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76 Suffering Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Suffering Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Suffering Is Optional: Tragedy Perception
    As if that was not irresponsible enough, she at some point surprised her family and friends when she cut herself on the wrist, making us wonder about how much she had gotten used to the […]
  2. Should Persons Suffering From Schizophrenia Be Forced to Take Medications?
    Though many studies have pointed out that its causes are poorly understood, Dora is of the view that it results from the interplay of the immediate environment that a person is exposed to and the […]
  3. God and People’s Suffering
    However, people have a limited understanding of the role of suffering in life and this makes it possible for them to believe that there is no god.
  4. A Meaningful Life with Suffering is Better than an Easy, Happy Life
    At this point one is compelled to get to the true meaning of life, and realize that this is the primary purpose of living.
  5. Suffering and Redemption in Puritan and Early Colonial Literature
    The research focuses on the redemption theory of the Puritan religion’s members. The research focuses on the redemption theory of the Puritan religion’s members.
  6. A Systematic Study of Suffering and Death in Christianity
    There exist six major perspectives that try to explain the meaning and existence of suffering in Christianity: First, the Bible exploits well the subject of suffering; it does not leave it to the believers’ own […]
  7. Specific Types of Behaviors Associated With Substance Users or Addicts and People Suffering From Various Disorders
    This variation in frequency and variation normally comes with age, whereby the severity of the disorder is observed to lessen with the advancement in the victim’s age.
  8. Suffering in the Ancient, Roman and Greek Periods
    It can be noted that in all cases suffering was seen as evil in some quarters of the ancient world as is seen today.
  9. Why Do Critics Argue That the WTO Is Suffering From a Crisis of Legitimacy?
    Another accusation of the World Trade Organization in regard to its legitimacy position is that it has been involved in the widening of the gap that prevails between the poor and the rich.
  10. The Impact of Exercise on Women Who Suffer From Depression
    As high levels of depression in women depend on ovarian function, estrogen has been observed to be the cause of depression in women, and is, thus, a possible agent for the management of depression.
  11. Preparation for Interpersonal Communication Group: Lonely Mothers and Housewives Suffering From Medication-Triggered Manic Disorders
    Needs of housewives and lonely mothers differ much from other social groups Therefore, the working group should fit in the new contextual dimensions and consider historical, economic, and cultural backgrounds of patients in the group […]
  12. The Suffering Servant
    This paper will highlight the actual symbolism of the suffering servant by Isaiah, his missions, and the relationship with the individual servant in the New Testament.
  13. Religious Perspectives on the Suffering
    According to Christianity the best and commendable way to suffer is to suffer on behalf of others, this is referred to as vicarious suffering and is contrary to suffering for self which assumes the meaning […]
  14. Suffering in the Painting Autumn of Ashes by Tim Lowly
    A new experience is an aspect of suffering in the story of Tim Lowly. However, from the experience of Tim Lowly and Sherrie, I have realized that suffering is a long-term condition, and thus, it […]
  15. Analysis of Giglamesh’ and Job’ Success and Suffering
    In the bible it is also referred to as a book of wisdom in the same category as the book of proverbs.
  16. Suffering Example: Job’ Biblical Story
    Job was a good person and innocent in the eyes of the people and in the face of God. For Christian nurses it is their responsibility and the call of God to serve the individual […]
  17. Pathologies of Power: Suffering in Haiti
    The poor man’s expectations never saw the light of the day as the new leader’s brutality surpassed that of his predecessors.
  18. Pain Alleviation in Suffering Patients
    With the introduction of new approaches to pain management in suffering patients, a healthcare practitioner is likely to create the foundation for the successful management of the issue.
  19. Food Production and Animals Suffering
    On the other hand, there are individuals who believe that the experience animals go through as a result of food manufacturing is natural and cannot be avoided. This paper discusses the kind of suffering that […]
  20. Mother That Suffer From Fibromyalgia
    The lifestyle of a mother with posttraumatic growth and fibromyalgia is challenged by physical and psychological pain on a daily basis, which greatly influences the immediate family, which, in turn, has to make some changes […]
  21. The Age of a Suffering Nation
    Franklin pointed out that there was a need to watch every word of individualism in America if the change was anticipated to take place any time in the vicinity.”…so began, in American political life, the […]
  22. Job’s Suffering and God’s Response
    The fact is, Job chooses to challenge the existing rules due to the visible unfairness of his suffering. Overall, the question that is raised by the Book of Job is whether we know how to […]
  23. Do Central Asian States Suffer From the Resource Curse?
    Kazakhstan is the most interesting country when it comes to analysis of the paradox of plenty because the discrepancy between the resource potential and the development of the business sector is the biggest among the […]
  24. Dan Korman: God Could Not Allow Suffering
    The main idea of the argument is that much hatred and injustice in the world do not harmonize with the image of God, who is omnibeing, loving, wise, and fair.
  25. Teaching Adaptive Behavior Skills to Children Suffering From Intellectual Disabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    This theoretical framework will contribute to the validation of the perspectives used by the teachers to construct their system of beliefs regarding the process of teaching ABS to students with ID.
  26. Philosophy of Evil and Suffering in Christianity
    People are free to share their opinions and beliefs, but one thing remains the same that the presence of evil and suffering in human life disrupts the idea of God’s supernatural powers.
  27. Innocent People Suffering in Africa During Civil Wars
    Eventually, the civil war in Sierra Leone turned to be an Ethnic struggle for the control of the countries Diamond and hence control of the economic and political powers.
  28. Ways in Which the Hindu and Buddhist Philosophy Criticize the Body as a Source of Suffering Yet Use It as Path to Enlighten
    The level of how weakness and sensibility to pain, adversity is discouraged is shown when the lord Krishna makes it a point to elaborate to Arjuna, that in his position as a warrior he has […]
  29. The Suffering Women in Greek Mythology
    Zeus told Hermes to go down to the underworld and bid the lord of it to let his bride to return to Demeter.
  30. Langston Hughes’ Poems on Black People’s Suffering
    The three poems written by Langston Hughes, namely “Negro Speaking of the Rivers”, “Democracy” and “The Negro Mother” show the depth of black people’s sufferings and the immensity of their desire to obtain freedom and […]
  31. Social Work Methods to Treat the Child Who Is Suffering From Autism
    This is a clear indicator that alcohol intake by the family is costing the members and it is an issue that needs to be looked into.
  32. Salvation Through Suffering by O’Connor and Defot
    On the island, Robinson did not forget the Word of God believing that it is the only way for the salvation of soul and mind.
  33. Life is a Sea of Suffering, and Sorrow Gives Meaning to Life
    The goal of this essay is to seek enlightenment that Life is a sea of misery, and sorrow gives sense to life. There is a grand addition to the meaning of life.
  34. Suffering of Death Organs: Organ Donors and Transplantation
    The author begins the article by discussing how the past cessation of breathing used to be one of the recognized signs of death and how the development of the iron lung and later the artificial […]
  35. Why Humans Suffer and What Can Be Done to Stop Suffering?
    Jainism is based, first of all, on the continuous self-improvement of the soul to achieve all-power, all-out and eternal bliss. This principle is called Ahimsa – no harm to the living.
  36. Care For a Client Suffering From Moderate Dementia
    One of the problems may be connected to hearing; in this case, it is recommended to arrange clients in positions closer to the caregiver to enhance their ability to hear and follow the narration of […]

