Feminism Essay Examples and Topics

Feminism and Respect for Culture

Introduction A crucial gender aspect that continues to trouble the unity of the people across the world is gender bias, which seems to encourage the formation of the feminist campaigns.1 The concept of feminism has always associated with certain aspects of conformist cultures, which uphold certain values that women must practice in the societies. The […]

Violence Against Women

Abstract Violence against women is undoubtedly an international concern. Despite the numerous global legislations and policies on violence against women, different states have their own versions of laws that assist them in dealing with violation against women. These versions are in adherence to the international policies and laws that attempt to eradicate this evil. Several […]

Why there are Few Women in Telecommunications Industry in Europe and Middle East

Introduction A decade into the 21st century, women in nearly all progressive countries across the world continue to be disadvantaged in their careers relative to men. Despite sustained efforts by governments and industry to promote gender equality in the workplace, women persist to experience occupational segregation, wage disparities, fewer promotions, and less significant wage increases […]

Feminism in the xx century: a literature perspective. Research summaries

Introduction Gender issue has never been an easy subject to deal with. For years, the sphere of political, social and economical life of people all over the world was dominated by men, while women’ were restricted to the household domain; more to the point, women were not allowed to explore the plethora of social opportunities […]

Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics

The Author’s Background The book Feminism is for Everybody was written by bell hooks1. She is a famous American feminist and social activist who examines about such issues as gender, race, and capitalism in the modern society. It should be noted that bell hooks was born in Hopkinsville, a city located in Kentucky. She lived […]

Challenges to Build Feminist Movement Against Problems of Globalization and Neoliberalism

The presence of globalization has been felt and experienced by women in their struggle for economic and political liberalization. It has impacted the economic, political and social activities and lives of women in a fairly comparable manner to male counterparts. However, due to the position and roles of international, transnational and multinational corporations, the resulting […]

Feministic Movement in Iron Jawed Angels

“It was in the 1970s that feminist psychology emerged as a vital force in the discipline and the psychology of women became recognized as an “official” subfield” (Landrine and Russo, 2009). However, there was an event that preceded a mentioned one and that made a ground for the psycologinal development of feministic consciousness. This event […]

Feminist Criticism

Identification of a Problem Hillary Clinton: Contradictions of Feminism and the 2008 Presidential Candidacy The 2008 presidential candidacy primaries heightened the profile of women. The campaigns illuminated aspects of gender and feminism in the American society (McGinley, 2008). Hillary Clinton was contesting for the presidential candidacy. The trail of the campaign and her past feminism […]

Feminist Pro-Porn During Sex Wars

Introduction Feminist Sex Wars of 1970s and 1980s were acrimonious debates about a number of issues relating to sex, and the role of women in this context. In the debate that was uniquely feminist in nature, the focus was on various issues about sex and how different members of the society viewed it. One of […]

Feminist Political Change

Male dominance has been witnessed in a number of states globally, with the states doing little to change the situation (Grewal, 9). For example, in the United States, there have been social, political, and cultural forces controlling various women’s activities. Indeed, this is not new in the wave of feminist politics (Grewal, 11); for example, […]

A proposal for an invitational rhetoric

Introduction In their article, “A proposal for an invitational rhetoric”, Foss and Griffin have discussed on both traditional rhetorical theories and invitational rhetoric; their aim is to offer an understanding of the above approaches, (2). This paper will describe the authors’ arguments regarding the above mentioned theories. Traditional rhetorical theories as defined by Foss and […]

Antonio Gramsci and Feminism: The Elusive Nature of Power

The article in question dwells upon feminism in terms of political and private life. Ledwith contemplates her experiences and reveals her way to understanding the essence of such concepts as feminism, oppression and hegemony. The author touches upon several important issues which can help people to look at the feminist movement from a different perspective. […]

