Ethics Essay Examples and Topics

Euthanasia as the Key Controversy of the XXI Century

Introduction: A Matter Of Life And Death Life is doubtlessly a wonderful gift, which is worth appreciating. The fact that in the present-day society, human life is put at the top of the entire list of values is a major achievement of the civilization and the fact that the current society is based on the […]

Utilitarian Ethics: Shooting Down Flight 93

The decision to shoot down Flight 93 may appear to be cruel or even heartless, but it might have been the only way to save many other lives that could have been taken by terrorists. Under such circumstances, public leaders should focus on the minimization of harm that can be done by the enemy attack. […]

Ethics in Media: Theories and Practices

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ethics has to do with what is right, fair, equitable, accountable, and dutiful (Ward 7). Ethics has an implied meaning in media. It is understood as a series of principles governing the journalists towards unbiased and objective reporting. In media, ethical practice is vital as it has a huge impact […]

Racism and Sexism Ethical Problem

Racism and sexism can exist without people actually expressing particular personal behaviors that would depict them as racist or sexist persons. An important point brought out by this declaration is that people can propagate discrimination along with the race or sex perspectives without harboring intentions for discrimination or dislike for the race or sex that […]

Ethical Practice in Sustenance of Moral Good

RNs in all clinical groups required comprehensive ethics education topics to enhance their practice, although topic on professional issues appeared to be a priority for maternal health, mental health and community health Registered Nurses (Fry and Currier 2). This paper seeks to highlight the aspects of ethical practice that are essential for sustenance of moral […]

“Bioethics after the Terror” by Jonathan Moreno

In the past, principles and concerns of bioethics have reflected the standards and concerns of our societies. However, after the September 11 attacks, a shift in American society has been witnessed with reduced allegations on bioethics. It is alleged that some fundamental themes of bioethics have been trapped in cultural shifts sensibilities. Based on the […]

Adam Smith Ethics Views in “Theory of Moral Sentiments”

Summary of the Reading Adam Smith considers numerous ethical issues in his work Theory of Moral Sentiments. The philosopher focuses on the way people see this world and react in response to certain circumstances. For instance, Adam Smith stresses that people tend to sympathize others, especially when it comes to such emotions as joy, happiness, […]

Ethics Issues: Social Justice

Many proponents and opponents of social justice underscore the fact that social welfare should be the ultimate goal of any social policy since human beings have certain innate rights and freedoms that cannot be denied. However, differences emerge as far as formulation and implementation of the social policies are concerned, since they end up criminalizing […]

Ethical Principles and Natural Laws

Introduction Evolution has forced people to adopt different ways of life that will enable them to survive and accomplish their objectives. Natural ways of life have been displaced significantly by artificial trends that have become common in modern society. Constitutions have replaced natural laws, and people are now seeking justice from the courts and other […]

Moral Philosophy Elements

The thesis on moral philosophy is the angle line that says absolutely that there is no just truth; it is only based on the moral context from where it is got. The presumption is that an individual considering he/she is right is likely to be proved otherwise by somebody else or a society (Rachels 8). […]

“Ethics for the Real World” by Ronald Howard and Clinton Korver

Most people who engage in unethical behavior do so with good intentions. For example, there are instances whereby a person may be told to lie to a customer by his boss. There are other people who engage in unethical behavior by exaggerating their accomplishments so that they can qualify for an interview. Therefore, it is […]

Military Professional Ethics

The main purpose of the Armed Forces consists of defending and protecting any part of the world. The military is expected to act in a good way to be perceived well by others. This is why the military should be an ethically-based organization since if they are not guided by an overarching sense of doing […]

Why Ethical Theory Can’t be Valid?

