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225 Immigration Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Key Points to Use to Write an Outstanding Immigration Essay

Immigration essay is a popular type of assignment in various topics, including politics and social sciences. In a globalized world, people can migrate from one country to another for work, study, and other reasons.

This post will discuss some points that you could include in your essay on immigration to earn a high mark!

First of all, you should provide some background information on the subject. For example, if you are writing an essay about immigration in the United States, describe and discuss the key periods when immigration was high. Try to think about the following questions:

  • What motivates people to immigrate a certain country?
  • Why is immigration higher in developed countries than in developing ones?
  • What are some examples of government policies promoting or reducing immigration?

Secondly, you should cover the key pro/con immigration arguments. Whether your essay is argumentative, persuasive, or informative, you need to acknowledge that immigration has both advantages and disadvantages. Here is a list of questions that you might want to ask yourself while writing the paper:

  • What influence does immigration have on the economy?
  • Does immigration make it easier or harder for people to find employment?
  • Why are some people against immigration, even when it’s legal?

The third point you should address in your essay is illegal immigration.

This is a significant topic in many countries, including the United States. To make sure that your paper receives an excellent mark, answer the following questions:

  • What are the reasons that make people immigrate illegally?
  • What are your country’s policies with regards to illegal immigrants?
  • What impact do illegal aliens have on the economy and society?
  • Why are some countries targeted by illegal immigrants more often than others?
  • What can governments do to prevent illegal migration without violating human rights and freedoms?

One of the most important immigration essay topics is the immigrant experience. While many students write about immigration, they often fail to present a comprehensive view of the concept.

To avoid this mistake, consider what immigrants feel and experience when they decide to come to a different country. If you have a friend who is an immigrant, you can interview them. Here are a few ideas to think about:

  • What are the most widespread challenges faced by immigrants?
  • How do people plan their life in a different country?
  • Do language barriers affect their relationships with other people, access to medical care, and education?
  • How do immigrants adjust to a new culture?
  • Can an immigrant integrate fully into the community?

Lastly, when thinking of essay topics about immigration, it is impossible to ignore the impact of immigration on society. Indeed, most essay titles in this area are focused on positive and negative social consequences of immigration. To cover this point in your paper, you may try to answer these questions:

  • Does immigration facilitate social division and can this effect be prevented?
  • Why do some people oppose cultural and racial diversity? What is cultural assimilation, and is it helpful to modern societies?
  • How can cultural pluralism and multiculturalism influence communities in immigrant-rich countries?
  • What can we do to ensure that immigration benefits all people, including native citizens?

Hopefully, this post has provided you with some things to talk about in your future immigration essays. Make sure to check sample papers and free essay titles about immigration on our website!

