Immigration Essay Examples and Topics

Global Labor Mobility Reasons and Challenges

In the past few years, the study of human migration is getting lots of attention. The reason behind it is that the people all over the world are migrating in a large number. This has been possible due to today’s advanced technology, which is reducing the gap between different continents so the nations worldwide are […]

Benefits of Migration to Modern Countries

Introduction Migration is a global issue and it has elicited heightened debates amongst scholars across the world. The migration topic is diverse and given that it has a ‘human face’, it has drawn interests from different quarters with human rights activists being the latest addition to the interested parties. In some places like the United […]

Undocumented Childhood in the United States

Introduction Each year, over 65.000 students graduate from American high schools. However, these students, regardless of their grades, cannot join colleges or work in the military just because they are first grade immigrants. Culturally, these students are Americans because there is very little they share with the country of birth of their parents (Immigration Policy […]

Asylum Seekers in Australia

Introduction The increasing inflow of refugees and asylum seekers has become one of the major concerns for Australian policy-makers, journalists, human rights activists, and tax-payers. In particular, it is necessary to reconcile two needs. At first, the Australian government must ensure that people, who are at the risk of torture, persecution, or discrimination, can find […]

Why Migration cannot be a Basic Human Right

Introduction Migration has always been a part of human culture and since prehistoric times, people have relocated from one geographical region to the other. This movement is often encouraged by the desire to seek better opportunities or to escape from undesirable conditions in one’s native region. Migration has gained significant importance in the 21st century […]

The Migration of the Jews: Problems, Significance and Benefits

Introduction Massive persecution of the Jews in the 19th century marked the genesis of the Middle East conflicts. Since the persecution became a world issue, world leaders agreed to establish a Jewish state in the Middle East. Tabarani argues that, since the British Empire had a mandate over Palestine from 1920 to 1947, it was […]

Rural–urban migration and youth in Bhutan

Background: Rural-urban migration and youth in Bhutan Rural-urban migration is a universal concern across the globe. Just like other nations, Bhutan is experiencing mass movement of people, especially youths from rural to urban areas. The bulk of Bhutan’s population is composed of the youth. Actually, more than half of Bhutan population is aged below 25 […]

Migrant workers in Canada

The situation of foreign temporary workers in Canada is increasingly troublesome. Canadian law requires employers to provide most of the same rights to foreign workers as to resident workers . However, not every employer apparently implements these laws and regulations consistently, according to an article from the Vancouver webpage, Carlito Pablo points out that […]

457 Visa in Australia. Management Foundations Construction

Executive Summary The Australian government’s proposed change to 457 Visa Program has generated a lot of discussion. Companies such Management Foundations Construction is following the discussions keenly. The construction industry is likely to be most culpable owing to the many temporary immigrant workers it employs. The government claims that industry players employ such workers despite […]

The 457 Visa Programme in Australia

The Australian Government introduced the concept of 457 visas in order to limit the number of immigrants into the country. Australia had witnessed an increasing number of migrants occupying various job positions before the second half of the 1990s. Markedly, the government moved in to ensure that employers give priorities to Australian citizens during job […]

Will Metropolitan areas in USA with higher concentrations of immigrants have higher median household income?

Problem Statement – The significance of Immigrant Workers on the economy of USA USA can be said as a nation built up of immigrants. Since, USA is an advanced economy, there is a strong desire to settle down in USA by other nations’ residents mainly to enjoy the advanced standard of living available there. Immigration […]

The Construction of Brazilian Identity in Japan

The book ‘No One Home’ by Linger (2001) is a study that mainly focuses on the fieldwork data collected through interviewing a large number of people on the identity of Nikkei living and working in Japan. The Nikkei are as a result of the Japanese government allowing the Japanese immigrants a bonafide existence in japan. […]

Is the Legalization of Illegal Aliens a Good Solution to Illegal Immigration in America?