The validity of an ethical theory is determined by its correctness in explaining its views. It is not allowed to object to the opinions of other approaches. It should have facts that are visible and can be gauged to establish whether it is valid and if not so, another method should be launched. A theory […]

Obama’s Health Care Reform and Utilitarian Theory

Introduction Ethics is one of the five branches of philosophy that deals with human character and how humans conduct themselves in the society. Since humans have freedom of doing various activities that benefit them, ethics is essential because it defines their character and conduct. Essentially, ethics systematically assesses human activities with a view of establishing […]

A Woman Has A Natural Right To Get An Abortion

I agree with natural theorists that abortion disrupts nature, primarily with regard to the purpose of the unborn child. However, a woman has a natural responsibility for preserving the life of the unborn child. Despite the current controversial debate, abortion should be discouraged because it risks the lives of the mother and unborn child. However, […]

Collecting the phone data logs of all citizens

Details of the Program The National Security Agency (NSA) has gathered phone data from several cell phone users. Such data could reveal critical details about their owners. Big data are important in identifying individuals and their habits. However, the program does not require the service provider to reveal subscribers’ personal details like names, contact information, […]

Indecent Behavior in Moral Standards

Introduction An indecent behavior is defined as an action that is inconsistent with generally acknowledged moral standards in a society. This implies that indecent behavior is relatively contextual to the concerned society. Consequently, a society might regard a behavior as being indecent while another society does not condemn it. Grisham (1996) portrays violence as an […]

Controversial Question About Abortion

Introduction Abortion is an issue that is of a global concern. In the regard, there are two opposing groups of people: the pro-life and pro-choice groups. The groups have opposing lines of arguments that have created a global debate on abortion. One group supports abortion while the other group opposes it. This paper critically examines […]

Influence of Formal Cultural System on Ethics

Introduction Ethics in workplace is a leadership issue that has raised concerns in the recent past. An organization depends on its employees in order to achieve its desired results. In order to do this, employees must be ethical in their actions and ensure that they work as per the expectations that are stipulated by the […]

Deontological Ethics in Business

Introduction This paper is based on a branch of normative ethics called deontology. In deontological ethics, employees are required to perform their duties according to the given instructions. They are supposed to perform their duties as instructed because doing otherwise amounts to an unethical practice (Seven oaks school, 2013). As an engineer, I would recommend […]

What Constitutes an Ethical Response?

Introduction The term ethical response refers to the non violent campaign against the minority groups in society. There are several injustices against humanity that occur globally. The first step in ethical response is gathering data to determine the nature of discrimination. After gathering the facts, the next stage is the purification stage. This involves training […]

Race, Ethnicity, Family and Religion

Race, ethnicity, family and religion are important aspects in the lives of people. These define who the people are and what they value or appreciate. Furthermore, they determine the behaviour, which helps in differentiating people from others. Even though these aspects are important, over the years they have elicited mixed reactions from different parties. They […]

The Code of Ethics of Social Workers

The activities of social workers are regulated with the help of different codes and standards. The Code of Ethics worked out by the National Association of Social Workers is used to control professional actions which are connected with ethical issues. The profession of social workers is based on assisting those people in need and on […]

Peer Review of Authorship Ethics

The author demonstrates a fair understanding of the ethical issues associated with assigning authorship to a manuscript or scientific report. The author shows that establishing authorship is through building significant contribution to an article (Handyman 2011). The author also indicates that all authors named in a publication should play a substantial role in all the […]

Virtue Ethics and Moral Goods for Society

Introduction Virtue ethics stresses the need to develop human character instead of striving to define ‘goodness and rightness’ (Porter 2005). The highest goal of virtue ethics is to promote human happiness. As Aristotle noted, we can only attain virtue through habits and inculcating moral and intellectual virtue. The concept of natural law relates closely to […]

Cooper’s Ethical Decision-Making Model

Introduction The ethical decision-making model as advanced by Cooper (2009) offered a way through which sequences of questions can be formulated to provide guidance to the public administrators in a systematic evaluation of identical and challenging moral predicaments. The model has varied features that involve various levels of views concerning ethical apprehensions ranging from expressive […]

Researchers’ Ethical Failures

Reflection The importance of ethics in research has caused many professional associations, government agencies, and research dependent institutions to come up with strict standards in fostering an ethical practice among members and affiliates. These are extensions to legal rules governing behavior and ethical norms. Ethical actions can be legal or they can be illegal. When […]

Ethics Decision Making

Introduction Disparities existing within thinking capacities, perceptions, and emotions trigger the formation of dilemmas that require ethics intervention. Apparently, ethics relays the multidimensional perspectives arising from cultural norms, legal requirements, religious beliefs, and determination of right and wrong (Davis, 2003). Dilemmas are potential causes of suicides, madness, and interferences with normal health for diabetic patients. […]