🏆 Best Immigration Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Maria Full of Grace and De Nadie: Immigration in Terms of Shots and Angles
    In the movie Maria Full of Grace, the director represents a variety of shots to describe how various and terrible the processes of immigration for people can be: a full shot when the biker is […]
  2. Arizona Immigration Law
    Lately though, the signing of an immigration law that seems to curtail the freedom of the people by Governor Jan Brewer rattled some feathers not only in the state, but in the larger US and […]
  3. The Fact of Immigration in the US and Media Reaction
    The comments in the media portray the white house and the congress as inconsiderate institution that does not care the well being of the immigrants in the society.
  4. Arizona Immigration Law Reform
    As revealed by American Immigration Council, various Acts have been developed in the Law system to enhance the improvement of the situation in the state, with an aim of integrating the people and the police […]
  5. World Publics Welcome Global Trade – but not Immigration
    The publics of the world support the idea of globalization. In summary, globalization has an influence on the culture and morals of the local people.
  6. Immigration and Ethnic Relations
    On a high frequency, women’s rights are trampled upon in the search for prosperity and economic status when compared to men.
  7. Illegal Immigration in the US
    Illegal immigration is one of the main disasters of the USA. The Mexico illegal immigrants remain one of the most devastating problems of the USA.
  8. Immigration Policies Challenges
    Policies should therefore be enacted to reinforce the implementation of the 1990 Immigration Act that emphasizes on family reunification and employment to be the main reasons for allowing immigration to the U.S.
  9. Immigration Admissions and Control Policies
    The policy should allow for documenting all legal and illegal immigrants in the United States. The immigration work policy should strengthen the country’s efforts in reducing the number of illegal immigrants entering the country rather […]
  10. Illegal Immigration in the US
    According to politicians, an increase in the number of illegal immigrants is highly likely to destabilize the law of the land, as well as disrupt the government’s planning and implementation of the labor market laws.
  11. Pros and Cons of Immigration for the Immigrants
    In spite of the economic benefits enjoyed by the immigrants in the United States, the immigrants face a stiff discrimination from the Americans.
  12. Immigration and Crime Rate
    The crime rate in major cities of U. Criminal- justice experts claimed that the high rate of crime is due to lack of sufficient new immigrants.
  13. Crossing Borders: Immigration Issue
    In fact, the impact of immigrants on the current situation in the United States is huge indeed: the economy has to be stimulated by the increased numbers of immigrants, financial aspects have to be improved […]
  14. Legal Immigration versus Illegal Immigration in America
    Due to the large number of illegal immigrants in the U. Legal immigration in America is accompanied by introduction of new skills to the country.
  15. Economic Contribution of Slaves and Present Day Legal and Illegal Immigration
    In Europe, slavery peaked in the fourteenth and ended in the late twentieth century after the emancipation of serfdom. The economy of a country is undoubtedly the last receptor of the effects of illegal immigrants.
  16. The History of Canada, Its Position on Immigration
    Until recently, Canada has been hospitable towards immigrants creating the popular myth that, ‘Canada is a welcoming country.’ Historically, Canada’s immigration policies were lax fuelled by the need to fill expansive empty tracts of land […]
  17. History of the Illegal Immigration into the U.S.
    It also proposes some policies to be implemented by the government in a bid to curtail the demerits of illegal immigrants When the house is granting citizenship to illegal immigrant, it should take note of […]
  18. Free-rider Problem and Illegal Immigration
    The issue of free riding is inevitable in each and every country because of the presence of the presence of minors, tax evaders and illegal immigrants just to mention but a few.
  19. The Immigration Status for Students
    It is elucidated that the bigger the class, the higher the chances of disturbances and interruptions which can negatively affect the quality time spent by the teacher on handling the students.
  20. Argument for Measures to Control Illegal Immigration
    One of the impacts of such immigration is the financial burden that is laid on the government in terms of making provisions for the immigrants.
  21. The Immigration History in the United States
    The movements however persists with foreigners streaming to the United States without proper validated documents and with the intention of settling in the country so as to enjoy the benefits of the celebrated economy against […]