America has been a destination for immigrants for centuries. In fact, the entire American population is made up of people from different countries, with different cultures and social and economic backgrounds. Early immigrants moved to the United States (US) for various reasons which included political and religious freedom, but perhaps the most important reason; is […]

How Confucianism as the Asian American Heritage Has Been Maintained in Asian American Families

Introduction Asian Americans exhibit a strong cultural diversity that prevents scholars from characterizing their families using a single set of cultural values; however, they also share strong cultural similarities such as the Confucian philosophy towards life and family. Scholars claim that this philosophy is a product of the early political and cultural influence of China […]

Concepts of Immigration

Introduction The history of immigration to Australia is not a recent affair as may seem to anyone without a proper grasp of the history of that country. The recent years have seen a myriad people migrate to Australia for various reasons. Historically speaking, that migration actually began more than 50,000 years ago. Throughout the years, […]

Immigrants and Refugees Differences

Definition of Immigrant An immigrant is a person who leaves his country of origin and moves to a foreign country or region voluntarily.1 Definition of Refugee A refugee is a person who migrates from his country of origin due to restrictions or threat of danger to his life.2 Differences From the above two definitions, both […]

Immigration as Social Issue in Australia

Introduction Immigration is a thorny political as well as social issue in Australia. Like many western countries, Australia receives millions of immigrants from third world countries who enter the country both legally and illegally. According to the Australian government, the country has received nearly 6.8 million immigrants since 1945. Middle East countries like Lebanon supplies […]

“Impossible Subjects” Book by Mae Ngai

The book ‘impossible subjects’ by Mae Ngai focuses on the history of immigration in the twentieth-century America. It offers a concise illumination of the illegal immigration of the late twentieth century. Though considered illegal and a serious problem, the author sees the immigration as a legal endeavor. According to him, the inclusion of Mexican immigrants […]

The Aspects of Immigration into Australia

Immigrants are individuals that have come into a country to be residents of the country. There are various reasons that can make an individual leave his or her country and seek residence in another country. Whereas some individuals may migrate to another country due to the unfavorable social, political, and economic conditions in their countries, […]

Role of Frontex in Combating Illegal Immigration in the European Union Territory

Introduction When compared to North America, Europe is one of the regions, which is also recording a high influx of immigrants as per the OECD report (2008). Recent studies indicate that the immigration rate in Europe is at 3.0% and therefore, the region hosts about 56 million immigrants (Boswell 2005). Besides immigrants seeking labor or […]

Marginalization of Rural Migrant Workers in China

Background Information The issue of rural migrant worker is one of the most crucial concerns in the contemporary Chinese setting. Essentially, a rural migrant worker is an individual who is originally registered in the rural area, but has migrated to an urban area to work. The number of the rural migrant workers has attained alarming […]

Economic, Political, Social, and Racial Concerns Affecting Mexican Americans

Despite the adoption of the Amnesty Immigration and Reform Control Act, the Mexican Americans still encounter immense difficulties in adjusting to alien cultural, political, and social environments. In fact, the negativity on the part of the U.S. citizens is historically predetermined. One the one hand, the existing legislature supports the legalization of foreign- born population […]

Illegal Immigration in the United States as an Economic Burden

Illegal immigration is regarded as a contradicting topic in the United States. More and more newcomers enter the county illegally in an attempt to apply for a prestigious job. However, in case the government allows to undocumented workers to gain permanent residents, it can lead to unpredictable outcomes. The majority of unofficial U.S. citizens continue […]

Attitudes on Immigrants

Introduction Attitudes can be described as narrow when they mirror positive or negative assessment of an entity and wide ranging when they comprise principles with the character of assessment (Schuman, Charlotte, Lawrence & Maria, 1997). Either way, they can be positive and accommodating or negative and stand-offish. White people generally hold varying attitudes towards immigrants […]

Refugees and Economic Migrants

In this essay, there is going to be a discussion on how refugee migrants are different from economic migrants. The differences between these two groups are going to be looked at in terms of settlement or citizenship and assimilation among other issues. The concluding paragraph is going to present a brief summary of the discussion. […]

The International Rescue Committee, Inc.

The international Rescue Committee, Inc. (IRC) is an organization based in the US and is normally obligated with the duty of helping refugees in ensuring their welfare is as stated in the policies. IRC acts in response to the humanitarian crises and helps people stay alive, recuperate, and restructure their lives. The United States thinks […]

Migration and National Security

Introduction Migration is the movement of people from one place to another in search of education, jobs, investments, leisure or curiosity. State security refers to all issues that relate to human welfare and which can be affected by an increase in the number of foreign immigrants (Bryans 2009). This essay explores the relationship between migration […]

Society Issues in “Fit to Be Citizens” by Natalia Molina

Introduction: Fading into the Background. Important Facts about the Book The subject of race and nationality is an extremely complicated one. There are a lot of things one can criticize about Molina’s book, but there is one that no one can argue about – Molina deals with the issue with real dignity. The title of […]

