Education Abroad Essay Examples and Topics

Should Students Study Abroad?

Introduction Studying abroad refers to the act of pursuing primary, secondary, or post-secondary education in a foreign country. In the United States, foreign students comprise approximately 1 percent of the student population (Byram 34). Many students study aboard especially for their post-secondary education that includes university and postgraduate studies. In certain cases, students enroll for […]

Studying Abroad: Targeted Research Projects

Educational opportunities clearly top the list of key priorities for young people in the 21st century. Seeing that the concept of lifelong learning is becoming the defining characteristics of a successful career, education options in general and the means to advance academically in the appropriate environment in particular is essential to modern people. As target […]

International Students Experience in English Environment

The life of an international student is filled with new experiences, which at first may seem alluring, yet soon turns out to be devastatingly tedious. Because of the necessity to learn a new language and at the same time retain their national identity and culture, international students at the Cape Breton University have to face […]

Education in Iceland

Introduction Traditionally, education was viewed as a need that was optional and could be substituted to meet other life’s important basics. Today, provision of education has become a government’s social responsibility in a majority of the countries. However, the challenge remains on the provision of inclusive education and schooling, and how best to tailor the […]

Quality Management and General Education in Saudi Arabia

Context: Case Description and Background Information Improving quality in the system of education is a tricky task that requires addressing a range of complex dilemmas. Despite the fact that the process of enhancing quality standards in the system of the Saudi Arabian education is clearly a positive change to witness (Aldaweesh, Al-Karaghouli & Gallear, 2012), […]

The Stavropol State Agrarian University

Particularity of the Organization The Stavropol State Agrarian University is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Stavropol city, within Russian Federation. Started in 1930, this institution has experienced massive development in various areas as it seeks to be in line with the international standards of learning at this higher level. The management […]

Education in India and China

Introduction The global society is currently in a knowledge based development phase. Knowledge is the key to the prosperity of various economies. As knowledge becomes a vital component of so does the importance of higher education in global prosperity. Increased educational opportunities increase people’s level of income. In addition, increased educational opportunities create a large […]

Education in Sudan

In the year 1990, Sudan implemented the 8-3-4 system of education (The World Bank, 2012). The system comprises of 8 years of primary education, 3 years of secondary education, and 3 to 4 years of college education. At all levels of learning, the Arabic language has been adopted as the main teaching dialect. The government […]

Factors Affecting the Decisions of Students to Join International Universities in Dubai

Executive Summary The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate the factors affecting student’s decision of join international universities in Dubai. To concentrate on this objective, this paper has designed four research questions those address the theoretical framework of higher education, essential factors in students’ perspective, influential factors those induce students to study in Dubai […]

Education in Thailand

This paper gives an overview of the education system in Thailand and also my personal experience in one of the schools. Thailand follows the k-12 education system that is common in many parts of the United States. This system comprises of 13 grades that is kindergarten all through to the 12th grade. The k-12 education […]

Diary of an Emirate Student

Introduction In this report the discussion will attempt to portray the school in the eyes of a European student. For this reason it is important to note that reports indicate that while Arabs know European culture very well, whereas Europeans often possess a stereotypical image of the Arabic culture (Ama 24). This is because a […]

International Education, Its Benefits and Issues

Education scholars argue that international education helps in creating awareness of other people’s cultures, world regions, and further makes students familiar with global and international issues. It also helps in fostering the spirit of multiculturalism as a key driver of globalization, enabling students to communicate in foreign languages amongst other benefits. However, the extent of […]

Asian EFL learners’ perceptions of motivational teaching strategies in the English speaking class

English learning motivation Students’ success in acquiring a foreign language can depend upon various factors, including those of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The intrinsic motivating factors can be defined as the inner driving forces making students to make efforts in acquiring a foreign language and their understanding of the main reasons for which they need […]

An Assessment of the UAE Private and Public School Sector

Introduction There has always been a globally recognized debate on the differences in education quality between private and public school institutions. Majority of the relevant arguments have generally supported the idea that private education tends to produce better graduates in any education level be it elementary, high school or tertiary levels. Public schools are supported […]