Analysis of the Differences Between Laws and Ethics

Ethics refers to a set of rules or guiding principles that inform and govern people’s conduct in various situations and circumstances. For example, different professions have different codes of ethics that determine how they behave and act. Ethics influence behavior and decisions in various ways. In addition, it can be classified into different groups including […]

Girls Uncovered: Book Analysis

“Girls Uncovered: New Research on What America’s Sexual Culture Does to Young Women” is a book that champions the need for young women to preserve their purity. The book reiterates that girls need to take control of their sexual conduct for them to be able to enjoy a fulfilling womanhood. The book is very relevant […]

A Case for Global Ethics

Introduction Globalization is changing the world into a close-knit society where people of differing nationalities and cultural backgrounds interact on a frequent basis and engage in actions that influence them. Ferrell and Fraedrich (2009) note that because of these interactions, there have been numerous attempts made to establish a set of global ethical standards. This […]

Ethics and faith

Introduction Education should be a right not a privilege. Woody Allen’s film provides a perfect platform for the discussion of the immoral and ethical. In this motion picture, he seems to support the defeat of the religious as seen through the death of the most religious person in the story – Ben. In order to […]

Approaches to Ethics

Utilitarianism is an ethical theory which focuses on the outcome of an action. It weighs the value of an action over its consequences. The rule of utilitarianism focuses on the result regardless of the nature of the action. It points out that, if the outcome is in line with the expected benefits, then the action […]

Ethical Dilemma

Introduction An ethical dilemma is a situation where people are forced to make a choice between two options available to them. It is necessary to explain that regardless of the option an individual takes both options have negative consequences. However, the individual chooses an option that have few negative impacts on the event or people […]

Is Torture in Time of War Justified: Waterboarding

Greenberg, K. (2006). The torture debate in America. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. This book deeply analyses the different perspectives on torture in America and weighs the statements of some of the top government executives including former president George. W. Bush and the former attorney generals. Greenberg further gathers the opinions of various military […]

Is Torture in Time of War Justified: Waterboarding

Introduction Torture during war can be defined as a forceful acquisition of information from a prisoner of war who could either be a solider, a spy or an ally to the enemy. Vital information is often retrieved through the use of threat of physical harm, psychological harm or use of drugs. Physical harm includes beating, […]

State of Abortion Laws

Introduction Abortion is defined as any act aimed at ending pregnancy term before it is due. Abortion can be either induced or spontaneous. Spontaneous abortions occur when the implantation is altered by abnormalities in the uterus due to infection, incomplete fertilization process or improper hormone balance. Induced abortion occurs during the second trimester. It involves […]

An Introduction to Ethics

Abstract Ethics is a necessity for organizations and human existence, without ethics, organizations or an individual action would be indiscriminate and purposeless. An ethical dilemma encompasses the decision to choose between two or more equitably satisfactory course of action, where one option constraints choosing the other, or obligation to choose amongst equally unacceptable options. Introduction […]

Moral Problems of Abortion

Introduction Our society is characterized by people with different behaviors and varied economical abilities which make them have different preferences. It has been an order of the day to find women with unwanted pregnancies, therefore raising the question of what they should or should not do. On the other hand, it is not unusual to […]

What Makes Killing Wrong?

Killing a human being is morally and legally prohibited, except in a few rare cases under which it is permitted and justified. Philosophical debates on the subject of abortion revolve around the issue of “personhood” among others. Marquis bases his argument on the value attached to a human being’s future 1 (p190) to justify his […]

Ethical Considerations

Application of the right codes of conduct is essential in effective service delivery. On the same note, maintenance of high ethical standards is vital for client confidence, satisfaction and retention. Therefore, practicing psychologists and counselors should observe high ethical and moral values while discharging their duties and that is why it is important for them […]

Pragmatic ethics

Pragmatic ethics is an emerging field of ethics that perceives ethics as science, which consists of both theory and practice. Proponents of pragmatic ethics argue that, ethical theory and moral practice are integral components of ethics in that, either of them cannot give a satisfactory definition of morality in society. From a pragmatist’s point of […]