The Measures to Improve the Problem of Asylum Seekers in Australia

Abstract Following the amendment of the Australian law to recognise national policies on emigration (especially asylum seekers), this paper addresses the legislative considerations and then argues their implication for a fair policy that handles asylum seekers in the Australian context. Of a serious concern is that asylum seekers are getting visas and they do not […]

Muslims’ Immigration to Australia

Introduction Migration could be said to be as old as humankind. The UN definition of a migrant covers “all cases where the decision to migrate is taken freely by the individual concerned, for reasons of ‘personal convenience’ and without intervention of an external compelling factor.” On the basis of this definition, a migrant is not […]

Global labor migration and host countries

According to estimates provided by the united nation, the number of international migrants has increased from about 82 million to over 190 million from 1970 to 2005. During the same period global export’s volumes underwent a major expansion while the foreign direct investment, which is determined using the U.S dollar, received more than 100% growth […]

Global labour migration and global cities’ labour markets

Introduction Labour (human capital) is a significant provision in countries, which endeavour to progress economically. Evidently, there is a massive migration of labourers from one country to the next in search of appropriate job opportunities and reasonable pay. Global labour migration is a considerable concern in numerous contexts. The situation has bountiful impacts on the […]

Australia: Being a Multicultural Society

Introduction Australian society today can be considered to be an example of multicultural society. Within this country multiculturalism can be defined in number of ways as an ideology that considers demographic relationships or based on policy (Leuner, 2007). If the ideological perspective is used, the definition of multiculturalism refers to the cultural and ethnic diversity […]

Second Generation Immigrant Minorities

The socioeconomic status of the immigrant parents, different levels of ethnic/racial discrimination in relation to various groups, either legal or illegal right to stay in the country and different rates of cultural assimilation are the main reasons according to which the average socioeconomic status of the second generation immigrant minorities is assessed. The higher the […]

History of Immigration to the United States

What the History of Immigration to the United States Indicates About the Nature of Race/Racism and/or Ethnic Groups There have been high rates of immigration into the United States. This trend has been observable within the past decades. Immigration involves the voluntary or involuntary movement of persons into a specific territory or region. Some of […]

The socioeconomic success of second generation immigrants

A great number of people come to the United States hoping that their children will have more opportunities in terms of education, employment, or healthcare. However, the socioeconomic achievements of second generation immigrants can differ dramatically. Thus, it is important to understand the factors that contribute to this inequality among the descendants of immigrants. Overall, […]

Hispanic Americans: racial status

Martin Marger in the article Hispanic Americans raises an important problem of ethnicity in the USA. Starting the discussion with the identification of the Hispanic Americans and their place in the population of the USA, the author says that some cities inhabit more Hispanic Americans than Americans. Speaking about several Hispanic American groups differentiated by […]

Huiguans in Early Chinese American Groupings

Introduction: The Role of Huiguans in Chinese American Communities The paper analyzes the history of Huiguans that represent the development of the organizational support of the Chinese citizens in the early Chinese American formations. The groupings were founded on the basis of both family and district organizations. The first establishment of the foundations was traced […]

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Executive summary The purpose of this brief is to outline the current situation and to push for reforms in Lebanon pertaining to the ownership of property, land and housing by Palestinian refugees. It is addressed to the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights since the office is charged with the responsibilities […]

Indonesia and its relationship with refugees

Introduction The essay is a critical examination of Indonesia and its relationship with asylum seekers and refugees particularly from Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries which have experienced political unrest in the recent past. To accomplish this task, a brief history of the country and apartheid, the country’s relationship with asylum seekers and refugees and finally […]

Policy Brief for Reducing Irregular Labor Migrants in Switzerland

Introduction Prior to developing a policy brief meant for reduction of irregular migrant labor in Switzerland for the period between 2012 and 2017, it is important to understand who irregular migrant workers are and the rationale behind the exercise. An irregular migrant worker is a migrant worker who enters a country illicitly, and those who […]

The Assimilation, Settlement and Acculturation of South African Young Adult Migrants to a Brisbane Way of Life

Literature Overview Brisbane is one of the most populous cities in Australia that is often identified as city of South African young adult migrants. In fact, for almost century immigration in Brisbane has remained predominantly South African young adults apart from white and English speaking people who have some political and historical links to Australia, […]

