Gender Identity Essay Examples and Topics

Men and Women in Internet and Social Media: Real-Life Stereotypes in the Virtual Communication

Introduction: Real Problems in Virtual Communication The differences between genders and the peculiarities of the communication within completely male and completely female mini-societies have always been key issues that allowed a borderline to be drawn between the two genders. Indeed, predetermining men and women’s roles in society, the aspect of communication between the former allow […]

Relate Gender, Ethnicity and Identity

Identity can be described as a person’s emotional connection to a certain social category system. The aspect of identity, gender, and ethnicity are closely related, and it can be difficult to draw a separation between the concepts. Nonetheless, there are research studies that have been conducted to elaborate on the three concepts. This paper looks […]

Women’s Identity Development in Educational Leadership

Introduction In this text, the author, Barbara Curry, examines the leadership traits of women who have taken up leadership roles and the challenges they face in their ascendancy to leadership positions. Through a dynamic approach, the book analyses the sociological, philosophical and psychological factors that define women leaders and the aspects of effective leadership. This […]

Sex Reassignment in Treating Gender Dysphoria: A Way to Psychological Well-Being

Gender Dysphoria (GD) is the way persons distressed with the mismatch between their physical sex and gender identity are formally diagnosed (Steiner, 2013). Historically, people experiencing GD have suffered from social non-acceptance and stigmatization; more importantly, often they could not accept themselves which produced a disadvantageous psychological picture. Although it cannot be regarded as the […]

Gender and sexuality

Introduction An analysis of the poem “Smoking” by David Levithan reveals that one’s sexual orientation is distinct from one’s gender identity, yet society tends to mix these two concepts together. Cultures define gender identities, and this means that people who choose to interpret their gender unconventionally may be treated differently. It is essential to understand […]

Book Review: Peculiarities of Leadership, Gender, and Communication in Movies According to Gender Lives

THESIS: Analyzing gender aspect within the communicational process and indicating the differences between men and women attitude to a number of the aspects of life, Julia Wood emphasizes the passive role of females and their engagement to male’s behavior in movies. I. The various social roles of genders are reflected in the culture, including movies […]

Gender Distinction in the Candas and Zimmerman’s Article “Doing Gender”

In the article “Doing Gender”, Candas and Zimmerman emphasize the point that gender is not a once achieved and fixed state but rather a process of creating a gender image. Contradicting the traditional views on gender as an achievement, the researchers propose a vision of gender as a ‘display’ in a series of interaction between […]

Hormones and Behaviors in Determination of Gender Identity

Gender may be defined as psychological condition and state that identifies a person as either male or female. Generally, the interaction between hormones and behavior determines gender identity to some extent. This paper will evaluate and discuss some of the relationships between hormones and human behavior. Again, the paper will analyze some of the ways […]

Masculinity and Femininity

Introduction Masculinity and femininity is always influenced by geographical, cultural, and historical location. Currently, the combined influence of gay movements and feminism has blown up the conception of a standardized definition of masculinity and femininity. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly fashionable to adopt the term masculinity or femininity not only to reflect the modern times, […]

Gender Stratification in Education, Work, and Family

Introduction After class and race, the most important dimensions of inequality in modern societies are gender and age. Gender refers to a set of culturally conditioned traits associated with maleness or femaleness (Kornblum 328). There are two sexes, male and female which are biologically determined statuses and two genders, masculine and feminine which are socially […]

Men in Society

Human beings are the most evolved creatures on earth. Over the centuries, they have managed to build the most advanced civilization. Each member of the society plays a part in the overall functioning of the community. An important characteristic of the human society is that some roles and responsibilities are divided along gender lines. While […]

Gender Identity

Introduction Gender refers to the state of being either male or female, which is distinguished by factors such as gender roles, social and economic status, perceptions, and ideals and values (Lee, 2005). Gender has been described as a psycho-sociocultural aspect. In contrast, sex is a biological concept that is determined by factors such as hormones […]

Sociological perspectives of Gender Inequality

Background Social power has to be constructed in order to shed light on the differences and similarities of active suppression that has been a major product of gender inequality. When the latter procedure is duly undertaken, gender theory is found to be largely defined by the aspect of dominance. The variations brought about by the […]

Effects of Technology and Globalization on Gender Identity

Over time, improvements in technological advancements and globalization have had immense effects on gender identity. Currently, innovations play key roles in our daily social lives. Throughout history, improvements in technology have had a dynamic relationship with gender identity (Shaver, 1991). Unlike in the past, the speed at which the technology changes in our current society […]

