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Ethics Essay Examples and Topics

Ethics: Concepts and Cases

On the other hand, when I do something that is in line with my ethical code, I feel happy and proud of myself.

Why Abortion Is Immoral?

Thompson accepts that every individual has the right to life, that is, the fetus has the right life, and also the mother has the right to life.

Concepts About Ethics

It is the assessment of human behavior while referring to their deeds thus includes the correct and wrong that occurs in their life.

Ethics and Decision-Making in Public Safety

This project aims to study the importance of ethics for public safety and explore how political changes and ethical decision-making in public safety are interrelated.

Basic Ethics and Business Ethics Issues

The tight relationship between the two is that legal and ethical considerations lead to the success or failure of an organization within a certain locality.

Locating and Integrating State Laws and Ethical Codes

Professionalism, integrity, confidentiality, and respect are some of the sets and standards required in the field of therapy. The link below indicates the dates of publication and effectiveness of the ethical standards in marriage and [...]

Torture: Various Issues and Aspects

In this case, we should expect people to argue that torture is wrong based on the fact that it does not derive happiness that is always desired from an ethical perspective.

Professional Decisions in Healthcare

In this case, the court of law would have acted as a custodian of her rights and probably made a ruling that would have been in her best interest.

Ethics of Illegal Immigration Effects on the US

As such, the Immigration Act of 1924 was established, which promoted the immigration of foreign citizens into the US to meet these requirements, and also created several objective preconditions for foreigners to consider entering America [...]

Environmental Ethics and Animal Rights

The question that arises is whether humans are the only valuing agents in the world that are full of values. Although the environment is composed of humans and other millions of species, humans are the [...]

Flight 93 Incident and Ethical Dilemma

This paper evaluates the ethical standing of this question from a utilitarian point of view to establish the rightness or wrongness of the decision to shoot down the plane before it crashed.

Free Will in Philosophy and Society

The emergence and popularization of democratic values all around the world raised the question of social and political pressures that used to be overlooked in the past.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Making and Ethics

In manufacturing the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, the manufacturer's moral consent and level of honesty determine his or her concentration on the duty to ensure that the UAV meets the target.

Practical Ethics: Connie Case

Connie, the head of the foundation feels this is wrong but she has not decided on what to do to solve the issue.

Ethical egoism

He would advise me to take a course of action that would enable me to achieve my own personal interests at the expense of my neighbor's interests.

Importance of Ethics

Ethics differ from the law because they are not recorded in statutes that make it mandatory for all people to observe them.

Moral Issues Analysis

Moreover, the right to abortion is an extension of the right to freedom owing to the fact that an individual should choose what to carry in his or her body.

Police Corruption and Citizen’s Ethical Dilemma

There are three key stakeholders in the given situation, which are the policemen, who set the terms; the father, who is to take the pivoting decision; and the family, who depends on the decision which [...]

Non-Consequential Morality Theories and Medical Ethics

In particular, it repudiates the idea that the nature of moral order results in sentiment and emotion. In such cases, it is necessary to ask for patient's consent to reveal the private data in order [...]

Ethical Dilemma Involving a Social Worker

As a social worker, I have to decide whether to support the community group, which is unanimously opposed to the decision of the housing authorities to rent to the local mental health department to establish [...]

Women’s Ethical Dilemma in the United States Army

I had wanted to demonstrate to girls in schools across the country that it is possible for a woman to succeed in the American military. One of the greatest principles I have embraced in my [...]

Public Leaders’ Views on Ethics

Also, the key focus is on transparency as openness and clearness in actions because city managers are watched by the public and media as guarantors of a community's progress.

Gratuities for Police and Professional Ethics

As a Chief of Police, I would not allow police officers to accept gratuities because tokens of gratitude can be used to compromise their integrity, judgment, and impartiality in the administration of justice and law [...]

Human Body and Its Monetary Value

However, the main argument against considering the body as a commodity is that it would not be right to value a body in the same way we value other pieces of property.

Noble Cause Corruption and Virtue Ethics

The answer lies in the purpose and the implied public image of the police. The role of the policeman is to uphold the law dictated by the government and the constitution of the country.

Professional Issues of Research Ethics

One of the ethical concerns that arise in this case is obtaining the subjects' consent for conduction of the experiment and distribution of the results: due to the linguistic differences, between the languages that the [...]

Public Corruption as a Phenomenon and Explanations

Thus, to describe the phenomenon of public corruption, four major hypotheses exist the concept of "slippery slope," the society-at-large hypothesis, the structural or affiliation hypothesis, and the rotten apple hypothesis.

Leadership and Gender Ethics at Workplace

Organizational managers should be aware of the constructs of moral, ethical, and legal standards to develop adequate models to address emerging problems.