Essential Services for Refugees in Auburn, New South Wales

Introduction Australia has experienced an increasing number of immigrants and refugees for more than three centuries now. During 18th and 19th centuries, most immigrants who came to Australia were Europeans and Chinese. These immigrants came to colonize Australia in a bid to obtain land for settlement, deport prisoners, and exploit gold. From 1890 to 1970, […]

The right to asylum or the right to sovereignty

Introduction Asylum seeking and the factors that cause have for a long time posed challenge for the internally displaced persons and the nation (Titus 1978, 263). Most conflicts are often seen to be intrastate, meaning the main goal is always displacement. However, in the process of the refugees seeking asylum serious conflicts arise with the […]

Arab Immigration in USA

Introduction The Arabs have inhabited the United States for more than a century. Their immigration into the United States can be dated back to as early as the 1880s. Despite this fact, not many Arab American anthology of poetry have been published in English. The first one was published as late as 1988 (Akash & […]

The role of Hispanic Americans in Counseling

Introduction Hispanic Americans are people who live in the United States and have a lineage and a cultural identity with Spain. In the United States, they comprise of a population sharing diverse migration histories, experiences with prejudice, racism, and discrimination. They are also characterized by the Spanish language, which ties them in spite of their […]

The concept of progress or the pursuit of the American Dream

The concept of progress or the pursuit of the American Dream since 1930s has been a matter of concern for many immigrants who believe that they can achieve much in the US than in their native countries. Different people have varied perspectives about the concept of progress. To immigrants, progress in the US provides opportunities […]

Briefing paper on Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Is the denial of rights such as the right to education and health mortifying to the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon? Introduction Late in the 1940’s Palestinians from the north of Palestine were forced to leave their homes due to attacks from Israeli military forces and ethnic cleansing. This briefing is directed at the Deputy High […]

Nationalism and Identity among Middle East Immigrants in Australia

Introduction Nationalism is a sense of feeling where particular groups of people identify themselves with certain cultures, beliefs, traditions, norms, and are guided by similar law. People develop deeper sense of responsibility to each other in an attempt to accomplish common objectives and aims. The nation has a certain belief towards the right to statehood. […]

Policy brief for the United Kingdom on the best ways to reduce irregular migrant labour in this country in the period 2012-2017

Executive summary Migration to the United Kingdom attracts attention from many stakeholders, especially politically, and with the media. The government continues to implement policy to strengthen border controls and collaborate with employers to recruit skilled and documented workers from the European Economic Area (EEA) and beyond. This has been implemented considering the damage irregular migrant […]

Migration of people from North Korea into China

People cross from one country to another for a number of reasons. There are two main circumstances that define the movement of people from one country to another. People will move across the different borders either voluntarily or involuntarily. When dealing with this topic – refuge movement, most of the movement here is involuntary. Involuntary […]

Women of Color Exhibit

Introduction Women have been always prone to some discrimination since time in memorial in the environment in which they might find themselves. The fire of discriminations burns more where issues like gender and race come together. Therefore, it is pure misery for women of color who find themselves strangers in a hostile land that thinks […]

Migrants Services in Auburn

Introduction Protecting refugees who have left their homes because of armed conflicts and abuses is among challenges facing the world. Australia, being among the international community members, has a responsibility of taking care of these refugees until the situation in their country is resolved. For each 1000 inhabitant, Australia has about 1.1 refugees; this is […]

Refugee women and their adjustment patterns in the US (The case of Vietnamese immigrant women & HPV vaccination)

Introduction Demographic studies indicate that the Vietnamese immigrant population in America is wide spread and not centralized in one place. Indeed, the claim that there are distinct Vietnamese neighborhoods may not be correct. Vietnamese immigrant people are found in most states of the United States (Zhou, 2011). There is a growing ideology that people migrate […]

Bridging People together: When Immigration Issue Comes to the Forth

Immigration issue has been the prevailing ones on the agenda of the modern world since recently. Because of the complexities connected with the process of adapting to another country and the different, completely foreign traditions and customs, immigrants need constant help from the local people and the local authorities. Though certain help to the immigrants […]

Immigration and Multiculturalism in Australia

Afra, S., 2008. Availability, Affordability, Accessibility: Housing Victoria’s New Migrant and Refugee Communities. Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria Policy Discussion Paper, 4, pp. 1-28. The policy discussion paper seeks to establish the cause of housing shortage in Australia and NSW. Afra argues that although refugee population has increased tremendously in the past decades, it does […]