Ethical Dilemmas

What defines Michael J. Sandel as a professor at Harvard? What makes his lecture on justice so stimulating and inspiring? The basic daily life of every instructor in a learning institution involves making appropriate decision in line with the Florida code of conduct for professionals. Every professional will in his everyday life strive to make […]

Ethical Behavior in Research

The norms of ethics play a prominent part in research because they imply that a person should respect other people who take part in a study and acknowledge the contributions of other scholars. This paper will focus on such notions as intellectual property, use of human subjects, and social responsibility. In particular, it is necessary […]

Ethics in the Case against Perfection

Sandel deems that parents have a responsibility to support their children’s success. He acknowledges that they mutually do and overdo this through the use of orthodontics, Ritalin and in several other modes. However, he questions if it is allowable and even venerable for parents to assist their children in these modes; why isn’t it similarly […]

Doing Research on Vulnerable Populations or about Potentially Upsetting or Traumatic Topics

Introduction Researches on vulnerable populations or about potentially upsetting or traumatic topics are complex and often tackle sensitive issues hence causing mixed reactions. In this regard, diverse ethical concerns often emerge for researchers conducting extensive researches on these areas. According to Israel and Hay “Vulnerable people cannot safeguard their rights and interests” (2006, p.71). Therefore, […]

Ethical Capital and People’s Roles in it

Introduction In the 19th and 20th century people who were successful in business and political world had one thing in common, they all appreciated and invested a lot in physical capital. During those times capital was any form of assets or finances but in the modern world things have changes and the definition of capital […]

Utilitarian, Libertarian, Deontological, And Virtue Ethics Perspectives

An ethical dilemma is a situation that involves conflicts between moral principles in which obeying one ultimately results to transgression of the other. The utilitarian ethical perspective holds that a good course of action maximizes happiness for the parties involved, and therefore the moral worth of a certain action is determined by its outcome. Libertarian […]

Ethical Concepts

As Cline (2011) provides, “ethical concepts is an association of people organized under system of rules” (p.1). He broadly defines ethical concepts as “rational examination of morality and evaluation of people’s behaviour”. This provides rules and guidelines aligned with business objectives for the realisation of business strategic goals (De George, 2010). Ethical concepts have enables […]

The Parable of the Sadhu

The story revolves around the extent to which a group can bear responsibility over individual’s welfare and well-being. It also raises ethical questions relating to an individual and the ethics of an organization. The case study is a narration of Bowen McCoy story on an expedition to hike the highest mountain in the world, The […]

The Ethical Perspective Concept and Types

Introduction Ethical Awareness Inventory is an instrument that helps in the evaluation of one’s ethical perspective. The judgment of an issue as being right or wrong is relative as individual judges; that is, individuals judge an act as being right or wrong from their own perspective. The ethical perspective that one belongs to determines the […]

Examining Sandel’s proposal

Introduction The question of the right ways of ensuring that the rules that govern the society accomplish justice is an intriguing one even to the most advanced civilizations all over the globe. Scholars adopt various ways in their interpretation of what constitutes justice. They have also come up with the necessary ingredients that form part […]

Ethics Between Law and Religion

Introduction Ethics refers to moral behavior that is acceptable to a particular society. Seglin defines ethics as a set of moral issues that are regarded to be righteous (4). Given a narrower perspective, ethics can be considered as an act of doing what the society expects at the right time and in the right manner. […]

Personal and social changes

Abstract The paper will focus on personal and social changes in the lives of two characters, Hem and Haw, and how the changes that take place depend on morality and ethics. Very often, people are afraid of change and do everything to keep the same order of things as before. The time, however, is moving […]

Case Study: Incident at Morale

Introduction The case under analysis called Incident at Morale focuses on ethical responsibilities and decisions that are highlighted in engineering practice. In particular, the video demonstrates that good and conscientious people can sometimes face situations, leading to unfortunate and unethical outcomes. Therefore, the main aspects of the case rely on ethical considerations, overview of codes […]

Role and Importance of Personal Ethics in Psychology

Introduction Ethics is the behavior of people and how people relate to each other through taking responsibility for the decisions they make. Ethics determines how they are viewed by the community at large. (APA) stands for American psychological association. Ethics here is a code of conduct that guides psychologists to act on the highest ideas […]

