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Education Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Ethical Code for School Counselor

According to the ASCA Code of Ethics, a counselor must maintain the student's privacy and make sure that the data acquired in the course of counseling should not be disclosed to a third party. The [...]

The Needs of Students Experiencing Homelessness

Thus, counselors will have a possibility to identify common patterns in the target learners' behaviors and design the interventions that will help manage the emotional and psychological concerns of homeless students. It is crucial that [...]

Bullying Prevention Programs

Some teachers and professors claim that their students cannot show their potential in their hobbies due to the limitations they experience because of bullies around them. As it is mentioned above, educators do not control [...]

Should Arts Education Be Supported?

One of the most simple, and yet important reasons for supporting arts education in public schools is the fact that arts programs are often required by state law to be present in the curriculum.

Counterfeit Educational Credentials

The given paper revolves around the problem of false diplomas and frauds related to the sphere of education. The author starts the investigation of the issue from the description of a dramatic case that resulted [...]

Understanding Student Perceptions of Mental Health

In their article, Laidlaw et al.find it necessary to explore undergraduate students' understanding of such concepts as mental health and mental well-being and investigate the situations when students find it necessary to ask for help [...]

Illiteracy as a Global Issue

The cost and access to opportunities to gain an education is also a major cause of illiteracy in the developed economies, where members of the lower class are subjected to high costs of living; thus, [...]

Personal Philosophy of Education

The philosophy embraces the use of intrinsic competencies and skills that have the potential to produce the most desirable results. In order to achieve the best results, a personalized model should be developed to address [...]

High School Students’ Attitudes to Reading

Simultaneously, the number of respondents who agreed that they read outside of school was greater than the number of learners who liked going to the library, and significantly greater than the number of students who [...]

Student Tracking Needs

According to Chen, it is a great problem of the modern educational system which affects the development of the society and, consequently, the growth of country's economy.

The Issue of Economic Return on Education

For instance, to be such an equalizer, education should be free for the economically disadvantaged; otherwise, if all students have to pay for tuition, the role of education as a social equalizer is diminished, because [...]

College Student Mentoring and Interest Group

To solve the problem of the lack of mentoring in many community colleges of the United States, the national government should guarantee that all community colleges in the country are obligated by a decree to [...]

Students and Pressures

Student years are often associated with a great deal of pressure on the learners many of whom tend to experience elevated levels of stress and anxiety related to their academic performance and high demands of [...]

“It’s Not About You” by David Brooks

The ideas presented in the essay might be interesting both to adolescents who have their own children and could think about their future; for graduates who will face the described problems and try to overcome [...]

School Uniform’ Policy

Implementation of school uniform policy belongs to the number of questions that are considered to be quite controversial. In such a manner, students will be more likely to become interested in the topic of a [...]

Ethics of Online Education

However, in order to be able to accept some principles as binding, it is necessary to have a system for the systematization of the concepts of "right" and "wrong" in a specific context of online [...]

Stress in College Students, Its Causes and Effects

Recognizing the cause and effect of stress in college students is an important aspect in college management and leadership as it will lead to a better understanding and development of the appropriate methods for intervention.

Keys to Effective Change in Education

The first idea of defining closing the gap as an overarching goal relates to a range of problems that exist in the society the contrasts in performers like the rich and the poor, boys and [...]

Multicultural Organization Development

The first goal is to develop and continuously enhance the curricular environment so that students would be aware of the importance of diversity and prepared to enter the global community.

School Bullying and Moral Development

The middle childhood is marked by the development of basic literacy skills and understanding of other people's behavior that would be crucial in creating effective later social cognitions. Therefore, addressing bullying in schools requires strategies [...]

Inclusive Education: Barriers and Facilitators

The article Barriers and facilitators to inclusive education written by Pivik, McComas, and Laflamme centers around the problems of students with mobility limitations and focuses on four categories of barriers: physical environment, intentional, unintentional attitudinal [...]

Educational Equality for All Students

In spite of the gravity of multiculturalism in the American society, the teachers and students tend to misinterpret the concept of the intercultural environment by often regarding representatives of various ethnicities as "monocultural".

Needs Assessment and Instructional Design Process

The following paper explores the significance of needs assessment for the instructional design and details the process of analysis of the obtained data in order to identify and address the existing gap in student performance.