  22. The Chief Tool of the “White Australian Policy” was the Immigration Restriction Act, 1901
    Australian government with the aim of restricting or limiting the number of non-white migrant to the country passed the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901.
  23. The Impact of Immigration on the Economy of the USA
    The USA is one of the most attractive countries to come for many specialists and workers from different countries of the World.
  24. Illegal Immigration: Views of Policy Makers, Media and General Public
    Illegal immigration into the U.S.is a billion dollar question that has fueled considerable public debate within the country in the past few years due the inherent social and economic costs that illegal immigration places on […]
  25. The Issue of Immigration, Its Causes and Effects
    Some of the major causes of immigration in the current world include; Political unrests and wars This is one of the common causes of immigration in various regions of the world.
  26. Migration, Immigration, and Emigration, and their Effects on Religion, Women, and Minorities in Egypt
    Migration connotes the movement of a person from their entity of origin or part of a nation to another with the intent of engaging in diverse activities.
  27. Immigration Policy: Government Approach and Solutions
    It is quite important to note that most of the illegal immigrants found in criminal activities get involved as a result of frustrations in life.
  28. Immigration as political issue in the USA
    The country has been witnessing a surge in the number of immigrants, and it is estimated that the number of illegal immigrants superseded that of the legal ones.
  29. The Impact of Immigration on the American Society and Culture
    Even though the country has granted residency status to millions of immigrants since time immemorial, the rapid influx of immigrants have created anxiety among the American citizens that immigration could adversely affect their social and […]
  30. Annotation of Immigration Effects on Homicide Offending for Total and Race/Ethnicity-Disaggregated Populations
    Third, the studies show that immigrant concentrations had negative effects on homicide victimization rates in totality, and lastly, the studies were ambiguous on homicide victimization on all the ethnic and racial groups.
  31. Coming to America: An Exploration of Immigration
    First of all, there is a need to point out that the issue of immigration is recognized to be extremely popular in mass media.
  32. The History of Jamaicans Immigration to Canada
    The final section examines and discusses the migration of Jamaicans to Canada from 1960s to the financial year 2000. Despite the importation, the Maroons who in 1976 migrated to Halifax became the earliest Jamaicans to […]
  33. The Issue of Illegal Immigration
    On the other hand, opponents of immigration depict immigrants as a menace to the American people as it promotes the rise in criminal activities and causes an economic and social burden to taxpayers.
  34. Positive Economic Consequences of Immigration vs. Negative Socioeconomic Consequences of Unskilled Immigrants
    The analysis of economic growth in the United States has shown that immigration has contributed greatly to the prosperity in the economic sphere.
  35. Consequences of Immigration
    The increase in population over time is evident from the alteration in the number of persons in the population. This can be viewed as a major input by immigrants to contribute in the evolution and […]
  36. Factor that Cause Immigration
    The United Nations estimates that slightly over half a billion employed people survive on less than a dollar a day; most of these workers are trapped in the cycle of poverty.
  37. Immigration in the Contemporary American Society
    As for the economic issue, it is possible to note that this is the major problem to be addressed. In the first place, it is important to raise awareness on the importance of immigrant’s work […]
  38. Economic Consequences of Immigration on Socioeconomic Activities
    The fiscal market looks at the consequences on the sustainability of the public budget through the contribution of the immigrants. Immigrants contribute to fiscal market through taxes and on the other hand, they receive public […]
  39. Immigration’s Influence on the USA
    The USA is the classic country of immigration where immigrants form one of the significant categories of the country’s population. Nevertheless, the negative public opinion toward immigrants in relation to the economic and social issues […]
  40. Economic Consequences of Immigration
    Searching for better life, many people go abroad and the satisfaction they get from living in the country with better living conditions is much higher than the negative aspects of immigration.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Immigration

