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94 Refugee Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Refugee Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Ramifications of Hosting Refugees in the Society in Case of Kenya
    In the case of Kenya, the nation I went to, a majority of these camps are located in the Arid and Semi Arid Lands.
  2. Are Refugees, or Diasporic Migrants Are Different From or Similar to the “Ordinary” Labor/Economic Migrants?
    The aim of the study is to discuss how refugees are different from or similar to the “ordinary” labor or economic migrants.
  3. Korean Immigrants and Refugees in New York
    The second phase of Koreans to immigrate to the US occurred in 1950 to 1953, this was after the Korean War.
  4. Life in the Kenya Refugee Camp
    The onset of the politically instigated violence in my country meant that circumstances had taken a turn for the worst. Life in the refugee camp is so challenging with so little to smile about as […]
  5. Artists in Exile: How Refugees From Twentieth-Century War and Revolution Transformed the American Performing Arts, by Joseph Horowitz
    Knowledge of the type of music in that era is will help in the understanding of the book especially the German way of expressing inner motion.
  6. Across the Sands: African Refugees in the Eyes of the World
    Among the most notorious issues of the present-day political affairs, the one concerning the problem of the African refugees remains on the agenda of the modern politics and culture.
  7. Differences and Similarities Between Refugees and Economic Immigrants
    Additionally, the UN recognizes the universal right of refugees to claim asylum and endeavors to communicate the same to their member countries.
  8. Refugees And Ordinary Migrants
    The immigrant countries should grant and approve visas to the refugees to allow them to live in them according to the laws on refugees.
  9. House of Refugee vs. Life-Saving Station: In Search for a Shelter
    It is quite remarkable that the difference between the two houses comes into the limelight as the correspondent, who clearly incorporates the elements of media as the author perceived it, cunning, two-faced and at the […]
  10. The Protracted Sri Lankan Refugee Situation in India: Challenges and Possible Solutions
    There are a lot of people, government agencies perhaps and international organizations that speak well of the need to help refugees, but at the heart of the matter is a social problem that is difficult […]
  11. Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Australia
    Deviance is associated to foreigners; the feeling of substantial section of society is that refugees pose a threat to the society and to the moral order.
  12. Australia and Humanitarian Rights of Refugees
    In order to curtail the escalating humanitarian crisis, the Australian government came up with Humanitarian action policy of 1995. Creation of a link between development and humanitarian programme helps the government to come up with […]
  13. Thailand ‘Interested’ in Refugee Swap Deal With Australia
    The genre of the text refers to journalistic genre, which means that the main purpose of the text should be to attract the readers and make them read the article until the end.
  14. The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)
    The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization is a community organization which focuses on issues concerning proper integration of immigrants and refugees into the US society.
  15. Is It Important to Distinguish Between Immigrants and Refugees?
    It is really important to distinguish between immigrants and refugees, as representatives of the two groups experience various acculturation processes in different ways.
  16. Refugees in Australia
    The article is meant to reduce the conflict between the public and the government regarding the issue of asylum seekers and refugees.
  17. Can Art Change How We Think About Refugees?
    The group had identified that the refugees used art to negotiate their way of becoming part and parcel of the indigenous people of the new home, despite the varying degrees of prejudice and exclusion that […]
  18. Briefing Paper on Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
    The paper aims to elucidate on the plight of the refugees and the gains that would be attained from application of their full rights as well as some practical solutions to the predicaments.
  19. Essential Services for Refugees in Auburn, New South Wales
    To enhance accessibility of health care services, the Refugee Health Plan recognizes complex medical needs of refugees and thus incorporate elements of culture and language as some of the factors that need consideration in the […]
  20. Indonesia and Its Relationship With Refugees
    To accomplish this task, a brief history of the country and apartheid, the country’s relationship with asylum seekers and refugees and finally the current situation are succinctly covered.
  21. Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
    The purpose of this brief is to outline the current situation and to push for reforms in Lebanon pertaining to the ownership of property, land and housing by Palestinian refugees.
  22. Cross-Cultural Communication: Helping Refugees From Syria
    Good communication is based on the capability of the recipient to listen and comprehend the intention of the speaker and vice versa.
  23. Refugees and Economic Migrants
    The refugee migrants are not in a position, or have no willingness, to go back to their country of origin and this is because they have the fear of being persecuted and therefore, these people […]
  24. System of Protection for Asylum Seekers and Refugees Internship
    The system has identified the need to have respect among the refugees in a given camp and between the refugees and the staff that run the protection institutions.
  25. Immigrants and Refugees Differences
    3 The country of origin may push them as a result of harsh economic conditions, and on the other hand, the destination country may pull them due to better standards of living and promise of […]
  26. Working With Iraqi and Cuban Refugees as a Career Counselor
    The purpose of this study is to examine the impacts of the lives of Iraqi and Cuban refugees who have arrived the United States.
  27. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
    Despite the fact that UNHCR has in the recent past executed its duty in the best interest of all the refugees across the globe, the agency faces some setbacks and failures that need to be […]
  28. Refugees and Mental Health
    They live their lives on the edge because they are unsure of what is going to happen to them and their families.
  29. Syrian Refugees Crisis
    The debate about the status of the refugees divided the society into two groups, the protestors and the supporters of the decision to grant Syrian refugees Turkish citizenship.
  30. Syrian Refugee in Toronto
    However, this process is very complicated and the war in Syria could be taken as the best evidence of the complexity of the situation. The evolution of ISIS resulted in the war on the territory […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Refugee