Changes That Feminism and Gender Lenses Can Bring To Global Politics

Introduction The metamorphosis of global gender politics has been rapid, yet profoundly mundane especially, in bringing socio-economic and political changes that may end the gender disparities (Cynthia, Schad & Fullon 2009). Over the years, the history of societies rested on agriculture during early renaissance when states emerged and male dominion took shape in these early […]

Feminist Research Methods

Introduction It is imperative to understand what entails feminist research methods before discussing the ways that these methods can be used to empower women. It is vital to get clarity of why these particular methods are referred to as ‘feminist research methods’. The study of methods and methodology shows that the unique differences are found […]

The Fraternal Social Contract on Feminism and Community Formation

Introduction Social contract theory holds that the natural conditions of men puts them free in society. The contract was signed by men to bring to an end the conditions of the state of nature. Life in the state of nature was brutal, short lived and nasty. Men were going for each other, conflicts and wars […]

Education, Research, and Action: Theory and Methods of Participatory Action Research

It is impossible to separate active research from politics especially if it means transforming peoples lives. Even so, researchers who might be interested in applying their skills and training to address social issues find it challenging to mix politics and psychology. In this book, Mary Brydon-Miller says that the goal of Participatory Action Plan is […]

Feminicides in Mexico and US

Introduction Feminicide is a term that refers to murder of girls and women only because of their gender. The main significance of this term is the distinction it offers between the common murders that occur in our society and the killing of women just because of their gender. To a certain extent, female homicide is […]

Cross Cultural Analysis of Feminism in the Muslim Community

Muslim women in modern Muslim states encounter numerous predicaments and challenges particularly with the advent of Islamic conservatism worldwide. Muslim women are often oppressed and discriminated because their religion is used as a vehicle to propagate political ideas and form the basis with which the role of women in the society is determined. The significance […]

Feminist Movement: The National Organization for Women

There are many definitions for such phenomenon as a social movement. Many scholars define it differently. However, all of them agree that social movements lead to changes in societies. For instance, Chesters and Welsh (2010) point out that the social movement is always aimed at certain social changes. Johnston (2010) also shares this opinion. However, […]

Female Chauvinist Pigs

Introduction Gender issues have caused great controversies across many societies in the world. For instance, great controversy surrounds issues of inequality between the two genders, social and economic roles of the two, as well as the freedom enjoyed by the two genders. For centuries, females were considered to be frail and males were dominant. The […]

Liberal and Socialist Feminist Theories

Introduction The development and growth of feminist movements and gender roles were accompanied with the emergence of various theoretical models that explained the roles of women and their positions in the society. Each theoretical model approached women issues in a different way. Though distinct on how they approached feminism, all the theoretical perspectives have an […]

The Ordeal of Being a Woman: When Feminist Ideas Dissipate

One of the most famous and yet the most controversial work of Simone de Beauvoir, The Introduction to the Second Sex offers a lot of food for thoughts. Making the reader aware of the problems that women encounter in the XX century world, Simone de Beauvoir creates a vivid vision of the complexities that women […]

Compare and contrast a spiritual and an educational feminist

Over the years, various women movements have arisen to campaign for the conferment of equal rights for both men and women. The first women movement had the chief intention of campaigning for suffrage rights. Since then, other movements came into being seeking to accord women economic, social and educational rights tantamount to those available to […]

Feminist Theory Definition

Introduction Gender inequality has been an issue that has raised a lot of discussion since the early 19th century. Most societies during this time had incidences of male chauvinism and women were referred to as the weaker sex which in real sense isn’t true, this was witnessed even among the minor and oppressed races e.g. […]

Meaning of feminism

According to my interviewee who is an activist, feminism is a movement that seeks to empower the female gender. The movement began in late 18th century thus championing against oppression directed towards women. It sought to eliminate rape and gender based cruelty, which are rampant. These evil tendencies have limited the capability of women to […]

Concepts of Feminists

Introduction The issue of equal rights between women and men over the years has become a debating issue in the society. This is in respect to the involvement of both men and women in social, political and economic aspects. This issue has now become of debate internationally just like “HIV and Aids”, “Terrorism”, and “Global […]