  1. The Immigration Debate
    The American election debate usually attracts a lot of interest from its citizenry and the whole world due to the fact that the United States is a world super-power.
  2. Immigration and Discrimination in the Workplace
    The ability to see a big picture and the need to appreciate the contribution of immigrants to U.S.economy will reduce the incidences of discrimination in the workplace.
  3. Globalisation, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in Vancouver
    The paper will further explain the impact of geographical-regional inequality in addition to class polarisation, and function of the metropolitan city of Vancouver B.C.in the new global society.
  4. Rights of Immigrants and Immigration Policy
    To begin with, the state has to recognize that its primary role is the welfare of its own citizens as well as protection of the others who are in need.
  5. History of Immigration – United States
    This paper will therefore explore the history of immigration in the United States. However, they are the most decorated in history of United States.
  6. American Immigration History
    Nonetheless, the largest wave of immigrants arrived in America in the 20th century. Therefore, failure to control the number and type of immigration in America is not a new thing.
  7. History of Immigration and Its Timeline in the United States
    In essence, understanding the relations between ethnic groups in the United States requires a thorough look at the history of immigration.
  8. Women Immigration to US
    It is certain that poverty is one of the major factors that propel women to move from their native countries to US.
  9. A speech touching on immigration reforms
    This is a very significant part of the speech as it helps to show that tension is easing on the issue and this is what will make the proposals to go ahead.
  10. The Root Cause of Racism and Ethnic Stratification in the US
    African Americans form the bulk of ethnic minorities of immigrant origin in the US. For that reason, African Americans are one of the most important ethnic groups in the US.
  11. Concept of Race and Ethnicity in U.S. Immigration History
    Due to the fact that the U.S.population consists of various ethnic communities, most of them will have to adjust to the dominating system of social and cultural beliefs.
  12. United States Immigration History
    The Europeans imported Africans mostly from the Caribbean and West Africa who also helped in the dilution of the ethnical composition of America.
  13. Immigration, Socioeconomic and Upward Mobility and Cultural Assimilation
    Immigration resulted in the emergence of various ethnic groups in the U.S.this had a dramatic impact on the ethnic and racial relations of the Americans.
  14. Immigration bias on Hispanics in North Carolina
    Immigration bias against the Hispanics has been witnessed in the State of North Carolina based on implementation of Section 287 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.
  15. Immigration Bill in US
    This essay seeks to prove that it is proper for such people to acquire citizenship in the United States of America through the passing of the pending immigration bill.
  16. The Political Affairs and Strategies of Immigration Laws in the State of North Carolina
    The section 287 of the INA was passed in 1996 and was amended by the Department of Homeland Security to strengthen the Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the United States to build accords with the […]
  17. Politics of Immigration
    There are two major types of immigrants in the United States; the first set of people is of those who earn less amount of money than those who are already in America.
  18. Impact of Immigration on the Geography of Canada
    The geography of Canada has a great impact on immigration and inurn, immigration has resulted in to a great impact on the geography of Canada.
  19. Political Immigration as Addressed in City on the Edge: The Transformation of Miami
    City on the Edge: The transformation of Miami authored by Alejandro Portes and Alex Stepick sets out to study the trends of urban settlement in Miami, and to review the role played by Cuban immigrants […]
  20. Immigration Debate
    To some extent, the current American Immigration System is against provision of some of the basic needs to the aliens, which is a violation of utilitarianism theory of justice that claims the provision of all […]
  21. Immigration Issues in Alfonso Gonzales’s Book “Reform without Justice: Latino Migrant Politics and the Homeland Security State”
    Focusing on the emotions associated with the discussed ideas about the necessity of the comprehensive immigration reform, it is necessary to pay attention to the desire to support the claims of the Latino migrant activists […]
  22. Why US Attracts Immigration From All Over the World
    Some of the common reasons that have led to the increased number of immigrants into the country are plentiful job opportunities, cases of overpopulations in other countries, the search for religious and political asylum, and […]
  23. Immigration Reform in US Government
    This scholar says that this country population is a true composition of the people in the world. The rise in the level of crime is associated to the illegal immigrants into this country.
  24. Immigration Reform and the Economic Impact
    The emergence of immigration policy from the comprehensive immigration reform primarily seeks to implement a flexible legal immigration platform that would leverage the economic situations of the United States. The national GDP depends on the […]
  25. Immigration Specificity of ELLs in Canada and the USA
    The article of Fairbairn and Fox explores a great number of implications for the state agencies responsible for the formation of education curricula, assessment tools, and formulation of standards according to which the outcomes of […]
  26. Age at Immigration and Second Language Proficiency Among Foreign-born Adults by Gillian Stevens
    However, the author attributes the level of proficiency in the second language to social and demographic factors such as exposure, education and the duration of residence in the United States.
  27. The Impacts of Illegal Immigration on the Country of Destination
    The illegal immigrants find a new life and find means of serving in the new destination, accordingly the country of destination realize some changes. Waldo disagree that illegal immigrants contribute to the economy of the […]
  28. Sweden and Denmark: Immigration policies
    In this case, Sweden and Denmark have been selected as study cases in the issue of immigration due to the fact that the two have had immigration policies over a long period of time, and […]
  29. Economic of Immigration and Economics of Mexico
    Positive Impacts One of the issues that has been brought about in regards to the immigrants who come to America is the fact that compared to the citizens of this country; they tend to pay […]
  30. Economic advantages and disadvantages of immigration into the U.S.
    According to Geigenberger, because of this inability to get taxes from the majority of the immigrants, the government is always strained in the achievement of objectives.
  31. Illegal Immigration to the United States
    Fox News has argued that it is very difficult to actually determine how an increase in the number of illegal immigrants gets to affect the rate of crime in the United States.
  32. Immigration in the Film ‘The Guest worker’
    In later times, the H2- A temporary visa program was established in the year 1986 in order to regulate the numbers of laborers coming into the United States, which requires both the laborers and prospective […]
  33. Comparing U.S and Canada immigration
    Immigration in the United States and Canada in the Post Hart-Cella Act and Canadian Immigration Act Era This paper addresses the socio-economic benefits of immigrant population in the United States of America and Canada.
  34. Errors Made by the United States Citizen and Immigration Service When Processing Immigration Forms
    1 According to the deputy director of the USCIS, there are two types of immigrants to the United States – the legal and illegal immigrants.
  35. U.S. Immigration Control
    The factor of urbanization has also contributed to the increasing immigration to the U.S.with many people moving to the United States of America due to the attraction of urbanization which is directly associated with industrialization […]
  36. Canadian Immigration Policy
    This helped the Canadians in reduction of less privileged persons to the country since they were viewed as a burden to the society.
  37. How has Immigration Transformed the Life and Culture of London over the Past 150 Years?
    Except in the recent years where the number has decreased as a result of the heightening recession, people seeking employment have always constituted the largest number of the total inflows in the UK.
  38. Controversy Surrounding Immigration
    The immigrants were required to have no criminal records in a period of five years. This has made Americans to have a poor perception towards immigrants from some regions in the world.
  39. Is Immigration an Economic benefit to the Host Country?
    Economically, the rate of payment of tax to the host country is always lower than the services it provides to the immigrants.
  40. Effects of illegal immigration on the economy of the United States and the measures that be taken to minimize the effect
    The study will include the demographics of the illegal immigration, its history, the immigration policy, and the impact that the illegal immigration has on the economy of the United States.