The State of Not Belonging

Introduction Immigrants are always faced by state of fear and impermanence because the host country and it citizenry never want to accept them as their own. This paper analyses the work of two writers on the issue; Rites of Passage and Rights in Citizenship in Post Millennial Ireland, authored by Dianna Shandy, and Female Literature […]

Australian Nationalism and Middle East Immigrants

Introduction Since the establishment of the Australian federal department of immigration in 1945, over 6 million migrants, including more than 600, 000 refugees have been reported to be residing in Australia. The identity and nationality of the Australian migrants have changed from the traditional United Kingdom and European nations to Middle East and Asia. According […]

Changing labor market as a potential causal factor in declining immigrant outcomes in Canada

Introduction A critical analysis of the research on the downward trend of employment success of immigrants in Canada paints a picture that suggests that it is in a relatively elementary shape. A perspective analysis provides a tactical description of the trend across various periods within a restricted amount of time. This analysis shows that the […]

Migration and Development

Since time immemorial, people have always moved from their original or cradle land and found settlements in other places. This movement is caused by a number f reasons some of which are intentional while others are as a result of catastrophic occurrences. This movement of people from one place to another is referred to as […]

Economics and Immigration

Introduction Migration of labor has already become an essential element of the global economic reality. Globalization, communication, transport, and opening borders facilitate the transfer of workforce from one part of the world to another. The United States has always been the world’s most attractive immigration target; and most studies were focused on the effects of […]

Living as non-speaking English artist in English speaking country

Introduction Living as a non- English speaking artist in an English speaking country is a fascinating challenge and an advantage to a nation since aliens in a country are play pivotal role in promoting cultural activities as well as innovation. Empirical and past comparative studies indicate that in the history of civilization and human culture, […]

Comparing Sweden Immigration Policy with German Immigration Policy

Introduction Among the many policies established by various nations, immigration policies are some of the states’ laws that have many biases attached to them. Aristide defines immigration policy as “any policy of a state that deals with the transit of persons across its borders into the country especially those that intend to work and remain […]

Illegal Immigration: Article Critique

Name and author The name of the article to be critiqued is, ‘The Economics and Policy of Illegal Immigration in the United States’. The article was published on December 2009, and Gordon H. Hanson and the National Bureau of Economic Research are the authors. Research Questions Although the current article lacks clearly stated research questions, […]

Relationship between Japanese Population in the US and Illegal Immigrants

Theoretical reasons that explain immigration In the recent years, there has been a robust increase in the volume of international immigration. Countries, such as Australia, Canada and the United States of America have been known to receive a significant increase in the number of immigrants from various origins. Numerous studies that have been carried out […]

How Illegal Immigrants Reduce the Earning Power of Americans?

Introduction Immigration has always been a part of human culture and for millenniums, people have moved from one geographical region to the other often in search of better opportunities or to run away from adverse conditions in their indigenous land. By definition, immigration is the movement of people from their native land to a new […]

Foreign-Born Japanese in the United States

Introduction The paper seeks to provide a descriptive analysis of the various indicators that relate to the foreign-born Japanese in the United States. Some of the indicators that will be discussed are demographics, age distribution and marital status, education, labour force participation, earnings, and housing status and medical insurance of the population. The data for […]

Immigration and Illegal Foreigners in Japan

Introduction As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the issue of immigration has risen to prominence in many developed nations. Movement of labour across regions of the world out of economic considerations has increased significantly in the last 2 decades (Castles and Davidson 12). Countries have been affected in different ways by this movement of labour […]

Statelessness and Discrimination

Introduction Many decades of uncontrolled migration of Haitians going to reside and work in other countries in the neighborhood have contributed to a noteworthy population in the Dominican Republic. These individuals are susceptible to extensive discrimination in addition to human rights abuse. Consecutive governments by three major political parties have not been successful in the […]

Refugees in Australia

Cultural Minorities A literature review on the population group The issue of cultural minority has widely been covered by the Australian media. In reference to the refugees and asylum seekers in Australia, the media has been steadfast in covering aspects related to these groups (Mares & Mares, 2002). The role of the media is shaping […]

Impact of the DREAM Act on Immigration in America

The DREAM Act was a legislative proposal in 2001 that intended to give more social benefits to immigrants who had proved to be of good moral standing. The Act drew criticism and praise in equal measures among the citizens of the United States. The DREAM Act would be a significant step towards achieving the American […]

