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Education Issues Essay Examples and Topics

The Saudi Arabian Students Challenges

It is assumed that the misrepresentation of the culture of dialogue in most of the Saudi Arabian schools, as well as the lack of opportunities for students' self-expression, must lead to drastic results, including a [...]

The Relationship between Poverty and Education

My research paper tends to provide investigation towards the amount of characteristics that alter the degree of registration into institutions of higher education of scholars from inferior social groups; to define the relative importance of [...]

Educational Challenges in the UAE

This paper aims to present the discussion of the educational challenges in the UAE, depending on the review of the primary and secondary sources and to provide a comparison of the education systems in the [...]

Girl-To-Girl Bullying and Mean Stinks Program

The positive results can be achieved by the implementation of the multiple educational programs, the increase in public awareness, and promotion of the values of the healthy relationships."Mean Stinks" is exactly the program with the [...]

Education Funding in England and Cuba

Today, with the growth of demanding to the academic level of working professionals and rapid growth of requirements to the quality of education at national and international levels, achieving of high standards of education is [...]

University Gender Segregation and Its Advantages

This paper presents a three-point argument in favor of gender segregation in universities based on: cultural values, differences in psychological attributes, and sexuality. Thus, university gender segregation helps in the development of positive civic virtues [...]

Social Class and University Education Correlation

The main goals of the research paper is to investigate the number of aspects that affect the level of enrolment into institutions of higher education of undergraduates from lower social circles; to determine the comparative [...]

US Education and High School Dropouts

One can acknowledge the fact that in terms of the promotion of the interest towards the education and attempt to increase educational standards, the constant increase of the number of dropouts could be taken as [...]

US Education: Goals, Methods, and Equality Issues

Despite the fact that nowadays, in the 21st century, honoring diversity has become an almost a common tradition, recognizing the need for diversity in education is still a controversial issue in the sphere of education.

Children’s Rights Educational Project

The study will examine the current gaps and obstacles affecting the welfare of many children in different schools. Such stakeholders will present powerful suggestions that can be used to support the rights of more children.

Funding of Schools in the Georgia State

The State of Georgia has been committed to improving standards of education within the state by developing a funding formula that would ensure that all the needs of schools are adequately met.

Gender, Race and Class Issues in Education

Learning process functions in a dynamic but systematic process that is greatly influenced by the main objective, sub objectives, and the environment in which learners are subjected to in the process of knowledge acquisition.

Indigenous Education in Bush School

The improvement is as a result of enhanced enrolment and participation of indigenous students in education. The programs include strategies and trials designed to increase the enrolment of indigenous students in schools.

Urban Life and Its Effects on Education

The line drawn between the urban and the rural life is very thick; crossing it seems barely possible, and nowhere is the given phenomenon as obvious as in education the idea of an individual being [...]

Students’ Time Management Strategies

Students should keep track of the time they have to meet their responsibilities. The third strategy involves keeping reminders to keep students focused on their assignments and their deadlines.

Religious Decorations in Campus: Banning Reasons

Allowing decorations on campus grounds sends the message that the particular religious holiday is of significance to the society. The public display of religious symbols will act as a platform for the followers of the [...]

Should a University Be a Dry Campus?

According to the law, students are not allowed to consume alcohol on the territory of the campus. Therefore, it is ineffective to force students to drink less by making campuses wouldry' but it is necessary [...]

CPTED and Metal Detectors in School

The proposed study aims to compare crime prevention through environmental design with the use of metal detectors in schools in order to develop an adequate understanding about their effectiveness and how they could be used [...]

Role of the Funding

Similarly, there is a strong link between the quality of education and the number of resources allocated to promoting education in the states.

Minority Student Achievement

In my opinion, minority students who attend unionized schools perform better academically in relation to the same category of students in nonunionized schools.

Creating the Opportunity to Learn

The third section of Creating the Opportunity to Learn was grounded on the strong idea that the interaction between the teacher and the student in the classroom is also very important.

College Student Challenges and Pressures

Popular movies created the attractive image of the college life for young people, but it is important to pay attention to the fact that the main purpose of entering the college for the majority of [...]

Student Diversity in School Classroom

What are the effects of cultural diversity in the classroom on academic performance? What are the effects of diversity in undergraduate institutions in influencing student outcomes?

Educational Attainment and Racial Discrimination

In addition, this report will be useful to educational stakeholders in their quest for finding a lasting solution to the issues of educational attainment and racial discrimination. All these factors can be traced back to [...]

Dangers of Stereotyping Students

For example, after learning that a student has been raised in the family of mathematicians, a teacher may expect the student to excel in mathematics and, therefore, be more demanding to the student in question [...]