🎓 Simple & Easy Immigration Essay Titles

  1. African Americans: Immigration and Ethnic Relations
    One of the most controversial aspects of the issue is that African Americans had to endure forced immigration. It is important to note that African Americans had to face lots of issues in a variety […]
  2. Public Opinion on Immigration and Ethnic Relations in the US
    To some extent, the impact of immigration on the society as a whole causes the change in attitude. First, they believe that illegal immigration is on the rise and is causing a serious problem on […]
  3. Immigration and Asylum
    Specifically, the author denotes a kind of diasporas which began to form from the time of the USSR collapse, this is the returned diasporas. The Van Hear’s and Cohen’s visions of the types of diasporas […]
  4. Immigration’s Economic Reasons
    There are two theories that can be used to explain the economic reasons for immigration from one country to another. From the discussion above, it is clear that economic reasons and immigration policies are very […]
  5. Immigration Admission Policies
    Internal immigration controls, however, are enacted to prevent illegal immigrants from residing and working in the country. Illegal immigration is harmful to the economy and a burden to the country.
  6. Immigration Reform in the United States
    From the perspective of the social contract, the citizens of the United States have given authority to the government to protect them from external aggression and invasion by foreigners.
  7. Immigration of Women
    Women whose husbands have migrated to foreign countries or are citizens of other countries often migrate to those countries to join their husbands for family reunification through a process known as chain migration. Therefore, women […]
  8. Immigration to the US After the Second World War
    For Jews, they were ranked the second largest ethnic group to migrate in the US in the nineteenth century. After the Second World, Jews were forced to relocate to the US mainly because of the […]
  9. History of Immigration in the United States
    The threshold of the twenties century was marked by the era of industrialization in Europe, which led to mass discontent among the workers.
  10. Immigration of Filipino Nurses to the United States
    The migration of Filipino nurses to the United States in the twentieth century has raised many concerns as to the cause of such a trend.
  11. Impact of the DREAM Act on Immigration in America
    Indeed, it was the desire of the founding fathers of the United States that the country would have the most tolerable society in the world.
  12. Immigration to Australia (Arabic Case)
    Muslim in Australia is dated far before the settlement of Europeans in the country. They are reserved in refugee camps and the duty to take care of them left to the government.
  13. Legal Mexican Immigration Wave Since 1965
    The influx resulted in a heated debate in the US Congress as the massive population of the Mexicans in the United States has caused devastations on the social order in the United States.
  14. Immigration and Illegal Foreigners in Japan
    However, the economic boom of the mid 1980s necessitated the use of foreign workers and this marked the first wave of immigrants in Japan.
  15. Illegal Immigration
    The name of the article to be critiqued is, ‘The Economics and Policy of Illegal Immigration in the United States’. One of the hypotheses that have been supported by the article is that policymakers across […]
  16. Comparing Sweden Immigration Policy with German Immigration Policy
    As Herrera and Moualhi posit, “In liberal-democratic polities, the question of ‘who makes immigration policy’ evokes the question of the extent at which those policies mirror the preferences of a majority of citizens, or rather […]
  17. Economics and Immigration
    4 It is no wonder that changes in wages and earnings are at the heart of the economic debate concerning the patterns of immigration to Japan.
  18. Immigration and Multiculturalism in Australia
    The NSW Refugee plan 2011-2016 is a comprehensive health plan that seeks to improve health status and welfare of refugees in Auburn, NSW.
  19. Bridging People Together: When Immigration Issue Comes to the Forth
    Analyzing the answers of the respondents, one can drive a number of curious conclusions concerning the immigration situation in Australia and the measures that the local people are trying to undertake to help the former […]
  20. Immigration and Changes in British Society around the Time Period the Novel is Set
    From the exclusivity of class experienced in Britain at the time, Karim realized that he was among the disadvantaged people in the society and British natives often had very low expectation of him in this […]
  21. U.S. Immigration Reform Policy Circa 2001 to Present
    It is pointed out that, to actually revert to the core of reform and illegal immigration, there is need to revert to the year 1964, a time Lynden Johnson halted bringing in of temporary workers.
  22. Arab Immigration in USA
    This led to the war between the Arabs and the Israeli. In particular, the Arabian Jazz uses jazz in the book and relates it to the Arab American identity issues that occurred in the US.
  23. History of Immigration to the United States
    What the History of Immigration to the United States Indicates About the Nature of Race/Racism and/or Ethnic Groups There have been high rates of immigration into the United States.
  24. Analysis of Race and Ethnicity in U.S. Immigration History
    The concept of race and ethnicity is closely interwoven with the immigration history of the United States and, therefore, the concepts provide essential issues for discussion.
  25. Stopping Illegal Immigration: Border Security
    The other reason for the need to stop illegal immigration is that the Illegal aliens are weighing down many systems in the country.
  26. Muslims’ Immigration to Australia
    This increase was especially noticeable in the late 1940s and the early 1950s, following the overthrow of the monarchy in Egypt, resulting in the rise of the Arab nationalist movement.
  27. Illegal Immigration in the United States as an Economic Burden
    Finally, the economic challenge of illegal immigration also undermines the educational system in the United States. As it has been mentioned before, the illegal immigration in the Unites States creates both opportunities and shortcomings for […]
  28. Role of Frontex in Combating Illegal Immigration in the European Union Territory
    Surveillance on external borders With its headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, the European Agency for the management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the member states of the European Union is a body, which […]
  29. The Aspects of Immigration into Australia
    The political history of a given country, the economic status of the country, and the social factors like religion in the country often form the basis for the development of such policies.
  30. Immigration as Social Issue in Australia
    The research will explore the element of trans-nationalism that is likely to be the case with most of these immigrants and its impacts on their continued stay in Australia.
  31. Concepts of Immigration
    The study is based on the premise that the conduct of live of the immigrants from the Middle East is far much different from the rest of the Australian population.
  32. Is the Legalization of Illegal Aliens a Good Solution to Illegal Immigration in America?
    Huge numbers of illegal immigrants come from the southern borders of the US and especially on the US-Mexico border and to the north; the US-Canada border.
  33. Immigration and Deportation Processes
    Marriage between people from different countries necessitates the movement of one of the couples to the home country of the other.
  34. Illegal Immigration in the USA
    Some of the most secure cities in the countries happen to be in the south. Kane and Johnson also add that immigrants are not a problem to the country’s economy; consequently, anti-immigration laws need not […]
  35. Illegal Immigration Problem in the United States
    The fences that were set up to deter entry only covered part of the border and in the past decade, the government has been searching for better ways to control entry into the United States.
  36. Illegal Immigration in the United States
    Another factor that calls for strict application of the law for the deportation of illegal immigrants in the United States is the fact that the legislation that has been in existence has provided avenues for […]
  37. Chinese Americans Immigration
    For example, thousands of Chinese people left their homes to work and live in the USA in the second half of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Chinese people went to the USA to […]
  38. Controversial Immigration Policy in Brazil
    In 2009, the government came up with an amnesty for the illegal immigrants that allowed them to present themselves to the immigration offices within the country to be registered as legal immigrants in the country.
  39. Immigration Issues
    Despite the fact that in most cases, immigrants are affected by a number of issues in their native country and receive less than cold welcome in the state where they move to, the success of […]
  40. Waves of Immigration to the United States
    Another large wave of immigration of the refugees of World Wars and disorders happening in the former Russian Empire occurred in the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of twentieth century.