Abortion as a Health Ethics Issue

Debates on abortion have been ongoing in every society. Recently, several people have questioned whether it is ethical for governments to legalize abortions. While others consider access to abortion as women’s rights, critics argue that abortion is always wrong and that it should be prohibited. According to some individuals, abortion should only be permitted under […]

Three kinds of ethics

Virtue ethics Virtue ethics is important for engineering the engineered people because it is concerned with the moral sense and not on the market forces that an engineer need in order to be good. Traditional engineering was linked to political and social world, which were tied by the rules of the pharaohs and kings that […]

Ethics and Self-Experimentation Argument

Kevin Warwick is a cybernetics researcher as well as professor. He is one of the best specialists in this field. He is a professor of cybernetics at the University of Readings, United Kingdom (England). The famous lecturer has been praised for the role he has played in studies related to robotics and the relationship between […]

Ethically speaking are self-experimentations by Nicholson and Carlisle significantly different from Cyborg 2.0 by Kevin Warwick?

Scientific experimentation is the source of significant discoveries that can be attributed to modern technological advancement. Ethical consideration was an important aspect to scientific work, especially when it involved potentially harmful procedures such as testing the outcome on human beings or any other animals. Nicholson and Carlisle are the scientists of 19th century, who are […]

The novel Good Faith and the movie Glengarry Glen Ross

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among conservative politicians to suggest that the key to America’s greatness is the citizens’ endowment with the sense of a commercial industriousness. Nevertheless, even though that there is a certain rationale to this suggestion, there are also a number of good reasons to believe that it is due to […]

Ethical Research Conduct

Introduction A research must have a researcher, research tools, participants and an audience. This paper explores various ethical considerations that must be followed when seeking consents from participants. Philosophical and Historical Background Consent is a permission given to researchers to involve participants in a research process. This consent may be written or verbal depending on […]

Ethical Issues in the School

Robert is a disruptive student whose case raises several ethical concerns. The first one is that he does not follow school rules and regulations as a student. He is also disobedient and bullies other students in class. Teachers do not expect their students to behave in such a manner hence the behaviour portrayed by Robert […]

Ethical egoism in public and private lives

Ayn Rand supposes that ethical egoism is very much needed in the world, as it will be more beneficial for an individual, which will lead to a better functioning society. Rand defines objectivism and states that it is the best option but the reality has proven that egoism does not work and people should form […]

Terminology and Etiquette Discussion Regarding Persons with Disabilities

Examples of inappropriate (not people-first) language regarding people with disabilities Example Stigmatizing language used and suggested appropriate language. Dr. ofweneke For M-Net Show ‘There’s hope for the disabled’ The word ‘disabled’ is inappropriately used in such a case. Instead, we could say people with disabilities. Abc news‘World’s Smallest Dwarf Siblings Live Large at College’ Inappropriate […]

Ethics and the blues

Introduction Moral philosophy, otherwise known as ethics, fundamentally assesses the principles of moral judgment and sheds light on problems linked to equality, justice and rights (Sahakian and Sahakian 32). In its core, ethics systematically tries to set apart good from wrong. The field is split into three categories, which are meta-ethics, normative ethics and applied […]

Ethics and Moral Reasoning

Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics Aristotle in his virtue ethics states that a virtuous individual is someone with ideal traits. These characteristic traits normally come from an individual’s innate tendency but should be cultivated. After they are cultivated, these character traits supposedly become stable in an individual. Moral consequentilaists and deontologists are normally concerned with universal doctrines […]

Possession of Knowledge and Ethical Responsibility

It has been an argument for a long time whether people are supposed to reveal or conceal knowledge that they have gained. It is common to observe situations and events where people have intentionally withheld information which could have been used for the benefit of society. In this regard, it has been argued by many […]

Freedom Writers

Introduction “Freedom writers” is a Christian movie that presents strong moral teachings to young people. The movie portrays a strong and civilized view of the world; it encourages development and use of positive moral values by people in making the world a better place. The main values encouraged in the movie include doing right, being […]

Code of Conduct

Introduction This report is written with the purpose of demonstrating the knowledge and understanding of ethics in information systems. For the purpose of this study, the code of conduct for Australian Migration Agents has been analysed for comparison with the Australian Computer Society professional code of conduct. The report begins with a brief overview of […]