The National Level of Education in the United States

The author of the article provides research-based information concerning the contemporary level of education in the United States and explains the interdependence between the level of education and literacy of the population and the economical [...]

After-School Programs Solution

The referral programs have ensured the success of the students' endeavors to get jobs near or in the campus hence solved a myriad of financial problems encountered by students before the onset of such programs.

School Vouchers System in California

Extant research in educational systems in the U.S.demonstrates that the state of California is faced with similar educational challenges that used to face Cleveland prior to the latter's adoption of the school voucher system.

School Bus Fees Policy’s Claims

Parents have been working very hard to pay school fees for their children and the free transport has been a great incentive not only for the parents, but also for the students.

School Bus or Walking

Given that a child's education is paramount both to the school and to the parent, how can the school be very insensitive to the need of improving quality education of the students?

Violence on University Campuses

Before the shooting at Virginia Tech, the deadliest incident of violence in universities had been the one that occurred in University of Texas in 1966 in which a student opened fire on fellow students, killing [...]

College Profanity and Swearing

Controlling public profanity is not that easy according to Almon, because for the case of a college, the instructors and lecturers do not have the capacity and time to monitor their students' language inside and [...]

Online Behavior of Students

The issue is that students should be able to voice their opinion because of the freedom of speech. The problem is that the Internet and social media allow such points of view to be seen [...]

Bullying and Child Development

Bullying is one of the common vices in schools that influences a lot of growth and development of children. Bullying also affects the ability of children to concentrate in school because they are always on [...]

Discrimination of International Students

The need to preserve one's culture and position though language-based discrimination is likely to persist in the US to show that Americans are in control and foreign students must learn English to coexist with them.

International Students Discrimination

International students lose their focus having to go through the process of adaptation to the new culture and new society, their lack of social and academic command of the English language is causing a lot [...]

Sexual Harassment in Schools

Sexual harassment is one of the many forms of violations that an individual can be subjected to in society. The reason is that this form of abuse is common in the school setting.

Consequences of Binge Drinking in College

Although some of the abusers cite stress as the main factor that influences them to engage in binge drinking, most of these college students get lured into this habit by peer pressure and the need [...]

College Students Alcohol Drinking Effects

Findings of the study were divided into three categories those related to college binge drinking in 1984, those related to binge drinking and problems in college and those related to alcohol dependence and abuse after [...]

Learning Foreign Languages in High School

As a result, people from different parts of the world meet in educational institutions, conferences to discuss the development and use of technology and other global issues such as global warming.

Education: Why Do Students Cheat?

Lack of adequate skills and knowledge are some of the reasons that lead to the loss of confidence by students. Teachers should evaluate their students in order to determine the most important teaching methods that [...]

St. Louis City Charter Schools Analysis

Louis City charter schools provided above shows rather graphically that a major update of financial strategies and school programs is required for charter schools to survive in the academic environment of the 21st century. Therefore, [...]

Understanding Youth

Thus, because young people represent the specific social group, it is important to reflect on such issues typical for the development of the youth as the questions of consumption, gender, and education.

Challenges Faced by Young Immigrants

Many of the immigrants are fresh from abroad or they are born to immigrants in the U.S. Thus, the immigrant is forced to learn and appreciate the new educational strategies to adapt to the new [...]

Education Issues: The Shrinking Enrollment Problem

One of the contemporary issues affecting universities, especially in the United States, is the problem of shrinking enrollment. Some of the positive developments that can be realized by solving this problem include supplying the labor [...]

Solution to Parking Space Problem on Campus

The campus administration should increase the parking options for students, reduce the current parking fees, and present alternative means of transportation to tackle the inefficiency of the current parking system.

Youth Issues: Student Differences

The Venn diagram below shows the similarities and differences in the development of normal and disabled students.  In physical development, the child with a disability may have problems with motor activity.

Drinking Alcohol at Arizona State University

Rules and regulations about the use of alcohol in the college premises cannot guarantee observance by the students. Over the years, there has been an increase in the hospitalization of ASU students and other youth [...]

The University of Indianapolis

Therefore, the key rationale for writing the given paper is the diversity of information that the University of Indianapolis offers to its students.

Noticeable Change in Study Behavior

One of the factors that probably contribute to students preferring to go for studies in foreign countries is employment opportunities. Probably, this answers the question why many British students struggle to sign up for degree [...]

Is College a Lousy Investment?

In the United States, investments in education have grown, and the number of students enrolled in institutes of higher education has grown significantly over the decades. Considering the benefits of college highlighted in this essay, [...]

Registration as Voters for College Students

It is essential for citizens to have their personal details in the central voter register for them to be allowed to vote for their preferred parties and candidates during federal and state elections.