Identity: Acting out Culture

These interviews explore such a concept as gender roles, especially the idea that men and women are often forced to adhere to certain norms, standards, and rules. Both Kate Bornstein and Michael Kimmel believe that such roles can actually limit the freedom of a human being and his/her ability to take independent decisions. One of […]

Social Survey: Sex

The participants are three males and three females and are all heterosexual. Two of the females are 22 years old and are in committed relationships whereas the other female is 23 years old and is single. Two of the male participants are 22 years old and single. The other male participant is 28 years old […]

Stereotypes and Their Effects

Introduction Stereotypes refer to misleading perceptions labeled against a group of people or a certain way of doing things, which are flawed, and that misrepresent reality (Stangor, 2000, p.24). Common stereotypes include negative perceptions against certain religions, gender, ethnic groups or a certain race. Stereotypes have adverse effects on victims. They encourage hatred, irresponsible behaviors, […]

“Stay hungry, Stay foolish” by Steve Jobs

Expression is influenced by context and environment or audience. In order to analyze gender perspectives in a speech, it is of essence to appreciate type of the audience, purpose of the expression, position of the speaker, and gender. Irrespective of current perceptions, the intension of expression is part and parcel of learning through exchange of […]

Definite Visions of Gender Theory

How often do we need to distinguish our roles in society according to our biological sex and social gender? Several centuries ago people did not determine the notion of gender. However, the roles of women and men were distinguished more strictly than today. The history of the 20th century has begun with the revolutionary movement […]

Gender is not only learned, but also has a strong biological factor to it

Thesis statement Nowadays, it became a common trend among many anthropologists and sociologists to refer to the very concept of gender as an essentially social/cultural construct. This trend’s origins can be traced to the works of Margaret Mead, who was the first anthropologist to suggest that the notions of ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’ are culturally relative: […]

Gay Marriage and Decision Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

Introduction In 2003, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in favour of gays and lesbians, a decision which has stirred mixed reactions from different people worldwide. The practice is spreading fast, and becoming accepted by different countries and states, among them New Hampshire, Columbia, Connecticut, Vermont, California, New York, and Oregon. Other countries though, have strongly […]

Gay Denied their ‘Rights’ in Australia

My argument here is that the churches and Australian families were very right to carry out an event last month concerning support on natural marriage and to deny gay the right to marry. This is because according to the Bible and other religions rules, it is very wrong for people of the same sex to […]

Social Issues Affecting Women

Introduction The issue of women in the society is very crucial with women being highly undermined. Their subordinate position in the current world has been strained with women being separated in all life aspects. The idea of low- grading women noticeably denies them their self-esteem and moral value. Women in the society are so far […]

Barbie Doll’s History

Ruth Handler, the founder of Barbie Doll, presented a concept that portrayed the young American woman as one who is exemplary perfect, sexy, good-figured and adventurous among other desirable characters. This concept stood out in his dolls. Since the 1959 launching, Barbie Doll’s history reflects significant changes in women’s roles. The history has had notable […]

Gay Marriages: Why Not Legalize Them?

Should same-sex relations have equal rights in the society? These days, the majority of people in the world are loyal towards the homosexual relationships. Within last decades, our society became more conscious about gay and lesbian couples. They can feel free in the streets and have special recreation spots. However, they do not have the […]

Gender and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Programs

Introduction Information and communication technology continues to be adopted, developed, and integrated in everyday life all over the world by all generations. However, there has been continuous under-representation of women entering into Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programs. This under-representation is a long-standing problem that has been worsening over time, with the society, governments, and […]

Gender, Economy, Politics and Family

Introduction Costs incurred in reducing or eliminating services provided by the government depend largely on the functional level of the government. In the US, there are three government levels, the federal government, state government, and local government. Costs also depend on the type of services given, these can be defensive, entitlement, and educational. They also […]

Stone Butch Blues

Introduction Issues of gender and sexuality have become such debated topics over the generations. In the book Stone Butch Blues, Leslie Feinberg engages in the discussion about gays, lesbians, transgenders, and heterosexuals. Leslie examines the challenges facing them such as harassment from the police, religious discrimination of lesbians and gays, harassment at workplaces which at […]

