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Special Education Essay Examples and Topics

Deaf Students’ Education and Language Development

The optimal time for intervention and the ways to address the problems children may experience due to delayed intervention is an important subject to address for the contemporary scientists because the timeliness of the diagnosis [...]

Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis

The reflection covers the climate of the school; health and safety; and policy and procedure issues. For instance, the new school, known as 'quiet school', has incorporated several aspects of modern designs and is equipped [...]

Teaching Speaking and ESP Students

Feak claims that, by reducing the complexity of the tasks and simplifying the instructions, teachers will be capable of catering to the needs of ESP students; as a result, the process of language acquisition will [...]

How Inclusion Impacts Autistic Children?

Furthermore, the normalization theory advocates for the creation, support, and defense of the social attributes of the individuals with disabilities. Therefore, this implies that the impacts of inclusion on autistic children can be productive and [...]

Students with Disabilities: Characteristics and Strategies

Disability Categories Example Strategy English Learner Students 1 Autism is the developmental disability which influences the aspects of social interaction and different types of communication. The child with this disability can demonstrate various restricted and stereotypic patterns of behavior. The student with autism cannot focus attention on the teacher’s words, demonstrates the unusual gestures and […]

Modern Languages in Special Educational Needs

The reason the topic has been chosen for this project is to explore the advantages and the disadvantages of providing foreign language learning to special needs learners so as to come up with a conclusion [...]

Making Inclusion Work in General Education Classroom

Overall, however, the authors interpret the themes from the study to demonstrate that not only is inclusion regarded as an overarching principle in contemporary schools, but teachers must take into consideration the individual children, the [...]

The Inclusive Education Concept

In inclusive settings, the administration is charged with the critical role of maintaining an ongoing focus on school improvement and support for change to ensure that students with special needs are well accommodated, while their [...]

Children with Learning Disabilities

The following research questions will be used in achieving the objectives: What is the role of learning disabilities in affecting the ability of the students to learn?

Sensory Disabilities and Age of Onset

This can happen, for instance, when learning the subject that call for lots of diagrams, figures and illustrations to be applied, which may also give a challenge to the visually impaired students.

The Council for Exceptional Children

It should be noted that CEC has a code of ethics that governs the strategies of teachers who work with exceptional children. This is one of the tasks that special education professionals should cope with.

Assistive Technology and Universal Design

In the 18th century, people with disabilities were helpless, but after the founding of the assistive technology systems, the disabled people have actively participated in the development of the nation.

Science in Education

In picking these test questions, it was necessary to ensure the following three benchmarks were met: " the questions adequately cover a selection of the academic content standards assessed on the Grade 5 Science Test; [...]

Evidence-Based Practices and Students with ASD

The researcher's findings are the recommendations on how to choose the effective program for students with autism spectrum disorders and the list of the possible relevant programs and evidence-based practices.

Program Models in Autism

The DTT technique has been designed in such a way as to target the individual behavior of an autistic child using the available curriculum.

Managing students with disabilities

Instructional issues that are encountered in education are those arising due to the inability of the students to acquire, maintain, and relate the skills that are learned in class to other settings within and outside [...]

IEP Analysis

The plan should be based on special needs of the student and help student be involved in and successful in general curriculum.

Students with Asperger syndrome

Thus, the annual goal is to assist student becoming an independent member of the social environment, developing student's social skills and enhance interaction with student's peers through engaging him/her in structured social activities and providing [...]

Classroom Design for Children with Disabilities

Furthermore, children with disabilities require individual attention from the teacher just like the other children, and if the classroom is congested it would be difficult for the teacher to reach such learners.

Inclusion: Benefits

It is also important to note that integration is not inclusion; the former mainly involves the physical presence of the disabled child while the latter involves this child being involved in what other members of [...]

Inclusion for Students with severe Disabilities

Modification and accommodation are the methods used to manipulate education system to make it favourable for these students. Modification and Accommodation are the methods used to manipulate the system to make it favourable for students [...]

Education of People with Exceptionalities

As an open system, the church draws its members from the external environment, processes them through various training programs, and then releases them back to the environment where they will preach and win more church [...]

Special Education

The changes have however not been without their positive impacts and limitations for instance due to economic constrains, the education system has been negatively affected as the need to accommodate more students, both the ordinary [...]

Special Education; the Inclusion Debate

On the other hand, if the disability is such that the child cannot keep up the pace of others in class understanding, there should be recorded learning tools to be given to the child.