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Special Education Essay Examples and Topics

Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

The main goal of this paper is to present a review of relevant literature addressing the issue of helping college students with ASD prepare for workforce readiness and job placement.

Validity and Reliability in Education

The current paper reviews three research studies in the field of special education in order to identify the means of establishing the validity and reliability of the involved test instruments.

Individualized Family Service Plan vs. Education Program

This paper will focus on discussing four learning plans such as Individualized Family Service Plan, Individualized Education Program, 504 Plan, and Individualized Transition Plan, which are called to ensure a comprehensive identification of a child's [...]

Early Childhood Special Education: Engaging Students

Promoting engagement among learners since early childhood is crucial to the further development of the behaviors that will allow the learner to acquire, process, and use information in a manner as efficient and expeditious as [...]

Inclusive Education’ Benefits

Nowadays, the US society undergoes the period of cultural expansion, and the fast pace of social diversification raises the topical issue of equality in education.

Early Intervention in Deaf Education Program

The main goal of the scholars is to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing children have a fair chance to get an education and to develop efficient communication skills through language in written and [...]

Abu Dhabi Autism Center

The Abu Dhabi Autism Center has to operate within the laws and regulations of the Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs.

Speech-Language Therapy in Early Childhood

In the analysis, some information about the patient will be provided, and the objectives of the session will be stated; further, the materials, methods, and the client's response will be examined.

Access and Equity in Early Childhood Classrooms

Did you know that this country was once home to the great civilization of Maya?" Providing students with new information about other cultures will be an effective strategy for sparking interest and encouraging engagement, especially [...]

Students with Learning Disabilities and Assessment

The education of students with learning disabilities poses great difficulty for the majority of parents and educators. It may not be self-evident that the learning problems of students are attributable to learning disabilities.

Barriers and Facilitators to Inclusive Education

In particular, the researcher outlined their research question as an exploration of the extent to which the present special education efforts match the needs of students with disabilities and meet the expected standards of inclusion [...]

Patients with Learning Disabilities: Quality Care

Although the current study is not aimed at detecting the differences in the efficacy of the intervention based on the gender of the participants, the outcomes of the research may create prerequisites for a follow-up [...]

Post-School Outcomes of Students With Disabilities

This ties in with the idea of pragmatism outlined by Onwuegbuzie and Leech in their article "On becoming a pragmatic researcher: The importance of combining quantitative and qualitative research methodologies" that aimed to study the [...]

Response to Intervention in Education

Empirical significance of the current paper is conditioned by the fact that some evidence gathered in multiple studies is summarized, whereas its theoretical importance is related to the provided review of the literature and to [...]

Inclusive Education Factors and Challenges

In that way, it is possible to name the need for inclusive education as one of the superior requirements for the modern education systems functioning across the globe and the one in place in the [...]

Special Education: Collaboration and Technology

The review of literature on the topic of special education on the whole, and special education for kids in their early childhood, indicates that parents of children with disabilities tend to experience serious stress, a [...]

Dyscalculia and Dysphasia: Recommendations

The school can also reduce Mike's workload and compensate this by arranging private tuition for Mike. As for Mike's problem with math, the teacher should understand how this problem is manifested.

Writing for Deaf Students: Teaching Approaches

Consequently, the development of the process writing approaches was aimed at the advancement of the utilization of genres and the improvement of grammatical structures while encouraging paying attention to the content.

Parental Involvement in School-to-Work Transition

Therefore, it is essential to engage parents in the post-school transition of their children with hearing impairments to make the transition easier for SHI and improve their postsecondary outcomes and to develop new, effective practices [...]

Hearing-Impaired Students in School-Work Transition

In such programs and practices, it is important not only to address the transition-related skills such as lower reading, reasoning, and mathematics skills, decrease the ability to compete in the employment market) and the need [...]

Deaf Students’ Education and Language Development

The optimal time for intervention and the ways to address the problems children may experience due to delayed intervention is an important subject to address for the contemporary scientists because the timeliness of the diagnosis [...]

Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis

The reflection covers the climate of the school; health and safety; and policy and procedure issues. For instance, the new school, known as 'quiet school', has incorporated several aspects of modern designs and is equipped [...]

Teaching Speaking and ESP Students

Feak claims that, by reducing the complexity of the tasks and simplifying the instructions, teachers will be capable of catering to the needs of ESP students; as a result, the process of language acquisition will [...]

How Inclusion Impacts Autistic Children?

Furthermore, the normalization theory advocates for the creation, support, and defense of the social attributes of the individuals with disabilities. Therefore, this implies that the impacts of inclusion on autistic children can be productive and [...]

Students with Disabilities: Characteristics and Strategies

Disability Categories Example Strategy English Learner Students 1 Autism is the developmental disability which influences the aspects of social interaction and different types of communication. The child with this disability can demonstrate various restricted and stereotypic patterns of behavior. The student with autism cannot focus attention on the teacher’s words, demonstrates the unusual gestures and […]

Modern Languages in Special Educational Needs

The reason the topic has been chosen for this project is to explore the advantages and the disadvantages of providing foreign language learning to special needs learners so as to come up with a conclusion [...]

Making Inclusion Work in General Education Classroom

Overall, however, the authors interpret the themes from the study to demonstrate that not only is inclusion regarded as an overarching principle in contemporary schools, but teachers must take into consideration the individual children, the [...]

The Inclusive Education Concept

In inclusive settings, the administration is charged with the critical role of maintaining an ongoing focus on school improvement and support for change to ensure that students with special needs are well accommodated, while their [...]

Children with Learning Disabilities

The following research questions will be used in achieving the objectives: What is the role of learning disabilities in affecting the ability of the students to learn?

Sensory Disabilities and Age of Onset

This can happen, for instance, when learning the subject that call for lots of diagrams, figures and illustrations to be applied, which may also give a challenge to the visually impaired students.

The Council for Exceptional Children

It should be noted that CEC has a code of ethics that governs the strategies of teachers who work with exceptional children. This is one of the tasks that special education professionals should cope with.

Assistive Technology and Universal Design

In the 18th century, people with disabilities were helpless, but after the founding of the assistive technology systems, the disabled people have actively participated in the development of the nation.

Science in Education

In picking these test questions, it was necessary to ensure the following three benchmarks were met: " the questions adequately cover a selection of the academic content standards assessed on the Grade 5 Science Test; [...]

Evidence-Based Practices and Students with ASD

The researcher's findings are the recommendations on how to choose the effective program for students with autism spectrum disorders and the list of the possible relevant programs and evidence-based practices.

Program Models in Autism

The DTT technique has been designed in such a way as to target the individual behavior of an autistic child using the available curriculum.

Managing students with disabilities

Instructional issues that are encountered in education are those arising due to the inability of the students to acquire, maintain, and relate the skills that are learned in class to other settings within and outside [...]

IEP Analysis

The plan should be based on special needs of the student and help student be involved in and successful in general curriculum.

Students with Asperger syndrome

Thus, the annual goal is to assist student becoming an independent member of the social environment, developing student's social skills and enhance interaction with student's peers through engaging him/her in structured social activities and providing [...]

Classroom Design for Children with Disabilities

Furthermore, children with disabilities require individual attention from the teacher just like the other children, and if the classroom is congested it would be difficult for the teacher to reach such learners.