American G.I Forum and Mexican American Politics

Introduction For several years, foreign communities seeking asylum in the US have continually suffered from racial prejudice and alienation. Several communities living in the US including the black Americans, Afro-Americans, Anglo-American, Canadians, Cubans, Mexicans, Filipinos, Hawaiians, and Chinese among others have experienced discrimination.1 This aspect led to rising of veterans from different immigrant communities. In […]

Immigration of Filipino nurses to the United States

Introduction Cultural diversity in the United States was brought about by immigration. In fact, almost all the ethnic groups in the country are constructed of the immigrants. For instance, the white majority in the United States are descendants of migrants from Europe. Likewise, most minority ethnic groups have come from other parts of the world, […]

The Waves of Immigrants that Led to the U.S. Creation

Summary In the article “a new wave of immigrants”, readers are presented with the various factors that influenced immigration of various nationalities to the U.S. and their subsequent treatment at the hands of the local populace. The historic accounts, portrayals and arguments presented within the paper show an entirely new face to what is generally […]

Immigration of Women

Generations after generations, the world has been witnessing migration of people in various regions for different of reasons. Migration can either be voluntary or involuntary depending on the prevailing circumstances. Voluntary migration is caused by numerous reasons, although, the search for economic empowerment is often cited as the major reason. It is believed that women, […]

Migration of Women, Its Causes and Benefits

Introduction Migration is the movement of people from one place to another place with an aim of establishing a permanent location where they can settle. It usually occurs where people move from one country to another. It can occur either voluntarily of may be involuntary. Migration dates backs to the early days of human life. […]

Adaptation to the Host Society for Immigrants

Introduction: Assimilation, ethnic pluralism, and trans-nationalism for immigrants Assimilation refers to a process by which a small group of immigrants join a larger group of immigrants, and become accepted in its culture. The small group even goes further to dominate the culture of the larger group. In recent times, assimilation has changed to ethnic pluralism. […]

Assimilation, Ethnic Pluralism, and Transnationalism

Human beings experience forces to conform when they migrate into new and culturally foreign atmospheres. Immigrants may adapt to the cultural and social practices of their host communities through assimilation, ethnic pluralism, or transnationalism. These forms of adaptation have a number of similarities and differences that make them appropriate in different conditions. Assimilation involves the […]

Japanese Immigrants to the US

Japanese are among the different ethnic groups that immigrated to the United States between 1870s and 1880s. At that time, the Japanese economy was in the transition stage slowly transforming into the economy that it has today, and this led to numerous economic hardships, like unemployment and crime. Bankruptcies were wide spread in the economy […]

Migration, labor mobility and growth in Canada

Introduction Canada has achieved a tremendous growth in its economy because of various factors. Analysts on Canadian economy show that the country has made a significant progress as a result of the influx of immigrants and labor mobility in the country. Besides, the Canadian economy has been boosted because of its open policy which few […]

Immigration Admission Policies

Introduction An immigration policy is a guideline that determines the people that can be allowed to migrate into a country. It can be crafted in a way that it prohibits or allows foreigners to migrate into a country. The two main types of immigration policies are immigration admission policies and immigration control polices. Immigration admission […]

Immigration’s Economic Reasons

Introduction Migration occurs when there is a movement of people from one country to another. This is caused by factors such as economic pressures, social networks and connections, immigration control policies and cultural perceptions among others. Economic reasons In my own assessment, the most important cause of migration flows is economic pressures. Mostly, when economic […]

Public Opinion on Immigration and Ethnic Relations in the US

Public opinion on the topic of immigration and ethnic relations is many sided. This is because the public hold divergent opinion on the topic. A section of the public supports immigration while another section does not support the idea. Further studies reveal that people tend to support past immigration and their imminent support to the […]

Australia, Asia, and the World

The way Australia relates with Asia and the rest of the world greatly affects its history, culture, identity, and nation. Australia has a culturally diverse population and adequate resources to sustain its economy. Historically, Australia had been an ally of the United Kingdom before World War II, and then the United States was its ally […]

Middle Eastern Migration to the United Kingdom

Introduction In the current world, there tend to be different social and political activities that take place. Different people across the borders migrate in and out of different countries, with several reason attached to their migration. In my case, I will discuss into details the nature of the Middle Eastern migration into the United Kingdom […]