Mona Lisa Smile

Popular culture often opens the window into the cultural norms of our society, its perceptions, and discourses. It portrays how the social mores of the society shape family, social life, and gender roles. It also acts as a medium of dissemination to teach about one’s self-identity. Popular culture therefore, shapes the way an individual or […]

Reasons why the Black women Population did not Consider Themselves a part of the Ongoing Feminist Movements 

Background of the Study The experiences of black women in the U.S. have challenged feminist scholarship to rethink the relationship between race and gender for everyone. Since the middle of the 20th century, women’s studies scholars have increasingly acknowledged that differences among women arise from inequalities of power and privilege. For African American women, gender […]

Black women and the feminist movement

Introduction Black women faced exclusion from inside and outside their respective groups as African Americans and females. The white feminist movement was inclined towards the experiences of white women, and it therefore perpetuated racism against African American females. Furthermore, black liberation movements focused on male struggles, and this sidelined their female counterparts. As a result, […]

Feminism Interview and the Major Aim of Feminism

First Respondent The first respondent was male aged twenty-eight years. The researcher prepared a structured questionnaire and mailed it to the first respondent. The interviewee was a university graduate working with a non-governmental organization specializing in children affairs. Since the respondent was a strong advocate of equality, he believed that in the contemporary world, there […]

Charlotte Gilman’s feminism theory

Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at seeking, creating, and defending rights for women (Madsen, 2000). Mainly, feminism movements campaigns for equality. Because of the many issues that women face, feminism movements’ seeks equality between men and women in the society (Allen, 2009). Over the years, women have been oppressed while men have been […]

Concept and History of the Liberal Feminism

Liberal feminism is acknowledged to be the modern model of feminism, symbolized by the belief that women have innate influence to attain equality. That is why in liberal feminism, the aspects or concepts of civil society altering itself to adapt to feminine does not materialize (McElroy, 2002). However, feminists are of the opinion that changing […]

Future Perspectives of Globalization

Globalization despite being seen as occurring “out there”, away from the daily lives and activities of women, the global economic and political effects have been evidenced in the struggles and lives of women and other members of the community the world over. Unfortunately, the problems have not been visibly detected due to the perspective of […]

Concepts of Feminism in the Present Societies

Since time memorial, equality has always been an issue of contention between men and women. Gender differentiations form the main basis that societies use in determining roles it assigns each individual, with little considerations on individuals’ capabilities. Although some individuals can argue that, globalization and civilization have brought many tidings as far as gender-based roles […]

Analyzing and argument

Introduction Janell Hobson criticizes the video, “Run the World”, by award-winning singer/ songwriter Beyonce Knowles. She believes this song sends mixed messages on feminism, and therefore fails to advance the feminist cause. Hobson (5) explains that the lyrics to the song as well as the video contradict female empowerment. Not only are the women hypersexualized […]

Metropolis’ Women: Analysis of the Movie’s Feminism & Examples

Introduction Fritz Lang’s 1927 movie, Metropolis, was introduced and created following the industrial revolution that affected Europe in the 20th century. The creation of the film also coincided with the 10th anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution. As such, the Industrial Revolution had a huge impact many of the film’s aspects. The background of the […]

Contemporary Issues: Gender

Introduction Feminist theory considers ways in which physical differences between men and women are used by culture and social structure to show that women are allocated inferior and degrading activities such as motherhood and secretary. They are subjugated to stereotypes, which portrays them as weak and emotionally dependent on men. Women are often excluded from […]

Feminist Ethics Concept

Feminist ethic is a new concept aimed at redefining and redesigning conventional and traditional experiences associated with women’s moral experiences from medieval times. Feminist ethic is therefore a development and a new concept developed to remedy the inadequacies created by traditional western ethics which have consistently overlooked female contributions in the society. Such sentiments are […]