Comparative Education: Benefits, Usefulness and Validity

Such academic field as comparative education can benefit both educators and policy-makers, even though its usefulness and validity is sometimes questioned. This essay will show that the critique of comparative education can be explained by its multidisciplinary nature and the use of various research methods which appear to be inconsistent. Nonetheless, the findings derived in […]

International Student Recruiting

Recruitment Overview and Benefit of Internationalization Great attention should be paid to international student recruitment process because this process plays increased importance for strategic enrolment goals and for meeting the growing tendencies of encouraging the campus diversity. For many educational establishments, the international recruitment market is a step forward to integrating the global arena. This […]

Important Factors to Consider for Choice of a University

Introduction The choice of an institution of higher learning such as a university is significant in the lives of a student because it shapes the future of the student. It is therefore important that the choice is made carefully and after considering all factors. This study established the factors that are considered by most students […]

International student’s difficulties in Canada

Canada (Ontario) is known for admitting high number of international students due to pursue post secondary education. These students often face various problems which include: mastering languages especially English. This is in its spoken and written form. Adjusting to dissimilar classrooms that pursue diverse strategies of learning, asking for assistance, expressing ideologies and opinions illuminate […]

Why international students find it hard to make friendship

Introduction Friendships are not automatic societal functions. Individuals do not just look at each other and decide to be friends. On the contrary, it is a gradual process that requires persons to interact with each other (even briefly) and depending on the messages they send out, the other party will know whether or not they […]

The Importance of Educating Somalian Immigrants in Minnesota

America has been the nation of immigrants since it was discovered by Columbus (Moore, 2010). Immigrants from all over the world move to America in anticipation of getting a better life (Bekerman, 2012). America is often referred to as the land of opportunities, motivating many people to move there. Immigrants from Somalia moved to America […]

Health Education Development

Background The number of international students is on the rise in most institutions of higher learning. This comes from various factors including a global increase in the size of the middle class, increase in marketing of courses abroad, and the increase in number of scholarships and opportunities to participate in exchange programs. This increase in […]

Why Chinese Students Study as SOAS

SOAS is for someone who has a definite plan for his or her chosen course to study. It focuses on a few courses and does them exceptionally, compared to other campuses that provide everything and overwhelm the student. For many students, SOAS is a special place because of its uniqueness. Not everyone would prefer to […]

International students should be exempted from paying taxes, unless they are working in the host country

Introduction Due to globalization which is characterized by advanced technology especially in transportation, coupled with the desire to learn from other countries, it has been realized that the rate of students seeking education in foreign counties has increased. However, changes and development of internet contributed to the fact that learners are able to obtain desired […]

Accommodation for International Tertiary Students in Australia

Executive Summery This project’s main concern is the affordability of houses for Australian international tertiary students. The survey seeks to establish how these students manage a safe stay and how they viewed the rent rates. It will seek to know if this affected their studies, and how they were coping with it. The goal of […]

Education in Australia

Australia is one of the leading destinations for students seeking international education as well as lecturers and other staff of institutions of higher learning. It is a country with less cases of crime and this makes it an ideal place for visitors and other people who wish to become residents. Australian education system dates back […]

Academic Achievement among International Students and Associated Issues

Introduction In the last six decades, the number of International students has been steadily increasing across many parts of the world. In the United Kingdom, this increase has particularly been awesome (Beckhridnar and Vickers, 2007 p4). Academic achievement among the international students can be described as both successful and less successful in a number of […]

Students in Saudi Arabia

Research will focus on the barriers which are faced by female students who are involved in distance education in Saudi Arabia. This research is important since female students face challenges like cultural barriers, lack of funds, poor IT skills and so on while trying to access education in Saudi Arabia. This can be attributed to […]

Studying In the United Kingdom

Introduction Globalisation has brought people from diverse cultures together due to technology. This has seen these people working and learning to communicate often with each other. The education sector has not been spared especially in the UK where students from other cultures are relocating to study in the UK. While this move seems exciting, most […]

Consumer Behavior of International Students

Introduction When students immigrate to foreign countries in pursuit of higher learning, they find things very strange in their host country. This forces their purchase behavior to undergo radical changes in order to get used to the new dwelling place. The changes occur because they find different commodities from the ones they are used to […]