The Encounters of Illegal Mexican Immigrants

Introduction Illegal immigration is regarded as the most controversial political issue in the current American society. Amidst recent globalization trends, many people have had no option but to leave their families and cross the border to U.S.A for greener pastures. In addition, some have crossed the border because of the desire to live the idealized […]

Research paper on Vietnamese women immigrants in the United States

It is apparent that Vietnamese women ranging from the age of 20 to 45 began to migrate into the United States in the mid 1970s (Seller, 1994). Research has shown that the current population of Vietnamese women stands at approximately 1.1 million. Moreover, this has been perceived to be one of the largest immigrant groups […]

Effects of illegal immigration on the economy of the United States and the measures that be taken to minimize the effect

Abstract Considering that the legal migrants have high selection of the jobs available makes them less productive to the economy of the United States. One can become a legal migrant through relatives. Others are temporary legal immigrants with invitations by employers in the United States. The government should consider that illegal immigrants contribute to the […]

Chinese Family in Canada

Introduction The immigration of Chinese into Canada has been taking place since the 18th century. Currently, there are about 1.5 million Chinese living in Canada. The first batch of Chinese immigrants worked as laborers and helped build the Canadian railway. The immigration of Chinese from the greater China to Canada has led to the growth […]

Is immigration an economic benefit to the host country?

Globally, the rate of immigration to developed countries stands at an alarming rate. The immigration policy is clear in most of the first world countries. Ironically, the problem of illegal immigrant still has a tremendous effect to the economic development of the host country. A country like the United States of America boasts of high […]

Is it important to distinguish between immigrants and refugees?

Introduction As far as there is a strong necessity to address accordingly attitudinal distinctions between refugees and those who come to live permanently in foreign countries, in order to improve the conditions of life, one can conclude that making distinctions between the two groups is rather important. It seems to be obvious that numerous contradictions […]

The ‘Peopling’ Process of Australia since 1788 with Influence of Racism

After the arrival of the British colony in 1788, there has been a significant increase in the size of immigrants to Australia. In this regard, the statement that racism has dominated the “peopling” process of Australia is fair. The fact that the European law stipulated that a founder could claim any unused land enhances this […]

The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)

The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) is a community organization which focuses on issues concerning proper integration of immigrants and refugees into the US society. The organization addresses really important issues and helps immigrants and refugees as well as Americans benefit from cooperation. The organization is located in Portland, Oregon. It has several centers […]

Controversy Surrounding Immigration

For several years, debates have occurred on whether illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States. Laws used to regulate both legal and illegal immigration have caused debates in social and political settings. Some leaders have supported measures aimed at controlling the influx of immigrants. Recently, republicans in Kansas differed on whether […]

How has Immigration Transformed the Life and Culture of London over the Past 150 Years?

Over the last one and half centuries, the United Kingdom has experienced a substantial turn up of its immigrant population. Some of the common reasons why people from other countries would move into the UK include; joining family members already living in the country, search for employment opportunities, educational needs, and escape from natural disasters […]

Canadian immigration policy

Introduction Immigration refers to entry persons into a particular country with an intention of settling there while immigration policies are set of rules, regulations as well as directives set by the government in order to control the entrance of people from other countries. Canadian immigration policies are therefore, acts of parliament that limits individual persons […]

U.S. Immigration Control

Introduction For the longest time now, immigrants have continued to shape the history of America. Due to many opportunities present in the US, many foreigners move to America from across the globe. As a matter of fact, the fact of cultural diversity has been cited as one of the strongest aspects of America in regard […]

Transnationalism and migration

Introduction Transnationalism is a contemporary phenomenon that involves migration of people from one country to another, but they retain ties with their home countries. The notion of transnationalism is “being here and there at the same time” (Cano, 2009.p. 1). Movement of people across borders has been made easy by improved modes of transport, technology, […]

Research of Canadian Multiculturalism Act on Race and Ethnicity

Introduction The Canadian Multiculturalism Act, whose idea was first conceived in the year 1971 under the then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, was passed in the year 1988 and it aimed at enhancing and preserving multiculturalism in Canada. The Act affirms the policy of the federal government to ensure for equal treatment of every Canadian citizen […]

European Migratory System

Many states in Europe have reviewed their policies to suit the changing trend of immigration. France and Netherlands are such states that have moved strongly to oppose the post-war immigration policies. Scholars observe that governments have been forced to come up with strategies aiming at weakening national uniqueness. Integration policies are preferred in solving immigration […]