Ethical Standards in Social Work

An individual, referred to as the "agent", has to decide, which course of action has to be taken to achieve maximum benefit for all the parties involved. The major goal of any social worker is [...]

Is War Ever Morally Justified?

The purpose of this paper is to provide arguments that a moral justification of war is impossible based on a critical discussion of theories supporting the ethical justification of warfare and prove that they have [...]

Ethics and Social Responsibility Aspects

This theory is similar to the virtue theory in the sense that both insist on careful consideration and assessment of a decision before embarking on it Nicholas and Paul, 2000).

Planned Parenthood and Women’s Rights

It took decades for the government to acknowledge the necessity of the services offered in these clinics and even longer for the public to accept a woman's right to reproductive health care, the establishment of [...]

Lethal Autonomous Weapons and Virtue Theory

Due to the nature of technology, people are taken out of the loop of the operation of these technologies. Due to the automation of machines and their ability to change their code to adapt to [...]

The Ethics of Using Old Examination to Study

Introduction Ethics Ethics of using past exams to study for tests Whether it is ethical to use past exams not given by the instructor to study for tests Conclusion Various ethical issues have been [...]

Moral Values and Their Historical Sources

The moral is one of the ways and means of individuals' adaptation to life in society. The moral may be defined as a particular form of evaluating and normative orientation of people in the society [...]

Act and Rule Utilitarianism in Decision Process

On the basis of the act-utilitarianism, as an oncologist, I would give the trial drug to the genetics researcher since her recovery would benefit many people under the Malaria research.

Ethical Absolutism and Human Behavior

This essay seeks to highlight Stance's argument that absolutism has and still is the backbone that provides the standard used to measure human behavior.

Ethics and Code of the Conduct

Both the personal and professional life of a law enforcement officer should align with the principles of morality, law, and ethics in order to serve the community.

Egoism and Altruism as Ethical Theories

While ethical egoism holds that individuals act in a way aimed at pursuing and fulfilling their own interests, altruism emphasizes on the need for others to act in the interest of other people as well [...]

Indigenous Australians and Engineering Ethics

An analysis of the history of these people shows that they are skeptical of any government involvement in their business, specifically because the legal policies and foundation as stipulated by the federal and state governments [...]

Engineering Ethics as to Aboriginal Australians

Considering the events during the last century, the paper aims at exploring the background of the interaction of the Aboriginal Australian with people from other lands on the Australian soil, reflecting upon the historical impact [...]

Engineering Ethics as to Aboriginal People

The management of the government resources, citizenry, and right to access to social services was skewed to the disadvantage of the Aboriginal community because of their unique ethnocultural identity.

Aboriginal Community’s Engineering Project & Ethics

Despite the common fallacy that there is colorless contractarianism within citizenship and role in the Canadian society, the reality is that racial contract has defined the political, decision, and social aspect of the society, as [...]

Ethical Decision Making: Restorative Justice

Thus, the restorative justice process offers the victims a meeting with the offender to determine the validity of the judgment based on the involved moral grounds.

Ethics in Society and Government

Rule utilitarianism can be described by questions like "What would the majority of people do in that case?", "What decision would be best in that case?" Based on the concept of rule utilitarianism, the officer [...]

Children’s Institute, Inc: Core Values

This essay examines the CII's operations in the context of social work values and the administrative and micro-level steps for resolving any conflict between the CII's policies and professional values.

Abortion in Marquis’s vs. Thompson’s Arguments

Overall, the argument against the morality of abortion using the premise that the fetus has a right to live just like the mother is self-defeating in nature. It would be beneficial for the opponents of [...]

White Lie and Its Moral Nature Controversy

Adherence to this value is undermined by the lies that some members of the society tell. While outright lies are considered wrong by all people, there is a category of lies that falls in the [...]

Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? by Sandel

The book "Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?" by Michael Sandel is a masterpiece trying to explore the major ethical and moral issues affecting humanity. The purpose of this essay is to describe the [...]

Ethical Dilemmas in Prison’s Research

The present paper aims to discuss the applicability of confidentiality and privacy provisions to prison research by addressing both the general rules regarding confidentiality of information in research and the specific considerations that apply to [...]

Rights of ‘Feeling’ Robots and Humans

Many futurists believe strongly that new laws will be needed to tame the behaviors and actions of robots. That being the case, autonomous robots might take advantage of their rights to control human beings.

Moral Dilemma in the “Gone Baby Gone” Movie

But, ultimately, it is revealed that the whole situation is planned by the uncle of the girl who deeply loved his niece and, wishing the best life for her, arranged the kidnapping to place little [...]

Ethics in School Leadership

One of the most efficient types of leadership is transformational leadership that provides members of the group with a clear vision of the group's goals through enthusiasm and commitment. As can be seen, ethical leadership [...]