The Problem of Codes of Ethics

The relations between people within society are traditionally regulated by definite norms and principles which are often discussed as ethical canons or rules. From this point, ethical principles and rules are based on the concept of morality which is considered as the universal notion. Thus, the development of all the persons’ interactions should depend on […]

The Code of Ethics for Engineers

One of the main conditions of the modern society’s successful development is its dependence on the moral principles and canons which are worked out and accepted by the society in order to regulate the character of relations within it. Moral principles belong to the field of ethics which influences all the aspects of the people’s […]

Human Experiments and Radiation Exposure

The United States experienced tremendous industrial development in the twentieth century. It is in the twentieth century that technology was developed to a modern scale, with inventions and innovations being the order of the day. These new scientific creations and findings needed verification as viable innovations. Since this century was plagued by the most destructive […]

Torture is not Morally Permissible

Introduction To understand this statement we need to define the term torture. According to United Nations Convention against Torture, torture is an act of severe infliction of pain or suffering; be it mental or physical. There are three reasons that lead to torture namely to gather information, for punishment purpose and crimes of hate. Torture […]

Richard Angelo: A Serial Killer and His Ethical Dilemma

Introduction Richard Angelo often referred to as the angel of death was regarded as a dedicated nurse and a guy next door. Many people who knew that man were shocked to find out that he proved to be a serial killer who murdered several people who trusted him. Richard Angelo was sentenced to 50-year imprisonment […]

Police Misconduct

Introduction Police officers are the individuals charged with the task of maintaining law and order and ensuring the security of the population. To fulfill these roles, police officers are empowered to investigate suspicious activities and even use force to coerce suspects into compliance or deter aggressive parties from harming citizens. As a rule, the society […]

Utilitarianism and Natural law theories

According to a theory of utilitarianism developed by John Stuart Mill, the actions of people are categorized as good or bad based on their consequences on the person and society. An individual will always decide to take an action that will give him maximum happiness in terms of the benefits he will derive from the […]

Peter Singer and John Rawls on Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism, in whatever form and context, is the belief that the rightness or goodness of an action, rule or principle should be holistically judged based on its assumed ramifications. For utilitarians, an action, rule, or principle that is good must produce pleasure, happiness, contentment or welfare to the concerned individuals, implying that they view what […]

Argument of moral

Argument (E) is the strongest when compared to the rest. The moral principle behind this argument is that the consequences or results of taking certain actions should be used when making a decision on morally acceptable and morally unacceptable actions. One of the best known theories that relate to this argument is Utilitarianism. This principle […]

Culturally relative ethical issues

As it would be observed, human beings are defined by different ethical behaviors and standards. Culturally relativism is very common in the contemporary world, since each and every community in the world has its own activities and beliefs, as it is defined by their own culture (Mackinnon, 2011). In most cases, the ethical standards of […]

Reading Analysis for Ethics class

Ethics has a significant role in the public service. Personalities need to emulate and practice proper ethics. Particularly, this relates to those serving in public administrative dockets. Adams and Balfour, (2009), emphasize the need to maintain the society in an ethical state. The two authors propose two basic approaches that may help in preventing the […]

Environmental Ethics

Introduction “Christianity bears a huge burden of guilt. Hence we shall continue to have a worsening ecologic crisis until we reject the Christian axiom that nature has no reason for existence save to serve man”1. The above statement summarizes Lynn White’s argument on why the environment is constantly being mismanaged (today). Most of White’s contribution […]

Confucians and Judeo-Christians

Part 1: The Ethical Conflict between Indulging Individual Freedom and a Well-ordered Society This conflict can be seen in the case of Confucians against Western democracy or Judeo-Christians. Western countries including Europe and America seem to observe individual freedom at the expense of the entire society unlike Asian countries, which embrace the notion of a […]

Etiquette in France

Introduction The French people always adhere to harmonized and strong values set by the country. They normally take pleasure in their language, culture, cuisine and history. This is one of the reasons why France has been a leading nation in fashion, architecture, art, food and wine. The French people embrace originality and new ideas in […]