🥇 Most Interesting Immigration Topics to Write about

  1. Immigration Debate in the US
    The cost of undocumented immigrants is one of the most contentious issues in the US immigration debate. Opponents of immigration claim that it is a source of insecurity and a drain on the US’s economy.
  2. Political Sciences: American Immigration
    To understand the attitude, it is important that one considers the fact that, based on the history of the nation, many members of the population are immigrants.
  3. Ethnic Groups in the US Immigration History
    In most of the cases, they worked alongside the African Americans in the fields or industrial sectors. The Italians had limited options in addressing the challenges they faced in the United States.
  4. UK Immigration in 2015
    In 1993 the percentage of the foreign-born population in the country accounted for 7 percent, and in 2013 it reached 12.
  5. Immigration Amnesty
    A great percentage of immigrants have a positive significance to a country; amnesty, therefore, may be a solution to problems that the government has never regarded serious before.
  6. Arizona Immigration Laws
    Currently, the issue of illegal immigration in the USA heavily dominates USA political forum, the Congress body and even the policy agenda in the federal government and even the states’ government.
  7. Sheriff Joe’s Illegal Immigration in Arizona
    Often dubbed as the “toughest sheriff in the United States”, the sheriff has the numbers to back his fight against illegal immigrants in his county.
  8. America and the Problem of Illegal Immigration
    The presence of the illegal immigrants, commonly known as illegal aliens, is such massive numbers has brought the issue of illegal immigration to the limelight of the U.S.political scene, to the halls of Congress, and […]
  9. Relationship of Immigration and Median Household
    Focusing on the relationship between the general percentage of foreign-born people living in the metropolitan areas and the median household income, it is possible to state that the hypothesis is confirmed.
  10. Immigration and Its Effects to the Middle East
    The movement of Europeans to America in the 16th to 18th centuries is one of the great examples of immigration in the early periods.
  11. Operation Jump Start in Immigration Issues: Pros and Cons
    The chief of the National Guard Bureau claimed that according to the requirements, the National Guard will send more than 2000 groups along the border.
  12. Illegal Immigration as a Major Problem for the USA
    However, when it comes to defining the factors contributing to the growth of the unemployment rates among the local population, not only the growth of the number of immigrants, but also the quality of the […]
  13. Reasons of Immigration Literature Growth
    Cofer is currently “the Franklin Professor of English and the director of the creative writing program at the University of Georgia”.
  14. Immigration, Voting and Naturalization Laws
    That is why, the combination of all these people, their beliefs and points of view led to the appearance of a great number of approaches towards the issue of human rights and the main idea […]
  15. Immigration in Ontario
    As such, immigration policies should be re-evaluated to accommodate the needs of the immigrants and put in place measures that ensure Ontario exploit the economic benefits immigrants bring into the town.
  16. Justice of Immigration in the United States
    The debate on the legalization of immigration is considered a racial justice issue because opponents argue that giving immigrants the citizenship would lead to the rise in the crime rates, overpopulation/urban sprawl, and national insecurity.
  17. Basque Immigration and Culture in Idaho
    The language of Basques is the oldest in Europe and researchers think that it is the closest one to a language spoken in pre-historic times.
  18. Immigration in America: the Current Understanding
    Furthermore, additional research shows that the enactment and implementation of stringent immigration policies has failed to control the number of immigrants entering the United States per annum.
  19. How Immigration Relates to Post-Human and Globalization?
    The interrelationship between post-human, globalization and immigration comes as a result of a process that takes ages to materialize. It explains the origin of immigration and globalization which in conjunction gave rise to the post-human […]
  20. Immigration Effects in Patrick Buchanan’s The Death of the West
    Although Buchanan argues that the increasing rates of immigration along with the decreasing birth rates within the country are the real threats for the US national development and cultural identity, the author cannot be discussed […]
  21. The Canadian Contemporary Policy of Immigration
