their education as a factor that [...]
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  • Words: 505

Why Do Many Students Drop Out of School?

In this paper, the problem of dropping out from school is discussed in detail that students drop out of the schools because of absenteeism, lack of attention, etc.
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  • Words: 824

School Administration Sensitive Situations

He/she will still be fired with the main reason being that the students are aware of the pictures and it would be hard for the teacher to handle the shame and manage the class as [...]
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  • Words: 597

Suicides in Colleges Problem

To study the regulation of law on suicide and cases of aiding the suicide of another person. To determine the philosophical implications of suicide and the religious dimensions to suicide.
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Social Networking as a Problem in Education Process

Some of the teachers state in their syllabuses that "use of sell phones, laptops, Ipods, or any other electronic gadgets is simply not allowed in class," but the students still manage to use them communicating [...]
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  • Words: 668

College Admissions Issues

If one is suited to the requirements that a particular college is asking for and likes the college and what it offers, then he or she should go ahead and apply.
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  • Words: 1197

Discipline Implementation at School

The offered examples should be punished as school is the place where children are taught and they should be given the examples of behavior.
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  • Words: 582

Extinction of Music Education

Plato quoted: "The decisive importance of education in poetry and music: rhythm and harmony sink deep into the recesses of the soul and take the strongest hold there.
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  • Words: 4249

CTA Trains Issue and Ways of Its Solution

The memorandum presented has as its objectives the solution of the issue of the CTA trains and the presenting of the better study conditions to the students of the DePaul University.
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  • Words: 602

Bibliotherapy for Inner City Students

The focus of this paper is to discuss why bibliotherapy fosters reading and what can be done to inspire inner-city students to develop an interest in reading.
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  • Words: 2076

Problem Behavior While Teaching Students

It is important that when faced with such a situation of problem, the teacher must assess the root cause of the problem or behavior of the child, by trying to gain insight into the reason [...]
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  • Words: 447

School Sport and Safety Controversy

Harris must have felt embarrassed at not being able to perform a forward roll in front of the other students and his teachers, however, this is over-exaggeration as I am certain that an inability to [...]
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  • Words: 749

Homeschooled Kids in the U.S.

The increase in the amount of interest is due to the increased number of homeschoolers in America. This paper aims to understand this growing trend in the US and the reason behind the increasing popularity [...]
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  • Words: 1777

How to Succeed in Online Classes

The time you attend the class has to coincide with the time of day when your brain is also most receptive to the information it receives.
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  • Words: 611

Hands on Learning in Classroom: Pros and Cons

This activity offers the children to use their sensorial skills but also assists them in learning how to hold a pencil and the grades of cylinders introduce the children to the different rules and dimensions [...]
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  • Words: 823

No Child Left Behind Act Review

In fact it is very often suggested is that, NCLB only has detrimental effects on the system of education in the United States.
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  • Words: 1011

The Problem of Social Promotion in Schools

Social promotion in public school was approved practice in the late 1950s and 1960s and put in place to allow students pass to the next level of education without meeting the necessary requirements in the [...]
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  • Words: 4148

Linking Theory to Method

Thus, the major points of the article under consideration consist in the discussion of the dispute that takes place among scholars as for the value and objectivity of the quantitative research in education.
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  • Words: 875

Frustrated And Fed Up: Alternatives To Public School

Perhaps the most popular notion of the alternatives to public schooling comes in the form of privatizing education. In The Expanding Role of Privatization in Education: Implications for Teacher Education and Development, parents were given [...]
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  • Words: 607

In Pursuit of Educational Equality

Images of spaciousness and majesty, of endless plains and soaring mountains, fill our folklore and our music and the anthems that our children sing."This land is your land," they are told; and, in one of [...]
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  • Words: 2118

The Importance of Academic Honesty

The efforts made by both the institution and the students to promote academic honesty mostly results in the creation of a good environment for the students' learning and this environment play a crucial role in [...]
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  • Words: 913