  1. International Relations: The Palestinian Refugees Problem
    The best way to solve the crisis is to analyze the problem through an International Relations framework, such as, the application of knowledge gleaned from the study of the international system.
  2. Attitudes Towards Refugees in an Australian Sample
    The research paper compares the findings of an investigation that was based on Pearson correlation as well as summarizes the core outcomes of the previous studies that were aimed at different groups of refugees’ integration.
  3. Gulf Cooperation Council and Syrian Refugees
    However, there is a great number of other facts that should not be omitted and which prove the fact that the GCC countries do not refuse to shelter refugees.
  4. Challenges Experienced by Syrian Refugees
    Even though the right to seek asylum and find the protection in different countries is granted to Syrian refugees according to the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, the problem is in […]
  5. Refugees Self-Sufficiency Program in Miami
    S military invasion of Iraq and Fidel Castro’s reign in Cuba resulted in Thousands of Iraqi and Cuban refugees being resettled in the U.S.
  6. Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for Women
    The main problem facing women asylum seekers within Canada is the failure of decision makers to incorporate gender related claims of women into the interpretation of the existing enumerated grounds and their failure to recognize […]
  7. Discrimination Against Refugees in a New Country
    However, the report argues that the educational interventions are particularly important because of their ability to affect attitudes and the lack of awareness, which appear to be the major reasons for the existence of discrimination.
  8. Trump’s Refugee Order: Suppression or Protection
    There are a lot of other countries where the majority of the population are Muslims, and their citizens are allowed to come to the USA.
  9. Canadian Refugees and the Refugee Crisis
    While some countries, especially in the Middle East and Africa, are the source of the refugees, countries in the west, including the USA and Canada are among the popular destinations.
  10. South Sudan Refugees and Their Status
    Also, the situation in Southern Sudan, low productivity, ongoing conflicts, and the lack of required aid might lead to a humanitarian crisis.[2] Many refugees are forced to live under the open sky, they do not […]
  11. Syrian Refugees in Jordan as Security Threats
    In a statement by the Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Jeh Johnson states that foreign jihads are trained in Syria and later cross to Jordan, and then to Europe and America as refugees. The first […]
  12. Syrian Refugees in the United States
    Zakaria supports this idea and mentions that foreigners search for a better life in the US because they follow the image of the American Dream that was created in the past and still attracts different […]
  13. Refugees in Iowa Has Changed in 40 Years
    Iowa played a unique role in the reception of Vietnamese refugees in that it was the only state to actively offer asylum to these people.
  14. South Sudan Refugees: Women Empowerment
    The subject of this work is the study of women’s empowerment in the country in question in order to ensure the greater rights and freedoms of this group.
  15. Stereotypes About Immigrants and Refugees
    The majority of these stereotypes develop due to the lack of education and understanding of immigration and people’s relocation. For instance, the history of the US heavily focuses on the achievements of white people, while […]
  16. Examining Street-Based Child Labor Amongst Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
    The research aims at answering the following question, “What are the legal and social improvements that should be made to improve the situation of Syrian refugee children working on the streets of Lebanon via the […]
  17. Refugee Women and Their Human Rights
    According to the researches have been made by UNHCR, 1998, found that 80% of the refugees immigrating to the United States and other countries of second asylum are women or children.
  18. Refugees: History, Types, and Number
    A refugee is defined as a person who due to a justifiable reason of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a certain social or a political group is out of the […]
  19. Visa System and Refugee Law in Australia
    According to Suhad et al, the basic requirements that individuals need to meet for them to be accorded the protection visa are processed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
  20. UN, WTO Etc. And the Solving the Palestinian Refugee Subject
    The end of the war was also marked by the creation of a massive number of refugees 10,000 of them Jewish and 711,000 of them Palestinian.
  21. Refugee Crisis: Term Definition
    In addition to the above mentioned, the Iraqi government had reduced the garrisons in the Kurdistan regions were reduced or abandoned.
  22. Refugees and Migration: Issue Analysis
    Culmination of the conflicts and the crises were witnessed in Rwanda in April to mid July 1994, when genocide occurred following the assassination of the then Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana.
  23. Government-Funded Settlement Programs for African Refugees
    This will come in handy when assessing and evaluating the ability of the service providers, especially the government, to satisfy the needs of the refugees.
  24. African Refugee Life Challenges
    According to the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, a refugee is a person who “”owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a […]