    When coming up with an immigration policy, it is important to weigh the benefits that immigrants will bring to a nation and the gains the immigrants will equally get in the foreign country.
  22. Media View in Shaping Immigration
    However, the rise in the number of divisive issues has contributed to the rise of a national debate that sparks a need for policies to respond to the challenges of immigration.
  23. New York Times: Obama Vows to Push Immigration Changes
    Despite this bias, the report provides a fair view of the Democratic Party and the president’s view of the republicans on the issue of immigration.
  24. Identity, Immigration and American Public Opinion
    The definition of identity based on what it means to be American is arbitrary. Therefore, without a common definition of what it means to be American, it becomes difficulty to define identity based on the […]
  25. Immigration in USA
    The Irish population has had a significant effect on the culture and social life of the United States, as they greatly contributed in arts, more particularly folk music, traditions of their homeland and participation in […]
  26. A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life
    On reaching the new land however, most of them weakened from the inhospitable cities and climate in America in addition to the back-breaking labor most of them had to undertake in order to survive.
  27. The Problems of Immigration: Muneera Qahtani Views
    Although the discourse in question represents the opinion of only one person and, therefore, might be deemed as lacking objectivity, the ability of the author to integrate several points of view into her analysis of […]
  28. Immigration Pros and Cons for the United States
    At the same time, the number of undocumented illegal immigrants in the country is truly enormous and this creates a serious pressure on the economy of the United States as many of the immigrants obtain […]
  29. The Economics of Immigration
    People in the host country are often hostile to the immigrants’ cultures and want their complete assimilation while the immigrants find strength in their cultural background.
  30. Reid Luhman’ View on History of Immigration to the US
    Whereas there is a widespread tendency to regard slave ownership as a historic event and the example of the suppression of the black race, Luhman focuses on the financial side of the problem.
  31. Illegal Immigration Crisis: Problems and Solutions
    For example, federal policy has led to the involvement of local law enforcement as immigration agents who have inherited the responsibilities of checking citizenship status and detaining those failing to produce documentation.
  32. Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for Women
    The main problem facing women asylum seekers within Canada is the failure of decision makers to incorporate gender related claims of women into the interpretation of the existing enumerated grounds and their failure to recognize […]
  33. Immigration and Healthcare in the United States
    The authors of an article published in The Online Journal of the Migration Policy Institute in 2016 reported that just over the last few decades, the population of immigrants in the US changed from 9.
  34. Immigration in Trump’s Candidate Speech
    Trump thinks that the main issue he will handle is the well-being of the American people and not the needs of the illegal immigrants.
  35. Immigration in the United States: Informative Speech
    First of all, the goal of this speech is to inform the audience of the current immigration issues in the country and how they have been and are promised to be treated by the politicians.
  36. California’s Immigration Policy and Its Impacts
    The paper will show the geopolitical implication of this bill as well as the social, cultural and economic impacts to the nation.
  37. Illegal Immigration, Its Causes, Methods, Effects
    It is the duty of immigration officers to update all the expired visas and ensure that either they are renewed or the victims leave the country.
  38. Open Immigration, Its Benefits and Morality
    In this paper, Kukathas articulates that the benefits of open migration as compared to other approaches to the question of immigration. In this essay, Risse makes the argument that “the natural resources of the planet […]
  39. Immigration and Urban Change in the USA
    As the former colony of the British Empire, the USA was built by the hands of the immigrants, so immigration issues were and still are among the top problems in American society.
  40. Immigration as the Positive Economic Consequences in the USA
    On the face of it, the principal benefit, which an unskilled immigrant is likely to receive in the USA, is the level of wages set for different types of basic labour.