Immigration Specificity of ELLs in Canada and the USA

The issues of immigration affect the linguistic policies of the most popular destinations of newcomers, the US and Canada. The article of Fairbairn and Fox (2009) explores a great number of implications for the state agencies responsible for the formation of education curricula, assessment tools, and formulation of standards according to which the outcomes of […]

Students in Unions and a Careful Shift from Truckers to RFID Tags

Why would graduate students want to join a union? Being a student is not easy – as a rule, the range of responsibilities for a person enrolling into college increase a few notches, making the process of studying too complicated. Not only do students have to learn new material quicker, practice new academic skills and […]

The University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is a world class university. It is managed by a committee of professionals. The institution has two major departments that coordinate with each other to ensure the smooth running of the institution. The departments are the education and medicine departments. The university offers patient care and in the process its students […]

The Criteria and Benefits That Allow Students to Work Abroad

Executive Summary The paper analyzes the criteria and benefits that allow students to work abroad. The focus is on the requirements of employers and the advantages of students’ studies for both parties. Several articles and texts are reviewed to identify the needed factors and the results of study abroad. Introduction The world is becoming more […]

Trends in the Enrollment of International Students to US Institutions

Project Proposal The international education sector has been faced by numerous challenges including increased rivalry and financial drawbacks that have forced many higher learning institutions to become tactical in order to boost international student enrollment. The successful recruitment of international students is now reliant on better comprehension of the factors that influence students to seek […]

Sharjah Higher University of Technology’ Project Management

Introduction/Background Sharjah Higher University of Technology (SHUT) is one of the 17 colleges that constitute the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) in the UAE. The institution operates as a public university in the UAE. The institution is divided into men and women’s colleges. The women’s college was founded in 1997 while the men’s college was […]

Why Studying Abroad Results in Better Education

Introduction Education is one of the most important building blocks of the human civilization. It provides people with the knowledge necessary to take part in the advancement of the society (Brand and Xie 273). Because of the importance attached to education, many governments have tried to provide the best education opportunities to their citizens. Many […]

A Benefits of Education Abroad

Introduction One of the qualitative aspects of the educational reality in today’s world is the fact that, as time goes on, the number of students who decide in favor of studying abroad increases rather exponentially. The validity of this statement can be well illustrated in regards to the available statistical data, concerned with the subject […]

International Education: Features, Aims and Impacts to Society

Introduction Education is widely considered the foundation of our modern civilization. Through advances in education, humankind has been able to achieve tremendous technological and social advances. Traditionally, nations have made use of education systems that are specially structured to suit the needs of the country. This system was adequate since the interaction between nations was […]

Causes and Effects of Studying In Australia

There are many reasons why an individual would choose to study in Australia. On the other hand, the effects of studying in Australia are numerous. Causes of studying in Australia include the need for high quality education, new cultural experience, and for flexibility in one’s studies (Ong 38). Australia offers high quality education that is […]

The Peculiarities of Participating of International Students in ELICOS

Abstract The situation in the educational sector of Australia which is connected with the question of international students’ participating in such programs and courses as ELICOS during 2007-2011 should be analyzed in details. The main objective of the report is to examine the factors which can influence the fact of falling of the number of […]

The Immigration Status for Students

The article reveals how federal officials condemned the new decrees that were initiated by the education officials. This forced the students to unveil their immigration status in order to enroll for examination. This is ethically detrimental since it exemplifies ethnic bigotry. Civil advocates are equally against the ideology that students ought to produce their immigration […]

Exploring the International Students as a Community

Introduction Since the origin of the universe man has always existed as a community due to various reasons. It is always said that no man is an island. People have a tendency of forming groups or communities that range from small group such as the family set up to a large one such as a […]

Why Foreign Education is worth the Price

Many students across the world, especially those from developing and emerging economies, continue to seek for educational opportunities in the developed world. International education is expensive by any standards, but cost factors alone have failed to dissuade students from seeking education in foreign countries. This brief essay purposes to demonstrate the reasons why foreign education […]