Barriers to Educational Change

The change initiator should be able to recognize and establish the forms of resistance that are likely to affect the implication of change in the public school.

Bullying and Suicide in High Schools

The main limitation of this research is that the scholars surveyed the victims more often. The victims of cyberbullying also had a tendency to be depressed and contemplate suicide.

The Canadian University Dubai Problems

The "institution is in the heart of Dubai and offers a Canadian-based curriculum". The university will design a new curriculum that addresses the social, cultural, and economic needs of the nations.

New York Education Programs and Limitations

Moreover, it was acclaimed that the reading passages that were included into the Pearson Core Testing for the third grade corresponded to the level of the seventh-grade students. The critical issue is the role of [...]

Code Switching in Oman ESL Classrooms

As a second language in Oman, English was adopted in learning institutions in the 1970s. The use of English as a second language in Oman is not limited to business purposes.

The Saudi Arabian Students Challenges

It is assumed that the misrepresentation of the culture of dialogue in most of the Saudi Arabian schools, as well as the lack of opportunities for students' self-expression, must lead to drastic results, including a [...]

The Relationship between Poverty and Education

My research paper tends to provide investigation towards the amount of characteristics that alter the degree of registration into institutions of higher education of scholars from inferior social groups; to define the relative importance of [...]

Educational Challenges in the UAE

This paper aims to present the discussion of the educational challenges in the UAE, depending on the review of the primary and secondary sources and to provide a comparison of the education systems in the [...]

Girl-To-Girl Bullying and Mean Stinks Program

The positive results can be achieved by the implementation of the multiple educational programs, the increase in public awareness, and promotion of the values of the healthy relationships."Mean Stinks" is exactly the program with the [...]

Education Funding in England and Cuba

Today, with the growth of demanding to the academic level of working professionals and rapid growth of requirements to the quality of education at national and international levels, achieving of high standards of education is [...]

University Gender Segregation and Its Advantages

This paper presents a three-point argument in favor of gender segregation in universities based on: cultural values, differences in psychological attributes, and sexuality. Thus, university gender segregation helps in the development of positive civic virtues [...]

Social Class and University Education Correlation

The main goals of the research paper is to investigate the number of aspects that affect the level of enrolment into institutions of higher education of undergraduates from lower social circles; to determine the comparative [...]

US Education and High School Dropouts

One can acknowledge the fact that in terms of the promotion of the interest towards the education and attempt to increase educational standards, the constant increase of the number of dropouts could be taken as [...]

US Education: Goals, Methods, and Equality Issues

Despite the fact that nowadays, in the 21st century, honoring diversity has become an almost a common tradition, recognizing the need for diversity in education is still a controversial issue in the sphere of education.

Children’s Rights Educational Project

The study will examine the current gaps and obstacles affecting the welfare of many children in different schools. Such stakeholders will present powerful suggestions that can be used to support the rights of more children.

Funding of Schools in the Georgia State

The State of Georgia has been committed to improving standards of education within the state by developing a funding formula that would ensure that all the needs of schools are adequately met.

Gender, Race and Class Issues in Education

Learning process functions in a dynamic but systematic process that is greatly influenced by the main objective, sub objectives, and the environment in which learners are subjected to in the process of knowledge acquisition.

Indigenous Education in Bush School

The improvement is as a result of enhanced enrolment and participation of indigenous students in education. The programs include strategies and trials designed to increase the enrolment of indigenous students in schools.

Urban Life and Its Effects on Education

The line drawn between the urban and the rural life is very thick; crossing it seems barely possible, and nowhere is the given phenomenon as obvious as in education the idea of an individual being [...]

Students’ Time Management Strategies

Students should keep track of the time they have to meet their responsibilities. The third strategy involves keeping reminders to keep students focused on their assignments and their deadlines.

Religious Decorations in Campus: Banning Reasons

Allowing decorations on campus grounds sends the message that the particular religious holiday is of significance to the society. The public display of religious symbols will act as a platform for the followers of the [...]

Should a University Be a Dry Campus?

According to the law, students are not allowed to consume alcohol on the territory of the campus. Therefore, it is ineffective to force students to drink less by making campuses wouldry' but it is necessary [...]