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The Economics of Immigration Essay

Immigration debate

Many controversies associated with immigration are discussed in terms of the debate on the matter. One of these is concerned with safety. Citizens of the host country often believe that immigrants tend to engage themselves in unlawful activities (McCabe & Meissner, 2010). Another controversy is associated with the labor market. For instance, Americans often fear that immigrants will take up their jobs, and they will become unemployed. A controversy concerning cultural assimilation has also acquired significant attention. People in the host country are often hostile to the immigrants’ cultures and want their complete assimilation while the immigrants find strength in their cultural background.

Immigration and Racism

Racism is closely connected with immigration, which, in turn, is associated with the territory (Montebon, 2013). Newcomers are seen as aliens who can pose various threats (related to jobs, security, cultural sustainability and so on). New York is an illustration of the development of racist biases. People of many cultures have to co-exist, and their interests are often in conflict due to the scarcity of resources (Mirkinson, 2015). Racism stems from this conflict.

Immigration as an Economic Issue

Immigration is an economic issue in many ways. For example, it is associated with the flow of people, which leads to the growth of the population. The resources may not be readily available to respond to the needs of the increased population. Besides, the US government allocates significant funds to address such issues as detect illegal immigrants and send them back, provide financial support to eligible immigrants and so on (Renwick & Lee, 2015).

Arguments for Immigration

Economists and researchers stress that immigration is favorable for a country in the long run. It boosts innovation and development as newcomers often introduce new ideas and approaches, which are necessary to compete effectively with the native-born people (Matthews, 2013). Furthermore, immigrants are often high-skilled workers that can boost the development of the country’s economy. Thus, US companies advocate more liberal policies for immigrants who obtain US education as these are high-profile professionals that are needed for firms to be competitive (Renwick & Lee, 2015).

Parental Influence on Children

It has been acknowledged that parents affect their children’s development in many ways. Parents are role models that serve as the background for the development of the child’s beliefs and behavioral patterns (Pickhardt, 2010). In childhood, parents are seen as role models and children copy them in everything. In adolescence, teenagers tend to criticize their parents and often behave in a way opposite to the patterns displayed by their parents.

Navy boot camp is the place where individuals can push their personal limits. For me, it was a challenging but rewarding experience. Of course, I learned a lot about sea and military service. More importantly, I learned a lot about myself and my abilities (physical, mental, emotional). I became more cooperative as I learned about the importance of teamwork.

One of the life-threatening events in my life happened during fire safety training. Now I understand what panic is. We had to extinguish the fire in a compartment, and I lost control for several seconds. The compartment was filled with smoke, and we had to wear the gas masks. However, I felt I was suffocating, and I simply could not be in that mask. I took it off, and the things became worse. I was completely lost and could not find my way from the compartment. Luckily, my friend took me by the hand and helped me out. I understand that I could not die as the whole activity was supervised, but at some point, I lost control. I was panic-stricken. This experience enables me to understand issues related to fears and panic better.

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