Ethics of Bottled Water

Introduction The manufacture of bottled water began in Europe in the 1970s. This was because tap water was considered unsafe after the industrial revolution. Its market grew rapidly in the1990s when it became a business venture. Marketers and advertisers promoted it as a symbol of status. Celebrities were seen drinking bottled water during their interviews, […]

Pornography and Ethics

Introduction The modern society is saturated with many sexual images such shirtless male athletes and barely clothed females in advertisement and movies. In addition, nudity or soft-core pornography and explicit sex scenes or hardcore pornography shown in public televisions and over the internet are becoming more and more acceptable into the society. This raises two […]

In Defense of Whistle Blowing

The word “whistleblower” defines a person who divulges to another person, in authority or the public, about any alleged illegal activities and dishonest occurrences in a company, private organization, or governmental department. The misconduct could be a violation of rules, laws or regulation, a fraud, a threat to the public, safety violation, and corrupt dealings. […]

Abortion and Virtue Ethics

Abortion is one of those issues that force a person to take sides. There is no middle ground in this issue. The bone of contention centers on the meaning of human life because once it has been established, one can determine whether abortion is murder or another medical procedure. It is a procedure that a […]

Police Deviance

Introduction The police service has been mandated by the government to maintain order and law in the society. By maintaining law and order in the society, the citizens get a chance to live in peace without any fear. The police just like any other citizen are mandated to abide by the law. In the course […]

Ethical Concept in “Blood Diamonds” film by Edward Zwick

Introduction What is ethics? Society has tried to amplify the meaning of this word but it seems that it is ever faced by differing myriad of challenges which are associated by it. In essence, the term ethics has been associated with a code, or rules which govern what one thing ought to be and what […]

The Use of Torture as an Ethical Collection Method of Intelligence

Introduction Despite the variations in global geopolitics, different nations and NGOs have undertaken intelligence services to gather economic, political/military or even social intelligence at domestic or international levels. According to Interagency OPSEC Support Staff, Intelligence can be defined as “the product resulting from the collection, collation, evaluation, analysis, integration and interpretation of collected information” (1996 […]

Concepts of Ethical Studies

Introduction Ethical studies involve the moral, psychological, and philosophical examination of an individual’s behavior, attitudes, emotions, and judgments. With the aim of making informed judgments and correct decisions, ethical studies apply varied methods to assess the situation of, for example, the hospitalized terminally ill and to examine the appropriateness of medical intervention to end their […]

Morality as a Code of Conduct

Definitions Morality has several definitions thus encompassing broader facets in the world’s phenomena. One of the definitions indicates that morality is a code of conduct embraced by a community, an organization, religion, or an individual. This is upon reference to an argument on the righteousness of the act (Gert, 2011). It is a descriptive label […]

Various Ethical Theories Analysis

Approaches to Ethical decisions Ethics is a prerequisite for human existence. It is a mean of determining a sequence of action to be taken. Without ethics, individual actions would be unsystematic and purposeless. This paper analyses various theories learned in class. Besides, the writer categorizes them in hierarchy, basing on decision making within a given […]

Strengths and Weaknesses in Utilitarianism Theory

Introduction Ross is of the view that people do not undertake tasks because they are aware of the consequences of their actions; rather, the decision to undertake such tasks is propelled by a promise that they have made to themselves. Proponents of this theory suggest that a right or wrong act is obvious to us […]

Compare and contrast analysis socio-political and moral agenda of abortion

Given the highly controversial essence of abortion-related debate, it comes as not a particular surprise that those authors, who discuss the issue from diametrically opposite points of view, often resort to utilization of a number of rhetorical devices, in order to convince audiences in the validity of their perspectives, regarding the discussed subject matter. After […]

Should Abortion Be Legal

Introduction The society has many ways of condemning practices that it considers morally and ethically wrong. In addition, owing to differences between different religious believers, there is a clear disparity of activities, which these religions consider right or wrong. Hence, considering these disparities, one main question, which many individuals lack correct answers to, is; is […]

White Lie: Is It Possible to Justify Lies?

Is it possible to imagine our everyday life without lies? Can people stop telling lies and be able to tell only the truth like it happened with the characters of the movie The Invention of Lying? In fact, such reality when people is hard to imagine because the vast majority of modern people are so […]