📌 Immigration Writing Prompts

  1. Immigration in Britain and Social Cohesion
  2. Immigration Pros and Cons for the Immigrants Themselves
  3. Donald Trump’s Immigration Speech
  4. The New Immigration Laws Creating a New Realty
  5. Women’s Immigration and Its High Price
  6. Muslim Immigration to European Countries
  7. Immigration Services Against Crime and Terrorism
  8. Illegal Immigration Issue in the USA
  9. Fiscal Concerns and Public Attitude towards Immigration
  10. Changes in Immigration Policy
  11. Current International Interest: Immigration in the US
  12. Immigration Influence on Israeli Residents’ Personality Traits
  13. Immigration Threats in the USA
  14. Immigration Effects on Marketing Activities in Canada
  15. Ethics of Illegal Immigration Effects on the US
  16. Employment Law: Immigration Reform and Control Act
  17. Irish and German Immigration to the 19th-Century US
  18. Social Issues of the Immigration Journal
  19. Value of Immigration
  20. Immigration and Control Policies in the US
  21. Immigration to the United States of America
  22. The Immigration Museum: Cultural Diversity in Australia
  23. Labor Economy and Immigration
  24. Travel and New Land: Immigration Experience
  25. Immigration Effects on the Median Household Income
  26. Chinese Immigration to Cambodia in Personal Story
  27. Immigration and Crime Rates in the United States
  28. Immigration in the United States
  29. New Waves of Immigration to the United States
  30. Immigration Issues in the United States
  31. The History of Korean American Immigration Experience
  32. Health Policy and Immigration Issues in California
  33. The Migrant and Immigration Issues in the US Society
  34. Understanding Canadian Immigration Policy Change
  35. Immigration History of New York City
  36. Federal Immigration Policy: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  37. Problem of Immigration in the United States
  38. How Immigration Affects Global Business
  39. Immigration as a Source of Community Problems
  40. Immigration and Labor Law

✅ Good Research Topics about Immigration

  1. Immigration, Hispanics, and Mass Incarceration in the U.S.
  2. Americanism or Trans-National America: Immigration
  3. Immigration Asian Indians in America
  4. Latino Migration: The Issue of the Mexican – US Immigration and the US Border Policies
  5. History of Puerto Rican Immigration to New York
  6. Open Immigration Borders Migration: Effects of Muslim
  7. Immigration Reform in America
  8. Why Immigration Is a Problem
  9. Amending Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
  10. Immigration and Students in America
  11. Illegal Immigration: Difference in Covering the Matter
  12. Immigration in Post-war France
  13. Immigration Restrictions in American History
  14. Women Study: Immigration and Mothering
  15. French Immigration: Rights of Foreign-Born Citizens
  16. Canadian Immigration and Multiculturalism
  17. The History of Canada Immigration
  18. Immigration and Schools in the United States
  19. Immigration in New York 1990-2008
  20. Catholic and Jewish Immigration in the United States
  21. Jobs and the American Economy: The Issue of Immigration
  22. Immigration in Texas
  23. Humanities. Immigration Issues in the United States
  24. US Immigration in Late 19th Century
  25. Immigration Welfare Policy Analysis

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