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Feminism Essay Examples and Topics

The History of Feminism in the 1960

The author speaks on the feminist movement in the 1960's and the good things that happened as a result of the movement. She demonstrates the achievements of the feminist movement despite the contradictions and shortcomings [...]

Feminism in the United Arab Emirates

It aims at the investigation of recent movements in the state and explains of the idea that a significant improvement of views on women and the decrease of sexism could be observed.

The Sexting Phenomenon Concept

Thus, it is evident that sexting as an activity that many teenagers engage in poses a problem for the society, as it sheds light on the ethical dimension of the issue.

Feminism in the Past and Nowadays

The definition of liberal feminism is the following: "a particular approach to achieving equality between men and women that emphasizes the power of an individual person to alter discriminatory practices against women".

Feminism in Latin America

Nonetheless, feminism movements surfaced in the middle of the 20th century campaigning for identity and equality of women in Latin America.

Concept of “Western Feminism”

It is implied that western feminism neglects to take into consideration that other types of feminism exist and that applying the cultural norms and behaviors that formed the ideals of western feminism is just inappropriate [...]

Prison and Social Movement in Black Feminist View

Arguably, much of black feminist theories have insisted not only that the state has a particular perspective, but that the state's perspective differs significantly, and problematically, from that of the black women in general and [...]

The 1968 Protest of the Miss America Pageant

Among these was the establishment of the first department of Women's Studies and respective programs at Cornell and the University of San Diego, the recognition of lesbian rights, the development of feminist art, a significant [...]

Feminist Miss America Pageant Protest of 1968

In particular, the dollar crisis in the United States that occurred in 1968 was represented by the deficit in the balance of payments that initiated in the 1950s and by 1968 had significantly diminished the [...]

Axel Honneth Views on Feminism

Axel Honneth's theory of recognition is a revision of Hegelian theory of recognition and presents an open support for garnering recognition of women but falls short of identifying the real reason for the continued denigration [...]

Third World Feminism and Its Challenges

As a conclusion, Sa'ar states that "it is rooted in the code of familial commitment, which is primarily masculine and includes women only secondarily," which makes it difficult for women to commit to the family, [...]

“First Wave” Feminist Movement

The reading explicitly details the pathways used by women and men in the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries to advocate for the realization of equality of rights across a wide spectrum of [...]

Feminism and Film Theory

John Connor is a boy who is known to play a crucial role in defeating the robots in the future, and the Terminator arrives to save him.

Rebecca Solnit’s Views on Feminism

However, it appears that she has a deep understanding of the various problems arising from the nature of men."Men Explain Things to Me" is one of the essays written by Solnit in a book by [...]

Feminism and Respect for Culture

A crucial gender aspect that continues to trouble the unity of the people across the world is gender bias, which seems to encourage the formation of the feminist campaigns.

Violence Against Women

Alternatively, in creating awareness, the international communities use instances of negative effects of violence on women's rights to sway the public to shun violation against women.

Feministic Movement in Iron Jawed Angels

"It was in the 1970s that feminist psychology emerged as a vital force in the discipline and the psychology of women became recognized as an "official" subfield". Thus, the film is a story of a [...]

Feminist Criticism

Despite the progressive feminism movements that advocate for parity in the different aspects of the society, Nudd and Whalen argue that the feminists are less concerned with achieving the liberation of women.

Feminist Pro-Porn During Sex Wars

In particular, this group was determined to fight for the rights of the lesbians as they realised that the arguments of the anti-porn feminists were against their freedom.

Feminist Political Change

Indeed, the state is the sole source of all liberalism movements in the society, and success depends largely on the collective security given by the state.

A proposal for an invitational rhetoric

In their article, "A proposal for an invitational rhetoric", Foss and Griffin have discussed on both traditional rhetorical theories and invitational rhetoric; their aim is to offer an understanding of the above approaches.

Feminist Research Methods

The study of methods and methodology shows that the unique differences are found in the motives of the research, the knowledge that the research seeks to expound, and the concerns of the researchers and the [...]

Feminicides in Mexico and US

The main significance of this term is the distinction it offers between the common murders that occur in our society and the killing of women just because of their gender.

Female Chauvinist Pigs

The biological make-up of women and the cultural perception by the society has contributed to this position of women in the society.

Liberal and Socialist Feminist Theories

The development and growth of feminist movements and gender roles were accompanied with the emergence of various theoretical models that explained the roles of women and their positions in the society.

Feminist Theory Definition

As we know men and women face very different and diverse challenges in life and therefore developing a theory that is supposed to suggest solutions to these problems of both men and women is supposed [...]

Meaning of feminism

In essence, shunning and neglecting the capability of women in most sectors has resulted limited their ability to accomplish their potential. Indeed, it is outstanding to foster the participation of women in society.

Concepts of Feminists

Aristotle argument that men are superior to women probably might not have led to the interpretation that male dominance in the rule of society to be as a result of women being inferior rather it's [...]

Mona Lisa Smile

The movie wanted to show the way women believed in their lives in the 1950s through a series of video footage available in the movie's DVD showing women in the fifties, statistics comparing women taking [...]

Charlotte Gilman’s feminism theory

Because of the many issues that women face, feminism movements' seeks equality between men and women in the society. Throughout, the paper will discuss Gilman's feminism theory and relate it to the issues of women [...]

Future Perspectives of Globalization

Globalization despite being seen as occurring "out there", away from the daily lives and activities of women, the global economic and political effects have been evidenced in the struggles and lives of women and other [...]

Concepts of Feminism in the Present Societies

In addition to libertarian and liberal feminism, there exists a third from of feminism that also fights to ensure not only the society respects women's rights, but also the society adopt values and practices that [...]

Analyzing and argument

A deeper analysis of the singer's background as well as women's reception of the song would have provided a convincing argument on the performance.

Contemporary Issues: Gender

The critique of women's position in society and culture goes back to the writings of Mary Wollonstonecraft in a publication entitled 'a vindication of the rights of women, Stuart Mill "the subjugation of women" and [...]

Feminist Ethics Concept

This point of view therefore leaves the patriarchal society as the only repairable institution and this is where radical feminist concurs with the fact that feminist ethics are centered on changing the social perceptions of [...]