Ethical Issues in Dual Relationships

The results from a dual relationship in the domain of education pose ethical risks not only to the two parties concerned but also to all the others students of the class or school who may [...]
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  • Words: 370

Extraneous Classes as a College-Related Problem

By forcing students to take classes that have nothing to do with their major, colleges are forcing students to take classes in fields that they do not like or already know they do not do [...]
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  • Words: 642

Dropouts as Contemporary Problems in the US

Orientation activities are a low cost intervention designed to reduce ecological stress by increasing a student's knowledge of the new middle school or high school, dispelling myths and anxieties in the process.
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  • Words: 949

Brain-Centered Learning Advantages

It appeared that research into the development of the intellect in children pointed to children below the age of three years as being heavily dependent on encouragement from socially significant others and external stimulation for [...]
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  • Words: 1092

Centralization at State and Federal Levels of Education

In return for their financial contributions, the federal and state governments expect local districts to tow a line designed to provide equity of opportunity to all students. The 10th amendment still applies to state and [...]
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  • Words: 829

Relationship Between Education and Professional Life

In general, experimental and empirical learning facilitates the person's socialization, intellectual and cognitive maturation, so that the student gradually, year by year, develops social competence and the ability to contribute to the maintenance of reformation [...]
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  • Words: 1343

Small Classroom Size: Disadvantages and Impacts

STAR research illustrates the benefits of smaller class sizes in kindergarten, but results do not transfer into the higher grades: There is precedent for disbelief of state claims regarding how best to reform schools.
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  • Words: 534

Violence on Campus: Issue Analysis

To find the solution to the problems of campus violence it is necessary to understand what the root causes of such problems are. Evidences of campus violence are extensive and the reasons are attached to [...]
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  • Words: 1133

North Carolina Wise Owl Impact: Study Findings

As a student of Graduate program in Library Sciences at the East Carolina University, the author has prepared this assessment report to present impact study findings for the following professional requirements: To prepare for changing [...]
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  • Words: 1277

Library Science Research at East Carolina University.

The aim of preparing this report is to complement the student's own research interests in library science. On a specific note, the report will allow an elaborate understanding of issues connected with original research work [...]
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  • Words: 1459

Scientific Ignorance in Modern World.

It is sad truth that the modern young people are far less concerned with the issues of their education, and being interested in science is not only out of prestige among them, it is considered [...]
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  • Words: 677

Current Issues in Art Education

The role of art educators in curriculum orientation is to evaluate whether the system is working, needs to be changed or whether new policies and solutions should be initiated.
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  • Words: 1639

Student Apathy: Factors and Solutions

Moreover, teachers and parents should ensure that the fear of failure among students is eliminated by helping them find solutions and alternatives to their mistakes so that they do not attribute their failure to the [...]
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  • Words: 560

Student Resistance in the Classroom

The results of that investigation suggest that students may have legitimate cause for assigning blame to teachers for some of their resistance.
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  • Words: 858

Drawbacks of Online Education

It is impossible to achieve this result with online education because the teacher is not able to see the reaction of his students and cannot adapt his assignments to it.
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  • Words: 620

Controversies in the School System

The question draws a lot of debate about the current and future trends of education.those who support public schools ague that; Public schools offer a lot to children in terms of social enhancement and scandalizing [...]
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  • Words: 606

Huntington High School: Diversity Issue

By having this diversity in the school, more and more students are enlightened by the differences of personalities of the people to and from different countries.
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  • Words: 518

Indians in Canada: Education and Diversity

For several thousand years before the arrival of the Europeans to the new world, the Aboriginal people of Canada had a highly developed system of education in which the community and natural environment were the [...]
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  • Words: 2574

Teacher Attrition: Literature Review

Gaines states that the main problem in teacher attrition research is lack of data and statistical information concerning the real state of the matters on both national and regional levels.
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  • Words: 2278