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Immigration Essay Examples and Topics

Mexican Immigrants in the United States

Although the main aim of these Mexican migrant workers was to work and make money and return home, the continuous lingering economic hardship and lack of economic opportunities in their homeland forced the majority of [...]

Australian Multiculturalism and Regulations

Up to the 1970s, the White Australia Policy was in the place and numerous obstacles for the people of non-European heritage immigration appeared, and the traces of the policies are still apparent in Australians' desire [...]

Media View in Shaping Immigration

However, the rise in the number of divisive issues has contributed to the rise of a national debate that sparks a need for policies to respond to the challenges of immigration.

International Migration Trends

Workplace abuse in receiving countries is one of the major problems facing Filipino migrants and their government. Additionally, some female Filipino migrants work as entertainers in countries such as Japan and the United States of [...]

Immigrants Human Right in America

In order to make the constitution a living document, America should introduce effective measures in ensuring that the rights of all immigrants are fully recognized, secured and protected.

Muslim Cultural Group: Immersion in the USA

That is why the reason for immersion to the Muslim cultural group is to examine the peculiarities of their outlook with references to their culture and religion and to reduce prejudices with the help of [...]

Syrian Refugee in Toronto

However, this process is very complicated and the war in Syria could be taken as the best evidence of the complexity of the situation. The evolution of ISIS resulted in the war on the territory [...]

Global Labor Mobility Reasons and Challenges

When most of the arguments are focusing on the difference between public and private realms, this paper examines the related issue of what is regarded as a public good and the value of education as [...]

Benefits of Migration to Modern Countries

Well, migration is the savior of the government and corporations across the world from the challenge of insufficient labor force. The majority of countries across the globe, and especially in the developing world, are unsafe [...]

Undocumented Childhood in the United States

The pretext of saving that was alluded to by Texas state officials as the reason for denying undocumented children access to education was dismissed by Justice Brennan who held that they were so insubstantial in [...]

Why Migration cannot be a Basic Human Right

The United Nations has acknowledged the individual right of movement with Article 13-2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stating, "Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return [...]

Migrant workers in Canada

Canadian law requires employers to provide most of the same rights to foreign workers as to resident workers. The overall obligation of employers to foreign workers is theoretically the same as for Canadian resident workers.

The 457 Visa Programme in Australia

This report discusses the implications of the 457 plan in the construction industry and goes further to recommend the industry's levels of involvement in the programme.

Concepts of Immigration

The study is based on the premise that the conduct of live of the immigrants from the Middle East is far much different from the rest of the Australian population.

Immigrants and Refugees Differences

3 The country of origin may push them as a result of harsh economic conditions, and on the other hand, the destination country may pull them due to better standards of living and promise of [...]

“Impossible Subjects” Book by Mae Ngai

With the aid of border policies, inequitable control of visas and the Immigration Acts, the Americans and the American government went on to institutionalize racism against the Mexican and Asian Immigrants.

Attitudes on Immigrants

In a community setting, white peoples' opinions on immigrants are influenced by the total number of people from other races, how learned the occupants of the community are, the period for which they have been [...]

Refugees and Economic Migrants

The refugee migrants are not in a position, or have no willingness, to go back to their country of origin and this is because they have the fear of being persecuted and therefore, these people [...]

Migration and National Security

The author has noted that there is a close relationship between immigrants and these issues and this call for the need to evaluate the application of these policies in controlling the activities of immigrants in [...]

Muslims’ Immigration to Australia

This increase was especially noticeable in the late 1940s and the early 1950s, following the overthrow of the monarchy in Egypt, resulting in the rise of the Arab nationalist movement.

Global labor migration and host countries

Hence, the today's global challenge lies in formulating mechanisms and policies of managing and regulating labor migration and ensuring that it creates a positive development in the host and home countries as well as the [...]

Second Generation Immigrant Minorities

The socioeconomic status of the immigrant parents, different levels of ethnic/racial discrimination in relation to various groups, either legal or illegal right to stay in the country and different rates of cultural assimilation are the [...]

Hispanic Americans: racial status

Starting the discussion with the identification of the Hispanic Americans and their place in the population of the USA, the author says that some cities inhabit more Hispanic Americans than Americans.

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

The purpose of this brief is to outline the current situation and to push for reforms in Lebanon pertaining to the ownership of property, land and housing by Palestinian refugees.

Arab Immigration in USA

This led to the war between the Arabs and the Israeli. In particular, the Arabian Jazz uses jazz in the book and relates it to the Arab American identity issues that occurred in the US.

The role of Hispanic Americans in Counseling

Family structure and gender roles Family commitment in different cultures is an indispensable characteristic, which involves loyalty, a strong support system, the behavior of a child, which is associated with the honor of the family, [...]

Women of Color Exhibit

Though they know this fact, most women press on with the process in the hope to acquire a fresh lease of life for their families and themselves too.

Migrants Services in Auburn

While the country is considered to have the highest number of immigrants in the region, there are concerns over the impact of cultural diversity and the perception of both the indigenous and immigrants.

The State of Not Belonging

The immigrants are in a state of lost owing to the fact that they are unwelcome in their host countries while at the same time they cannot go back home owing to the conditions of [...]

Australian Nationalism and Middle East Immigrants

The objective of this essay is to provide an overview of the what Australian nationalism and identity means to the Middle East immigrants in Australia Nationalism and Identity among Middle East Immigrants to Australia According [...]

Migration and Development

The aim of this discussion is to look at some of the impacts that migration has on the immigrant, the people around the immigrant and the community at large.

Economics and Immigration

4 It is no wonder that changes in wages and earnings are at the heart of the economic debate concerning the patterns of immigration to Japan.

Illegal Immigration: Article Critique

The name of the article to be critiqued is, 'The Economics and Policy of Illegal Immigration in the United States'. One of the hypotheses that have been supported by the article is that policymakers across [...]

Foreign-Born Japanese in the United States

Figure 1: Percentages of the foreign-born Japanese in the United States Under the demographics, it can also be observed that the proportion of Japanese citizens and non-citizens are quite low in relation to the total [...]

Statelessness and Discrimination

All through this history, the philosophy of the antihaitianismo has worked to justify a continuing agenda to lessen the existence of Haitians in Dominican community, and in particular to eradicate bodies of the ones recognized [...]