⭐ Most Interesting Refugee Topics to Write about

  1. Mental Health Status and Syndrome Patterns Among Young Refugee Children in Germany
  2. The Difference Between Emigration and Refugee
  3. Welcoming Refugees and the Cultural Wealth of Cities: Intersections of Urban Development and Refugee Humanitarianism
  4. Refugee Women During the 21st Century
  5. Employer Attitudes Towards Refugee Immigrants
  6. Refugee Resettlement, Redistribution, and Growth
  7. The Best Practices for Addressing Refugee Adjustment
  8. Refugee Admissions and Public Safety: Are Refugee Settlement Areas More Prone to Crime
  9. Borderless Lullabies: Musicians and Authors in Defense of Refugee Children
  10. Regional Migration Patterns and Homeownership Disparities in the Hmong-American Refugee Community
  11. Jobs, Crime, and Votes: A Short-Run Evaluation of the Refugee Crisis in Germany
  12. Refugees and Refugee Crises: Some Historical Reflections
  13. The European Refugee Crisis: The Struggles of Survival
  14. Winners and Losers Among a Refugee-Hosting Population
  15. Getting the First Job – Size and Quality of Ethnic Enclaves for Refugee Labor Market Entry
  16. Benefits and Costs With High Refugee Population
  17. Mapping Complex Systems: Responses to Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in Three Refugee Camps
  18. Harnessing and Advancing Knowledge in Social Enterprises: Theoretical and Operational Challenges in the Refugee Settlement Experience
  19. Pre-school Teachers’ Stereotypes and Perceptions of Behavior Problems in Newly Arrived Refugee Children
  20. Racism and the European Refugee Crisis

✅ Simple & Easy Refugee Essay Titles

  1. Local Labor Markets and Earnings of Refugee Immigrants
  2. Escape From Violence: Conflict and the Refugee Crisis in the Developing World
  3. Mental Health Interventions for Refugee Youth
  4. Estimating Poverty for Refugee Populations: Can Cross-Survey Imputation Methods Substitute for Data Scarcity
  5. Administrative State Refugee Protection
  6. Blaming Brussels: The Impact of the Refugee Crisis on Attitudes Towards the EU and National Politics
  7. Assisting the Least Among Us: Social Work’s Historical Response to Unaccompanied Immigrant and Refugee Youth
  8. Syrian Refugee Crisis: Global Impacts and Sustainable Solutions
  9. Americans and the German Jewish Refugee Crisis of the 1930s
  10. Inclusive Education for Refugee Children With Disabilities
  11. Belonging: Decision Theory and Refugee
  12. Refugee Movement: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions
  13. Entrepreneurship and the Business Cycle: The “Schumpeter” Effect Versus the “Refugee” Effect
  14. Assessing the Direct and Spillover Effects of Shocks to Refugee Remittances
  15. Mental Illness and Addiction Among Immigrant, Refugee, and Asylum-Seeking
  16. Europe’s Refugee and Migrant Crisis: Economic and Political Ambivalences
  17. Refugee Camps and the Application of Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory
  18. Gratitude and Hospitality: Tamil Refugee Employment in London and the Conditional Nature of Integration
  19. Assigning Protection: Can Refugee Rights and State Preferences Be Reconciled
  20. Canada’s Refugee Strategy: How It Can Be Improved

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