Tri-Council Policy Statement and Informed Consent

Thus, the ethical principles provided in the definite articles of The Canadian Tri-Council Policy Statement concerning the issue of the participants' consent can be discussed as the moral protection for persons against the inappropriate usage [...]

Moral Relativism in American Society

The principle of moral relativism and its application in moral decision-making suggests that universally lawful moral principle is nonexistent. The principle of moral relativism maintains that the establishment of moral standards that apply to their [...]

Safety of Humankind and Engineering Ethics

According to the National Society of Professional Engineers, one of the key concerns of the latter must be the well-being of people and the environment in relation to the engineers' work.

US Invasion of Iraq and Its Ethical Aspects

Many analysts have argued that the events of September 11 catalyzed the US-led invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. The issue of global terrorism is widely used by many Americans to explain why the invasion and [...]

Personal and Professional Ethics Analysis

The researchers, Osmo and Landau, sought to examine the relationship between the prevailing ethical theories, the existing ethical dilemmas, and the increase in ethical issues, the idea of ethical decision-making, and the existing problems in [...]

Fate of Friendship and Contemporary Ethics

Is friendship possible in the modern world dominated by pragmatism and will it exist in the future? For instance, Cicero takes the point of view of the social entity, in other words, he defines friendship [...]

Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill Ethical Theories

John is also likely to create lower pleasures of food and entertainment to his family compared to the higher preferences that can be offered to the veterans. Kant might probably suggest that John should use [...]

The Concept of Ethics in Groups

Understanding group dynamics plays a crucial role in increasing the level of success in a group. Second, group members should conduct themselves in a manner that promotes the values and interests of their group.

Jean McGuire Case: Moral Issues

One of the possible objections to my idea is that Jean already tried to stay moral and honest, but there is still something that led her to the situation she is in at the moment.

Animal Usage for Sports and Entertainment

Sources reviewed to support the proposition that killer whales should not be used for entertainment and sports. However, I need to do additional research from sources that support the use of killer whales for sports [...]

Ethics and Gender: Empowering Societies

The topic "Ethics and Gender" highlights the major challenges affecting many people in the society. The essay presents the best arguments in order to support the importance of this topic.

The Mechanical Engineering Ethics Understanding

Ethics refers to a set of values and principles that guide the conduct of members of a profession. Shared responsibility is a quality that enables one to work in a manner that promotes cooperation.

Ethical Decision Model for Social Workers

The ethical consideration, in this case, is to either report the patient to the authority to prevent him from being discharged from probation or not to report him.

Aristotle’s Ideas on Civic Relationships

It takes account of the happiness is an end and not a means. It is a way of thinking with the set intention in mind; deliberation determines the end and not the means.

Abortion Is Wrong

He argues that the main reason why abortion is immoral is that it denies victims the experiences and activities of their future.

Ethics of Abortion: Controversial Issues

Although viable reasons for the justification of the practice varied for different communities, one of the main concepts that were agreeable at the time was the abortions before the 'quickening' period, which is the time [...]

Deontology Concept

The theory of Ross is founded on the opposition of the argument by Moore, who sought to justify actions based on the impact and not the factors that motivate an individual to engage in such [...]

Ex-Felons’ Disenfranchisement Ethics

Among the most wide-spread reasons the society applies to the explanation of disenfranchisement, one might point out the fear of the voter fraud increase and the risk of the negative law changes.

The Essence of Philosophical Bioethics

In the second section, the paper discusses the personal opinion of the writer on the effects of the course on personal worldview, self-concept, and other behaviors and activities.

The Ethics of Torture

To gain a comprehensive understanding of torture, it is vital to incorporate Levinson analysis of torture when he says torture involves deliberate physical harm to get information from somebody, or to influence a person's action.

Ethical Dilemmas in Rural Communities

The fact that the rural area is different from the urban one has resulted in the creation of rural criminology. The ethical dilemmas that can arise in the process of working in rural areas for [...]

Racism Issue and Solutions

This article offers some of the best ideas towards dealing with racism in our society. The article "Dealing with Institutional Racism on Campus: Initiating Difficult Dialogues and Social Justice Advocacy Interventions" explains how different institutions [...]

Ethics Awareness Inventory

The Ethics Awareness Inventory describes the subject as a person who is ethical out of obligation and not equity. This essay describes the author's perspective and understanding of the role of ethics in the field [...]

Ethical Awareness Inventory

The diversity that is seen among the individuals affects the values and guidelines that are considered ethical by the individuals, resulting into various ethical issues and problems in the society.

Gambling Benefits and Disadvantages

Also in relation to this, the gambling industry offers employment to a myriad of people. This is thus a boost to the economy of the local people.
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