👍 Good Research Topics about Suffering

  1. Suffering, Sacrifice and Punishment under the Tyranny of Beauty
  2. Buddhist and Hindu Teachings on Suffering
  3. Suffering From Major Depressive Episodes And Dysthymic Disorder
  4. Euthanasia: Suffering and Palliative Care
  5. The Relationship Between Craving and Suffering in Indian Philosophy
  6. North Koreas Political System and Its Peoples Suffering
  7. Resisting Violence and Suffering Concealed by Corruption
  8. Accounting for Suffering: Calculative Practices in the Field of Disaster Relief
  9. The Beauty and Suffering of Filmmaking
  10. Suffering, Solitude and the Struggle for Identity
  11. The Paradoxon Connection Between Suffering And Happiness
  12. Poverty and Progress: Are We Suffering From Delusion of Poverty?
  13. Can One Person’s Suffering Be Another Person’s Happiness
  14. Psychological Theories with Reference to Someone Suffering
  15. Natural and Artificial Selection and Suffering and Well-Being
  16. Indian Philosophy and the Connection Between Suffering and Craving
  17. Treating Minority Groups Suffering From Major Depressive Disorders
  18. Relationship Between Happiness and Suffering: The Positive Side of Human Suffering
  19. The Pain and Suffering of Children in Polygamy
  20. Suffering with Battered Woman Syndrome

📌 Most Interesting Suffering Topics to Write about

  1. Analyzing Human Suffering from the Christian Perspective
  2. American Revolutionary War The Valley Forge Encampment: A Winter of Suffering
  3. How Can God Create a Universe in Which Suffering Is Allowed?
  4. The Dalai Lama: Wisdom Derived from Suffering
  5. The Pressure Patients Into Masking Suffering
  6. The Genesis and Importance of Human Suffering in the Original Sin of Adam and Eve
  7. Making Choices And Suffering Losses
  8. Woman Headed Households Suffering From Homelessness
  9. How Did Suffering Differ Throughout The Holocaust
  10. Prostitution and the Suffering of the Underclass
  11. Why Should Unnecessary Suffering Accompany Death
  12. The Religious Believer’s Explanation for the Existence of Evil and Suffering in the World
  13. Nietzsche´s Life and Survival: Buddha´s Meaning of Suffering
  14. Suffering for African Americans in How It Feels to Be Colored
  15. Human Suffering: Preventing Humans From Achieving True Happiness
  16. Language and Nietzsche’s Critique of Suffering
  17. Human Suffering And Animal Suffering Should Be Given Equal
  18. How Buddhism and Hinduism Share a Belief That Life Suffering Is Caused by Desire
  19. The Suffering and Sovereignty Of God Theology Religion
  20. The Correlation Between the Anatomy of Suffering and Existentialism

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