Media and Homosexuality

Homosexuality has been a huge topic of discussion in most social forums and political debates. Specifically, homosexuality is being discussed in all forms of media including television, magazines, books and the likes; however, homosexuals being a minority group in the society, many people view homosexuality in various ways. Through the years, many people in different […]

Femininity and Masculinity

Introduction Feminity and masculinity refers to the identity of an individual’s gender. Both feminity and masculinity derive their source from an individual’s gender as opposed to sex. Gender in this case refers to social while sex is a biological aspect. The society defines the meaning of being a male or a female. Males consider themselves […]

Stone Butch Blues (1993)

Stone Butch Blues is a novel authored by Leslie Feinberg that presents the day-to-day struggles of a transgendered individual by bringing to light the practices through which sexual and gendered identities are culturally generated and imposed in an orderly manner. At first glance, the novel appears to be a fictitious narrative about a lesbian by […]

Marriage as a Basic and Universal Social Institute

Introduction Marriage and family are arguably the two institutes which form the fundamental building blocks of every human society. Sudha asserts that marriage is a basic and universal social institute that facilitates proper progeny and helps to have life long companionship and family life (198). It is through the institute of marriage that the continuity […]

Successful Women Can Save The World

Gender issues have been discussed for many years and still they are in questions. It has been a norm people saying that “men are human beings; women are females” (Kelley 92). I am pleased to claim that those times come to an end, and even if sometimes women are not regarded equal to men, the […]

Gender identity

Gender identity is the manner in which people see themselves, that is either male, female or in between the former and the latter. In most individuals, there is no significant dissimilarity between gender identity and biological characteristics. Gender identity can also be described as one’s self-conception as either being male, female or transgender. There is […]

The Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage

Relationships between sexes have been traditionally streamlined into the heterosexual standards of behavior. Marriage, as a union of two people before the law and the church, is mostly perceived as such comprising representatives of different sexes, a man and a woman. However, apart from heterosexual couples, there also emerge occurrences when two people of the […]

Identity Development in Women

Introduction Human awareness increase can be influenced by surrounding factors. Individual character development can be linked to external and internal features. Ongoing acquaintance, inborn psychological organization, and events are some of the factors that shape personalities. Individuality is a structured mixture of qualities, intentions, principles, and actions distinctive to a person. Exposure to diverse influences […]

Social Justice and Gay Rights

Introduction The public’s perception of same sex relationships has undergone significant changes in the past century. As of the early 20th century, homosexual relations were shunned and criminalized in many nations through a number of sodomy laws. This perception of gays was radically reformed thanks to the efforts of gay rights movements which trace their […]

Polygamy in America: Between Society, Law, and Gender

Introduction This paper evaluates how gender, legal, and societal issues inform the polygamy debate in America. Broadly, this paper subdivides into five chapters. The first chapter discusses polygamy in the Mormon society. This chapter evaluates the history of the Mormons and the role of fundamental Mormons in promoting polygamy in America. The second chapter discusses […]

Reading Summary: Kitzinger and Frith’s “Just say no? The Use of Conversation Analysis in Developing a Feminist Perspective on Sexual Refusal

Illustratingtheir findings on the analytical conversational literature and their own collected data, Kitzinger and Frith (1999) assert that both men and women have a complicatedaptitude to suggest and to understanddenials, countingdenials which do not compriseof the expression ‘no’, and propose that malesassert not to encompass ‘understood’ denials, which obey the rulesof ethnically normative models. It […]

Same Sex Marriages Impact on the Children Social Growth

Introduction Same sex marriages have been described as many things; an affront to God, an inherent right by all individuals, a desecration of the sanctity of marriage as well as an expression of love between two people of the same sex. There are numerous argument both for and against it with some citing its possible […]

Concept of Intersectionality

Intersectionality is a concept in sociology that is applicable in the analysis and study of human relationships and interactions within the society[1]. It stipulates that conventional models of repression in a community, for instance denomination, gender, tribalism, social caste, and other indicators of discrimination act in an entwined web. Additionally, the theory examines how various […]

Gay in the military

Gay’s rights should be respected because in the US they are never allowed to serve in the army. Christians believe that being gay is a sin and it is very wrong since it undermines their moral values. After the Second World War, movements were started, which were determined to fight for the rights of the […]

‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Repeal

There has been an outcry over the banning of gays from openly serving in the United States’ military. The Obama administration in particular has contributed greatly to the repeal of the policy. This has however met a lot of resistance particularly from the reservists. Most American service members support the lifting of the ban. The […]